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Ryan eventually asked me to marry him. We could not wear a ring because of the fact of maker and creation vampire law.

He hired a vampire that he knew could marry us. We gathered in the forest at night, and we exchanged vows. That’s all it took for us to call each other husband and wife, forever. It wasn’t the type of ceremony that I would have had in my previous life, but I was a vampire. Breaking vampire law which was punishable by death.

One day we received a warning letter. The vampire that witnessed our marriage vows must have reported us in exchange for gold pieces. The vampire leaders were doing a search for any vampires breaking vampire law, and we were caught. The warning letter stated this:

Good Evening, be aware that you have broken vampire law. No maker and creation shall ever engage in sexual activity. Punishment shall be death. However,
we are more civil now, and this is a warning. You shall separate, and never see each other again, or you will be punished with death. You have seven days to comply.”

Yours Truly,

The Vampire Leaders

Ryan was furious. He decided that we were not going to be pushed around. He decided we would run away, and find a place to stay.

We didn’t waste any time. We packed our bags, and decided to head to another country. We were on the run. The vampire leaders would eventually put out a search for us. Hopefully they would never find us, but they would never stop looking.

We traveled to Germany. Ryan heard of a castle that allowed runaways to stay there for a while. We took an airplane to Germany.

It was evening. We took a taxi to the castle. When we got out of the taxi, we were in front of a worn down grey castle, in the middle of a forest.

We walked toward the large entrance.


Ryan knocked on the door, and a caretaker opened the door. He was human. He was dressed in a suit. He was very elegant looking, bald, and very polite.

The caretaker asked us to wait, and so we waited.

A vampire entered the room. He was tall, old, dressed in a red robe, and had a German accent. “Welcome friends. I know who you are, and why you have come here. I am honoured to have you stay in my castle.” he said. Ryan and I were thankful to the great vampire for having us, and he gave us a tour of the castle.

The castle was huge. We toured different rooms of the castle. There were other vampires amongst us.

There was a big dining table were all the vampires gathered during feasting time. In the basement was a cellar. The cellar was w
ere dozens of humans were kept for feedings. I didn’t even feel guilty when I saw the cellars.

I was used to being a vampire, and lived the vampire way. There were different rooms in the castle, where vampires lounged out, and had sex in.

As we walked by, there were a dozen vampires having orgies, with candles lit, and there were saunas.

This place seemed like a vacation get away more than a hideout. There was no sunshine that could get inside the castle.


The walls were made of grey brick walls. The vampire showed us to our room. He explained to us that we must be present during feeding time
every day
. If we missed it we would be kicked out.

We thanked the vampire.

Ryan and I stayed in our room for several hours. It was time for feeding time. Ryan and I made our way to the
room table.

There were about a dozen other vampires present. We were introduced to the other vampires. From the looks of it, these other vampires seemed like delinquents, and trouble makers. Every vampire was there for breaking some sort of vampire law.

Ryan and I were not planning on staying there for very long. We just wanted a place to stay until we could figure out how to get out of our mess.

Dinner was served over a candle lit table. I was already uncomfortable as other vampires were giving me dirty looks.

I believed the female vampire didn’t like me. The other two male vampires showed an interest in me. I saw a female vampire that showed interest in Ryan.




I was really annoyed with that. Humans were serving up the blood in big wine glasses. The human servers were slaves.

The head vampire wanted everyone to get acquainted with one another.

The other vampires took turns explaining why they were there. They told everyone what vampire law they had broken.

Apparently, there were a lot more vampire laws then I thought. One vampire spoke of how he dated a human, and was feeding off her.

It wasn’t ok to feed off a human. It wasn’t acceptable for a human to date a vampire, and give them blood, even if it was ok with the human.

I thought it was easier than just killing them, but the vampire leaders obviously disagreed. They thought that humans should die right after they have been used for feeding.

Another female vampire said she was seeing another female vampire. This was unacceptable, according to the vampire leaders.

They did not want lesbian vampires or gay vampires.




They thought it was morally wrong. It would not be tolerated. The vampire leaders were just a bunch of vampire dictators.

A vampire at the table spoke of insulting the vampire leaders. According to the vampire law, no vampire will question the vampire leaders, or comment anything negative, because it will also be punishable by death.

This vampire was caught putting graffiti on a wall that read “Screw
Vampire Leaders!” He was on the run, and found salvage at the castle.

It was eventually my turn to speak. I told the vampires that Ryan was my maker, and that we were married in secret.

The vampires were shocked as if it was the worst vampire law to break. I just thought they were in shock cause it was a daring law to break, but in no way the worst. I mean it’s not like we killed anyone.

Killing a vampire is the worst vampire law to break, especially if it’s not justified.

One of the female vampires at the table mentioned that Ryan and I would have to break up eventually if we wanted to live, but I disagreed. The subject of us being married, breaking vampire law caused a riot of arguments at the table.

