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‘Has anyone had to restrain you on the table before?’


His eyebrows rose. ‘No, what?’

Really? Now? ‘No, Sir, they haven’t.’

He nodded. ‘Better.’

She saw his hand moving, and felt the tiny, maddening movements
deep inside.

She stifled a whimper, trying not to move, the vice of of
helplessness and vulnerability squeezing her tighter by the second.

‘Can you please… stop.’ They wouldn’t like her asking.

Master Dan ignored her. ‘Just going to take a sample.’

She began to bring her legs up, but each Dom put a strong hand on one
of her knees, pushing them back down.

‘Cady,’ said Master Dan, sharply. ‘Move again and I’ll strap you
down and take a stool sample instead.’

Heat burned her cheeks even as her sex spasmed in response to his
threat. Something scraped against her insides, and she let the whimper escape
that time.

Finally the long, white swab stick came back into view, and she
let out a harsh breath in relief. Master Dan put it into a container, and
marked it with her name and some medical scrawl. Gradually, he closed the bills
of the speculum and withdrew it. As he pulled it away, long, thick strings of
her arousal kept her connected to it until he wiped her with a tissue.

She squirmed under Master Jake’s restraining hands. She wondered
if they could tell that her protests weren’t completely heartfelt. Probably.

Master Dan put the speculum back on the cart and returned to her
side. ‘Turn over onto your stomach, please.’

Her sex clenched again, and she obeyed.

Firm hands on her ankles spread her legs apart.

She heard him open and close a container, and then his hands were
on her buttocks, exposing the last part of her that he’d not yet seen.

‘Good girl,’ he murmured, his tone gentle now. ‘Just relax.’ His
slippery, gloved finger pressed against her anus. Once again, he gave her body
a chance to tense and relax, and then he pushed his finger all the way inside.

She closed her eyes and lay quiescent on the table as she was
examined, trying to truly submit to the experience.

‘There we are,’ Master Dan said, quietly.

Somewhere in her mind, a small adjustment was made, and a process
was begun.

‘Like that, do we?’ said Master Dan, his voice warm and amused.

‘Yes, Sir,’ she admitted.

‘Do you enjoy anal sex?’ he said.

‘Uh… I haven’t had that,’ she said, not looking at Master Jake.
This was something they hadn’t done, though she’d fantasized about it.

‘Would you like to?’ said Master Jake.

‘Yes, Sir,’ she said, grunting as the Dom’s finger suddenly pushed
into her much more strongly.

‘Always good to keep an open mind,’ said Master Dan, his finger
working expertly inside her. Too soon, he withdrew it, and stripped off his
gloves. His fingertips rested lightly on her sore, spanked buttocks as he
opened a drawer. ‘Stay there, I’m going to take your temperature.’ He spread
her open, and before she had time to prepare herself, the cool glass rod slid
up inside.

‘Oh,’ she said. It was all she could do not to come right then,
with the two caring Doms looking on.

Master Dan twisted the thermometer, then began slowly moving it in
and out.

She shifted on the table, but Master Dan followed her movements.
He held the slender probe inside her for far longer than was strictly necessary,
then gently tugged it out.

‘Ninety nine point seven,’ he said. A little elevated. We’ll check
it again later.’

She shivered with delight, and the shame of that delight.

 Master Dan wrote her temperature on a chart. To her surprise, he
spread her open again, and fed a soft latex tube into her rectum.

‘What’s that?’ she said, pushing herself up on her elbows.

His hand came down on her shoulder blade. ‘I’ll explain in a
moment. Master Jake’s going to put something on your bottom to ease the

Master Jake’s fingers skated across her overheated skin, swiftly
and slickly applying a wonderfully cooling gel that took the heat out of where
he’d spanked her. She allowed herself a soft moan of relief.

‘Better, is it?’ said Master Jake, his voice warm.

‘Yes, thank you.’

‘Okay, you can turn over onto your back, darlin’,’ he said.

When she was in position he leaned over her again, an amused
twinkle in his eye. ‘Still want to be fucked?’

She laughed. ‘Yes.’

He nodded. ‘Let’s see what we can do about that. Master Dan’s
going to monitor you, as part of this examination.’

