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Thinking about him came naturally to me. I couldn’t help but think of him. I just couldn’t control my thoughts.

Jenna eventually moved away from town to attend college. Gina and her boyfriend broke up because he cheated on Gina numerous times.

Guys were the worst! I never understood why guys cheated. I hoped that Zach never cheated on me, but I never knew.

Most Fairytales usually came to an end. Zach and I set our wedding date. We were in love, and no one in the world was
to change that.

Zach’s family spent thousands of dollars on the wedding. Expensive flowers, the best catering, the best wine, and it was like a dream.

About one month before our wedding date, the unthinkable—happened! I felt very sick one day, and went to the doctors.

I was diagnosed with cancer! I told my mother, she cried, and she prayed for me. My friends cried. Zach was devastated, and cried.

His family was nothing but selfish because they had invested so much money on the wedding. All they cared about was themselves.


The cancer spread viciously fast. I was weak. My mom had to sell a lot of our farm
assets to pay for the cancer treatment.

The town set up donations, but not enough money was collected. Zach’s family did not help out at all! That is how inconsiderate they all were.

The cancer treatment took a toll on me. I lost my hair, I lost weight, I was so fragile, pale, and could barely talk.

To make things worse, just when things could not get any worse, Zach called off the wedding. Two weeks into my treatment, and two weeks to my wedding day, Zach abandoned—me! He turned out to be a true monster!

I found out from friends, that Zach was the one that convinced his family to not help me out. His family was no better than him for listening to him.

When I spent the rest of my days on my death bed, Zach did not visit me once. His family did not visit me either.

Everyone else visited me in the hospital. Zach was so selfish. He wasn’t hurt to see me like this, he was pissed I wasn’t the pretty girl he once dated, and just like that he disappeared from my life.

Zach was right, I was dying, and I knew that I was.



It was amazing how fast your whole life can end so suddenly. I was the perfect example. I demanded a mirror while my mom was at my bedside.

I wanted to see what I had become, and I thought I looked hideous.

Pale skin, frail, no hair, it was a horrible feeling. I was the face of death soon to be.

The doctors told my mother I had just a few days, maybe a week to live if I was lucky. The dozens of flowers I had received in my hospital bedroom started to dry out just like me.

It would have been about a week to my wedding. Now funeral arrangements were being made. I was strong enough to help my mom pick out the casket I wanted to be in when I was gone.

My mother was an emotional wreck.

She sat next to me for hours, and read me quotes from the bible. There was nothing I could have done to comfort my mother.

I felt so guilty about being sick. I wondered why me. It was just meant to be. Everything in life happened for a reason.






The last days of my life felt like months. I didn’t feel much pain anymore since the doctors pumped my body full of pain killers. I still knew I was going to die. It was just a matter of time.

I knew that my heart would suddenly just stop without warning, and I that would my last gasp of air would eventually come. I accepted it. I was waiting for death to come knocking on my door.

I always wondered what it was like to die or be near death, and I was about to know. I had so many unanswered questions.

Was I going to heaven or hell? Would I come back in another life as a person, or a dog, or a cat? Would I come back at all? Who would I see when I die? I wanted answers badly.

I was alone in my hospital bedroom one night, just several days before I was expected to die. The room was dark.



My vision wasn’t so good, so it seemed to be darker than normal. It was a stormy night, and lighting lit up the room, and the thunder kept me awake.

I had no idea where anyone was or if anyone visited me, since I was drifting, gained and lost consciousness.

I imagined everyone, all my friends, and family were outside my bedroom door getting some sleep, waiting for me to die.

I must have passed out again. When I opened my eyes the window was open. The lightning struck, and in front of me revealed a person standing in front of me. It was Ryan! “I’m here for you Annie.” he said gently. I couldn’t speak, I was too weak.

I could only whimper. Ryan came closer to my ears. “Would you like to see what’s out there Annie? I can make it all go away.

You and I can be together, forever, but you can never be the way you were. All you have to do is close your eyes, and this will all be over.” he whispered softly.

I gave in, and closed my
I also felt my tears running down my face.

Ryan slowly came closer to my neck, and stuck his fangs into me. It did not hurt since doctors pumped me to death with their pain killers. I felt nothing more
a pinch. After several intense seconds, Ryan pulled his fangs away from me.


I was started to feel tingly, and I shivered since I felt a cool sensation. I suddenly opened my eyes, then took a deep
, closed my eyes, and felt myself falling into a trance.

I was falling into darkness. Suddenly, I sunk into an ocean of water, which I felt refreshed. I woke up in paradise.

I found myself
down on a shore. The sand was golden, soft, and the water was blue and cool. I opened my eyes.

There was a fresh breeze that felt great. There was not a soul in sight. I was alone in paradise. I suddenly noticed how
and thirsty I was, but I wasn’t craving any food.

was a man across from me
on the island sands, naked, and fit. I walked to him. He seemed to be sun bathing. I
beside him.

I suddenly had an urge to be closer to him. I noticed his vein forming in his neck. I made my way closer to him.

