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He managed to get up and walk away from that fall, with just a few scratches, bruises, and a sore neck.

The strange man had not hurt my father, since he was able to knock the strange man off him before he was able to hurt him.

My father made his way back to the farm. He took a hot shower and rested outside in the warm sun by Hectors grave.

He was still drinking bottles of whiskey since he had plenty to spare, and needed it.

He was outside most of the day, just staring into the blue clear skies, and soaked up the sun. By the end of the afternoon my father was sunburnt, but he didn’t care at all.

That was the least of his worries.

He headed to his shed to have a look at his arsenal. My father kept all kinds of neat stuff in his shed. He called it his office. He was the only one aloud in his office.



To him it was all business. I once snuck in his office when he wasn’t around. I admired all of his stuff. They were like toys to me.

He had a collection of cross bows, rifles, machetes, hunting knives, boxes of bullets.

Sometimes I thought my father was trying to start a war. I used to pick up his weapons, but I never actually shot, or really used any of them.

I just liked to touch them. I knew playing with them was off limits. I wasn’t even supposed to be in my

If he had ever caught me in there, I wondered what he would have done to punish me. He loved me too much to do anything bad.

My mother wasn’t even aloud in my
office. Once she told me when I play outside to stay out of daddies shed.

Telling me to stay out of somewhere was just going to make me want to go out and sneak in. It was like putting my whole hand deep into the cookie jar. I just had to have
I wanted to play with my

My father would sometimes be in his office day and night, because I could see the light of his office during the night, and would never see much of him during the day.



I knew he was in and out of his office, but I couldn’t go in there, not even around it. I guess it was for my own safety to keep me out of that area.

My father wanted me to use weapons, but my mother would not allow it, obviously my mom just wanted me to stick with playing with Barbie dolls.

I was after all the son my father never had, and wanted to always impress my father.

I hoped to impress him, and show him that even a girl can do things a guy could do, but better. I just wanted to be everything my father wanted me to be, and a lot more.

My mother would have gone nuts if she knew I was sneaking into my
office playing around with his toys, and I would never hear the end of it that was for sure.

I was going in and out of my
every day
, since I had nothing better to do with my time, I was more like my father than my mother.

Morning had finally arrived, and my father and I had fallen asleep, after a long night of storytelling by the fire.

The morning air was cool and fresh, but the sky was grey with no sunshine in sight. My father started a fire to warm us up.




That morning we only had sausages to eat. My father was quite that morning, and he asked if I had slept well, and if I was enjoying myself.

I actually slept pretty good considering I didn’t have a nice cozy bed to sleep in. I was spoiled back at the farm, but out in the forest, I was free, comfortable, and did not have a care in the world.

I loved spending quality time with my father.

The forest brought my father and
together. At the farm I was distant from him, and we seemed to have kept to ourselves.

I was closer to my mother on the farm, but in the forest there was magic happening between my father and

It was special and meant a lot to me. I know it meant a lot my father also, and I looked forward to our next outing after this was over.

We waited in our spot for the deer to come. The day grew longer, as we waited and waited.

My father reminisced about another deer hunt. This hunt was without Hector. After Hector was killed, my father only went hunting on his own.



This was an unusual deer hunt for my father.

It was the first time since Hector died, since my father went deer hunting again. Hector would have wanted him to move on, be happy, and deer hunt.

It was a sunny Sunday morning, my father was up early for his deer hunting trip, but I had a feeling he was looking for more than just a deer.

He beefed up his arsenal, with an extra sharp machete sharpened up two days earlier, more bullets, and a bigger hunting knife.

It was as if he was getting ready for war. It seemed after packing, he left the farm at the crack of dawn.

My father told me he would always give me a kiss goodbye before he left, but I was just a baby, and couldn’t remember any of that, even though I wished that I had. He walked away from the farm, and made his way to the forest.

It was just bad luck that my father was always deer hunting during a thunderstorm. Maybe, it was possible the forest was cursed.

There was something about the mysterious forest that would always bring bad weather. Maybe
Mother Nature
was upset that my father was hunting.



walked in the forest as the rain poured on him, and the thunder roared. It was really dark as if night had already approached.

My father made his way to the spot, where he liked to wait for deer.

He started a fire
to warm up. The stormy weather did not give in, so he stayed by the fire longer to keep dry.

He eventually settled in his spot and waited for the deer.

The sky was grey and the forest trees made it seem like evening. My father had his bottle of whiskey as he waited for the deer.

He would
a big gulp from his whiskey bottle every half hour to keep him patient.

A deer approached. My father scoped the deer out with his hunting rifle.