Vampires dared to disagree. Others dared to agree. It was an intense moment at the table. It was so intense that most of the vampires didn’t even finish half of their blood. I
devoured mine. I was starving. Ryan was quiet the whole time. I think he was thinking of what was going to happen to us.

I wondered if he was thinking that maybe we should break up. Time was running out as the vampire leaders gave us only seven days to comply, and we had just a few days left.

This was going to be one of the biggest decisions Ryan and I would have to make. Were we going to break up, and comply with the vampire leaders, or were we going to insult them, and run away forever? The debate was heated at the table.

Vampires were giving me dirty looks, but I didn’t care.

I was starting to have a bad feeling about being here.

I was going to tell Ryan that we should leave as soon as we could, but something told me that he wanted to stay for a while.

After the heated discussion, Ryan and I headed to the lounging area.

We walked in, and we didn’t feel welcome.

The female vampires were giving me dirty looks.





The male
vampire was
giving Ryan dirty looks. We went back to our room and stayed there for a while.

A few days had passed.

We had not complied with the vampire leaders.

There was a rumour going around that the vampire leaders had sent out hunters to kill us.

Ryan and I left the castle, and found a cave in a forest to stay in.

The forest was way bigger then I had ever imagined. If you ever need to hide somewhere, the forest was the place to go.

Ryan and I stayed in the cave for a few days. One night it stormed, and we just sat there in each
arms talking about things.

We talked mostly about what we should do.

Things were depressing.

Ryan and I had to find a different place in the forest to stay at, so that we weren’t found, or at least we hoped.




Eventually, Ryan and I snuck out at night back to Ryan place. We entered his home and found a letter on his front door step. The letter read:

Dear Lovers,

You have not complied with the warning. You will be brought to justice.”

Yours truly,”

The Vampire leaders

We didn’t care what the vampire leaders thought. We didn’t like threats. We hated dictators especially.

We searched around the cabin, and we left in a hurry. Ryan kissed me, and told me he loved me.

He said we had to keep running. Ryan opened the door. 

s Ryan waited for me, I heard
the quick sound of a sword. I turned around. Ryan’s head—was on the floor before his body hit the floor!



He was decapitated in front of me. “RYAN…RYAN!” I screamed. I dropped to the floor in agony. It was Edward Godspeed who appeared in front of me. My fangs lashed out! I attacked him. He was so fast I didn’t know what hit me, but he had knocked me out cold.




I regained consciousness. I found myself in a prison cell. I was in the prison cell at the vampire
compound. I knew I was going to stand before the vampire leaders. I was going to be forced to confess.

I was not sure why I was not killed by Godspeed. I was sure the vampire leaders had plans for me.

They were probably going to torture me, and bring me suffering.

As I waited in my cell, a human brought me a cup of blood to feed me. It was gross. It was just like eating something expired. I was in big trouble. The next day, I was brought in front of the vampire leaders.


There were five of them, all dressed in red robes.

The vampire leaders were corrupt. One of them asked me if I knew why I was standing in front of them. I told them I had not done anything wrong. I told them my husband was murdered. They laughed at me, and mocked at me.

One of the vampire leaders spoke out. He told me that I was in violation of many vampire laws. I was to be severely punished. I was told of breaking vampire laws that I had never heard of.

The first violation, marrying my maker, and having sexual contact with my maker. The second violation was ignoring the warning letter that the vampire leaders sent me. The third violation was for splurging.

No vampire was
to feed on more than one human a day, unless you were privileged to do so.

Another vampire leader wanted to know if I had any last words. I told him that I had no comment. He told me that I had a choice of death, or to marry the vampire across from me. I looked over.

The vampire across from me was an ugly vampire. He was disturbing to look at.

This was my punishment. I obviously did not want to die. I had no choice but to submit to the ugly vampire. No words could describe the ugly vampire.


I never knew why the vampire leaders were so lenient to me. I accepted the offer. The vampire leaders all laughed at me. It was all one big joke.

They really didn’t care what happened to me, as long as they could ridicule me.

The very next day I was stuck with the ugly vampire. The marriage ceremony was in front of the vampire leaders. It was a horrendous ordeal. I said my vows. I was being constantly laughed at by the vampire leaders.

After the ceremony was over, I had to walk to my
bedroom. His name was Jorge. It was our first night together.

For the next few weeks, I was forced to have sex with Jorge. That’s what I was, a sex slave for him.

Every second was horrible! If I knew I would end up like this I never would have turned into a vampire. It wasn’t worth it. I was not enjoying this life. I had to break free eventually.

I wasn’t aloud out of the vampire
compound. I was isolated and depressed. I stayed in my room most of the day, planning and wondering how I would escape. There was only one way to escape.

I would have to convince Jorge to take me outside. I could kill him, and run away from this hell hole.


One day I finally convinced Jorge to take me outside. He was hesitant at first, but he was in love. He couldn’t say no to me.

BOOK: Splurge
3.35Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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