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Authors: Jeff Kinney

Tags: #Comedy, #Young Adult Fiction

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Book Series (5 page)

BOOK: Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Book Series
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X+ took me a mihute +o figure out wKa+ +Ke Keck was goihg oh.

After X did, X told Pad +Ka+ Rod rick K«d flayed a +nck oh rne, ahd WE was +Ke ohe tK<»t sKould ke get+ihg yelled a+.

Pad walked dowh to +Ke kasemeh+ +o cKew Rodrick out, ahd X tagged alohg. X couldht wai+ +o see Rodrick ge+ wKa+ was eomihg +o Kim.

But Rod rick covered uj> V>»'s tracks pretty good. A*">d +o this day, £m sore Pad thinks X've 30+ a screw loose or something.


Today at school we got assigned +0 reading grooms.

They don’t come right oot and tell you

re in the Gifted group or the fc-asy group, yoo can ■figure it oot right away by looking at the covers 0/ the books they hand oot.

X was pretty disappointed +o find ooi X
30+ pot in ike Gifted 3rooj>
because +k«i jost means a lot of extra worlc.

VJken ikey did tke screen^ at ike end of last year,
did my best +0 make Sore
30+ pot in tke E-asy groop tkis year.

Mom is real +13K+ w.ik oor principal, so XU bet ske stepped in and made sore
30+ po+ in ike Gifted 3
oop a

Mom is always sayin3
a smart kid, tot ikai X
jost don't "apply" myself.

theres one thing X learned from Rod rich, its to Set people’s expectations real low so
you end up surprising them by practically doing nothing at all.

Ac+ually, X'm kihd
glad my plah -to ge+ pu+ ih +ke Easy group didh‘+ work.

X Saw a couple
+ke "Biink Says Boo" kids koldihg +keir kooks upside dowh, ahd X doh’+ •tkihk +key were joking.


Vlell, +he frs+ week
school is finally over, so +oday X slep+ ih.

MoS+ kids wake up early oh Sa+urday -to wa+ck cartoohS or wka+ever, kvt ho+ me. ike ohly reasoh X ge+ ou+
ked a+ all oh weekehds is kecause eVeh+ually, X cah+ s+ahd +ke ias+e
my owh krea+k ahymore.

Unfortunately, Pad wakes up a+
ih the morhihg ho matter WMAT day of the week rtf's, and he is hot real cohsiderate of the fact that X an tryihg to ehjoy my Saturday like a hormal person.

BOOK: Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Book Series
7.47Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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