Master Dan brought over a heart rate monitor and applied several
sticky rubber discs to her chest, then slid a blood pressure monitor onto her finger.
Beside her, some digital monitors beeped.

‘But what about the…’

‘The rectal tube will stay where it is, and deliver a small
quantity of water,’ said Master Dan. ‘I want to see if you release it during
orgasm. Whether you do or not, it’s normal. I just want to know how your body
reacts during orgasm.’

Master Jake grinned at her and unbuttoned his shirt. He didn’t
hurry, but took his time folding it and putting it on a chair. Slowly, he
unbuckled his belt and pushed down his black jeans and boxer briefs. She took a
moment to appreciate the sculpted contours of his ass. He folded his clothes,
and set them neatly on a chair.

‘Now I know we’ve entered another dimension,’ said Cady. ‘You
never pick up your clothes at home.’

He gave an affable grunt and turned to her.

She caught her breath at the sight of his enormous erection. She
let out a little moan, and spread her legs. Master Jake pulled himself onto the
table with a wolfish grin.

‘Jake,’ Master Dan said, quietly.

Master Jake looked momentarily confused, then squeezed his eyes
shut in self-chastisement. ‘Sorry.’ He lifted himself up, and accepted the
unwrapped condom from his friend. He sheathed himself, his erection gloriously
long and thick, and pointing straight at her. She grinned, pleased at this
lapse of composure on his part, at last.

‘Lie on top of the patient, and I’ll assist you in mounting her,’
said Master Dan.

He couldn’t mean what she thought he did. Could he?

He did.

Master Jake held himself over her, and Master Dan took hold of his
friend’s penis. He spread her folds, and guided Master Jake to her entrance.
His fingertips entered her, along with the blunt head of Master Jake’s rampant

That alone had her teetering on the brink.

Master Jake looked down into her eyes, his expression full of
tenderness and barely contained control. She smiled up at him, and her eyes
darted involuntarily to where Master Dan stood with his arms crossed, watching

Master Jake shook his head. His fingertips on her chin brought her
attention back to him. ‘Eyes on me. Put your legs around my waist.’

She did, groaning as he slid in deeper.

‘Shh. That’s it. You feel so good, my love.’ He began to move.
Long, smooth strokes designed to draw out her pleasure, to keep her on the edge
for as long as possible.

Soon, though, he was moving more strongly, her hips thrusting up
to slam into his, demanding he go faster, harder, his penis jabbing into her as
they both began to make some noise. The tube in her rectum shifted as they
moved, never allowing her to forget its presence.

A warm sensation suddenly filled her bottom. It was unlike
anything she’d felt before, and it drove her higher and higher until a series
of rapid, shallow strokes directly over her g-spot detonated her orgasm.

She lost herself to the overwhelming sensations, revelling in her
lover’s wild noises as they mingled with her own.

Finally, he slowed, and stopped. Master Dan stepped up beside
them, watching openly as Master Jake’s softening penis slipped out of her body,
covered in her fluids. Master Dan reached out and removed his friend’s condom,
tied it off, and placed it in a specimen bag.  A puddle on the rubber sheet
bore testament to her body’s response to the introduction of the water. Again,
Master Dan took a sample. She considered, and yes, she found all this hot.
Bizarre, but hot as hell, as evidenced by the way she was wondering when Master
Jake would take her next, and whether Master Dan would touch him again.

Master Jake rubbed her knee, gentling her.

‘Keep still, angel.’ He grasped the rectal tube, and slowly pulled
it out.

She winced slightly at the strange sensation, and was helpless to
stop the small gush of water that followed the tube’s extraction.

‘Sorry,’ she said, flushing with embarrassment.

‘It’s meant to happen, sweetheart, nothing to worry about,’ said
Master Jake. ‘Are you feeling okay?’ He mopped her up, and then the table, as
though it were something he did all the time. She supposed it was.

She smiled, her brain still blissfully addled by the orgasm. ‘Yes,
Sir. Thank you.’

He leaned down and kissed her. ‘You did extremely well.’

Master Dan pried the sensor discs from her chest, and unclipped
the blood pressure monitor from her finger. ‘Master Jake will take you into the
shower to clean up, while I ready the next test.’

