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I started to confess to the priest. I told him how I had sex before marriage, and I was underage. He told me that God would forgive me.




confessed that I
to my father, my mother, and my friends, and he said God forgave me for it.

I confessed that I was not human, and that I was a vampire, and killed many people so that I could live, and he laughed at me! “Please, no time for jokes my child.” he said.

I wasn’t joking, and somehow I knew he would not believe me anyways. I told the priest about all my splurges, and that I could never stop.

He still continued to tell me not to make jokes, and that he was not there for my amusement.

I asked the priest when he would confess his sins to me, and he replied, “My dear, I know I said I would confess my sins to you, but I lied, only so you would confess your sins to me, because I knew that was the only way for you to confess your sins.” he said.

I told the priest that he would have to confess his sins before he died. He shut the slid flap, and told me to go home, and that confession time was over. The priest walked away from me.

I followed him. I told him I had one more confession to make, and he stood across from me and listened. “I feasted on all three of your nuns, I drank their blood, and I loved it!” I said.



I actually felt bad that I feasted on the nuns, but I couldn’t help myself. I was starving.

He would eventually find out that I killed more innocent people, as I confessed. He looked at me in anger, and headed toward the room where the nuns were working.

The priest opened the door, and saw the nuns on the floor all bloodied up with their necks bitten.

The priest was terrified. He turned back to leave, and I was standing in front of him.

My pink fangs whipped out, and he dropped to the floor. I grabbed him by the shirt, and told him to confess. He agreed. “Please, I don’t believe in you, don’t kill me!” he said.

I told him to begin confessing.

He started to tell me about all the pornography he had hidden in his room, on his laptop.

He was sweating like a pig that he was. I told him to keep confessing or I was going to kill him, like I killed the three nuns.

He was shaking and confessed to molesting
little boys years back. I wasn’t surprised he liked little boys, since I thought a lot of corrupt priests fancied little boys.

I made him confess things he never ever would have told anyone in the world.



He finally decided to tell me how he made the nuns do sexual favours for him. He said
he abused them, and continued to have sex with any of them.

He said he brainwashed all three of them into thinking God will punish them if they did not do what he asked, since they really believed he was God’s representative.

He said he would get drunk every other night, and have threesomes with them. They would also be forced to do drugs, and get high.

He said he
them having sex all the time, and that he would sell his work on the internet. The nuns were obviously so brainwashed that they were prepared to die for him.

He even had sex before and after Sunday service. This wasn’t a church
this was some sort of evil cult. After, the priest was finally done confessing.

“What happens now?” he cried.

I looked at him in disgust. He kept blabbing on about how he wanted to live, and tried to preach to me that God forgave him. “Do me a favour, stop talking!” I yelled. “Forgive me?” he cried.

I looked at the priest, and showed him my fangs!

I tackled him down, and sunk my fangs into his neck as he yelled. I apparently saved the best meal for last.


I felt myself drifting off into my trance. I was in the same church, but it was misty as usual with the nuns approaching my naked body.

I was on the floor which was full of silk. The cross in the church was not Jesus on it, it was the priest who was crucified on it.

I guess this wasn’t a very holy dream.

The nuns removed their nun outfits, and were carrying the priest blood,
I could smell it. They poured the blood on me, and massaged his blood all over my body.

I licked the blood off my arms, and fingers because it tasted very sweet. I was being pampered by the nuns.

One of the nuns ate me out, and one of the other nuns massaged the blood on my body.

The last nun began kissing me. All this while the priest on the cross watched. He was still alive but very weak. That was his punishment.

I had no control over my trances, but I knew the priest was in hell!





After I woke up from my trance, I found myself beside the dead priest. I roamed the church looking for gasoline, and found some in a storage room, where the
car was. I took the priest, and tied him up on the crucifix.

I opened the gasoline container, and spread the gasoline all over the worship room.

I lit the church on fire since it was full of sin. I watched as the fire spread and grew. I sat in the back, and watched the priest burn to ashes.

There was no doubt in my mind that he was burning in hell. I abandoned the church as
soon as I saw the priest was burned to ashes.




I missed the days where I hung out at Starbucks with my friends. I lived in a small town, yet Starbucks
was there, and it was the
place to be.

It was a cloudy crappy day outside. We were a bunch of nerdy girls, and loved reading our vampire novels, and loved surfing on our laptops, hoping to get noticed by the guys that walked through there.


My friends were Jenna Appleton and Gina Willowing. Jenna sat across

She was kind of conservative, with her short blonde hair, braces, glasses, and jogging clothes.

She swore they were her comfort clothes.

Gina was the funny one of us.

She was loud spoken. She had short brown hair, wore blue
and a tight white shirt, always dabbed on too much make-up, and loved to surf the net with her fancy pink style laptop.

Both Jenna and Gina had the latest Iphones, but I had my crappy blackberry phone. Starbucks was the main hangout for students.

