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Summer Goldspring
Annie always wondered if vampires were real. She never dreamed she would
fall in love with one. Becoming a vampire would change her life forever... After
Annie drinks blood for the first time, she soon discovers the unthinkable—sexual
fantasies that follow... Her lust for blood becomes dangerous. Annie is hunted,
and must run for her life, while trying to control her addictive sexual





A Vampire Series




Chapter 1


I had a confession that I never told anyone. Drinking blood for the first time was better—than sex, and it just got better
time I would drink it. I was madly in love with drinking blood. If people only knew what it was really like to be a vampire like me, they would have traded their life with mine in a heartbeat!

My life wasn’t always like this. I was seventeen,
self conscio
us about everything. I was most self conscious about
the cellulite on my thighs
when I
would wear shorts in the summer. W
earing glasses wasn‘t fun
, and made me look like such a geek
. I was very vulnerable, and needed a miracle in my life. I was the one girl that needed someone to sweep me off my feet. My life was so plain, then my life was suddenly complicated.

My friends called me Annie. I was an only child. One day, I suddenly disappeared. I described my new life in one word, HEAVEN. What was heaven anyways? I always thought that heaven was a flawless place after death, a place of unlimited happiness, peace, and where good people go after death. I thought heaven was where God and the beautiful angels were at. I believed Angels were all good.

I was no angel. I wasn’t good. I was just good at what I did. I never went to heaven, but my new life felt like heaven on earth. I never saw God, and I never met an angel. If I was killed, heaven would have never welcomed me. I wondered about hell. Would hell have welcomed me? I didn’t care anymore about heaven or hell, I was a vampire, and nothing was going to change that fact.

When I disappeared, my friends, and family posted missing person signs all over town. The signs all read like this: Missing: “Have you seen Annie Greencorn?” The
y also used a bad picture of me, wi
th no make-up,
I was having a bad hair day or something, cause that picture was pretty bad. The least they could have done was found a dec
ent picture of me. The boys
and girls
in town
must have laughed at my picture. I wondered if they really cared that I was missing. And the rest was history.

I used to hang out at Starbucks, and try to study
. Well, I was more like studying
hot guys that walked in the Starbucks. Even though I couldn’t afford to buy anything, I always indulged myself to my sweet tooth. I loved Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuccino, Skinny Caramel Macchiato, Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha, Cinnamon Dolce Latte, and the list was just too long. The thought of my Starbucks fix while I secretly watched the hot guys lounging around me made me so.. wet!

If Starbucks had offered a fresh Bloody—Smoothie, I would have over indulged. Hopefully, it would have been the blood of a muscle bound man, or a cute book worm girl. I was drinking all blood types, mostly the ones that aroused me. I had many weird
fetishes. I was always wondering what the blood of Abraham Lincoln would have been like, when he was younger of course. I wished. It was ok to dream.

Before I was turned, I was doing what a lot of girls my age were doing. I had my trusty Iphone, I was surfing Youtube, and constantly checking out my friends showing off their pictures on Facebook. I wasn’t just checking out m
y friends on Facebook,
I was checking out the pictures of cute guys, and sometimes cyber stocking cute guys.

I missed my dog and cat. My dogs name was Bugzy and my cats name was Chaz. I wondered what their blood tasted like, but I never would have tasted their blood, since I was only willing to drink human blood.

My friends told me that I had natural good looks. I didn’t need much makeup. I had dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, sometimes I wore my glasses
for reading mostly.

I always had an eye out for cute guys. I wished they would have made a move on me, but it was the not so cute ones that tried. We just had nothing in common.

I never would have given up my vampire life for anything in the world. My other life was long gone. I was the most hunted vampire in the world. Why? Well,
first of all I was breaking v
pire l
aw, and secondly,
I had something very rare.

just happened to have
fancy intense pink
fangs. They were priceless! I
on the run for my life.

I didn’t consider myself dead. I was still flesh and blood. Most vampires usually were,
all depending on your
blood line. All vampires were different.

Some vampires had warm blood, some vampires had cold blood, different powers, special talents, and we still had one thing in common, the thirst for blood.
My thirst for blood was very different.

My makers name was Ryan Everlast. He was very seductive, with a mix of blue green eyes, tall, just dam cute! The downfall was that it was forbidden

to be sexually involved with your maker. That was vampire law. I was so in love with Ryan, and I know he knew it. Ryan also knew the consequences of breaking vampire law.

Ryan once told me a story of a maker and his apprentice.

They were a homosexual couple. Their names were Zack and Jensen. Homosexuality was looked down upon, but was not breaking any vampire law. They were dearly in love, and they ran from the vampire law. They were very good at hiding from the law. One day the vampire law put a price on both their heads to be killed.

Hunters from the woodwork were after the big pay
day. However, Zack and Jensen
would never be caught. Then one night, in a bar in Mexico, they were lounging around, most likely looking for their next feed.

People were dancing the night away, many wasted people. A man across from the
sat in the shadows. He appeared to be strong, intimidating, and mysterious. He wore worn out, yet heavy duty steal toe boots, worn out blue jeans, a black heavy
leather coat, and a hoodie over his head, so you could not real
ly describe his face. However, y
ou could still tell this man had a scruffy face.

The couple finally noticed the man that sat in the shadows across from them. The man looked at the couple, and stood up. The couple both stood up and revealed themselves as vampires, as they drew their fangs and hissed, and there was panic at the bar.

