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My father was a great martial artist, and great with weapons. Whoever taught him was a true master. I was learning to grapple and learning how to defend myself. I was doing push ups and sit ups.

It was exhausting, but as long as my father was with me that’s all that mattered to me. We trained day in and day out.

The only time we never trained was Sunday. My father believed Sunday should be a day of rest.

Days went by, and I was learning to kick and break wooden boards. I had small bruises at first, but I got used to the pain.

I was wrestling with my father, and he was teaching me how to kill. He taught me to use pressure points to hurt an opponent. A few more days of this, and my father was going to teach me how to use weapons.

My mother didn’t mind any more that my father was spending all this quality time with me. She just didn’t want me to get hurt.

Days later I was using a sword. My father would put up water melons for me, and I would slice them off, like someone’s head was there.



It was pure awesome! I was slicing apples flying in the air, and learning how to move, attack, and defend with a sword. I was actually a big Bruce Lee fan.

I loved watching him and Chuck Norris go at it.

It was so much fun and entertainment. My father took the sword from me, and demonstrated every technique there is to know.

Soon I was learning how to shoot a rifle properly. I would shoot empty cans placed by my father.  I would have to shoot them down with limited supply of ammo, and a short time since my father was timed me.

I was actually a good aimer. I became faster, and faster at hitting the cans. This was cool! My father and I became like best friends.

My father and I set out into the forest on a Saturday to hunt a deer. It was up to me to hunt down, and kill a deer.

My father told me that he wasn’t going to help me.

After all the training I had received from him, I believed I was ready to take on the deer, and kill it. I found a place for my father and
to sit, and wait for the deer.

We waited for hours.



I finally asked my father about how he became a werewolf. He decided to tell me as we waited. “I was 16 years old, and in a gang, my father was an alcoholic, and my mother was cheating on my father.” he said.

My father continued to tell me how it all started. He was involved in a gang called “Rippers
” and
that he didn’t have much of a choice back in his day. He was forced to join, so he could fit in, and not get bullied around.

One night he was by a camp fire with his gang members.

Some of them had to be initiated. They were to go out in the woods, and hunt a wolf, but not get bitten by it. They set out with spears.

They were all spread out in two’s. My father was determined not to get bitten, but little did he know what was to happen next.

He and his gang friend spotted the wolf, and began to chase it. They ended up getting separated. It was dark, and started to storm suddenly.

There were loud wolf cries all throughout the forest.

My father was nervous but held his ground searching for the wolf. He heard a noise
. The wolf was heading toward him.



My father got his spear ready. The wolf jumped, and grabbed the spear away with its sharp teeth. My father looked around to see where the wolf went, but he lost it.

As my father walked down the forest, he continued to hear the wolf cries in the forest. He heard another noise, and saw the wolf coming back at him.

He got his spear ready, and threw the spear at the wolf, but missed. The wolf sunk its teeth in my
leg and left a mark.

The gang regrouped to see my father on the ground, and tended to his injured leg. The wolf that bit him was next to him, and my father was terrified.

The wolf transformed into a wolf man and offered his hand to my injured father. My father accepted.
The other gang members transformed into wolf men.

They showed my father what he was to be a part of, for the rest of his life.

My father and the gang members regrouped that same night by the fire. The leader of the “Ripper” gang was welcoming my father into the gang.

“There is nothing to fear, except God.” the leader said. The gang leader took a hot metal plate, and sealed the bite wound on my
leg, while other gang members held him down. My father screamed in agony as the hot plate was settled on his wound.



It became like a tattoo. A scar of wolf bite was marked on his right leg.

My father eventually became one of the top leaders of

Ripper” gang with his sharp hunting and leadership skills.

It was pretty neat how fast people could move up when they were good at what they did. My father told me they all thought he was a dangerous daredevil.

He got the nickname the “D-Devil” in the gang. He told me the gang sat by the fire many nights, and discussed an issue. The issue was vampires. The “Ripper”
and vampires did not get along.

The gang had alliances with other werewolf gangs in the country, and around the world. It was an ongoing war between werewolves and vampires.

The war would not be over soon, and in fact, it would never be over until all the vampires were dead. For years there have been truces between the vampires and the werewolves. Even truces bet
ween other werewolf gangs
seemed hard to believe.

The werewolves thought of vampires as evil beings.

That war went back a long way, when vampires and werewolves used to compete for everything like who was faster, stronger, and smarter. It
wasn’t just
about fighting over land, it was always about who was better at what. It just became an all out war.


The day that vampires and werewolves got along was the day werewolves grew wings, sang Joy
to the

The werewolves were especially concerned about vampires killing humans for food. Werewolves didn’t like that at all.

Vampires didn’t like werewolves only because vampires only liked themselves. I guess most vampires were looked at as evil by nature.

