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Authors: Jeff Kinney

Tags: #Comedy, #Young Adult Fiction

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Book Series (6 page)

BOOK: Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Book Series
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X didn't have anything to do -today so X just headed up to Rowleys house.

Rowley is technically ny best friehd, hut that is definitely subject to change.

X’ve been aVo«dihg Rowley since the first day of school, when he did something that really annoyed ne.

VJe were ge-H-ihg
our s-tuff from our
lockers a+ ■+V>e ehd
+he day, ahd Rowley came up +o me ahd said—

X have +old Rowley a+ leas+ a billioh +imes +ha+ how +ha+ were ih middle school,
you re.
supposed +o Say "hahg ou+,” ho+ "play.” Bu+ ho ma++er how mahy hooves X give him, he always /orge+s +he hex+ +ime.

X ve fceeh -trylhg +o he a lo+ more careful at>ou+ my Image ever sihce X go+ +o middle school. But haVihg Rowley arouhd is de-fihi+ely ho+ helpihg.

X me+ Rowley a few years ago wHen He moved in+o my neigHborHood

His mom bougH+ Kim +Kis took called "How +o hake Friends in Mew Places," and He came +o my House "trying all +Hese dumb gimmicks.

X guess X kind of fel+ sorry for Rowley, and X decided +o +ake Him under my wing.

X+’s been grea-t Having Him around, mos+ly because X ge+ +o use all +He -tricks Rodrick fulls on ME.


hem tty

You khow Kow X said X flay all Sor+s
pranks oh Rowley? VJell, X KaVe a little brotKer homed Mahhy, ahd X could NEVER ^et away witK fullihg ahy
tKat stu# oh Kim.

Mom ahd Pad protect hahhy like Ke’s a frihee or sometKihg. Ahd Ke hever gets ih trouble, eVeh
if Ke really deserves it.

Yesterday, Mahhy drew a self-fortrait oh my bedroom door ih fermaheht marker. X tKougKt horn ahd Pad were really goihg to let Kim Kave it, but as usual, X was wrohg.

Bu+ +Ke iKih^ +Ka+ bufar
me. VJKeh Ke was a bab^r, Ke couldht firohouhce "brotKer,” so
Ke started calling me "Butty.” A^d Ke STILL calls me tKat how, eVeh tKougK I keep tryihg +o get Mom ah

Luckily hohe
ry •friehds Kave fouhd out ^et, but believe me, X KaVe Kad some really close calls.


Mon notes ne Help Mahhy

BOOK: Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Book Series
12.84Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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