People screamed, ran about, and bar fights erupted. The couple attacked people, and sucked some of their blood for the few seconds that they had, as they approached the man, in the shadows. The couple was distracted by the outburst of people. As they finally made their way to the man’s table, he was gone.

The bar was chaotic, as people didn’t even know what was happening, and fights still broke out. The man who sat in the shadows was standing at the entrance, waiting for Zach and Jensen. One of the vampires, Jensen, charged the man, as Zach stood by to watch. Jensen was a super fast vampire, and flew at the man. Suddenly, Jensen’s head

was in the air, and blood splattered across the room, as his body stood in one place, then collapsed to the floor.

The man who stood in the shadows was a lot faster than Jensen. As Jensen charged, he met with the
sword, which was concealed in the man’s thick leather jacket. Zach was outraged, and charged at the man. Suddenly, Zach’s body was detached

in two pieces, as blood exploded from Zach’s body on impact of the man‘s blade. There was a
rumor that
this man went by the name of Edward Godspeed. This man was
feared. There was also word that went around that Edward Godspeed, along with others like him, were after my pink fangs. My pink fangs were priceless, I mean, who wouldn’t want them?

Trust me, not all vampires were alike. My maker Ryan Everlast, came from a unique blood line of vampires.

I was different from the others. I was not cold blooded, like some blood lines.
I still looked like the girl next door, until I was hungry, and out came the fangs, but that was normal.
I was warm blooded, but Ryan was c
old blooded, my heart still
beat, unlike Ryan. That’s just the way it was. I moved a lot faster than I did in my previous life. Vampires weren’t fast like Superman, we just didn’t get tired.

Ever try staying up late till 3 am and being so tired you can just pass out on the couch cause you felt so drowsy? Well, that’s exactly what my weakness was when the sunlight hit me. It was like that for all vampires, so we avoided the sunlight.

I used to love to soak up the sun back in the day. The sun could not kill
it just made me very weak, and very tired, very fast. The only way to kill a
was to behead us, set us on fire, or to destroy the heart. By the way, garlic didn’t do anything to hurt us, it just made us LOL! One thing us vampires looked forward to, was feeding time, especially me.

We couldn’t eat regular food, because it was like a human trying to eat rocks! Feeding time was a real treat. Describing it was like comparing it to my previous life eating

It was like always having a sweet tooth. It was like craving junk food, like a fast food meal at McDonalds or any other greasy restaurant. It was like craving a greasy pizza, cheesy lasagne, or having a big juicy steak or fried chicken, and then a big piece of chocolate cake or ice cream sundae for desert. It was like heaven I think. But I wouldn’t know what heaven was like. I always t
hought vampire or not, were
all God’s creatures.

One of my first meals was a rookie police officer. He was smoking—hot. He had the best blue eyes. He was also very athletic, broad shoulders big arms, and I was dying to taste his blood. One night, Ryan and I were in a cabin in the woods, which is where we lived most of the time.

Ryan had captured the officer, while the officer was on duty patrolling the highway for speeders. Ryan brought the officer back to our cabin where I fed on his blood. Ryan put the officer down on the dusty old couch, and looked at me all serious. “Watch how I drink his blood.” He said. Ryan grabbed the
head, popped out his fangs, sunk his teeth in the
neck, and some blood squirted out as he sunk his teeth in.

After just a few seconds Ryan lifted his head and looked to me. “Here, you try now.” He said.

.” I said, as I walked toward the officer, to suck him dry. As Ryan slowly put the officer back down on the couch, I got on my knees, and popped out my shiny pink fangs. Ryan looked aroused. I went down on the
neck, and
suddenly, I felt high.

After several seconds I was done. I moved the officer on the floor, and I sat on the couch. “Are you ok?” Ryan asked, looking all worried. Ryan watched me, as I looked drowsy on the couch. I had my eyes closed, and took heavy breaths.

I was in a deep trance. I felt like I floated in mist and I was naked. Hot naked men came to me, caressed me, and kissed me. One of them poured warm blood all over my body and the rest of them slowly licked the blood from my naked body.

Then I fell, and suddenly plunged into deep water. As I swam to the top, I was pulled into the sky. I fell again, and I couldn’t stop. After I fell for a few seconds I had
woken up
from my trance. I opened my eyes, and Ryan starred down at me from above. “Annie!” he yelled.

“I had some sort of reaction, well, how long was I out for?” I asked. Ryan smiled. “Not long.” He said. That felt like an eternity—and I wished it never ended. I never told Ryan about my trances, I kept them all to myself. “You will get used to it.” He said.

Ryan never thought much of me, when I fell into a trance. I was too embarrassed to tell him the truth about what really happened when I fed on the officer. It was my business, and no one else’s.

I just went along with it, and that’s just the way it was for me. I just didn’t want things to get complicated, so I never told Ryan about what happened when I fed.

I was twelve years old when my father vanished one stormy night. I missed my family. My father was a farmer. He raised his crops in the summer months, and earned enough money to last the long freezing cold winter. He made enough from growing his crops that he could have retired, but he was proud of his work, and didn’t know what else to do with his time. My father’s name was Daniel Greencorn.

name was Summer. She was very conservative and very religious. Some people could have mistaken her for a nun, for the way she dressed, so nun like, all covered up in long sweaters, and thick dresses that covered her feet. She almost had every bible version in her study.

BOOK: Splurge
13.67Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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