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Authors: Jeff Kinney

Tags: #Comedy, #Young Adult Fiction

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Book Series (9 page)

BOOK: Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Book Series
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Bu+ Rowley for

Xkeh X came up wi+k +kis ^rea-f idea for a 3ame. Xke object was +0 pu+ +ke keadpkohes oh your kead ahd -tkeh +ry +0 skake +kem off wl+kou+ uSih^ your k«hds.

'TVkt winder was whoever could shake +he headphones off in +he shortest amount

1 had -the record with seven and a half seconds, kut X think X mi^ht have shook some of my fillings loose with that one.

Ri^ht >n the middle of our ^ame, Mrs. Crai^ came around the comer and caught us red-handed- She +ook the music placer away from me and started chewing us ou+.


But X ikihk ske kad tke wrong idea about wkat we were doing back tkere. SHe started telling us kow rock and roll is
and kow
going to ruin our brains.

X was going to tell ker ikai tkere weren't even any batteries in ike CD flayer, but X could tell ske didn't want to be interrupted. So X just waited until ske was done, and tken X said, "Yes, na an."

But rigk+ wken Mrs. Craig was about to let us go, Rowley started blubbering about kow ke doesn't want rock and roll to ruin kis "brains.”


Ylell, how I’ve ^ohe and done i+.

Last ni^Kt, after everyone was ih ted, X Shock downstairs to listeh to Rodricks CD oh tKe stereo ih the family room.

X pot Rodricks new headphones oh ahd cranked op tKe Volome REALLY high. XKeh X Kit "play.”

first, let me Jost say X cah definitely understand wKy tKey pot that “Parental Ylamihg" sticker on tKe UD.

Bot X only got to Kear atoot tKirty seconds of tKe first Sohg before X got ihterropted.

X+ turns out X didn’t Have tHe HeadpHones plugged into tHe stereo. So tHe rnosic was actually comihg

tHroo^H tHe SPEAKERS, not tHe Head^Ho^S.

Pad nwrcHed ne uy +» ry room arid sHut tHe door beHind Hum, and tHen He Said—

VJhenever Pad sa^s "friend" that w

Tohight, Pad gelled at me for about ten minutes, and then X guess he decided he’d rather be in bed than standing in ry room in his underwear. He told me X was grounded from placing Video games for two weeks, which is about what X expected.

X guess X should be glad that’s all he did.

BOOK: Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Book Series
9.61Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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