He carefully aimed at
the it
’s heart. The deer stood there without a care in the world, and had no idea that my father was about to take its life.

My father pulled back the trigger, slowly, steadily, and POP! He witnessed something he had never seen before.

As he looked through his rifle scope at the deer, the deer turned its head toward my father’s direction, and looked straight into my father’s eye, through his rifle scope.



There was a moment between my father and the deer. The moment the deer’s
eyes met my father’s eye, felt like forever, yet were
only seconds.

The deer collapsed. My father approached the deer.

He took out his metal canister, and filled it with warm deer blood. He sat beside the deer, and drank the blood from his canister, spilling some of the blood on his chin, and clothing from devouring the blood too fast.

He closed his canister, and dragged the deer to his camp where he built the fire.

Nightfall had come. There was no full moon that night.

My father had made a fire, and kept warm. The dead deer was beside him. He planned to cut the deer up into pieces in the morning, to take back home for food.

My father sat and stared at the fire, which was larger than usual, since he had placed big logs and many large branches into it.

The flames rose so high that he could not see across from him.

The camp fire caused a lot of smoke.

My father sat and sipped his whiskey bottle. He suddenly heard
across from him.



The sounds of crackling branches on the ground gave away the person approaching.

My father stood up, but did not see anything because of all the smoke that had been fogging up the area.

He used his right hand to ready his razor sharp hunting knife.

He slowly walked around the fire to observe the other side, to see who was there. After slowly pacing around his camp he found nothing.

He figured it was another deer, or animal nearby.

My father continued with his whisky drinking.

The fire was blinding his view from across. He stood up to try to make the fire smaller, so he was able to see across from him.

Suddenly, as he stood up, he approached the fire. A man jumped through the flames screaming, and tackled my father.

The man no longer had the appearance of a man. It was a vampire. The vampire was on top of my father, and had the biggest fangs.

The vampire was trying to bite my father, and my father punched him off. The vampire quickly got up. My father knew it was the vampire that killed Hector.



It was a vampire, but this was not something my father only heard stories about.
My father was a natural hunter. H
e was fast, and brave.

The vampire smiled at my father, as it approached him again.

My father backed up near the fire, the vampire was fast and tackled my father, knocking the hunting knife out of his hand.

The vampire again tried to bite my father,
and then
my father grabbed a log from the fire, yelled from the pain of the burning log on his hand, and set the vampire on fire! The vampire roared and retaliated.

hand was badly burned, but eventually healed, but left a big scar. He packed up by dawn and headed back to the farm.

After reminiscing my father and I heard a something approaching. The deer had finally made its way into our hiding area. It started to storm. My father and I prepared to kill the deer.

He handed me the rifle. “You will never know the feeling Ninnie, unless you actually experience it.” he said. I slowly took the rifle from my
hands. He told me to hold it steady, and to relax.

I didn’t know how I was supposed to be relaxed when I was about to kill a deer. I did as my father instructed, and I looked at the deer through the rifle scope. It seemed a little


at first to focus, since it was storming very hard.

The deer looked all around. It seemed to look at me, or maybe it was my direction, but I couldn’t tell.

My father nagged at me to shoot, but I hesitated. I had the deer in sight and decided to shoot.

My finger slowly put pressure on the trigger, and suddenly POW! I missed the
the deer ran for
life. My father yelled at me.

He was v
ery disappointed. I missed the deer on purpose, but my father didn’t know that.

He decided to wait another few hours until another deer came.

This was torture, but I couldn’t tell my father the truth about me missing the deer on purpose. We waited till night. The storm had stopped, and it was a full moon. My father didn’t say much to me that night.

We heard another noise approaching. It looked like a man dressed in a black sweater and black pants, was clean shaven with black hair.

My father told me to wait until the man was on his way.

The man spotted us. He approached us. “Got anything to eat?” he



My father told the man that we had nothing, and that he was in the way of our hunting. The strange man asked my father who I was, referring me as the young girl.

My father advised the man to leave.

Suddenly, the man transformed into a vampire!

His fangs blasted out, shoved my father out of the way, and the vampire approached me. The vampire grabbed me to the ground.

“Your blood must be real sweet!” the vampire said. I looked at my father as he was getting up.

My father suddenly transformed—into a
! He burst out with sharp animal teeth, claws, yellow looking eyes, and his body grew into a he-man like body, with his clothes ripped, and torn up from the transformation.

Both the vampire and I looked back at my father, as he suddenly burst into a wolfman! I was shocked.

The vampire did not look shocked, as if he had seen him or something of my
kind before.

BOOK: Splurge
5.15Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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