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‘Do you punish people?’ she said, warily.

He grinned. ‘Yes. But again, only to the extent that we’ve agreed.
Some people enjoy being frightened; they get an adrenalin rush from it the way
you do on a scary rollercoaster, and it can make their orgasms more intense.
And just like a rollercoaster, you know you can surrender to the fear and enjoy
it, because you’re safe. Your Dom’s first responsibility is to keep you
physically and psychologically safe.’

She raised her eyebrows. ‘Even when they’re whipping you bloody,
or branding you?’

He nodded. ‘Especially then. I know it’s hard to wrap your head
around. If a sub wants to be marked in some way, their Dom will make the call
as to whether they can do it without causing unwanted or excessive damage, and
are capable of providing the necessary aftercare. We don’t want people ending up
in the ER, having to explain themselves to doctors; that’s no fun, and it’s
terrible for the business’s reputation, and the reputation of the community as
a whole.’

‘You sound like a teacher,’ she said. He sounded like a
professional, like someone who was supremely competent at mastering people
physically and psychologically, and yeah, it was a huge turn on.

He laughed. ‘Sorry. Last week I taught an induction course for new
staff.’ His expression grew serious again. ‘Is this helping, or not? There are
plenty of people who play without pain. Some Doms find it difficult or
impossible to inflict pain. I don’t. But only so long as the person receiving
it is enjoying it. I get a charge out of their trust in me, and the power that
they give me in allowing me to flog them, or whatever it happens to be, but I
don’t get a kick out of hurting people who don’t want to be hurt.’ He squeezed
her hand reassuringly. ‘And just to be totally clear; I would never, ever hurt
you without your consent. That would be an unforgivable betrayal of the trust
you placed in me.’

She knew that; they’d spent enough time together in and out of bed
that if he had some kind of pathological need to cause pain, it probably would
have come out by now, but she’d never experienced anything but kindness and
consideration from him. ‘Thank you for saying that. But my nervousness covers
more territory than just, ‘will it hurt’. I mean, I don’t feel overly confident
in my own body. And as close as we are, the reality of this is brand new to me.
To us. And you know how judgmental people can be. Especially towards women.’

‘Yes,’ he said. ‘But you’ll be getting none of that from me, and
who’ll know unless you tell ‘em? He took her hand, and gently squeezed it. ‘But
that’s not what you signed up for when you met me. I understand that what
you’ve read has made you curious, and I can’t tell you how happy that makes me.
But I don’t want you to worry that if you decide it’s not for you, that’ll be
the end of our relationship.’

She waited for a moment while a young family went by. ‘I
appreciate that. It’s just, if you’re that deeply into it, I wonder how
satisfied you’d be with a partner who wasn’t. At least, not as much as you are.
To tell you the truth, I’m surprised you’re still with me. What if I hadn’t
left those books out for you to see, and we’d never had this conversation? How
long would it have been until you got bored?’ She hesitated. ‘Unless you’ve
already –’

‘No,’ he said. He took her chin in his hand, giving her no choice but
to meet his bright blue gaze. ‘There is so much more to us than what goes on in
bed. I wouldn’t give up what we have for anything. We’d make it work.’ He
smiled. ‘Being with you has been an education for me. And now I’m learning a
lot just talking to you about this. I’m sorry to have sprung this on you, but
I’m so relieved to have it out in the open.’ He smiled slightly. ‘And that you
haven’t run away screaming.’

She smiled. ‘Give me a little credit… Master Jake.’

His momentary look of surprise gave way to delight, and he
laughed. ‘I do like the sound of that, coming from you.’

Funnily enough, so did she. At least, so far.

Suddenly he sat bolt upright. ‘I have a good friend at work whose
girlfriend started off as his client. I’ve played with Sam, so she has experience
of me as a Dom. Maybe you’d like to talk with her a bit, if I can set it up?
Maybe with him, too?’ He gave her a crooked grin, the one he used when he was
trying to ‘cute’ his way into something. It was the smile he’d used to get her
to agree to their first date. ‘I know you like to do your research before
jumping into things.’

