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Authors: Jeff Kinney

Tags: #Comedy, #Young Adult Fiction

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Book Series (7 page)

BOOK: Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Book Series
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Ahd wHeh i+’s +ine for Hm +o 30 +0 day care, He ge+s up ahd dumps wHatever He didh‘+ ea+ ri^H+ ih

+He +oile+.


Mon is always ge-Hihg oh ne atou+ hot fihisHihg ny treatfast. But if sHe Had +0 scrape corh flates ou+ of +He to++om of a plas+ic po++y every morhihg, sHe wouldhi Have mucH of ah appe+i+e ei+Her.


X dont know
X nentioned this before, but X an SUPER ^ood at Video ganes. X*ll bet X could beat ahyone in ny ^rade head-to-head.

Unfortunately, Pad does not exactly appreciate ny skills. Hes always ^ettih^ on ne about ^oin^ out and doin^ sonethin^ "active."

So tonight after dinner when Pad started hassling ne about going outside, X tried to explain how with video ganes, you can play sports like -football and soccer, and you dont even get all hot and sweaty.


X m sore Pad would diSmah-He my game sys+em if
he could figure oo+ how +o do i+. Bu+ luckily, +he people who make +hese -things make +hem parent-proof.

E-Very time Pad kicks me out
tKe Koose to do SometK'hg sporty, X just go op to Rowley s and play my Video games tKere.

Unfortunately, tKe only games X can play at Rowleys are car-racing games and stuff like tK<»t.

Because whenever X bring a game up to Rowley s Koose, }vs dad looks it up on some parents’ Vieb site. And if my game Kas ANY kind
figKting or violence in it, Ke wont let us play.

Xm getting a little sick
playing Formula One Racing witK Rowley, because Kes not a serious gamer like me. All tK«t you KaVe to do to beat Rowley is name your car sometKing ridiculous at tKe beginning of tKe game.

Ahd theh when you pass Rowleys car, he just ■falls +o pieces.

A*yway, after X 30+ done mopping the floor with Rowley -today, X headed home. X rah through the neighbor's sprihkler a couple times +0 make 1+ look like X was all sweaty, ahd thatseemed to do the trick for Pad.

Bo+ my +nck kind of back •fired, because as Soon as
saw me, she made me go ups+airs and +ake a shower.


X guess Pad r->us+ have been pre-Hy happy wi+h himself for waking me go ou+side yes+erday, because he did i+ again +oday.

X+S getting really annoying +o have to go up to Rowley s every time X want to play a video game. "There’s this weird kid named Fregley who lives halfway be+ween my house and Rowley’s, and Fregley is always hanging out in his front yard. So its pretty hard to avoid him.

BOOK: Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Book Series
5.88Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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