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I wasn’t really listening to
it was mostly in one ear out the other as I kept my eyes on my next meal.

I was getting really hungry and I was getting uptight. I excused
from the old man in the middle of his conversation with me. I made my way closer to the red headed girl.

I approached her, and her eyes met with mine as I got closer to her.

I introduced myself and she introduced herself as Misha. I told her that I loved the name Misha and she blushed. She seemed a little shy, but that was fine with me.

I liked to get to know my next meals before I devoured them, it made my trances much more interesting.

She spoke about why she was interested in witchcraft and how she wanted to try something different.

She asked me about my life and I just told her a bunch of lies. I was really enjoying the scent of her blood, it was the highlight of my night.



When it was time we practiced all kinds of witchcraft. There were words spoken that I really didn’t understand. It was a very interesting night. After the witchcraft session was over Misha and I made our way out.

We walked through the forest to her place that night. We decided to sit down by some trees and talk about our lives.

The forest was dark and foggy, with the moonlight shedding some light in some places.

Misha had a bottle of rum in her
she loaded up all night long on it. I suddenly lashed at her and sunk my teeth in her neck, and pulled out on time.

She fell back, gasping for air, and I wasn’t sure how long it would take for her to turn.

I was sure I did it right this time. Two hours later I noticed her neck healing. She opened her eyes, and lifted her head. I smiled.

I was so happy that things went smoothly. It was one of the most fascinating things I ever witnessed.

Misha was turned, and I had finally done it right!
seemed confused.

I took her hand and she stood up next to me. “You must be thirsty.” I said. “Yes!” Misha agreed, as she flashed her fangs.



I told Misha I was going to teach her everything she needed to know about her new life. I told her that I would tell her my story, but first we had to leave.

It was just the begging for me. I was ready to take what life was going to throw at me. I was not sure if I would ever control my craving for blood.

I wanted every unthinkable sexual fantasy that I could get.

I would never stop being hunted. If they wanted me dead, they were going to have to catch me first.

I knew deep down that I would never be able to control my addiction, and that it would be the death of me someday.

Until that day came, I was living large, and on the run.

That was the life I ended up
with. As
for my new partner Misha, I didn’t know how long that was going to last.

I was prepared to make the most of it until my next partner.

s still
new to all these trances I experienced
My fantasies seemed to get more intense.
I felt as guilty as ever for having them, but that was my life.




The more experience drinking blood, the more
my sexual fantasies would
get more erotic as I
continued to splurge.

I was ready for naughtier fantasies, as if my previous ones weren’t dirty enough. I wanted more, and more.

I was anxiously a
waiting my new sexual fantasies, since the one
I had were small time compared to the ones I w
as going to experience.

I looked forward to sharing my new sexual experiences in great detail to Misha. I really felt connected to her.

t, I had to teach
Misha. There was a lot to learn
about being a vampire
I looked toward the dark, foggy path ahead of us, and looked back at Misha. 

“Are you ready to see what’s out there?” I asked. Misha looked at me with curiosity
, smiled,
and looked ahead.

We were about to start our jour
ney together. We walked
together toward the dark, foggy path ahead. We vanished into the darkness




BOOK: Splurge
10.74Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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