As Master Jake helped her to sit up, she caught a glimpse of
Master Dan’s black jeans. They were unbuttoned. Part of his condom-covered
erection was visible, as was the large quantity of ejaculate he’d spurted into
the tip.

‘I’m glad you enjoyed my examination, Sir,’ she said, sincerely.

He smiled. ‘Thank you. This doesn’t disturb you?’

It was obviously a loaded question, as he tried to get a feel for
how suited she was for this lifestyle. She was surprised to find that no, his
response didn’t bother her. Different rules applied in this place, and she was
coming to like and trust him. ‘No, Sir. I’ll take it as a compliment.’

He laughed, long and hard. ‘Take her to the shower,’ he said,
still grinning.

Chapter 6


She lay languidly on the bed, warm and clean from Master Jake’s
very thorough scrubbing. Now he had taken a strange-looking contraption from
one of the dresser drawers.

that?’ she said.

He glanced at Master Dan, and the Dom nodded. Jake held up a pair
of panties with two probes fastened into the crotch. The one in front was a
large, thick, clear dildo with a hollow interior and gaps in the shaft. The one
behind it was solid, shorter, and slimmer. It gleamed a pure, clinical white,
with circles of steel set into its length.

‘It’s a sexual response monitor,’ said Master Jake. ‘You can guess
where each probe goes.’

Cady’s sex spasmed as though it was inside her already. ‘Looks
like fun.’

Master Jake grinned. ‘I’m glad you think so. Listen, Cady. In all
the time we’ve been together, I’ve never had the privilege of watching you
pleasure yourself. Will you do that for me now?’

She nodded, a little self-conscious, but given what they’d already
done tonight, her comfort zone was expanding rapidly. ‘Yes, Sir.’

Master Dan retrieved a pump dispenser of lubricant from a cupboard.
‘You understand that as your doctor for the evening, I’ll be observing you, to
ensure you have a positive sexual response?’ he said.

‘A positive sexual response. Of course. Very important.’

He smiled, and took the larger probe between his fingers. ‘The
vaginal probe will help bring you to orgasm, and when it does, it’ll take a
sample of your fluids, and will measure the strength and duration of your
orgasm. The anal probe will also provide stimulation, but mainly it’ll monitor
your temperature, and the strength of the muscle contractions in your anus during

She grew wet again as she looked from one implacable face to
another, and felt the heat in her cheeks. ‘Okay. Um… You’re both just gonna sit
there and watch me? I’m not sure I can…’ She stiffened her spine. ‘I’ll need
something in return.’

The men shared a look. Master Jake’s eyebrows rose. ‘Bargaining
now, is it? Someone’s forgetting her place.’ He looked as though he was
considering any number of things, his expression darkening enough to make her
heart race.

‘It’s her first time,’ said Master Dan, throwing her a wink.

She shivered at Master Jake’s unreadable expression.

After a beat, he smiled, and kissed her. ‘I’m thinking a clear
jock,’ he said.

Master Dan nodded.

‘What’s a clear jock?’ said Cady. Truly, she’d fallen down the
rabbit hole and ended up in a sexual wonderland.

‘Ah, well.’ Master Jake opened the dresser drawer again. He took
out a sealed bag, tore it open, and took out a complicated-looking garment made
of clear latex. She watched in fascination as he shook it out, and the straps and
pouches fell into place. He cocked an eyebrow at her, and she shook her head in

He stepped into the thing and pulled it up until two clear rubber
pouches hung limply in front. One was longer and thinner than the other. He
made the waist and thigh bands comfortable, then worked the tight pouch over
his balls, and fed his penis into the narrower, longer one. It hung loosely
around him, leaving him room to harden within it.


She’d long since stopped bothering to consider whether she should
or shouldn’t be turned on by this or that, and simply followed her body’s lead
and accepted the fact that she
. There was something undeniably
erotic about seeing the rubber both confining and showcasing him so lewdly.

‘Please put it in me,’ she breathed.

‘What’s that, darlin’? Spell it out for me.’

Her gaze fell on him. Already, the latex was tighter around his rapidly
growing cock. ‘Please fuck me with your magnificent penis.’

