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Come Find Me

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Come Find Me

Natalie Dae


Kat Simmons takes a vacation to explore her
feelings for her sex-on-legs coworker Dan. She’s had the hots for him for the
past two years, but isn’t sure if he feels the same way. She knows she needs to
return home and confess how she feels—that she hungers for him, has sexy dreams
about him…wants him in her bed.

When a room service waiter brings her a
note, Kat follows the directions to a mountain cabin. Dan is there—and he wants
her naked and in his arms. Together they explore their shared desire for BDSM.
A dungeon provides them with the ideal place to act out their fantasies and Kat
realizes sex can be hotter than she ever dreamed with a little spanking added to
the mix.


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Come Find Me


ISBN 9781419929991


Come Find Me Copyright © 2011 Natalie Dae


Edited by Jillian Bell

Cover art by Valerie Tibbs


Electronic book publication February 2011


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characters are productions of the author’s imagination and used fictitiously.

Come Find Me

Natalie Dae


Chapter One


Lying in bed, the sheet bunched between her legs and draped
over her breasts, Kat Simmons stared across the hotel room and out the window.
The early Virginia morning sun peeked between two distant mountains and a gauzy
mist hovered over the crests. Though beautiful, the scenery did nothing for
her, failing to bring the peace she needed. Why had she thought solitude would
help? How had she been so stupid as to imagine a little time away from the city
would give her a chance to sift through her problems—a boring life and love
unrequited—then banish them for good?

She needed Dan, missed him, and she’d only been here since
last night. Seeing him every weekday gave her reason to get up and go to work.
Even if they were too busy to talk much, they always spent lunchtimes together,
grumbling about their day or rejoicing at gaining new clients for the
accounting firm. Her life outside of work was full of nothing but waiting for
the hours to pass until she saw him again. God, she had it bad. Had since the day
he breezed into the office, wide smile in place, his cologne scenting the air
and sending every woman into dreamland.

Why had he chosen her as his only work friend? She didn’t
consider herself anything much to shout about. Hell, she didn’t do anything exciting
and her tales of what book she’d read the previous night must have bored him
stupid. Yet he met her for lunch every day and listened, really listened to
what she had to say. For the past two years, she had shied away from
relationships, having found no man who stirred her in the way she knew they
should, the way Dan stirred her just by a look or brief touch. If she was
honest, she’d stopped dating the day she’d met him, and abstinence was driving
her crazy.

Kat sighed, dying for his company, wishing she’d accepted
his offer to join her on this break. As a friend, he’d said. No strings
attached. She’d wanted him to come—god, how she’d longed for that—but it was
him she had to get away from. A distraction, that’s what he was, a beautiful
distraction who fueled her desires and confused her thoughts. Should she be
thinking of her coworker the way she did? Imagining them fucking in the storage
cupboard, knowing any minute someone could happen by?

She blushed, her cunt beginning that familiar ache whenever
she thought of him—of his black hair, a stark contrast to her blonde, and his
sweet brown eyes. He stared at her with such intensity she was hard-pressed not
to kiss him, to ask him to fuck her senseless, making her forget everything but
him and what they were doing. But he didn’t feel the same, she was sure of it.
Nothing in his manner or words gave any indication he’d also enjoy screwing
during the lunch break.

Was that all she wanted?

No. I want him. As my lover.

Kat squeezed her legs together, the sheet abrading her clit
and a spike of desire flaring in her cunt. Her face grew hotter and she closed
her eyes, seeing herself in her work cubicle, hunched over her desk, fingertips
tapping the keyboard.


She smelled him, that distinct, spicy aroma that always
alerted her he was near, and turned. Dan filled the space between the walls,
his broad shoulders almost touching them, his dark gray suit and white shirt
begging to be ripped off. He stepped closer, hand reaching out to touch her
hair, smoothing it between finger and thumb. A lazy smile tweaked his lips and
he cocked his head, a silent question she’d wanted to hear for so long. Kat
rose and faced him, nipples hard and ready, juices moistening her folds and a
wave of lust consuming her.

Dan drew her toward him, their chests meeting, his body
heat seeping through her cream blouse. All thoughts of where they were vanished
and she lifted her face to his, waiting for his lips to brush hers. He inclined
his head, tongue tracing her lower lip, and kissed her, the action soft and so
damn erotic the spiral of a building orgasm burned. He clasped her shoulder
blades, pulled her closer and pressed his hard cock against her mound. Snaking
one hand between them, Dan inched up her skirt, his touch trailing toward her cunt.
Fingers easing her panties aside, he rubbed her clit, his kiss growing
insistent, demanding.


