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“Fuck!” she whispered, one hand releasing the comforter to
reach toward her cunt. She snatched it away, gritting her teeth, and waited,

He appeared in the doorway, naked, all tousle-haired and
apparently at ease. A faint smile tweaked his lips and his cock, weighty and
thick, hardened at the sight of her. The urge to lick his tip consuming her,
Kat sucked in a breath and watched him taking her in, his gaze roving up her bent
legs, lingering on her cunt before sweeping over her breasts and settling on
her face. She locked gazes with him, gauging whether he would give another
instruction or whether she could grab the opportunity to take control.

She issued his last statement. “Get on the bed.”

His eyebrows shot up and he moved to obey then hesitated,
tilting his head— digesting a side of her he’d never seen before? He stepped to
the bottom of the bed, hands fisting then splaying as though he wanted to touch
her right there and then, to retake command.

“Don’t touch me,” she said. “Kneel in front of me.”

Dan complied, the mattress dipping with his weight. Through
her open legs she studied his cock, the way the lilac-hued tip glistened with
pre-cum. His being aroused so quickly spurred her on and she inched one hand
toward her cunt, rubbing her clit through the thong. Dan’s cock bobbed and he
rested his palms on his thighs, fingers digging into the flesh. God, she wanted
those hands on her, wanted to feel skin on skin. Playing this game heightened
her need for him and she fondled herself, enjoying Dan striving to stay in his

He let out a stuttered breath. “Fuck, Kat! I didn’t expect
this. Didn’t—”

“Shh. Just watch.”

Kat skimmed her breasts, palm down, fingers massaging the
peaks one at a time. Her nipples stood erect and she blew on them then licked
her lips, gaze on Dan’s erection. He moved one hand toward his cock, fingers
curled, ready to hold it, and she narrowed her eyes, daring him to touch and
break her unspoken rule. He dropped his hand to his side, the other still
kneading his thigh, and she almost relented and gave him permission to stroke

“This is killing me, Kat.” His brown eyes beseeched her for

Kat ripped her thong, pulling it aside to give him full view
of her wet cunt. “Kiss me.”

Dan eased forward, nestling his head between her legs, and
laved his tongue up and down her folds. His hot tongue branded her, made her
his, and she tamped down a strangled groan. Fuck, reality surpassed fantasy and
she coached herself not to come.
Not yet. Too soon…
An orgasm threatened
and she wavered on the brink with each stroke. His hot breath warmed her cunt,
exacerbating the sensations spreading from her clit to her core. She caressed
her nipples, featherlight touches that teased them tauter. Dan licked faster,
harder, and she raised her ass, needing more pressure yet at the same time
trying to hold off coming.

“Stop!” she whispered, twining her hands in his hair and
raising his head.

He stared up at her, lips wet, plump from supping. “Did I
hurt you?”

Kat shook her head and stretched her arms along the top of
the headboard. “No. Fuck me.”

She surprised herself with her directness, but it felt damn
good to act this way. Dan rose, shifting between her legs. He reached beneath
one of the pillows and brought out a condom. Ripping open the wrapper, he
smoothed the rubber over his cock then held his base, positioning the tip at
her entrance. She watched him watching himself stroke his cock between her
folds, his cheeks flushed, his chest rising and falling with rapid breaths, his
slow movements maddening. Kat squirmed in an attempt to get his cock inside
her. Dan smiled, looking up briefly to catch her eye, and she knew he thought
her control had slipped.

fuck me.”

He stopped teasing and gazed down at her, tip barely
touching her cunt. She tweaked her nipples in an effort to nudge him into doing
as she’d asked, to make him want her so badly he had no choice but to plunge
inside her, but he remained still.

Lust gripping her, game forgotten, she breathed, “Please!
Please fuck me.”

Dan thrust inside her and she gasped, his cock filling her
so completely the tip bumped her cervix. He gained a fast rhythm, hands
smoothing over the basque and up to her breasts. Their fingers fought for
precedence over her nipples and she allowed his to win, clutching the headboard
again as her breaths shunted out, laying herself completely open to him. Dan
stared at her and she drank him in, excitement growing at the sight of his
heavy-lidded eyes, his tongue darting out to wet his lips.