He threw his head back and laughed, and eventually looked down at
himself. ‘Oh,
.’ He smiled, leaned on the bed, and bent to kiss her
forehead. ‘All in good time.’ He moved away, to the wardrobe, and took out a
metal bar with thick, padded, black leather shackles at each end. A spreader
bar. She’d never seen one before, but had read about them enough to know one
when she saw it.

He walked back towards her with the bar in his hand, and smile on
his face. ‘Sweetheart, I know you may feel a little shy about this,’ he glanced
in Master Dan’s direction. ‘So this’ll relieve you of the worry that Master Dan
and I won’t have a good view.’

‘I wasn’t worrying about that,’ she said. That was, in fact, the
very last thing that she was worrying about as she watched him lay the spreader
bar on the bed by her feet.

‘Well, you should be,’ he said. ‘The pleasure of your Doms is very
much your concern.’

A thrill ran up her spine. ‘Of course. Sorry, Sir... Sirs,’ she

The Doms smiled. Master Dan picked up the rubber panties and took
them over to a big pump dispenser. She watched as his capable hands carefully
slathered the probes until they were glossy with thick lubricant. He turned
towards her, and she shivered hot and cold in anticipation.

‘Stand up, darlin’,’ said Master Jake.

Master Dan advanced on her, tall, broad, and intimidating as hell.
‘I’ll insert the pressure monitor with the thermometer,’ he said. ‘And Jake
will insert the dildo.’ He now stood directly in front of her. ‘Look at me,’ he
said, gently.

She raised her gaze to his, and saw nothing but kindness there.

‘Do we have your permission to proceed?’ he said.

‘Yes, Sir,’ she said, unable to manage more than a whisper.

He smiled. ‘Brave girl. Face the bed.’ He dropped to one knee, and
held the panties in front of her shins. ‘Step in.’

She did.

‘Bend over and rest your hands on the bed,’ he said.

She did. He pulled the thin rubber panties up her legs. Master
Jake moved in, and two skilful pairs of male hands were moving inside the back
of the strange garment, pulling her cheeks apart to expose her anus. She was deeply
glad they couldn’t see her face. The sticky dildo pressed against her sex, trapped
between her body and the crotch of the panties.

‘Spread your feet apart,’ said Master Dan. ‘Nice and wide.’ He
guided her with a light tap from his own foot.

The tip of the probe touched her anus, and suddenly she felt
intensely vulnerable. ‘No, stop!’ she said.

‘That’s not your safeword,’ said Master Dan, calmly. ‘So I’m not
stopping. Say ‘red’ if you want to stop. ‘Yellow’ if you want to pause.’ He
waited a few moments, and when she didn’t speak, he pushed the thing inside

‘Try to relax, sweetheart,’ said Master Jake. His well-muscled
forearm came up under her chest, holding her steady as the slick instrument
intruded further into her ass. She moaned, her body clenching around it, trying
to halt its progress, but Master Dan used a little more force, and of course he

She shifted from foot to foot, her arousal climbing fast.

‘Don’t even think about trying to escape,’ said Master Jake. The
latex garment now stretched tight around his full erection.

Of course, then she did, making a lunge sideways. Only a split second
afterwards did she realize she’d been duped. He’d
her to try.

The two huge Doms manhandled her onto the bed, her ass still in
the air, her lower half hanging off the edge. Two sets of strong arms held her

Oh God, that was good. She fought them a little longer, enjoying
testing her strength against theirs, and the feeling of being completely
overwhelmed. Master Jake’s hard cock rubbed against her hip.

‘Interesting,’ murmured Master Jake.

‘Yup. She definitely enjoys being forced. Just a little more, tiger,’
said Master Dan, changing his hold.

The probe slipped ever deeper into her rectum. She moaned,
surrendering to it, to them, and closed her eyes in bliss.

‘That’s it,’ said Master Dan, patting her bottom. ‘Fully inserted.’
His weight lifted off of her. ‘That wasn’t so terrible, was it?’

‘Doing all right?’ said Master Jake.

She nodded.

‘Aloud, please,’ said Master Jake.

‘It feels incredible,’ she said, her heart racing from what they’d
just done, and from what it took for her to admit she liked it.