She smiled. ‘Okay. Maybe that’s a good idea.’

He beamed. ‘I’ll set it up.’ He looked at her in wonderment.
‘You’re really something else, you know that? How’d I get so lucky?’

She leaned in, and kissed him. ‘I want to know all of you, Jake. I
want to know your world, and what you’re like when you’re being a Dom.’ She
studied his expression, and added, ‘If you’ll trust me enough to show me that
side of you.’

He blinked. ‘Me trust you? I was thinking it was the other way

‘It is that too.’

He nodded, and wrapped a strong arm around her. ‘All this naughty
readin’ you’ve been doing, you’ll know that there’s no one way or ‘right’ way
to approach BDSM. Only what’s right for your and your partner. Safe, sane, and


‘So, if we were to start exploring it together, how would you like
to go about it? I mean, we can work some kink into our lovemaking, or – ’

‘I think now that it’s out in the open, I’d like to just go for it
before I lose my nerve,’ she said.

He laughed. ‘Let’s have a little more detail on what ‘going for
it’ looks like to you? I mean, we can play doctor at home, but if you’d like to
experience a real medical fetish scene, we should go to The Hideaway. They have
everything we’ll need, and you might feel a little more secure in that setting.’

She felt a pang of apprehension. ‘You mean, go as your sub?
Honestly, I’m not sure I’m ready to think of myself in those terms.’

He took a long pull of his coffee. ‘For administration and
insurance purposes, you’ll be registered as a submissive. Don’t worry, all
paperwork is totally confidential. While we’re playing, I’ll treat you like a
sub, so that you can experience what that’s like, but we won’t go a whisker
beyond what you want.’

She nodded slowly, testing her courage. ‘Do you want me to fill
out one of those checklists about my limits?’

He grinned. ‘Yeah, I do need some paperwork from you, and I need
you to be completely honest with yourself, and with me. Sometimes it’s hard to
know what we’ll enjoy if we’ve never done it before, so if you’re not sure
about something, but think you might like to try it, mark it as a soft limit,
and we’ll talk about it when the time comes.’

‘Okay.’ She still couldn’t believe she was going through with
this. ‘Kinda puts a damper on the spontaneity when you have to fill out forms

He laughed. ‘I don’t think you’ll be bored once we get going.’

‘I’m sure you’re right.’

‘Unfortunately, I do need you to go see your own doctor and get
them to run a few tests before we can do this. I’ll email you the form to take
to your doc. Sorry, it’s the rules.’

‘I understand. Health and safety. That’s fine.’


Resistance. She was definitely feeling resistance. ‘Um.’

‘Um?’ he prompted.

She smiled ruefully. ‘Ironically, there’s nothing I hate more than
a real doctor’s appointment.’

He threw her a wink. ‘I promise I’ll make it worth your while.’

‘I’m not sure there’s enough coffee in the world to help me
process all this,’ she said.

‘That’s why I’m gonna have you talk to Sam and Master Dan before
we get started,’ he said.

Chapter 3


On Saturday, Jake escorted Cady up to Sam’s apartment, and rang
the bell. His big hand massaged the tense muscles in her back, and she took a
deep breath. The door was opened by a woman with slightly untamed, copper
colored hair, and a friendly smile.

‘Hi, so glad you could make it!’ she said, brightly.

‘Hi, I’m Cady Wells.’

‘Come in, come in! I’m Sam Reilly. It’s lovely to meet you.’

Cady stepped into the bright, airy apartment and shook Sam’s hand.
A tall man who obviously spent more than his share of time at the gym, joined
her. His hair was dark, and, along with his neat beard, flecked with grey. He
engulfed her hand in his.

‘Welcome, Cady. I’m Dan Curran.’ His gaze fell on the small
bouquet of spring flowers that Cady had brought, and his dark eyes twinkled.
‘Are those for me?’

She laughed. ‘They’re for both of you.’

‘Thank you, they’re gorgeous,’ said Sam.