For us, it was our hang out after school, on the weekends, even some holidays, when we had nothing better to do.

There would always be a line up at the Starbucks.

, and not so hot guys would walk in. Even stuck up girls we hated walked in to get their fix of the day. “Look at the meatball.” Gina said laughingly.




Gina loved to make fun of all the guys that walked into the Starbucks. We found her very amusing most of the time.

We would sit there, sip our
, and indulged in our treats to go with them. We were just full of silly comments, and spend our time talking about the guys that were in the Starbucks.

“He’s way
muscular for you, Gina.” Jenna said. Gina loved hulky looking guys, and Jenna would always find a way to judge the guys Gina would stare at.

We sat around for a few hours a day, craving almost all the guys that walked in. It was a meat market for us gals.

One day the craziest thing happened. Zach Roundtree walked right in the Starbucks, ordered his coffee, and sat right beside me.

He was a quarterback on the school football team. He was a true pretty boy. Long brown hair, blue eyes, perfect smile, and charming.

There was a moment of awkward silence. “So, this is where ya’all hang out.” he said with his unusual southern accent. “Yep, this is the place to be.” Gina said awkwardly. Zach started talking about how his team would win first place that football season, and blabbed on about how the girls were all over him. He was so cocky.



Suddenly, my maker to be, Ryan Everlast, who I had no idea was a vampire, walked in. Ryan Everlast, was new to the town.

He wasn’t a student, but everyone knew he was the new guy in town.

He was seen at many hangouts and school events, so a lot of people recognized him. Within just a few months of being in my town, he wasn’t a stranger anymore.

He didn’t buy anything. Ryan came in to just chill.

He sat across from me, and introduced himself. It was such an awkward moment, having these guys sit down with us. It was totally a first.

The conversations kept jumping back and forth with everyone blabbing on about their own conversations, and Ryan kept his attention on me.

He kept asking me questions about myself, my family, and what I liked to do. He finally asked to hang out with me! “That was fast.” Gina said laughingly.

I wasn’t sure if it was a date or not. Zach eventually got up, and left, but Ryan stayed and continued a conversation with us, especially me, being the centre of attention.

Ryan claimed to be busy helping his sick grandfather, but I knew that was all a lie.




From that day on, Ryan would meet up with us at the Starbucks, on the occasional cloudy day. I got to know him very well, and we became good friends.

I still was not sure if Ryan just wanted to be a friend, or something more. He kept giving me mixed signals.

Eventually, Ryan and I dated for a couple of months. We would hang out at the Starbucks with Gina and Jenna, and they enjoyed his company.

I still did not know anything about Ryan’s family, his friends or where he lived.

Since we were dating we always hung out at the Starbucks, about three days a week.

Ryan was
pretty romantic
, bought me roses, boxes of chocolates, and even bought Gina, and Jenna a little something to make them feel special.

He was a nice guy after all. I never noticed that he never ate, or drank in front of me before. I eventually figured out why.

Ryan was looking for a companion, that’s why he came to me.

He first noticed me at a school football game, and kept his eye on me since.





When he saw me, he knew that I was the one he wanted. Turning me wasn’t going to be easy.

After graduation, and months of seeing Ryan, he asked me to meet him at a park during the evening.

When I met up with him, all we did was make out. He was very anxious about telling me something.

Ryan asked me if I would run away with him, and I clearly told him no. He decided to tell me the truth. He finally admitted to being a vampire and proved it!

He showed me his fangs, and I was stunned. I thought vampires were only in books and the movies.

Ryan never came out into the sun, and was never eating or drinking. It all finally made sense to me.

I still told him no. I wasn’t about to turn myself into a monster. After long and hard thinking, I told Ryan that I didn’t want to see him anymore.

He was a vampire, but he was still a gentleman. He understood.




We broke up and I never saw or heard from Ryan again. School was over, and I was still hanging out with Gina, and Jenna at Starbucks.

There wasn’t much to do in a small town like mine. We all thanked God for Starbucks.

I always thought of Ryan, but I couldn’t help it, he was the only guy I ever cared about.

Ryan asked the unthinkable. I couldn’t become what he was.

I never would have dated him, if I knew he was a vampire. I would have freaked out. Eventually, Zach started to hang out like Ryan did, more often.

Jenna got a job as a barista at the same Starbucks we hung out at. Gina found herself a boyfriend, and I dated Zach for a while. Life simply went on.

Zach and I dated for about eight months.

I finally turned 18 years old. Zach decided he wanted to marry me! I accepted. He bought me the best engagement ring money could buy.

His family was wealthy. My mother met Zach, but she never liked him.

My mother thought no guy was ever good enough for me.

I was still the happiest girl in town! Even though I was so happy, I occasionally thought of Ryan.



BOOK: Splurge
2.59Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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