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The jury was out on that one, but she nodded anyway.

She barely felt the first few blows as she simply struggled with the
fact that she was, actually,
being spanked
. The pain made her clench
down on the dildo, which produced a feeling very much at odds with the blows
she was receiving. Indignant fury overtook her. How would he like to be
humiliated and spanked like this? She started to push herself up.

His hand came down heavily between her shoulder blades. ‘Back
down. Now.’

‘Well, how would you like it?’ she spat.

‘For every word you say from now on, I’ll add an extra spank on
each cheek. If you make any more objections, I
cuff you to the
bench. This was your one and only warning.’

The next blow was hard enough to get her attention.

And the one after that was hard enough to keep it. Her ass was on
fire, and as much as she wanted to make it stop, she made it a point of honor
not to. The explosive crack as his palm met her skin seemed deafeningly loud,
though the pain wasn’t unbearable. She rocked back and forth a little, fucking
herself on the dildo, trying to focus on that, rather than the pain.

The sticky, wet noises coming from between her legs stunned her
with the realization that her suspicions had been confirmed; a little pain was
a big turn on, and she was building towards an orgasm.

‘Keep that up, and you’ll come,’ he said, caressing her burning
butt cheek. ‘And you know what that means.’

There was hardly time to catch her breath as he resumed spanking
on the right cheek, steadily increasing until the pain stole her breath, and
left her gasping and limp. The pain had at least taken the edge off her
arousal, somewhat. She wondered if that was deliberate, and he was actually
trying to be nice by helping her not to come. She lay on the bench and weakly
humped the dildo, to no particular result, fortunately.

Master Jake gave an amused grunt, and unceremoniously pulled her
forward, and off the toy. It fell out of her with an obscene slurp, reigniting
the hunger for completion. She moaned. ‘Sir, please, I need to come.’

‘Do you. You seem to like a little pain, sweetheart.’

‘It really hurt, Sir.’

‘Oh, I know.’ He came around to crouch in front of the bench. ‘There’s
not much I haven’t had done to me, Cady. As a Dom, I need to experience for
myself what I’m going to be subjecting someone else to. I’ve played the sub for
my colleagues on many occasions. So you should know that with few exceptions,
I’ve been where you are. Even though I’m not processing the scene in the same
way that someone else would, I am at least familiar with the discomfort and
humiliation involved, if that makes you feel any better.’

She nodded. ‘It does.’ She consoled herself by picturing him bent
over and taking a spanking from an enthusiastic Domme. Oh, what she would have
given to see that.

A subtle clearing of the throat made her jump. Master Dan was
leaning against the wall behind them. He looked even taller and broader than
she remembered.

He smiled, and slowly approached the bench. ‘Hello, Cady. It’s
nice to see you again.’

. He’d seen and heard everything. She stared at him
for a moment, dumbstruck, and then began to wriggle, struggling to cover
herself with the paper gown.

Master Jake’s arm was an iron bar across her lower back. ‘Cady,
stop.’ He fisted a handful of her short hair. It didn’t hurt, but it did shock
and immobilize her. ‘Stop it now.’

Master Dan was already at her side, his hand firm on her back now,
as well as Master Jake’s. ‘It’s okay, sweetheart. Nothing I haven’t seen

Unable to move her head to nod, she said, ‘You haven’t seen
and hastily added, ‘Sir.’

The hand released her hair, but remained firmly on her back.

Master Dan smiled. ‘Well, I have now. You’re going to stay exactly
as you are. I’m not gonna hurt you, and neither is Master Jake.’ He cocked an
eyebrow in a way that was really quite charming, and she could see how he got
women to do his bidding even when he didn’t have them restrained. ‘If I do
something you don’t like, you can complain to Sam, and my life won’t be worth
living. Deal?’

She had to laugh at that, and did relax a little, appreciating his
willingness to poke fun at himself. ‘Yes, Sir.’

He rubbed his chin. ‘So, you want to be fucked, huh? You do by the
look of this dildo.’ There was a pause, and then he said, ‘It’s still warm, too.’

Seriously, had he just
it? After he’d said it was

‘Speak when you’re spoken to,’ said Master Jake.

‘Yes, Sir.’

‘Master Jake and I are going to escort you to the examination room
now. We expect your complete cooperation.’

‘Yes, Sir.’

They lifted her off the bench, and helped her regain her balance.
They marched her into the bedroom, and through yet another door to the side;
one that Master Jake had left off the tour earlier. The room contained a large,
wide examination table, a rolling cart covered in a blue sterile drape, and
several sets of clinical lights. A long countertop with a built-in sink and cupboards
ran along one wall. The assortment of glass jars filled with swabs, liquids,
pump dispensers, steel pans, and various unidentified but vaguely worrying
objects completed the doctor’s office effect.

She stood there, trying to take it all in, and steeling herself
for whatever was about to happen.

‘I know this is a challenging situation, but for now I want you to
try to push away all those racing thoughts, and just concentrate on what you’re
feeling,’ said Master Dan.

She swallowed hard, doing the necessary mental gymnastics required
to reframe him from a friendly acquaintance who’d made her two delicious meals
at his apartment, to a Dom who had already watched her being spanked, and had touched
a dildo that had just been inside her. ‘Yes, Sir.’

He smiled. ‘Good. Try to relax, Cady. We’re going to make you feel
good, I promise.’

The examination table was at waist height. It was wider than she
expected, well padded, and covered with sterile paper over a tight rubber sheet.

They helped her onto it, and Master Jake kissed her forehead. She
was completely naked but for the crinkly paper gown. Paper rustled beneath her
as she shifted uneasily.

Master Jake pushed the low, covered instrument cart to the side of
the table. ‘Okay, darlin’. Remember, now. Red to stop, yellow to pause, green
to keep going.’