‘Well,’ said Jake. ‘I’m gonna get going.’ He gave Cady a quick
kiss. ‘Call me when you’re ready to be picked up.’ He cast stern looks at Sam
and Dan. ‘Say only nice things about me.’

‘Get out of here,’ said Dan, pushing him out the door with a fond

‘Can we get you a drink?’ said Sam. ‘Tea, coffee, soft drinks, or
maybe a mojito?’

‘Oh, a mojito would be great,’ said Cady. ‘Thanks.’

Dan poured her a glass. ‘Take a seat,’ he said, indicating the
plush sofa. ‘Make yourself at home.’

‘Thanks,’ said Cady, gratefully accepting the liquid courage.

‘So, Master Jake dropped a bombshell on you a few days ago,’ said
Sam. She smiled at Cady’s deer-in-headlights expression. ‘Sorry. I’m a
journalist. I’m used to getting to the point.’

Cady smiled. ‘He did. I think he was surprised that I wasn’t more
shocked, but really, he does give off a ‘Dom’ vibe, doesn’t he?’

They laughed. ‘He does,’ said Sam. ‘It’s a little unusual for you
to have found each other this way around. You lucked out; most people have to
look pretty hard to find their Dom.’

Cady hoped she was right. ‘So, how did you two find each other?’

‘I was burned out by my job,’ said Sam. ‘I’d just returned from an
assignment in Iraq with some physical and psychological issues. I knew that I
desperately needed a release of a sort that wasn’t going to be easy to find.
That was what drove me to book a night at The Hideaway, where I met Dan. I’d
always been interested in BDSM, and dabbled a little, but I’d had some bad
experiences with boyfriends who were shocked or repelled when I worked up the
courage to ask them to do something kinky. That’s why, when I finally met Dan,
and he encouraged me to be myself,’ she glanced warmly in his direction, ‘
of myself, it was such a profound relief. He reassured me that I wasn’t crazy
or depraved for wanting these things. It took away worries that I’d had for
years. It was a whole new kind of freedom.’

‘I’m hoping for the same kind of feeling,’ said Cady. ‘Jake’s
already tried to reassure me about that.’

Dan looked up from chopping carrots. ‘A lot of people feel that
way when they come to The Hideaway, or get involved with the community. I did,
as well. There’s an acceptance of people’s individuality, and a respect for the
courage that they’ve shown in seeking someone with whom they can be their true
self, that’s pretty special.’

‘It does take a hell of a lot of courage,’ said Cady. ‘Even though
I really want to try this with Jake, I’ve gotta admit, I’m terrified.’

They nodded. Dan smiled. ‘Everyone is, at first. But you’re in
safe hands with Jake. He knows you, and he’ll do his best to give you what you
want, or what he feels you need.’ His amused gazed flicked to Sam. ‘Which as my
love can attest, are not necessarily the same thing.’

‘Not always,’ said Sam. ‘One of the things people say about Master
Jake is that he’s very compassionate. If you’re having a hard time in a scene,
he’ll do whatever it takes to make it easier for you, whether it’s cracking a
joke, or just acknowledging the difficulty you’re in.’

‘So he’s… a nice Dom?’ said Cady.

They laughed. ‘Yes,’ said Sam. ‘But he’s a Dom, and he’ll let you
know that in no uncertain terms. Just because he’s sympathetic to your plight,
doesn’t mean he’ll let you get away with anything.’

‘And you wouldn’t want him to,’ Dan chipped in. ‘He wouldn’t be
doing his job right if he was too easy on you. He’s there to push you, to help
you find pleasure in ways you’ve never dreamt of.’

‘And on that note,’ said Cady, ‘he told me he’s a sadist.’

‘He is,’ said Dan. ‘But honestly, if you weren’t aware of that, or
wanting it, you’d never know it. He won’t suddenly hurt you, if that’s what
you’re concerned about. Even if you’ve agreed to something that might be
painful, like a flogging, he’ll tell you what he’s going to do, and he won’t
cause you more discomfort than you’ve told him you’re willing to take. And
he’ll monitor you continuously throughout the scene, to make sure you’re all
right every step of the way.’