‘What does?’ said Master Jake.

She hesitated, wishing the floor would open her up. But this
wouldn’t work unless she was honest with them. ‘Being held down while you put
it in by force.’

‘Thank you,’ said Master Jake. He rubbed her back, and she made a
happy noise.

‘Very good, Cady,’ said Master Dan. ‘I like how you’re noticing
what pleases you.’

‘Enough to let me up?’ she said, into the mattress.

Master Dan laughed. ‘No.’ He rubbed her bottom. ‘Besides, I think
you’re very happy where you are.’

‘Sweetheart,’ said Master Jake. ‘I want you to squeeze around the
probe as hard as you can. Ready? Go.’

She obeyed, and heard a series of soft beeps.

‘That’s fine,’ said Master Dan. ‘All working correctly. I’m gonna
mute it now.’

They picked her up between them and laid her down on her back,
careful not to dislodge the instrument in her anus.

Master Jake pulled the crotch of the panties far away from her
body until the thick, wet dildo had room to straighten up and prod demandingly
at the entrance to her sex.

He spread her labia, and her opening had to stretch wide to
accommodate the intruder.

‘Please,’ she said, her legs moving restlessly.

‘Keep your legs still, or I’ll cuff you wide open.’

‘No, you won’t.’ She shoved at him.

He let go of the dildo, and the tight rubber panties forced the
lubricated shaft further in, to sit directly over her g-spot. She grabbed for
the intruder, but he seized her wrists and pressed them over her chest,
effectively immobilizing her upper body.

His cobalt eyes flashed. ‘You’ll do exactly as you’re told.’

She strained against him, but had no leverage with his weight
pressing her down into the mattress.

They remained there, locked in combat, until her strength gave

‘You’re going to make yourself come for us,’ said Master Jake.

Fine. She nodded.

‘What are you going to do?’ he pressed, infuriatingly. ‘And I
suggest you consider your answer carefully.’

‘Make myself come for you.’

He smiled, and eased his grip. ‘What a great idea. Why didn’t I
think of that?’ To Master Dan, he added, ‘Cuff her, please.’

She glared at him, but not too hatefully; she was way too turned

‘Relax and breathe,’ said Master Dan. ‘This is important now, I
want you to focus on how this feels.’ His cool hand closed around her left
ankle, and he buckled her into a cuff. She tensed. He stuck his finger down
inside it, then glanced up at her, and smiled. ‘All right. You’re all right.’ There
was a metallic noise as he adjusted the width of the spreader bar, and then he
repeated the process on her right ankle.

She felt a token flutter of panic in her gut, but looking up into
the concerned faces of the Doms, it immediately subsided.

They smiled.

Master Jake sat beside her and took her hand. ‘How’s that?’ he

Master Dan tweaked her toes, and smiled. ‘That’s right. Good girl.
You’re fine. Remember you can always say ‘red’ if you want to stop, and we’ll

That was enough to calm her fears. She nodded. ‘Yes, Sir.’

‘Good,’ said Master Dan. ‘Jake, how’re you doing?’

‘Ready for penetration,’ said Master Jake.

‘I can see that,’ said Master Dan, dryly.

‘I meant the dildo,’ said Master Jake.

She stole a glimpse at her lover’s confined penis. His balls were
drawn tight in their pouch. She stared at his sex, and moaned, her sex
clenching around the only source of penetration currently available to her.
Master Jake took that as his cue to begin pressing the rest of the slippery
dildo inside her. It was big, with spiral ribs along its length, and she had to
catch her breath as he gently but unrelentingly worked it in. If it weren’t for
the lubricant, she doubted she could’ve taken it. He pulled it out a little,
and slid it in deeper. Bright pleasure overtook her.

‘Oh, God. Yes.’

come yet.’ Master Jake continued to manipulate the
dildo until the base pressed against her entrance, the rest buried deep inside.

She lay naked and helpless in front of two gorgeous men, wearing a
pair of clear rubber panties that were forcing her to submit to a double

Master Dan gave her an assessing look. ‘How do you feel about me
being here, seeing you like this?’ he said.

‘Surprisingly okay, Sir.’

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