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Authors: Jeff Kinney

Tags: #Comedy, #Young Adult Fiction

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Book Series (8 page)

BOOK: Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Book Series
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fregley is ih py Phys E-d class a+ school
ahd he has +his whole nade-up lahguage. Like wheh he heeds +o go +o +h« ba+hroopi, he says—

Us kids have pre-Hy noch /inured Fregley ov+ by

"loday, X probably would have gohe up +o Cowleys oh py owh ahyway, because p«y broker Rodrick ahd his bahd were prac+icihg down ih -the basenehi.


Rod rick's band is REALLY aw/ul, and X can’+

S+and bein^ hone when -they're having rehearsals.

His band is called "Loaded Piaper," only i+'s swelled "Loded Piper" on Rodrick's Van.

Yoo ni^h+ -think he spelled rt -fha-t way +o make i+ look cooler, bw+ X be+
if you
+old Rodrick how "Loaded Piaper" is really spelled, i+ woold be news +o hin.


Pad was against -the idea
Rodrick s+artin^ a band, birt Mon was all

She’s -the one who bough"t Rodrick his firsi drwn se+.

X think Mom has this idea that were all ^oin^

+o learn to play instruments and then become one of those ■family bands tike you see on TV.

Pad really hates heavy me+al, and that's the kind
music Kodrick and his band play. X don’t think Mom really cares what Rod nek plays or listens to, because to her, all music is the same. Xn fact, earlier today, Rodrick was listening to one of his CPs in the family room, and Mom came in and started dancing.

"That really bucked Rod rick, so he drove off to the store and cane back fifteen ninutes later Some headphones. And that pretty nuch +ook care
the problem.


Yesterday Rodrick 30+ a new heavy netal CD, and it had one of those "Parental Vlarnin^’’ stickers on i+.

X have never 30+ten +0 listen -to one
those Parental Vlaming CDs, because Mon and Pad never let ne buy then at the nail. So
realized the only way
was ^onna ^et a chance to listen to Rodrick’s CD was if
snuck it out of the house.

"This noming, after Rodrick left,
Rowley and told hin to brin^ his CD player to school.

'Tkeh X weh+ down +o Rod nek’s room and +ook +ke CD off kis rock.

You’re ho+ allowed +o brih^ personal music placers +o sekool, so we kad +o wai+ +o use i+ uh+il af+er luhck wken +ke +eackers le+ us ou+side. As soon as we 30+ -tke ckance, me ahd Rowley shuck arouhd +ke back of +ke sekool ahd loaded up Rodricks CD.

BOOK: Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Book Series
3.66Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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