‘And afterwards, he’ll take very good care of you,’ said Sam, a
little dreamily. ‘Sometimes, that’s the best part.’ She caught Dan’s eye, and
they exchanged smiles.

‘You’ve been in… scenes… with Jake?’ said Cady.

‘I have. And so has Dan,’ said Sam.

Her openness was reassuring.

‘I’ve known him about ten years,’ said Dan. ‘He was already
working at The Hideaway when I arrived, and we’ve done lots of scenes together.
Sam met him for the first time last year.’

‘Actually, I met him my first night at The Hideaway, in the same
session where I met Dan,’ said Sam. She smiled. ‘You have a question.’

‘Yes…’ How to phrase this delicately. ‘I hate to ask this, and I
know it’s none of my business – ’

‘Ask,’ said Dan. ‘This is the time to ask whatever’s on your

‘I’m taking this to mean you’ve been intimate with Jake?’

‘I have,’ said Sam, unflinchingly. ‘But it was last year, long
before he met you, and it was never just the two of us. Dan would call him in
when I got difficult.’

Cady blinked. ‘And Jake would punish you?’

‘Oh, no! Nothing like that. Usually he’d restrain me while Dan
performed a procedure that I was resisting. I don’t know how you feel about
this,’ she said, gently, ‘but I’m going to tell you the truth; Master Jake did
have intercourse with me a few times, in various scenes. Sometimes in a
threesome with me and Dan, and sometimes he’d do something sexual with me in
front of other Doms, or in the public play area.’

‘He told me,’ said Cady, ‘but I appreciate you telling me too.’

Sam looked relieved. ‘See. He’s a good ‘un, that one. You should
know, there was nothing romantic in it, and Dan was always the one in control
of the scene. Master Jake was supporting him, and sometimes other Doms were
involved too.’

‘More than two Doms? At once? Holy cow.’

Sam laughed. ‘I think four’s my record.’ She threw a grin in Dan’s
direction. ‘Of course, Dan is more than enough Dom for anyone, all on his own.’

‘You’ve got that right,’ he said.

‘Even so, it took three of them to get me to submit to a rectal
temperature taking, the first time I met Dan.’

Cady’s sex clenched at the sudden, vivid image this conjured, and
tried to reconcile it with the sight of Dan, barefoot, chopping up chunks of
apple in the cheery kitchen area.

‘Which is ironic, considering that’s one of your biggest kinks,’
said Dan.

 ‘I don’t like to make things too easy for him,’ Sam grinned.

He growled.

Cady braced herself. ‘That sounds amazing. I mean, I like reading
about it.’ Her cheeks burned.

‘You like medical fetish erotica?’

Cady nodded.

Sam’s kind smile made it clear that she understood what it had
taken for her to admit that. ‘If you’re that way inclined, I do recommend the
temperature-taking. It’s not one of the more extreme acts, but it can be
incredibly intimate and gentle, or it can be forced on you, which is obviously
a different kind of experience. Either way,’ she grinned. ‘Yeah.’

‘That’s definitely something I’d like to try,’ Cady said.

‘We weren’t going to ask you about anything specific,’ said Sam.
‘But if you’re interested in finding out more about medical scenes, we’d be
glad to answer any questions you might have.’

 ‘What’s your single biggest concern?’ said Dan.

‘Uh, not sure I could pick just one,’ said Cady. ‘I think the
number one thing I’m worried about is being psychologically damaged somehow, if
it all goes wrong. I’m not sure I could ever get over that. I think I might
literally die of embarrassment.’

‘Believe me, if that were possible, I would’ve done it already,’
said Sam.

‘You don’t need to worry about that,’ said Dan. ‘You’re in safe
hands with Jake. He won’t embarrass you, Cady. You undoubtedly will feel some
embarrassment, because it’s such a new experience for you, and a lot of people
feel very self-conscious when someone starts examining their body like a
doctor, rather than a lover. It is a different kind of sexual experience, but
Jake’ll help you get into it, and you’ll be enjoying yourself before you know

‘I hope so.’

