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Her study was a creepy looking room, like she was part of some sort of cult. My mother had candles that lit her study, and the room felt like a small church. She would sometimes quote from the bible when she spoke to me, like she
was God’s messenger. Sometimes
I wondered ho
w my parents were ever married. T
hey were totally opposite from each other.

One stormy evening, he went out without telling my mother where he was going, and he never returned home that night. He was declared missing, and he was never seen again.

After the first time I drank blood, I was addicted. I had to admit, I had no shame for taking human life. I always figured they would die someday, so why not go sooner than later?

I only needed one feeding a day, but I was splurging. I was feeding on three or sometimes five people a day! I managed to go out mostly on rainy days, when the sun wasn’t shining.

I would finish whole families if I could. That was the cost of my addiction. It wasn’t even that I was hungry most of the
I wanted my dirty trances, my sexual desires to keep going. Only one sexual trance a day wasn’t enough for me. It wasn’t even my fault. I experienced these sudden sexual dreams after a feeding, so I just couldn’t help myself. It came natural to me, and there was no way of stopping the trances.

The first time I got caught in the sun was actually a pleasurable experience. One rainy morning, I wandered in a corn field of all places. I knew there would be someone tending that field. I guess I hoped to find someone to feed on.

The unthinkable—happened! The sun started to blaze, and I froze. My eyes got heavy and started to blur. I was drowsy, and didn’t know where to go. I blacked out su
ddenly. I woke up hours later in a hard bed,
the farmho

The room was dark, as the curtains blocked out the sunlight. The cross of Jesus hung at the side of the bedroom door as if Jesus himself was staring at me. I was very uncomfortable at the idea. The room was unusually pink, very feminine. There was no doubt in my mind, it belonged to a female,
and perhaps
it was his
bedroom. I wondered if she would return to her room to find me in her bed.

I was still in the bed, not in a hurry to leave since I knew I was in a safe place, or I would
have been dead already. Someone slowly walked up the stairs, then making their way down the hallway, to the bedroom. I heard footsteps slowly approaching. The floor slowly crackled, and the sound of the footsteps got closer to the bedroom. It was the farmer, since I recognized his scent as soon as he approached the front door of the bedroom.

As the farmer walked in the bedroom, I kept my eyes closed. There was a slight hesitation before he walked into the bedroom. He proceeded into the room, and seemed to place a plate of food on the dresser.

I could smell the food. My scent was unusually sensitive. To me, it was a vile smell of cooked bacon, maple ham, toasted whole wheat toast, with butter spread on it, strawberry jam on the side, breakfast sausages, fruit cocktail, orange juice, and coffee with cream and sugar. Seriously, who was this man? When I was human, I would have probably married this man!

Anyone who would have brought me breakfast in bed was definitely my hero. After the man put down the tray next to me, he hesitated again, as if he stared at me. I was so uncomfortable, I was debating whether I should make my move or not.

The man came closer, since I heard and smelled him coming closer to my face. I was nervous. The man had an unusual smell, not like a man that I ever smelled before. The man probably wanted to see if I was still breathing. I was still very nervous. I could smell his blood, it smelled like candy.

I felt myself about to shake from being so
I didn’t know what to do. As the man bent over closer, I burst—out my shiny pink fangs! I grabbed the man so fast, I didn’t even notice who I grabbed. I was too busy indulging in the warm precious blood that poured in through my fangs. When I was done sucking the life out of the man, I let go and it started. That beautiful trance was about to take me away again, and there was nothing, I could have done about it.

Before I passed out, I glanced at the person on the bed. My eyes blurred, but I saw that the person faced down on the bed was not—a man. It was a teenage girl! She had long golden brownish hair, slender, and dead! My scent was apparently off, since I thought it was a man‘s blood that I smelled. I was about to knock out into my trance. I felt bad, but all I really cared about was my fix.

I was falling into my trance again, and I landed in a bed of roses, naked, and my naked body was oiled with a sweet scent of blood. The room was dim with candles surrounding it, keeping the room mysterious and sexy. Mist was filing the room slowly. I
the feeling of roses rubbing on my body, like a back massage, very soft and moist.

The mist was getting thicker, and three beautiful women appeared. One woman
in front and two women from both sides of me. All three women were covered in enough blood to make things messy. They slowly crawled near me, and caressed me all over.
My nipples were being licked.
I never experienced women before, but had some interest
in them.

The trance must have taken hold of my
and most forbidden
desires, which
I never would have actually perused when I was human. I was touched by each naked bloodied up woman. One woman had long blonde hair, blue eyes, with perky breasts. Another woman was brunette, with short hair, a long tattoo of a devil down her back, and with the devil’s tail running all the way down her right leg. The third woman, was Asian, with long black hair, sexy lips, and was in-between my legs. I took turns kissing the two other women on my sides, as the other caressed my hard nipples with her tongue. My
and whole body was smeared in blood. I was very satisfied and didn’t want to wake up, but all trances came to an end, and I was back to the real world.





