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Tags: #Anal Play, #BDSM, #Erotic Fiction, #Medical, #Ménage à Trois, #Novella

Deeper: A Hideaway Novella (9 page)

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How was it, lying helplessly between two Doms who were readying
her for anal penetration? ‘Hard to put into words.’

He laughed. ‘Try.’

‘It feels great.’

‘I’m glad,’ he said, his fingers pulling out, pushing back in with
a loud squelch, twisting.

She moaned. He laughed, easing his movements so that she was able
to reclaim some brain function.

‘Anything else?’ he said.

‘I feel safe in a way I didn’t expect to, and in control of my
sexuality in a way that I never have before. It’s scary, but as confusing as it
is right now, this all feels… right.’

Master Jake leaned down and kissed the back of her neck. ‘I’m so
glad.’ His fingers slipped noisily from her body. ‘We’ll talk more about that
later, but for now, let’s reward that bit of self-reflection.’

Master Dan shifted so that he was sitting cross-legged in front of
her. She had a clear view of his huge, latex-covered erection as it stuck
straight out towards her face. His big, strong hands cupped her shoulders, both
supporting and bracing her. With him in front and Master Jake behind, she was
going nowhere.

A condom wrapper crinkled and tore, and she Master Jake sheathed
himself. She heard the wet slap of lube as he coated his erection. Her ass cheeks
were parted, and the broad head of his penis pressed against her.

‘Wait, the… the egg is still inside me.’

‘I know,’ he said, apparently unconcerned. His fingertip teased
her back entrance. ‘Bear down.’

She knew the drill, in theory, at least. She obeyed, and the
pressure at her anus increased, bringing with it a stretch that burned. She
made a small noise of fear as her body was forced to open up and receive in a
new way, but she wanted this, and kept trying to help him get inside. After a
few minutes, she was becoming frustrated.

‘I can’t,’ she panted.

‘You can. Take a moment to breathe,’ said Master Jake. He pulled
back, letting her catch her breath. ‘It takes a little time, sweeting,
especially as you’ve got the egg in.’ His hands were firm on her hips.

Master Dan gently massaged her shoulders, and then he moved to the
side, and spread her butt cheeks.

‘Sir,’ she gasped, not knowing how to begin processing what he was

‘Be quiet,’ he said, firmly. ‘You are not to move. Do you hear

‘Yes, Sir.’

‘Keep still,’ said Master Dan. ‘Don’t think I won’t spank this
sore ass of yours.’

‘I was just surprised,’ she protested.

He made a soft noise of amusement. His fingers moved around and
inside her anus. They slid out, only to return encircling something much
larger. The warm tip of her lover’s erection pressed in.

She made an urgent noise simultaneously born of need and

‘Settle down,’ said Master Dan. ‘You’re making it harder than it
needs to be.’

‘I want it in!’ she said.

‘Easy, now,’ said Master Jake. ‘Just relax.’

‘I’d like to see you relax with an enormous dick up your ass,’ she
said, then added, ‘Sir.’

Luckily, they laughed. Still, the pressure didn’t decrease. She
moaned, half in pain, half in pleasure, as he advanced by burning increments.

Master Dan’s strong hand was under her shoulder, supporting her.
That another man was watching her be taken like this made her moan and clench
around the massive intruder.

Master Jake groaned.

‘I’m trying, but you’re really big, Sir.’

‘I know, sweetheart. It’s okay. We’ll take all the time you need,’
said Master Jake. ‘Is this like before, with the speculum?’

‘I’m not scared,’ she said. ‘I want this.’

‘Like with the speculum, the two aren’t always mutually
exclusive,’ said Master Dan. He took a tube of lubricant and squeezed a dollop
onto his fingers. ‘But I think the adrenalin from the flogging is wearing off
and you’re tiring. So let me help you along.’

‘Yes, Sir,’ she said. At the cool touch of his finger circling the
place where Master Jake’s penis disappeared into her body, her arousal magnified,
and the penetration finally, really, began. She let out a low, animal moan as
she was filled.

‘Cady, you should see how you look as you’re being mounted,’ said
Master Dan. ‘About half of his penis is inside you.’

She lay with her eyes closed, trusting them to get her where she
needed to be. Pain abruptly gave way to pleasure, and she began to urge Master
Jake on as he repeatedly pulled out a little, then pushed in further.

‘So beautiful,’ he said, gentling her with soft touches. ‘Let me
make it as good for you as you’re making it for me.’

‘It’s good for you?’ she said. She hoped it was. She didn’t want
all of his effort to be just for her.

‘It’s wonderful for me, darlin’, don’t you worry about that.’

Finally, he was all the way in. Master Dan went back around in
front of her, his hands sliding under her shoulders, careful to avoid the
places that hurt.

‘All right, sweetheart, here we go, now,’ said Master Jake. He withdrew
a little, and reached under her to turn on the clit vibrator. The egg, too,
came to life. She cried out with the shock of pleasure, and he drove back in
deeper and harder.

Master Dan’s hand slid under her chest to milk her breasts and
tease her nipples, driving her higher.

And so it went, the two men pleasuring her, the wet slurp of
lubricant as her Dom’s penis pulled almost all the way out, only to claim her
again, and again, and again.

Looking straight ahead, she had a closeup of the moment Master Dan’s
penis suddenly grew and jerked. His copious release filled the condom, and she
moaned along with him.

