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They would then be hung up, and drained of their blood. It was a special treat for the vampires.

The werewolves were being beheaded, and gunned down. There was an extra bonus for hunters to bring in the werewolf alive, for the sake of having their blood drained. There was no hope for the werewolves.

The only thing they could do was retreat. They had no choice but to run away from their lands. Their homes were being burned down, and their children were being slaughtered. Hunters did not fight alone.

Vampires had an alliance with them to help hunt down the werewolves.

My father was on his land waiting for the enemy to come. It was night as he walked throughout the forest.

Other werewolves were
him. Vampires and hunters approached. It was a blood bath. Vampires were slashed and torn up by the werewolves.

Hunters were killed, and had their heads torn off. The werewolves fought a great battle.



A vampire had grabbed one of the werewolves from the back, and a hunter had cut off his head. My father had slashed a vampire in two pieces with his sword, and cut a hunters head off.

Werewolves were blasted by shot gun blasts to the back, as the vampires drank their blood. My father was on the run.

He was outnumbered. He found a hiding place near the edge of the land, where a huge cliff was. He stood by a great big waterfall. He stood guard, and waited for the enemy.

He kept his rifle handy, and had
looking through his rifle scope. A vampire and two hunters approached.

My father aimed his rifle directly at one of the vampires head. It suddenly started to thunder storm. My father pulled the trigger slowly, and POW!

The vampires head was blown right off his body! The hunters ran towards my father.

My father aimed at one of the
heart, and pulled the trigger. POW! Down went the hunter!

There was one hunter left. He had a sword, and was running toward my father.




My father readied his rifle, aimed, and POW! He missed! It was almost like slow motion. The hunter deflected the bullet with his sword.

My father took out his sword, and they were clashing swords. Even though it was raining hard, the friction of the blades hitting each
caused intense sparks.

My father and the hunter were locked close to each other. My father head butted the hunter, and the hunter fell back.

Again, they would exchange blades. The hunter retaliated back by flipping backwards, and took out a hunting knife.

The hunter whipped the hunting knife at my father. My father answered. He deflected the hunting knife away with his sword.

The hunter looked surprised, and charged my father. They were on the edge of the land, which stood on a huge cliff. A waterfall was beside them.

Finally, my
sword was shattered. My father was on the ground, and the hunter lashed his sword down at my father, but he grabbed his hunting knife on time to deflect the sword.

My father kicked the hunter back, and the hunter lost his sword down the cliff.

The hunter charged my father.


They exchanged punches, and kicks. The hunter approached my father, and my father took his hunting knife, and stabbed the hunter in the side.

The hunter collapsed to the ground.

My father went to grab his hunting knife, and the hunter punched my father, making him fall back. The hunter pulled the knife out of his side, and charged my father.

They wrestled for the hunting knife. They were somewhat of equal strength, and as they wrestled to the edge of the cliff, the ground gave out. They both disappeared into the darkness, down the waterfall.

That hunter was Edward Godspeed. He was never seen again by my father, but my father was sure he was alive.

My father was injured that night but survived. The vampires later took the lands back from the werewolves, and the hunters were paid in gold, money and jewels.

The werewolves became rare in the world, and vampires took control. Things became more civil in the world between vampires and werewolves, but once in a while there were always incidents.

My father told me about what he heard of Edward Godspeed.



Even the vampires feared him. He entered the vampire’s secret meeting to deliver a werewolf one day. The offer for this werewolf was for ten pieces of gold.

One of the vampire leader’s that required this
was short one piece of gold. Godspeed handed the werewolf to the vampires to be taken away.

The vampire handed Godspeed the bag of nine gold pieces. Godspeed
checked his bag of gold pieces
and noticed that there was one piece missing.

Godspeed was not a man of many words. He was more a man of actions.

Godspeed handed the bag of gold to the vampire leader to verify that it was all there, but there were only nine pieces.

The vampire smiled, and then laughed. He through the gold bag back at Godspeed.

Godspeed took the bag, and walked away.

The vampire leader disliked Godspeeds attitude, and decided to grab a dagger from his side pocket. Godspeed stopped, turned his head slightly detecting trouble, and could sense trouble.

With the blink of an eye, Godspeed through his hunting knife, and it plunged into the
heart. The vampire was dead on his throne.



Godspeed looked back at the rest of the vampire leaders, but the vampire leaders feared Godspeed. Godspeed walked away.

He was not right in the head. Godspeed was an evil man. The vampires required a virgin girl. After the vampires had taken over the lands, their empire had grown to be practically unstoppable.

Godspeed had broken into a priest’s home, and had killed the priest, his wife, and grandfather because they had tried to stop him.

It was a bloody mess. The priest got a hunting knife through his head, the wife’s body was sliced in two pieces by Godspeeds sword, and the grandfather was shotgun blasted in the face.

The virgin daughter was their only child.