The last war the vampires and werewolves fought was brutal. The werewolves outnumbered the vampires. The vampires were torn to bits.

The vampires were brave, and fought a tough fight, and went out like true vampires.

Another war, the werewolves lost because the vampires came with swords, and werewolves were hacked to pieces.

It was a bloody mess. My father learned to train with everything, so that if another war came, it would probably be a
on who would win the war.

Another thing werewolves hated about vampires is how they recruited humans into their world, especially when it was unwillingly.

The werewolves wanted to start another war with the vampires.



The higher powers whether werewolves or vampires decided to work on more civil ways to resolve issues. The war days slowly vanished. They were indeed bloody and brutal wars.

After my
story, we waited for the deer to arrive.

An hour later we heard crackling. A deer had arrived. I prepared my rifle and scope. I was getting ready for the deer.

I was going to get it with one shot, and make my father proud. The deer stood by looking around like they always did. I prepared my scope.

I directed it to the deer’s heart, and I was looking for a nice clean shot to the heart.

My father made me a little nervous because he was staring at my every move. Every second that my father stared at me, felt like minutes.

It was agonizing for me to feel his eyes on me. This was not a test. This felt like it was a final exam, and I was under pressure.

My father was talking me through the whole thing. I asked my father not to speak and he listened. I wanted to do everything on my own for a change, because I wanted to make my father proud of me.



I didn’t want him to do everything for me like he always did. I prepared to pull the trigger on my rifle.

My finger pulled back slowly, slowly, and POW! The deer stood up for a second, and finally dropped like the wind. It was an experience. I was so happy!

My father gave
a hug. He congratulated me. I passed the exam! That was one of the happiest days of my life. My father and I got up to check the deer out.

It was exciting to see it dead on the ground. It was all thanks to my rifle, and sharp skills.

My dad and I sat beside the deer. It was a happy moment together. We were sitting there for at least an hour.

It was a great time. My father took out a cigar and began to smoke it. I actually enjoyed the smell of my

My father took out his whiskey, and began to drink it. I just sat there enjoying the moment. I loved to see how happy my father was.

I was proud of my father for teaching me to hunt. I was a true warrior. We shared the deer blood together, and we toasted to victory. We tore up the deer, and headed back to the farm.





It was a long journey back to the farm since my father and I went deep into the forest. We had no choice but to call it a night. We set up camp in the woods. We planned to head home in the morning.

My father and I sat by the fire before going to sleep. He told me a story about a very dangerous hunter. “You are a great young warrior Ninnie. There are many great
in this world.

I was almost killed by one. His name was Godspeed, Edward Godspeed. He was not a vampire, and he was not werewolf. He was probably the fastest hunter on earth that I have ever encountered.” he said.

My father told me he was out hunting for vampires one day with his gang.

Back in the day, vampires and werewolves hunted each other daily. It was close to evening. The werewolves were spread out in the forest. He was fully equipped with his hunting knife, machete, his rifle, and sword.



My father was ready for anything, especially vampires. The werewolves wanted the vampires to be extinct. That day many vampires were slaughtered in the woods.

The werewolves were winning the war of the lands.

One by one, vampires were being hunted down, getting torn apart by the
sharp claws. They were beheaded by werewolf swords, were blown away by rifle shots, and getting their hearts ripped out, and crushed.

It was a back and forth battle. At one point the vampires had pushed forward, and were winning more battles. The werewolves turned the tables, and were winning.

The vampire empire became desperate.

They were near extinction, and became very weak. The werewolves were close to celebrating total annihilation of vampires. Then the unthinkable happened. Vampires were actually very wealthy.

One night the vampire leaders came up with a secret plan. It was an evil tactic. It was a brilliant. They brought together all their resources, they had money, gold, and priceless jewels.

There was a very sophisticated, and evil strategic plan brewing in the vampire’s secret assembly.


The vampires would put a price on the
heads. They hired hunters to help defeat the werewolves.

When word was spread across the world that the vampires were paying a hefty bounty for killing off werewolves, this brought out many hunters from around the world.

They came right out of the wood work. The werewolves were not able to match or outbid the vampires. They did not have enough resources to counter the vampires offer to the hunters.

When word was spreading about the hefty rewards against the werewolves, it got the attention of one of the most dangerous, and feared hunters in the world.

Slowly but surely hunters made their way to the forests, and the lands that the werewolves were occupying.

Werewolves put up a fight against the inexperienced hunters. When faced by the most dangerous hunters, they didn’t stand a chance.

The werewolves were being slaughtered from one land to the other.

The vampire empire would sit at their secret assemblies, and wine and dine on human blood, to celebrate their victories.



The blood they prized the most, was the blood of the werewolf. The werewolves would be brought back by the hunters.

BOOK: Splurge
12.97Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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