All her senses were overtaken by escalating waves of pleasure, and
the explosion that followed. She made helpless, incoherent cries as she came,
held securely in Master Dan’s strong arms. A thickening in her anus let her
know Master Jake was coming even before his answering shout filled the room.
She thrashed as blinding pleasure overtook every rational thought, barely aware
of the hands bringing her under control.

Finally, she stilled, and there was another wet noise as the long
penis slowly withdrew.

‘Uhhh,’ she said.

‘Thank you for that eloquent review,’ said Master Jake, with a
smile in his voice.

‘Welcome,’ she whispered.

‘Push out,’ he said, pulling firmly on the cord that led to the
toy still inside her. She moaned as it emerged from her body with a loud
sucking sound, and dropped into his hand. Finally, he pulled the vibe from her

The pillow beneath her was soaked with a variety of fluids. It
must have been her, because he was wearing a condom.

‘Lift up,’ said Master Jake.

She did, and he took the pillows away so that she was resting
comfortably on the bed. He covered her with a blanket. She hissed; even the
soft wool felt like a wire brush over her sore places.

‘Sorry, sweetheart. I know it hurts, but we need to keep you warm,

‘You all right, Jake?’ said Master Dan, a genuine note of concern
in his voice.

‘Yeah,’ he said, tightly. ‘This was just…’ he swallowed. ‘This was
big. Tonight.’

Suddenly she had a deeper understanding of the risks he had taken
tonight, and the pressure he’d been under, too. Her own throat was tight. ‘Thank
you, Master Jake,’ she said. She reached up a hand, and he took it as he bent
to kiss her.

‘Thank you, sweetheart. I’m going to take good care of you, now.
Just give me a minute to clean up, and bring over a few supplies.’

She had the feeling he needed the moment to collect himself, as
much as anything, and nodded. ‘Sure.’

She lay quietly, watching as Master Dan tugged his own, very full,
condom off, careful not to spill the contents. He had weathered two hands free
orgasms that evening, just by watching them. He picked up his jeans and pulled
them on.

‘I’m sorry you…’ she began, unsure how to continue.

He smiled as he finished fastening the buttons. ‘Don’t worry,
Sam’ll be ready and waiting when I get home.’ He patted her shoulder. ‘You
relax now. I’m going to go and get a couple of things.’

‘Will you check on Master Jake, please?’ she said.

He flashed a warm smile of understanding. ‘Yes, sweetheart. That’s
what I’m going to do, though I think both of you are just fine.’

‘And what about you?’ she said.

He laughed. ‘I’m fine too, but thanks for asking, little subbie.’

She closed her eyes, and drifted off. The next thing she knew, she
felt cool air on her bare lower half. The blanket had been folded back so that
her legs and buttocks were exposed. Her cheeks were parted, and something cool
and thin was inserted into her rectum.

Not quite awake, she began to squirm, but strong hands restrained

‘Shh, be easy, he’s just taking your temperature,’ said Master
Jake, who was back in his shirt and jeans. ‘Go back to sleep.’

She remained in that pleasurably fuzzy state of semi-consciousness
for a few more minutes, until the thermometer was drawn out, and her
temperature pronounced normal. Then a foil packet was popped open.

‘In case you have a little soreness later,’ said Master Dan,
inserting a soft, elongated capsule into her bottom. It melted, filling her
with a soothing liquid warmth that made her moan.

They took the blanket down to cover her lower legs and feet, and Master
Dan carefully examined her back, bottom, and thighs, checking for any more
serious injury. Finding none, they sponged her down with warm water that, by
the smell of it, contained a dash of witch hazel, then patted her dry.

‘Thank you,’ she murmured.

‘Don’t thank me yet,’ said Master Jake. ‘I need to put something
on the welts and bruises back here, and it might be a wee bit uncomfortable. In
fact, I can tell you right now that it will be, but I’ll be gentle as I can.
You’re not to move until I say you can.’

Master Dan moved to perch at the top of the bed. ‘Give me your

She raised her arms with a groan.

‘All right there?’ said Master Dan.

‘Curse my early middle-aged body. Couldn’t even take a flogging
without complaint,’ she said.

‘Oh, I see,’ said Master Dan, with a grin. ‘You are a delicate
flower, to be sure.’

Master Dan took her hands in his, providing both comfort and
restraint as Master Jake went to work, first washing her thoroughly between her
legs, and then turning his attention to her throbbing, stinging back and
buttocks, using both creams and bandages to tend and soothe.

‘How’s the pain now?’ said Master Jake.

‘Getting worse,’ she admitted. ‘But it’s a good kind of hurt. And
I love this. You both taking care of me.’

‘We’re glad you like it,’ said Master Jake. ‘Which is something of
an understatement. We had a great time with you this evening. I hope you’ll be
back for more, but that’s something you’ll need to think about and decide for
yourself when you’re a little more clear-headed.’

‘Master Jake and I always try to debrief our subs a day or two
afterwards,’ said Master Dan. ‘I’m sure he’ll be talking with you about what
happened, and I want you to know that I’m more than happy to join you for that,
or to talk to you separately, if you’d prefer.’

‘Thank you. I might also need a cup of coffee or ten with Sam.’

Master Dan laughed. ‘It’s true, girl talk reaches the parts that
talking to us might not, but I’m not going to tell her anything about tonight
unless you specifically give me permission, and you’re present at the time.’

She nodded. ‘Thank you, Sirs. For everything you’ve done.’ Her
gaze slid to Master Jake. She grabbed his arm, and pulled him down beside her.
She grinned, and he grinned back.

‘This is not the end,’ she said.





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