Kat leaned forward, offering her mouth to him. Dan dipped
his head, hands covering hers on the headboard, and increased his speed. His
kiss—everything she’d dreamed and more—pushed her bliss to a higher level. She
couldn’t hold back any longer, his swirling tongue and pumping cock sending her
over the edge. She cried out into his mouth and he took his lips away, trailing
them along her jawline and down her neck. He grunted, cock vein pulsing, and
jerked his hips, grazing her clit. A bubble of overwhelming sensations burst,
radiating from the nub of her cunt into every part of her body. She gritted her
teeth and looked down at his glistening cock going in and out of her, reveling
in the feel of it stretching her walls with each insertion. Her legs weakened
and she arched her back, sticking her breasts out. With a low moan he came,
gazing at her, hands tightening on hers.

“Fuck, I adore you,” he said, his voice breaking.

Kat smiled, her orgasm receding as Dan slowed. He lowered
his head, lips skating across hers, the touch so loving it brought tears to her
eyes. How had she gotten so lucky?

“I’ve wanted this for a long time,” she said, nuzzling his

He reared back and stared at her. “You have?”

“I thought you knew. Thought I gave enough signals.”
I didn’t.

“I had no idea. I thought…shit, we’ve wasted so much time.”

She nodded. “But it doesn’t matter. We’re here now, we can
make up for it.”

Dan pulled out of her and climbed off the bed, heading for
the doorway. “Sorry to leave you like this, but,” he glanced at his cock, “I
need to clean up.”

He left the room and Kat wanted to follow but resisted,
instead reliving what had just happened. Who knew he was so romantic? Who knew
they would fit together like they had, no sign of unease or awkwardness? She’d
struck lucky, that was for sure, and hugged herself in contentment, unable to
keep the smile at bay. Dan returned and she lay flat on the bed, waiting for
him to join her. He settled by her side, head propped in one hand, his elbow on
the mattress. They lay for long moments regarding one another, Kat relaying
emotions through her eyes that she was too shy to speak. Did he understand?
Know what she was trying to say? That she loved him? They’d known each other
for two years, growing closer by the day, yet had never revealed their inner
thoughts. Why was that when they got along so well?

Maybe that’s what it was. Neither of us wanted to spoil
what we had.

“Did you bring clothes for going out in?” Dan asked, trailing
the backs of his fingers down her cheek.

Kat shook her head. “I didn’t plan on going out, no. It
wouldn’t be fun alone, and I didn’t fancy making friends either. I just…just
needed to get away. To think.”

“About us?”

“Yes. About where we
going. And now…” She
smiled again, smoothing her hand over his chest.


“Now it seems we’re at the point I always wished we’d be.”

“You’re lucky,” he said, getting off the bed and kneeling
beside it.

“Oh I know I am.” She shifted across and peered over the
edge. “What are you doing?”

Dan pulled a box from beneath the bed. “I said you’re lucky
because I bought you a dress. If you want, I’ll take you dancing tonight.”

“Dancing?” Kat laughed. “The only dancing I’ve ever done is
jigging in a corner at school discos. You’re kidding, right?”

“Nope.” He placed the box on the bed and sat beside her. “Go
on, open it.”

She lifted the box to her lap, the base cold on her thighs.
Inside, nestled in white tissue paper, was a black dress of the simple variety.
She held it up. “Oh wow. How did you know my size?”

“I peeked inside your jacket once when you left it hanging
on the back of your chair.” He nodded at the dress. “I heard every woman needs
a little black dress.”

Heart full to bursting, Kat lowered the frock and leaned her
head on his shoulder. “Thank you. You’re so damn kind. Whatever did I do to
deserve this…you?”

“It was meant to be,” he said, kissing the top of her head.

Chapter Three


A cab arrived to take Kat and Dan into town. They visited a
salsa club, and the night sped by in a blur of Kat stepping on Dan’s toes and
making a fool of herself. She didn’t care, didn’t mind people looking her way
and knowing she had no clue how to dance. She was with Dan and that was all
that mattered. His patience didn’t surprise her—he was the same at work—and
they left the club, breathless, her mind lightened by alcohol. A cab drew up to
the curb and Dan leaned into the driver’s open window, the curve of his ass
irresistible. On impulse Kat swatted it and he jerked upright, taking her in
his arms and pulling her close.