She nodded.

‘Repeat it back to me,’ he said.

She did, and both Doms smiled and praised her. Under normal
circumstances she’d feel patronized by this, but right now she felt off-kilter
enough to appreciate that they wanted to ensure she knew how to keep control of
what was happening.

Master Dan washed his hands at the sink. He dried them, and came
to stand next to the table. He stood closer than a doctor usually would, subtly
invading her space.

She trembled in a way that she hoped was invisible, but he smiled
comfortingly. ‘I’m going to give you a thorough examination. And then, if
you’re good, you’ll be rewarded.’

Master Jake went around the other side of the table and undid the
ties of her gown. Master Dan pulled the top half of the gown off her shoulders
and down her arms, so that she was bare from the waist up. Her nipples stood
out in hard, eager buds.

Master Dan put on a stethoscope and listened to her heart and
breathing. He took her blood pressure. He checked her ears. He put a tongue
depressor in her mouth and peered down her throat, then felt her glands.

‘That’s fine so far. Now I need you to lie down.’

The Dom’s careful hands moved slowly, methodically downwards. Master
Dan occasionally asked Master Jake to pass him something, or to help Cady into
the position for her breasts to be examined, which he did far more thoroughly
than her own doctor bothered to do. He palpated her abdomen, again, putting
more time and attention into the exam than she was accustomed to. He was brisk
and professional, but she couldn’t deny the fact that the attention they were
lavishing on her was turning her on.

Without warning, the two of them removed her paper gown entirely.
She must have looked indignant, because Master Jake fixed her with a stare.

‘Your body is ours, to do with as we see fit. You’ll not be
attempting to conceal anything from us, either physically or psychologically.
We’re going to learn every inch of you. All your secrets. You don’t have to
worry about keeping anything hidden, because tonight your body belongs to us.’


He bent down, and whispered in her ear. ‘Yes.’ He leaned over her,
and kissed her softly and deeply.

Master Dan watched this exchange. On Master Jake’s nod, he pulled
on a pair of latex gloves.

Her breath caught. Master Jake’s hand on her shoulder was firm,
preventing her from sitting up. That turned her on, too.

‘Bring your knees up, put your heels together, and let your legs
fall open,’ said Master Dan.

He positioned a clinical spotlight directly on her sex, and she
fixed her eyes on the ceiling. His rubber-covered fingers spread her folds.
When his fingers brushed over her clitoris, her sex contracted eagerly, but he
made no comment.

‘Just relax,’ he said. Two thick fingers went deep inside.

She made a small noise.

His eyes fixed on hers. ‘Let me know if there’s any pain or
discomfort.’ He pushed firmly on her abdomen, and moved his fingers around,
prodding here and there.

When he looked at her with raised eyebrows, she assured him it
felt fine.

‘Good,’ he said. ‘Now I’m going to test your vaginal lubrication.
I realize this is a test you might not have had before. Just try to relax and
enjoy it.’ His thumb began circling her clit, rubbing up and down with sure,
sensual strokes.

The surprise of it made her catch her breath, even as her sex
grasped at his fingers as he stroked her on the inside. She squirmed, and he
rubbed her more insistently.

Oh God, yes.

He stopped. His fingers glistened with her juices. ‘Vaginal lubrication
is normal,’ he said. He popped a cap open, picked up a long, steel speculum, and
coated it with thick, clear gel. His left hand dipped between her legs again, but
this time her inner muscles clamped involuntarily, and the speculum could go no

‘Please don’t,’ she whispered.

Master Dan glanced up at Master Jake, who slid his hand into hers,
and squeezed it reassuringly. His other hand smoothed over her hair. ‘Let him
in, sweetheart,’ he said, softly.

The cool, wet bills of the instrument pressed against her

‘Take a deep breath,’ said Master Dan. His voice had taken on a
light, soothing tone.

She did.

‘And again.’

She did, again.

‘And one more time,’ he said.

This time, as she expected, he began to insert the speculum. Her
body rebelled, clamping down so that he couldn’t get it in.

He looked up. ‘We won’t go any further till you’re ready.’

He made several more attempts over the next few minutes, but it
was painful each time.

‘Sorry. I’m too tense,’ she said, embarrassed and frustrated.

He nodded, and looked at his friend. ‘Let’s see what we can do to

Master Jake leaned over her. He smiled, and kissed her deeply
before laying a trail of kisses down her neck and chest, and over her breasts,
to the swollen peaks of her nipples. He latched on, sucked, and immediately a
bolt of electricity shot down to her sex, where Master Dan’s gloved fingers once
again began to tease her clit.

Her arousal grew, and she moved her hips. It was then that she
felt the speculum at her entrance again. Master Dan kept rubbing her clit as he
pushed the instrument more firmly. She moaned in protest, but he kept going,
murmuring encouragement, until it slid all the way up inside her, filling her
completely. The pressure increased inexorably, and so did the pleasure, as he
opened her up to his scrutiny.

She moaned, in pleasure now.

‘Check her pupils, Jake.’

Master Jake peeled her eyelids back, and smiled. ‘Dilated.’

Master Dan smiled, and nodded.

She squirmed again. He opened a canister and took out a very long
white stick with a thick, wet cotton bud on the end. She watched as he brought
the swab down between her legs, and it disappeared inside her body. A few
moments later, a tickling, maddeningly arousing, and very cold sensation
prodded her deep inside.

‘No, get it out,’ she said, urgently. Master Jake’s hands were
firm on her upper arm and breastbone, pressing her into the table.

‘You can safeword if you need to, but I’m almost done,’ soothed
Master Dan. ‘Do you normally become agitated during gynaecological exams?’

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