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My father approached us. “I told you to leave!” My father said growling with his deep voice. The vampire let go of me, and started to run.


My father ran after the vampire. I watched as my father in just a few seconds caught the vampire, and tore the vampire apart.

The vampire had his heart torn out with a single blow to the chest, head first slashed off with my
razor sharp claws, and limbs were torn off.

He growled out loud. He looked back at me, and I was scared. He ran toward me, as I covered my face, and I was crying.

My father looked at me, and I looked at him in his new wolfman transformation. “It’s ok Ninnie,
ok!” he said.

I smiled, while wiping my tears away. My father slowly transformed into himself again, as he calmed down.

We sat together by a fire my father had built. He asked me not to tell my mother, and I never did.

I had many questions for my father, and he said he would explain to me someday, but not that night.
We stayed the night in the forest by the warm fire as my father cuddled with me.




I felt
with him than ever before. Morning came, and we headed back to the farm.





I was on the run. It was night time, and the sky was clear. My splurging had got out of control. I had been walking for hours after I had left the bordello.

I noticed a very large church nearby the forest. It was a very isolated dark area, and mysterious.

I went to the church. The doors were locked. I knocked on the door, and a nun answered the door.

I told her I was starving and lost, and she took me in. Inside the church was a huge worshipping area, with many seats to fit a small town, a large cross of Jesus hanging in the front of the church, and seemed like Jesus was

I smelled candles burning constantly in the church.



Everyone was asleep, the nun explained. She told me that it was just the priest and three nuns including herself that were living at the church, and that people would only gather at the church, once a month on Sunday.

The nun mentioned that no one ever entered the church unless it was Sunday. No one ever came for confession, and I was the first she saw in ages, unless it was that time of the month again.

The nun said I could stay for as long as I needed, until I was better, and she showed me to a bed for me to rest in.

The nun was off to bed and wished me a good night. Since I didn’t sleep, I decided to roam the church. This was an unusual looking church, I thought. I entered the worshipping area to walk around, and observed the paintings of angels.

I saw a painting of the last supper that was different.

It had angels painted in the background. A painting of a priest and his nuns also hung on the wall. It was painted as if they were his slaves, very mysterious.

This church gave me the creeps, even for a vampire! I was never too religious in my previous life, but I knew there was something about this church that did not seem appropriate.



My mother would know if she had seen this church. I continued to observe the paintings.

One painting looked like a devil and an angel fighting in the sky. Another painting that really caught my
was what looked like an angel fighting what looked like a vampire, but I couldn’t be sure what it was.

I wondered who were these people in this church really were.

I sat down in the front of the worshipping room. I decided to stay there until dawn.

In the morning I was sitting there, when the priest entered the room. He greeted me. He was dresses in the usual priest uniform, black with white collar. “Have you come to confess your sins?” he asked.

I told him I needed a place to stay, and that I had no sins to confess. The priest looked at me and smiled. “My dear, we all have sins to confess, even I.” he said. I was shocked. I didn’t know that a priest had sins to confess.

It felt kind of creepy hearing that.

I asked the priest what kind of sins he had to confess, but he just smiled at me. “My child, there can only be one, who will hear my sins, and that is the one who stands above us all.” he said.


I really wanted to hear the
sins, and I was determined to find out. He asked me to confess my sins around noon, and I agreed. He asked me to come eat with him and his nuns, and I accepted his offer.

I went with the priest to the
room table that was inside the large church.

I was surprised that this church was so luxurious. Breakfast was being served. The room was full of the same old style paintings of angles and demon like creatures.

The three nuns all looked alike, as if they were triplets.

The priest sat at the high end of the table. Breakfast would have been a blast if I wasn’t a vampire.

They were serving ham, eggs, bacon, orange juice, fresh fruit like pineapple, bananas, apple, and there was coffee, and pastries with frosting on top.

Food was on my plate, but I did not eat. I observed the table, and had conversations with all of them about the church, and about the kind of life they were living there.

I also wondered what their blood would taste like!

After all, I was still a vampire. All that wonderful food was making me think of my own breakfast. I knew I hadn’t eaten, and I had to eat.



maybe if I ate one of the nuns, no one would notice since they all looked the same.

I wondered what the priest tasted like, but I wasn’t going to eat him, there was just one of him. I loved to splurge, but I decided to be
in my choosing.

The priest did look like a good feast! Conversations were happening, but I wasn’t paying any attention. Everything went in one ear out the other. I was too focused if and who I should feast on that morning.

I was thinking it should be one of the nuns. I thought that I would have to sneak away with her, somewhere no one could see us, or hear us. I was going to have to find a way to distract the others while I feast.

I waited until night time, when everyone was asleep, and inactive to make my move. I don’t know why I was being so polite, or so it seemed that way.