I was so addicted to blood, that I found a secret bordello for vampires like me. Ryan often told me stories of this bordello, and where it was located. He told me that places like it were condemned by the vampire law. According to vampire law, it was forbidden to feed on more than one human per day, and that was life.

The bordello attracted humans that actually wanted death. They were humans that had no hope in their lives and wanted to die, but could not kill themselves. This was an immoral business that some vampires were running. It was good for vampires like me.

The bordello would never be shut down due to the fact that they would change locations. One day Ryan was out of the cabin, and I stole Ryan‘s savings from his safe that he kept in his room. I heard this bordello was expensive, and I was willing to pay for as many hits as I could afford.

It was cloudy outside, and a taxi had come to pick me up. The driver had come out of the cab and was clearly human, as I smelled him right away. The taxi driver was creepy looking. He was dressed all in black, as if he was about to attend a funeral. Naturally, I was thinking of feeding on the taxi driver but he was too creepy for my liking.

The taxi ride was long. It was about a six hour long ride. It was an expensive trip. I could smell the
blood, which was a vile smell. Not all human blood was fancied.

The taxi had stopped. I paid the taxi driver and stepped out of the taxi, and the taxi drove off. It was evening, dark and silent. I was in the middle of nowhere. In front of me was a mansion. 

It was a creepy mansion in the middle of the dark forest. The trees were very

tall with dark green leaves, and were obviously able to block out the sun.

There was also a strange
mist, which
surrounded the forest.

I slowly walked toward the front door of the mansion.

The door was opened by the caretaker who was an old woman, who was human.

The old woman welcomed me inside.

The old woman informed me that I was to pay upfront and that they only accepted cash payments. Business was slow at the bordello. I was told by the old woman that everyone was asleep.

  The caretaker wished me a good night, and she was off to bed.  The clock struck midnight. 

All night I roamed the bordello, which was full of mysterious paintings.

I've never seen so many paintings.  I noticed all of the paintings were of vampires,

and seemed to be of great importance. I did not recognize any of them.

  The day finally came. The humans that I paid big bucks
came into the lounge I was in and gathered around. We waited for a few minutes, and all of them awkwardly glanced at me as I looked around observing each of them. Even though it was daytime, the room was dark, and candles were surrounding the room.  A vampire entered the room.  He was draped in a black robe, and had to long blond hair.


The vampire welcomed me to the bordello, and then told me to enjoy myself, and to
take my time. He told me that he would respect my privacy. I knew it was going to be a long day, but a very enjoyable day.

There was a severe storm outside. I could even hear the roaring thunder and the lightning lit up the mansion.

The humans that I purchased walked into separate rooms and the vampire that welcomed me walked away. I was about to splurge.

I made my way to the first room, and opened the door.

The man came close to my ear and whispered “I am a
feed on me at your own risk.”

He then walked slowly away from me toward the bed. I suddenly had my feeding urge take over and my pink fangs lashed out suddenly!

I ran towards him, jumped on his back, and tackled him to the floor.

I was savouring every second of his blood. I stood up as he lay dead on the floor. I felt one of my trances coming on.

I fell back on the bed as if it was like slow motion.




As soon as I hit the bed, it felt as if I sunk into the bed like falling backwards into a swimming pool.

As I rose back up, I bounced up and down, and finally settled on the bed. I found myself wearing a red luxurious dress, as I lay back on the bed.

The room was misty, and candlelight lit up the misty room.

Several men and women walked out of the mist that was surrounding me. They were all naked, and oiled up with blood.

The men were muscular, and the women were voluptuous. They all carried crystal clear vases filled with blood.

Two men came to me from both sides of me, and began to tie my hands to the bed. Then one man began to tie my feet to the bed.

All four corners of the beds were used to hold me down. I did not say a word. I just let them do to me as they pleased.

I figured it was going to be a very pleasurable experience. What happened next was not something I would wish upon anyone.




One of the men used a sharp knife to cut the top of my dress open, so that I was topless from the chest to my stomach.

A woman holding a container of blood poured it slowly onto my body, and the blood was warm. It pinched at first, like candle wax hitting your skin for the first time.

Another man massaged my body with his hands, blending in the warm blood caressing my upper body
, and eventually ate me out
passionately with his tongue.

I had blood poured on my face, as I was able to feast on the blood, as much as I desired. Suddenly, the men and women took turns feeding me blood.

The blood was
and sweet
but it became too much for me to handle.

I asked them to stop but they continued, as if I wasn’t there.

I was choking and begging for them to stop but they continued. I felt like I was being tortured. I would never forget this experience.

To think I paid big bucks for this.

I finally fell into another trance. I was deep into a nightmare I couldn’t wake up from. I suddenly found myself in a pool of blood, like being underwater.




I swam to the surface, and there was ice blocking me from escaping. I finally punched a hole, and made my way up. I was on my bed again, covered in blood, and no one was in the room. I raced out the door.

I ran like the wind through the creepy hallways to make it out as fast as I could to the front door of the mansion.

I didn’t care anymore I wanted out! The thunder roared still, and the lightning continued to light up the hallways of the mansion.

I finally reached the front door of the mansion.

BOOK: Splurge
10.95Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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