‘And he’s not going to do anything you don’t want him to,’ said
Sam. ‘So don’t be afraid to use your safeword and slow things down if you need

‘I’ve, um, filled out the checklist he gave me about my limits,’
said Cady. ‘Would you both mind taking a look and seeing if there’s anything on
there that shouldn’t be?’

‘Sure, if you’d like us to,’ said Sam.

‘I don’t know who else to ask, apart from Jake, and I wanted to
get this done on my own’ she said.

Dan finished up with the chopping and came over to join them. He
read Cady’s list over Sam’s shoulder.

‘That’s adventurous for a first-timer,’ he said. ‘I’m guessing
you’ve read about a lot of these things?’

‘Yeah. It’s made me curious.’

‘That’s how I was, too,’ said Sam. She smiled. ‘If you want him to
give you an enema, I’d recommend one for health rather than for punishment, the
first time.’ She glanced at Dan. ‘My first one was pretty intense.’

Dan treated her to a loving smile, and kissed the top of his head.
‘You took it like a champ, though.’

‘Well, I was strapped to an examination table with a tube up my
backside, so it’s not like I had a lot of choice.’

Cady blinked. She’d never heard anyone come out with such an
admission. Clearly she was at ease with her sexuality in a way none of Cady’s
friends were.

Dan stroked Sam’s unruly hair. ‘You always had a choice,
sweetheart. You could’ve stopped it anytime. But you didn’t. You trusted me,
and that was only our first meeting. That took a hell of a lot of courage.’

Sam gave him a wry grin. ‘Well, you gave off a trustworthy vibe.’

‘I guess he must have,’ said Cady. ‘That sounds pretty scary.’

‘We built up to it,’ said Dan, his hand on Sam’s shoulder,
kneading gently. ‘I was firm with her. I needed to be, to keep her in the
scene, and not give her a chance to think too much. I wanted her to concentrate
on what she was feeling, and get to the release she needed.’

‘I also really needed the enema,’ Sam admitted. ‘I’d been abroad
in a war zone, and my digestive system was all out of whack. I was incredibly
lucky to find a Dom who was also a qualified doctor. He examined me, treated
me, and fulfilled my most secret fantasies, all in one night.’

He laughed. ‘You definitely benefited from that night in many
ways.’ He smiled fondly down at her. ‘As did I.’

‘Aww,’ said Cady, and everyone laughed. They were such a sweet
couple, if a little outside the mainstream. But the mainstream could do with
some of the tolerance and affection she’d seen in their relationship.

‘I think the main thing to try to do, which is also the hardest
thing to do,’ said Sam, ‘is to try to relax and go with what’s happening. Put
yourself in Master Jake’s hands, and trust him to guide you through it, because
he will.’

Dan nodded. ‘Jake’ll take good care of you. And if you ever run
into trouble, there are always dungeon monitors on call to help you out.’

‘Other Doms may also join in your scene, if you’ve given them
permission to,’ said Sam. ‘Which is what Master Jake did that first night, when
he and Master Will pinned me down on the floor for Dan.’

Cady nodded, still trying to picture Jake doing such a thing, only
with herself as the one pinned to the floor.

Dan smiled. ‘Head spinning?’

‘I’m just not used to people talking so candidly about their sex
lives,’ said Cady. ‘I’m so grateful to you both.’

‘For what it’s worth,’ said Sam, ‘I’ve met a lot of great people
at The Hideaway, and not once has anyone made me feel judged, or weird. Believe
me, that first night, when Dan called in Master Jake and Master Will, and they
overpowered me? If I’d have felt an iota of anything negative or seedy from
them, I’d have safeworded out, and gone directly from that room to a therapist,
probably by way of a lawyer. But I didn’t. And Dan called me on my PTSD, which
no one had in a long time. During the scene I went a little off the rails
because of it. Dan knew exactly what I needed, and the other Doms followed his
lead perfectly.’

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