I suddenly felt my teeth lash out. I felt my fangs for the first time.

I looked at the
neck, through myself at his neck, and sunk my teeth into him.



I suddenly woke up back on the hospital bed, and I opened my vampire eyes.

Ryan held out his right hand, and I gave out my hand, and he held it. I didn’t know what was happening at first. I grabbed the mirror, and had a look at myself.

I was even prettier than I remembered, my heart was beating, and I was alive, but I wasn’t human.

Ryan smiled at me. “Are you ready to take on the world Annie?” he said softly. I looked at Ryan, and I smiled. It was still storming outside. “I’m thirsty.” I said. Ryan smiled. “I know how you feel, and we will go out to find you someone to drink.” he said. He took my hand. “You will love it, trust
.” he said.

Ryan and I went toward the bedroom window.

We dropped right out of the window into the darkness. We ran all night in the rain. We ran without a care in the world. I was free, and I was happy.

We eventually made our way to Ryan’s home.

Ryan had an old cabin out in the forest, away from the town. We walked into his cabin, and it was very cozy.




Ryan loved to collect paintings. There were all kinds of collections up on his walls. He had many paintings of animal art, the wilderness, and nature. It was actually very relaxing to look at them.

Ryan had a fire burning in his chimney. We sat on the black leather sofas he had. Ryan and I talked the whole night. He told me about the vampire laws.

Makers and creators were never to be
it was forbidden, and punishable by death.

Only one feeding per day was aloud. That was all that was required for any vampire. Going over one human per day was against vampire law.

Even vampires had laws and were tried to be civil.

One of the laws was that makers could not have more than one creation, unless they were over 1000 years old.

Ryan was 19 years old. He told me how he was made. It was 1912, the year the Titanic was sunk. Ryan was part of 3
class on the Titanic.

He managed to save up enough money to sail away, and had a dream of a better life in the United States from the U.K.



When the ship was hit by an iceberg he carelessly wandered off in panic, like a lot of the passengers. He met up with a guy names Richard, who was on the same deck as him. People were hysterical.

Ryan was one of the passengers who jumped into the freezing waters, ahead of the others. He begged God for his life.

Even though Ryan had a life jacket on, he was almost frozen, and dead. Richard was in the waters also. He was being cruel.

He mocked people that were in the ice cold water, and dying slowly. He approached Ryan, and asked him if he wanted to live.

Richard already proposed to others if they wanted to live, but they were too weak to answer him. Ryan answered Richard. “Please.” he gasped.

Richard grabbed Ryan, and sunk his fangs into him. They were never seen again.

Ryan and I just sat, and relaxed the night away. I was about to start my new life, and learn new things.

When morning came, the clouds kicked in. I was able to head outside.




I explored the forest, and embraced my new life. I still thought about my other life, and I knew my family wondered about me, but I had put that on hold.

Ryan and I roamed the forest.

Ryan liked to tease the animals by running by them, and spooking them. We had a kick out of it.

Most of the time we just lounged around Ryan’s cabin, and entertained each other with our made up stories. We had a lot of laughs. It was great times.

When night came, Ryan was by the fire, and was reading. I was on my way out the door. Ryan asked me where I was going.

I told him I was going to visit an old friend. “Good luck with that Annie.” he said laughingly.

I walked out the door, and I was on my way.

I was thinking of an old friend. His name was Zach, yes, my ex! My husband to be that betrayed me.

He practically left me for dead. Revenge was a bitch. I was going to pay him a visit, and see what he was up to.



I had to clear my mind of him once and for all. I made it to his home. Barely any time went by since I departed, and he already had a girl with him. They were getting smashed together.

I knocked on the door. Zach was pissed drunk. “REMEMBER ME?” I yelled. Zach was in shock at first. He then laughed hysterically.

He really was pissed drunk, and his girl was passed out on the floor.

I smiled. I lashed out my pink fangs, and sunk my teeth into Zach. He yelled. He was dead before he hit the floor. I fell into a trance.

When I awoke, I was still hungry. Zach did not satisfy my hunger.

I looked down at his new girl toy on the floor, and she opened her eyes, and screamed, as I sunk my pinks fangs into her neck.

Blood gushed right out of her.

After what Zach did to me, he got exactly what he deserved. I set his home on fire, and head back home.






After my father‘s secret was revealed, he changed. My father came to me one morning. He wanted to teach me how to fight with weapons.

He decided to wake me up bright and early one morning. He didn’t care what my mother thought. He was the man of the house, and that’s was how it was. I was just a child, but was going be turned into a warrior!

My father and I went into his shed, where he kept all of his weapons. “Before you use these weapons, you need to use your head first.” he said.

My father took me outside and taught me to throw punches for starters.

He eventually showed me how to throw kicks, spin kicks, and how to fall down safely. It was basics at first. It was like wax on wax off, just like the Karate Kid movies. It was actually a nice time with my father.

I wanted to know how he became a werewolf, and I was tempted to ask, but he said he would tell me one day.

BOOK: Splurge
7.66Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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