Kat allowed the fantasy to progress, accepting the
inevitable—her hand searching between her legs. She dipped her fingers inside
her cunt, coating them with her juices, then slid them over her clit. Her hips
jolted, her bud sensitive, and she pleasured herself, imagining Dan’s fingers
in place of her own. Nipples aching, she took one between finger and thumb,
rolling it, pinching it until shocks of pleasure-pain radiated from there.
Working faster on her clit, she reached for the peak, letting the heady
sensations wash over her. She cried out, eyes bunched tight, and bit her lip.

As her orgasm receded, tears of frustration burned her eyes.
Dan wasn’t here. He hadn’t made her come and, damn it, she wanted him so badly.
Her cunt still ached, her satisfaction incomplete. Kat lightly swirled her
fingertip over her clit, testing whether she could bring herself to a second
shot of pleasure, toying with her other nipple to spur it on. Her breathing
quickened and she rubbed hard and fast, seeing Dan in her mind’s eye, smelling
him, needing him.

A loud rap at the door had her springing upright, hand
stilled on her clit, chest rising and falling with ragged breaths. The sheet
fell to her waist and she scrambled off the bed, grabbing her dressing gown and
slipping into it. At the door she hesitated, calming herself, exhaling through
pursed lips and fanning her face with her hand.

“Who is it?”

“Room service, ma’am.”

Room service?
“But I didn’t order any.”

“Whether you did or didn’t, I had orders to bring this up,
ma’am. I’ll just check I have the right room.”

Kat frowned while she waited, but when he came back saying
the order was for her, she unlocked the door and eased it ajar to peek through
the gap. A young guy in hotel uniform, brown hair slicked back with gel, stood
behind a food trolley. Two silver domes, a pot of coffee, a cup, creamer and a
sugar bowl rested on top. He smiled and nodded, cocking his head as though to ask
for her permission to enter the room. Kat stepped back and swung the door wide,
conscious he might smell the scent of her juices on the air. Her blush stung
her cheeks and she lowered her gaze while he pushed the trolley inside.

Winking, he said, “There you go, ma’am.”

She glanced at his name tag. “Thank you, Jack.” What else
could she say? It was obvious he didn’t know where the order had come from, and
if a breakfast she fancied filled the plates under those domes, who was she to

Jack gave a slight bow and left the room, closing the door
behind him. Kat pushed the trolley to the bed and sat on the edge, lifting one
of the domes. Crispy bacon rashers and scrambled eggs on toast lay beneath. Her
stomach growled at the smell of the food and she unrolled a knife and fork from
their napkin encasement. Hungry now, she cleared the plate then poured a
coffee, the rich aroma bringing memories of Dan and work as they chatted on
their breaks.

What was he doing now? He’d told her once he spent Saturdays
working at his father’s carpentry shop, a profession he’d toyed with but didn’t
have the passion for. Numbers had been his thing, hence his being one of the
top accountants at work. And god was she glad making furniture didn’t appeal.
She’d never have met him otherwise. Or would she? Didn’t fate have a hand in
life? Didn’t it direct people where to go?

Kat sipped the brew, once again staring out the window. If
she’d allowed Dan to join her they could have walked to those mountains. Maybe
climbed one and stared back at this majestic hotel with its Tudor-style façade
and luscious grounds. But she hadn’t and she’d just have to deal with it—a week
away from him that promised to drag on like a month.

She shifted her gaze from the outside scene to the trolley
and lifted the second dome. A yellow rose lay on top of a plain white envelope.
Kat smiled. The insane thought that Dan had somehow gotten hold of the hotel
staff and ordered her breakfast swept through her mind, but she dismissed it
for the pathetic hope it was. Yes, she’d told him she loved yellow roses, but
it was just a coincidence, wasn’t it?

But if it wasn’t Dan who sent it, who did?

