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Authors: Jeff Kinney

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Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Book Series (31 page)

BOOK: Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Book Series
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Ike idea is ikai ike class geis assighed a projeci, ahd ikeh you KaVe io work oh ii iogeiker wiik ho ieacker ih ike room
ike wkole <^uarier.

Tke caick is ikai wkeh you’re dohe, everyohe ih
group geis ike same grade. X fouhd oui ikai Ricky Fisker is ih my class, wkick could be a big problem.

Ricky’s tig claim io -fame is ikai ke'll pick ike gum
ike boiiom
a desk ahd ckew ii
if you pay kim
cehis. So X doh’i really kave kigk kopes for our fihal grade.


T>day we goi our Xhdepehdehi Siudy assighmehi, ahd guess wkai ii is? VJe kaVe io build a rofcoi.

A+ f'rsi everybody kihd
freaked out, because we ikougki we were goihg io kave io build ike roboi front scraick.


Bu+ Mr. Parnell +old us we don‘+ kave -to build ah actual robot. VJe just need to cone op witk ideas /or wkat our robot migk+ look like ahd wkat kinds 0/ tkings it would be able +0 do.

Xken ke le/t tke room, and we were on our own. Vie started braihstormihg ri^K+ away. X wrote down a buhck
ideas on tke blackboard.

E-Verybody was pretty impressed witk my ideas, bu+ it was easy +0 come up witk tkem. All X did was write down all tke tkihgs X kate doihg mysel/.

a couple
-ike girls got up io -tke /roht 0/ room, and tkey k<»d some ideas
tkeir own. y
erased my list and drew up ikeir own plan.


"They wanted to invent a robot that would give you dating advice and have ten types
lip gloss on i+s fingertips.

All us guys thought this was the stupidest idea we ever heard. So we ended up splitting into two groups, girls and hoys. "The boys wen+ to the other side
the room while the girls stood around talking.

Mow th<»+ we had all the serious workers in one place, we got to work. Someone had the idea that you can say your name to the robot and it can say it back to you.

But then soneone else poihted out that you shouldn't be able to use bad words
for your nane, because the robot shouldn’t be able to curse. So we decided we should cone up with a list
all the bad words the robot shouldn't be able to

Vie cane up with all the regular bad words, but then Ricky fisher cane up with twenty nore the rest
us had never even heard before.

So Ricky ended up being one of the nost valuable contributors on this project.

Right before the bell rang, Mr. Parnell canc back in the roon to check on our progress. He picked up the piece of paper we were writing on and read it over.

VJell, <»+ leos+ i+ is for os boys. So if +he rol>o+s in +he fo+ore ore ^oing oroonj wi+h cherry lif ^loss for fibers, o+ leas+ now
know how i+ oil 0o+ s+or+ej.

'Thors joy

In school +o

Ihe movie is oil oboo+ how yoo shoold be happy wi+h who yoo ore ond no+ change ony+hing oboo+ yoorself.

t)« hohes+ wi+k you, X +kihk +kaVs a really dumb message +o be +ellihg kids, especially +ke ohes a+ my school.

La+er oh, ikey made ah ahhouhcemeh-f -+ka+

+kere are Some opehihgs oh +ke Safety Pa+rols, ahd +ka+ go+ me +kihkihg.

someohe picks oh a Sa-fe-ty Patrol, i+ cah ge+ +kem suspehded. Xke way X
<+, X cah use ahy ex+ra pro+ec-tioh X cah ge+.

Plus, X realized +ka+ maybe beihg ih a posi+ioh of
au+kori-ty could be good

BOOK: Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Book Series
2.74Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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