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Authors: Jeff Kinney

Tags: #Comedy, #Young Adult Fiction

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Book Series (28 page)

BOOK: Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Book Series
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Mew Year's

Xn case you’re wondering wKa+ X’n» doing in ny room a+
p.n. on Mew Year’s £.ve, le+ ne fll you in.

E-artler +oday, ne and Manny were Korsing around in the fcasenen+. X found a +iny black kali of -^read on -t^e carpe+, and X +old Manny i+ was a spider.

XKen X Keld i+ over Kin pre+ending like X was going +o nake Kin ea+ i+.

RigK+ wKen X was about to let Manny go, Ke slapped ny Kand and nade ne drop +Ke +Kread. And guess wKa+? "TKat fool swallowed it.


Vlell, Mahvy conple+ey los+ his mihd. He r«h ups+airs +o where Mon was, ahd X khew X was ih ki^ -(rookie.

Mahhy +old Mon X nade Kin ea+ a slider. X +old her -there was ho slider, and +ha+ i+ was jos+ a -hVy kail

Mon kroo^h+ Mahhy over +0 the kl+cheh +akle. "Theh she ^ir+ a seed, a raisih, ahd a ^rape oh a pla+e ahd +old Mahhy +0 j>oih+ +0 -the +hihg +ha+ was +he doses+ ih
+0 -the ^»iece
o-f -thread he swallowed.

Mahfy +ook a wKile +o look over the +Kih^s oh +ke pla+e.

So +Ka+s wKy X go+ seht +o bed a+
ahd X’n ho+ dowhs+airs wa+chih^ +Ke Mew Years E-Ve special oh TV.

Ahd iKa+'s also wly
ohl^ Mew Years resolo+ioh is +o hever ^>l



X found a way +o KaVe some f,n wrtK tKe VJKeel Rowley ^ot me for CKristmas. X car* up w.tK +K»S ^ame wKere one ^uy rides down tKe Kill and tKe o+Ker ^uy tries to knock Kim
witK a football.

Rowley was +Ke first one down tKe Kill, and X was tKe tKrower.

tKou$Kt. Plus, X didn't ^et a lot
practice. Xt took Rowley like ten minutes to walk tKe B13 VJKeel tack up tKe Kill after every trip down.

Rowley ke^>+ askih^ +o swi+cH places ahd Have ne be +He ohe wHo rides +He Big ViHeel, bu+ X'n ho ■fool. "THa+ -tHihr^y-five niles ah Hour, ahd i+ didh + Have ary brakes.

Arywa^, X hever did khock Rowley off +He Bi^ VJHeel +oday. Bu+ X ^uess X Have sone+Hihg +o work a+ over +He res+ of CHris+nas vaca+ioh.

BOOK: Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Book Series
8.46Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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