“You like that, do you?” he whispered in her ear. “Like that
kind of thing?”

God, did she! She enjoyed being in control, yet other times
she preferred her partner to dominate. Kat thought about his question for a
second, examining how she’d felt when she’d slapped him. She’d never done that
before, but Lord had she thought about it!

“Yes.” She leaned back to look into his eyes. “I’d like to
try some things, things you might not like. Things that might make me seem

Dan nodded at two giggling women who approached the cab,
letting them take the ride. He led Kat down an alley between the club and the
adjacent building, pressing her against the wall with his body.

“Like what?” he asked, shadows shrouding his face.

Should she tell him? Would she ever get such a chance again?
Despite her earlier worries and insecurity when she’d first arrived at the
cabin, she felt stronger somehow, able to confess something she’d never told a

“Uh, just things.”

“Things? Come on.” He kissed her neck, tongue darting out.
“Tell me.”

She opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out.
Embarrassment wended its way through her. “I…”

Dan held her hands, breath hot on her neck. “Pretend I’m not
here. Pretend you’re talking to yourself. How can I give you what you want if I
don’t know what it is?”

“Sometimes I enjoy taking control.” There. She’d said it.
Her face heated.

“I saw that earlier, and fuck, it turned me on. And?”

“I’d like to try…” She paused then rushed on. “Some light spanking.”
Oh god. Did I just say that?


Ground, please swallow me up.

Dan lifted his head from her neck and stared at her, hands
still holding hers. “Jesus, you’re my perfect woman.”

Startled, Kat blinked. “I am?”

“God yes!” He kissed her, long and hard. “I’m not going to
make it back to the cabin.”

Kat laughed and pushed away from the wall, guiding Dan out
of the alley. She looked up the hill. “My hotel is closer.”

“Then take me there. Show me
what you want.”

* * * * *

Dan looked so vulnerable, blindfolded with his tie and
sprawled star-shaped on the sheets. His chest rose and fell, his breaths sharp,
quick. Shoelaces attached to the four-poster bed chafed his wrists and ankles,
which were red from his struggles. From below his navel, a fine line of black
hair tapered outward to join the curly thatch surrounding his turgid cock. That
cock bobbed against his lower abdomen while he waited…waited.

The belt slapping against Kat’s palm startled him and his
hips bucked. He bit his lower lip and exhaled a long breath, the burst of air
moving the dark fringe of his hair. She stood at the foot of the bed with legs
apart, naked except for black knee-high boots, the only dressy thing she’d
brought with her. Nipples taut, she snapped the belt once more. Dan didn’t
flinch this time. A smile graced his clean-shaven face and he pulled at his
restraints, his need to touch her obvious.

God, this feels so good. So right.

His tight balls twitched and she moved the belt’s tip along
one of his inner thighs. He loosed a strangled groan and licked his lips.

“Are you sure about this?” Kat asked, teasing the base of
his shaft with the belt.

He smiled and those dimples she loved enhanced his charm.
“Yes. God yes.”

“Do the shoelaces hurt?” She lightly traced a line up his

“A little, but I like it.”

His total trust astounded her. He rested easy on the bed,
knowing she held an instrument that could wield such terrible pain if used
inappropriately, yet his muscles only bunched as he awaited the bite, the
sting. His toned stomach spasmed and she traced figure eights over the flat
planes with the belt. He sucked in air, holding it. Kat raised the belt and his
hands clenched into fists, his wrist veins prominent. Breath still held, he
splayed his toes. Pre-cum drizzled, dripping onto his stomach. The overhead
light rendered it an opal, a liquid jewel that Kat ached to lick away.

“Anticipation killing you?” She laughed, giddy with power,
amazed by her courage.

She swooped the belt down, cracking it against his thigh with
a delicious slap. Her cunt clenched and she longed to climb on the bed and
lower herself onto him, have him fill her, complete her. Dan panted through
those supple, alluring lips of his.
Lips that have kissed my cunt, kissed my
mouth pliant.

BOOK: Come Find Me
7.78Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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