Her nerves jangled and she thought back to the previous
evening. She’d visited the hotel bar, seating herself in a corner booth, watching
everyone else have a good time. No one had approached her, had even looked her
way, and she’d felt invisible. Lost and lonely. No, nobody here had sent her
breakfast. Sent a rose that brought back memories of childhood, when her nanna
had handed her one in full bloom and urged her to sniff it. Kat had brought the
flower to her nose and inhaled, the petals tickling her skin. From then on the
smell had reminded her of Nanna, that vibrant woman who’d said, “Press it, Kat.
Place it between two books and press it. Then you’ll always have something from

Even as young as she’d been, Kat had sensed a hint of
despondency in the old woman’s voice. Tears had pooled in eyes that had
witnessed events over seventy-two years, eyes that still remained young despite
the wrinkled skin surrounding them. Eyes that closed for the last time a week
later, Nanna taken by the angels and spirited off to a better place. Nanna had
kept her illness to herself—typical of her to not want anyone to worry—but the
cancer had claimed her, snatching her away too soon.

Tears burned Kat’s eyes now and she blinked them away,
inhaling deeply to combat the emotions spreading through her and threatening to
take hold until they swamped her. She picked up the rose, holding the stem
between thorns, and lifted it to her nose. Wistfully, she placed the flower on
the trolley and opened the envelope, pulling out a folded sheet of paper. The
familiar handwriting set her stomach to bunching and she shook her head,
reading the words aloud.

“I know you said not to come, but I couldn’t resist. Go into
the lobby at eleven o’clock. The receptionist will have an envelope for you.
Inside are instructions on where I am. Come find me. Dan.”

Kat smiled so wide it hurt her cheeks. Dare she hope he felt
the same as she did? Doubt crept in. No, he’d made it quite clear he’d join her
as a friend. Still, it didn’t matter. If it meant he was here and she would get
to see him, it would have to be enough. Energized, she glanced at the bedside
clock. With an hour until eleven, she had plenty of time to shower and get
ready. What should she wear? Anything more than casual and she’d look obvious
and also out of place. This wasn’t the kind of town that required dressing up
during the day. She walked to the wardrobe, rifling through the clothes she’d
brought, searching for something appropriate. Dan had only ever seen her in
blouses and knee-length skirts, slacks when the weather turned cold, and pumps
a footwear fanatic would smirk at.

Selecting jeans and a plain black sweater, she laid them on
the bed and hopped in the shower. What did he have planned? Would they get
along outside the work environment? What if they didn’t—would that sour their
relationship when they returned home?

God, I hope not.
She sighed and rinsed the lather
from her hair.
Just meet him, see how it goes. Take it as it comes.

Giddy with bubbling excitement, Kat dressed and dried her
hair, leaving it wavy and loose about her shoulders. No time for the flat iron
today. She pulled on her black boots and glanced at the clock. Half an hour to
kill. Applying subtle makeup wasted a few minutes and, unable to dawdle any
longer, she put on her black down-filled jacket, grabbed her bag and left the

The elevator took an age, the green lights indicating the
floor levels lighting up with too many seconds in between. She tapped her foot
on the patterned carpet, looking down at the interlocking burgundy-and-beige
octagons, anything to calm her pinging nerves. A soft whoosh sounded and she
lifted her head. The elevator doors slid open, revealing no one inside, and she
stepped aboard, jabbing the ground floor button. Her stomach lurched as the
descent began and she tapped her hand against her thigh. No one else boarded
and when she reached the foyer, she walked across, alert and studying everyone
there. Was Dan here, watching, making sure she followed his instructions?

At the desk, Kat received the promised envelope and glanced
around before ripping it open. Another folded sheet was inside and she took it
out, murmuring the words as she read them.

“Walk down the hill toward town. At the bottom, wait for the
tour bus. Travel to the last stop. Once there, get off and head for the
tree-lined mountain trail. You’ll get another note at the third trunk on that
path. Come find me!”

Laughter burbled out of her and she looked around, conscious
that someone may think her odd.
Fuck it. If they do I don’t care!
ran to the double doors and burst through, the brisk spring wind whipping her
face and hair. Walking along the path toward the main road, she eyed the
pebbled gardens. Shrubs and small flowers dotted the areas on either side, and
trees in huge pots, their leaves pruned, shaded the grounds. Everything looked
so pretty and her mood lightened further, a big improvement to how she’d felt
upon waking.

On the path that led down the hill, she halted and stared
ahead at the mountains she had to reach. Dan was there, waiting for her. She
walked quickly down the hill, taking in the sights below. The buildings of the
town center appeared—a cluster of browns, grays and whites. Houses tapered from
dense to sparse, creating a circle, giving way to countryside. What she
surmised were cows grazed in a couple of fields, horses cantering in another,
and she breathed in the crisp air, so glad she’d taken this trip.

BOOK: Come Find Me
5.08Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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