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Authors: Jeff Kinney

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Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Book Series (25 page)

BOOK: Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Book Series
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But X kept it ahyway. Arid OK, X admit mayke X took it out ahd played with it ohce or twice.


"That's how X ehded op ih the emer^ehy room two weeks later with a pihk Barbie shoe stock op ry hose. Ahd believe me, Rodrick has hever let me hear the ehd

the Givihg Tree at church* Ihe Givih^ Tree is basically a Secret Sahta kihd
thih^ where
you ^et a 31ft
someohe who is heedy

Mom picked oot a red wool sweater for oor GiVihg Tree

T tried to talk Mom ihto gettihg somethihg a lot cooler, like a TV or a sloshie machihe or something like that.

Because imagine i•f all you got on CHristmas was a wool sweater.

I'm Sure our Giving Tree guy will tHrow His sweater in tHe trasH, alorg witH tHe -ten cans
yams we sent His way during tHe IHanks^tong Food Prive.


VlHen X woke uj> tHis morning and went downstairs, tHere were about a million grfts under tHe CHristmas -tree. But wHen X started digging around, tHere were Hardly any giFts witH
name on tHem.

Bot Manny made oot like a bandit. He got EVERY single thing he circled in the catalog, ho lie. So I’ll bet hes glad he didn't listen to me.

X did find a cookie things wi+h my name on them, fcu+ they were mostly books and socks and s+off like that.

X opened my gifts in the comer behind the couch, because X don't like opening gifts near Pad. Whenever someone opens a gift, Pad swoops ngh+ in and cleans op after them.

X gave Manly a toy Kekop+er an it. "TKe took Ke go+ me was Best of L il Cu+ie.’ "L'il Cu+ie" is +Ke worst comic in +Ke newspaper, and Rodrick knows Kow mucK X Ka+e it. X tKink +Kis is +Ke four+K year in a row X’ve gotten a "L'il Cu+ie" took from Kim.

X gave Mom and Pad +Keir gifts. X get +Kem +Ke same kind of tKing every year, tu+ parents ea+ +Ka+ stuff uj>.

"The rest of the relatives s+dr+ed showing op aroond It'00, and Uncle Charlie came at noon.

Uncle Charlie brought a big trash bag -foil of gifts, and he polled my present oot of the top of the bag.

BOOK: Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Book Series
6.16Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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