She was seventeen years old. The vampires had special powers. They could sense the virgin blood when it was near.

This girl was tied up, and blind folded by Godspeed. She was taken to the vampires.

Godspeed was paid two hundred gold pieces for the virgin girl.

There was no trouble for Godspeed, like the time he was ripped off one gold piece. Godspeed handed the vampire leaders the virgin girl, and collected his reward.


The vampire leaders respected him, and feared Godspeed the most.

The virgin girl was a slave to the

She was well fed, and taken care of. The vampire leaders kept her healthy because virgin blood was their heroin.

Virgin blood was addictive, and better than any blood they had ever feasted on.

There was a rumour that went around that this virgin girl decided to have sex with a virgin boy one day.

While preparing tables and doing their chores around the vampire leaders
room, they managed to sneak off, only for a few minutes.

No one noticed that they were gone.

The same night when the vampire leaders got together for
ritual of feasting on the blood of virgins. The virgin girl and boy were looking at each other without a care in the world. They were in love.

Only one of the vampire leaders could sense virgin blood by scent, and he was not at the feast. As the vampires began toasting to virgin blood, they noticed a fowl taste.

They were upset. They looked toward the virgin boy and girl.



The vampires condemned them to death. One of the vampire leaders suggested that they join the breed of vampires.

There was a vote on whether or not to turn the virgin boy and girl. The vampire leaders laughed with evil in their voices.

The virgin boy and girl were turned into vampires, and increased the population of vampires.

The vampire leaders were despicable. They were so evil that one day they decided they wanted to try the blood of a pregnant woman.

The vampire leaders never did anything on their own. They had so much wealth, that they wanted others to do their dirty work for them.

They offered three hundred gold pieces to the hunter that was evil enough to snatch a pregnant woman away.

They offered a lot for a pregnant woman because they thought a lot of hunters would decline, thinking they would not be so cruel to capture a pregnant woman.

Edward Godspeed was the first hunter at the scene.

He was as despicable as the vampires were. He was greedy, and had no morals. He had no feelings, and no remorse.


All he cared about was his gold pieces.

He managed to capture the pregnant woman. He brought her to the vampire leaders. The vampire leaders were pleased with Godspeeds work.

They took the pregnant woman, and feasted on her blood.

The blood was not as good as virgin blood, but the vampire leaders loved to try new things. The pregnant woman was turned. The vampire leaders did the unthinkable. They feasted on the baby.

The vampire leaders were cruel.

One day a hunter who happened to be a vampire brought in a virgin girl, and was rewarded for his work, with gold pieces. He was given the gold pieces, and was on his way out. “Stop!” yelled a vampire leader. The virgin girl had bite marks on her.

When asked why the virgin girl was damaged, the hunter vampire replied that he was thirsty. The vampire leader walked up to the hunter vampire, and ripped his heart out!

The hunter vampire dropped to the floor, and his gold pieces bounced out of the bag as they dropped to the floor.

The vampire leaders would not tolerate damage to their prizes.



Edward Godspeed was nothing more than human. He was faster than normal. Some say he never aged. In fact no one knew how old he was.

There was a rumour that he was alive. He was still hunting anyone, and anything for payment.

He was still was one of the most feared hunters in the world. If he was alive, I would be afraid he would come after me someday. He could be bought at a highest bid. After all he was a hunter.  He was a legend.

No one really knew where he was. The only way to really know was if you put a bounty on someone’s head, with an offer he could not refuse. Apparently, he is a man of few words. My father believed he was out there, and he was dangerous.





Ryan Everlast and I were in love. He was my maker, and he was my soul mate. Over the months he helped me control my splurges. We grew closer together, and we fell in love. We broke vampire laws. No
and creation shall be a couple. We didn’t care.

We did it anyways, and no one knew about it. We feasted on humans together, told stories together, went for long walks in the forest together, and it was a dream come true.

alentine’s Day
he would get me a human as a gift. He was very romantic, and a great kisser. We would picnic in the forest sometimes, and just lay there in the shade. We had nothing better to do with ourselves.

He would even write poems. He would then read them out loud to me. This was more than what I was used to in my previous life.

We would even celebrate our birthdays together. Even though a lot of vampires didn’t celebrate birthdays, I guess Ryan and I did it
we were different.

I would catch him a human for his birthday. He would do the same for me. It wasn’t easy fetching humans. We would have to wait till they were alone.

The population in our town was over populated anyways.

There were always missing signs up all over town because of our feeding frenzy, but we didn’t care, we were vampires. We only liked to feed on the blood of humans.

We would often make love in the woods. We loved it when it stormed at night.

I loved getting all messy.



We made love almost anywhere, in the kitchen, the bedroom, in the homes of the humans we feasted on, it was great.

We were living it up, and having the time of our lives.

When night came, we even went out to the movies, went to carnivals, and went for long walks across the town.

BOOK: Splurge
4.91Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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