I was just a nice vampire sometimes, well, more like trying to control my urges.

I thought about killing them all. Who would know, and who would have really cared? If they were gone, someone would have replaced all of them.

I knew no one ever visited them. No one seemed to care for them.



They had isolated themselves and their lives for the better, and maybe it was meant to be that they died for my cause.

It was just a matter of time. I grew very anxious, and my fangs popped—out in the middle of the breakfast, but I was able to cover them up with my hand, and made it like I was coughing.

They all looked at me as I was trying to cover up, but they never suspected anything. I wouldn’t want them to see my fangs because then I would have to kill them all, and I was trying not to be like that, after all, it wasn’t right.

After breakfast was over, the nuns and priest went off to their daily chores around the large church, and I was getting hungry.

I followed the nuns to where they were working. I asked them what they did all day, and they said they did laundry
every day
, and that dirty clothing was a sin.

They prepared meals all day long, and kept everything tidy. The nuns headed toward the kitchen to do food preparation for Sunday.

One of them was cutting carrots when the unthinkable happened.

The nun was talking to me about how she cuts up vegetables for the platters for the church guests on Sunday.


Suddenly, she sliced a piece of her skin off, and blood gushed out! She was crying. The two other nuns aided her immediately.

My pink fangs lashed—out, and the nun that cut her finger saw! She was too distracted to make anything of it, as the two other nuns were aiding her.

I put my fangs away. The injured nun pointed at me. “Vampiro! Vampiro!” she screamed. All three nuns looked at me.

My fangs lashed out again, and I thought to myself, why not? I tackled the two nuns down, and sunk my teeth into the injured nun, and quickly knocked out the other nuns so that they wouldn’t be awake during my trance.

I woke from my trance, and fed on the second nun, and I made sure the third nun was knocked out again, as I fed on the nun, and went through my usual trance.

After I had awoken, I feasted on the third nun. What could I say? It was true, third
a charm! My dream was the best one yet, very erotic.

I finally awoke from that trance. I decided to stay in the room for a while since I was very relaxed, and still very high form my last trance.

This was so bad! I didn’t plan on feeding on everyone, it just happened again, just like that. I felt so bad, the nuns never did anything wrong.


They weren’t evil, I was evil. I was only acting on my natural instinct, but I was a total glut. I started thinking about the priest, and told myself that I wasn’t going to even lay a hand on him.

I seriously thought I had done enough damage.

I felt guilty about everything, but I was a vampire, and that was the way of it. I was breaking vampire law, but I didn’t care anymore, I just wanted to feast, and knew I was at the point of no return.

Nothing could stop me, I was like a plague. I wondered if the priest could help me with my splurging, but I had a feeling he would never understand what I am. I was hoping he would understand, and help me because if he couldn’t then there was no hope for me.

If there was no hope for me, then others were going to die at my fangs. I was a danger to society, and no one was able to help me. Human on crack had a better chance at getting treatment for their splurges.

I just had to deal with my situation, and maybe embrace it, and had to stop that feeling of guilt all the time for feasting on humans.

I was taking their lives, and ruining other
lives. I stayed in the room, and reflected on what I had done, and tried to think of a way to get better.



After about an hour, I decided to seek the priest, and see if he was able to help me or not.
I hoped God was with him for protection from me.

I decided to go to the worshipping room to confront the priest about his sins.

I don’t know what it was about the priest, but I just had a bad feeling about him, like he had done something wrong. I guess I was just born with that kind of instinct about people. I could just tell if something was not right.

I really wanted to know what the
sins were, and I was going to find out one way or the other. I entered the worshipping room, and the priest saw me enter.

He looked happy to see me, but I did not have the look of happiness on my face. “Have you decided to confess your sins my child?” he said.

I told the priest that I would confess as long as he confessed, and he surprisingly agreed! He asked me to step into the confession booth.

I opened the curtains, and closed them behind me. What a creepy dark little space I was in. I wondered why we had to be in separate dark rooms.

I wondered why we couldn’t just talk face to face, and tell each other our sins.



The priest did the same as I did, and walked into the creepy darkroom on the other side
of me. The
priest slid open
the talk hole, which I thought was funny.

That was obviously an old school way of communicating ones sins.

I asked him if this was the way to confess sins, and he told me it was traditional.
Traditional my ass, it seemed unnatural.

He told me to just be myself, and confess all my sins. I told the priest that this was my first time, and that I was very nervous to talk.

He told me to take two deep breaths and relax, even to close my eyes as I spoke my sins to him. I told the priest that he would not understand the sins that I was about to confess, but he said it was fine, and that I should continue.

I told him that I had done very bad things, and did not want him to report me. I could have just killed him anyways, but I was curious as to what he would say.

He told me that no matter what I did, I would be forgiven, and that God would lead me to a better path.

BOOK: Splurge
10.31Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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