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He nodded. ‘And how about Master Jake?’

‘That’s a little harder, Sir. Because of our relationship.’

He nodded again. ‘And how about being restrained?’

‘I like it, Sir.’ She swallowed. ‘In fact I might go so far as to
say I love it.’

‘Is that with the cuffs, or when Master Jake and I restrain you
with our hands?’

‘Both Sir, but especially with the hands.’

‘I love that too, sweetie,’ said Master Jake. ‘While we’re on the
subject, is there anything you haven’t liked, so far?’

She analyzed the evening’s events thus far, but couldn’t come up
with anything. ‘No, but frankly I’m getting a little sore down there while
you’re interrogating me.’

Master Dan grinned, and patted her shin. ‘Nice and honest. Thank
you, Cady. We know this is all new, and you don’t have to like everything. No
one’s feelings will be hurt if something doesn’t work for you. We’re just
trying to discover what you do

‘I like this, Sir.’ She squeezed down on the huge dildo. ‘But I’m
not sure I can come this way.’

‘Use your fingers and move your hips. Get some friction going,’
said Master Dan. ‘I need those samples, and I’ll get them one way or another.’

He gave her a mock-threatening look to keep things light, but she
knew that if she was resistant, he would follow through on his words. His warm
but clinical words had the desired effect. Her vagina grasped at the fake cock,
pulling on it almost as though it was in her mouth, and she was sucking at it.

The Doms sat silently, watching her hand go to her sex, hearing
the latex pull and squeak as she rubbed her clit, and seeing where the dildo protruded
from her body and joined the panties.

She kept this up for a while, but began to grow frustrated at the
length of time it was taking to come again after being so soundly fucked on the
examination table. She stopped, and huffed out an irritated breath, shaking out
a hand cramp.

Master Jake leaned over to the bedside table, and opened the
drawer. He passed her a flexible, black wand. ‘Try this.’

‘Aren’t you going to help me?’ she said.

He indicated the toy. ‘I just did.’

‘I want you to achieve orgasm by yourself, sweetheart,’ said
Master Dan. ‘I need a baseline reading for the strength and duration of your
contractions, the amount of fluid you produce, and your core temperature before,
during, and after you come through masturbation.’

‘Sexy,’ she said.

Master Dan raised an eyebrow in warning. ‘Master Jake, I think she
wants to be punished.’

Master Jake smiled. ‘I know for a fact that she does. We’ll get to
that.’ He pushed his hips forward a little, and she saw his erection straining
in its rubber prison. ‘Later, you’re going to be strapped to a cross and

That did it. She moaned, and
put the black wand down her panties. Master Dan’s hand pressed over it, halting
her attempt to hit the power button.

‘Slowly,’ he said, firmly. ‘Not too fast. I want you as wet as

She pressed the power button once, and moved the black bulb at the
end over her clit.

Soon she was lost in sensation.

Now and then Master Dan would read out her rectal temperature, and
write it down. The slight sense of violation that brought about drove her

She pumped her hips languorously, and pulled against her ankle
cuffs. Master Jake pulled the panties away from her body, and the soft, bubbly
noise of her juices being forced out around the thick cock were clearly
audible. The men smiled at one another.

‘May I turn it up?’ she said, her thumb hovering over the power

Master Jake smiled. ‘Of course, sweetheart.’

The vibration increased, and so did her pleasure noises.

Master Jake made a low noise, and as she watched, a spat of white
fluid hit the tip of the rubber jockstrap.

‘I wish you could come too,’ said Cady.

Master Jake gave her a long, thoughtful look. ‘I could come just
by watching you, but given what you like to read, I’m wondering if you’d like
to see him get me off.’

‘Him?’ Master Dan? A little stunned, Cady nodded. ‘Yes, please.’

Master Dan patted his friend’s shoulder, then pulled a latex glove
from a box by the bed, lubricated two fingers, and moved behind Master Jake.

Her lover stood up and turned his ass to her. He spread his legs,
giving her a perfect view as Master Dan stood to his side, and parted his
buttocks, exposing his tight anus.

Master Dan placed his glistening index finger at the small
aperture, and as Cady watched, his finger disappeared inside.

Master Jake’s body tensed, and then he let out a long breath.

‘All right?’ said Master Dan.


Master Dan added his middle finger, and smiled as Jake shuddered
on another deep breath.

Master Jake extended his hand, and Cady took it, urging him to
turn and face her. He did. There was a soft, wet noise, and Master Jake closed
his eyes on a long exhale.

She was transfixed. A Dom was finger fucking her boyfriend, and
both she and he were enjoying it. She would add that to the list of things to
get her head around sometime that was not right now.

‘A little more,’ Master Dan murmured.

Master Jake nodded, and made an obvious effort to relax.

There was no time to analyze this. Cady let her body be her guide,
and her body obviously liked this
a lot

‘Cady,’ Master Jake smiled, indicating her lower quarters.

‘I was a little distracted,’ she managed.

‘Make me come,’ he said. ‘Both of you.’

‘Oh, God,’ she gasped, so close now. She wanted him to come with
her. On impulse, she tugged the crotch of the panties aside enough for Master
Jake to see inside to where the dildo entered her and was slipping in and out
by increments as her muscles contracted around it. She gave the crotch of the
panties a vicious pull, bringing the dildo almost all the way out of her
vagina, running it back and forth over her g-spot.

‘Uh!’ she said. ‘Coming!’

‘Harder!’ was all Master Jake managed. His bicep was white where
Master Dan’s fingers dug in.

‘Let it go Jake,’ Master Dan growled, fucking him viciously with
his fingers. Then he dropped his other hand to Master Jake’s cock, grabbed it,
and began a brutal pump and tug.

Master Jake’s entire body went rigid. He gave a tight grunt, and ejaculated
copiously into the rubber sheath.

It was too much. Cady let go, her hips pumping into the air as she
clamped down on the thick probes. Her body tried to eject the massive intruders,
but the panties held them in. Master Dan’s fingers were still deep inside her
boyfriend, his hand still gently milking him as he recovered. She cried out as
her own orgasm engulfed her.

Afterwards, she lay in a happy fog. Master Jake met and held her gaze
while the Dom withdrew his fingers, and patted him on the back. The subtlety
and sensitivity of the gesture was touching.

‘Cady, how do you feel about what you just saw?’ said Master Jake.

She knew this was another test, and already she knew she’d passed.
‘I loved it.’ She looked at Master Dan. ‘But if you want quantitative evidence,
you can check the probes.’

Master Dan smiled. ‘Oh, I intend to.’ He changed his gloves, and took
a pair of surgical scissors from the drawer. He leaned over her, and slid his
fingers into the leg opening of her panties. ‘Keep still.’ Carefully, he sliced
through the rubber. This triggered a frisson of arousal, and she shivered.

He glanced up at her with a small smile. ‘You like it when I cut
your clothes off.’

‘Yes, Sir.’

Once the panties were laid open, the men took a moment to inspect,
appreciate, and comment upon the sticky mess she’d made in them.

Master Jake squeezed her knee. ‘You expelled a large amount of
fluid, and you’re still running wet.’ He picked up a bottle of water, opened
it, and put it to her lips.

She tried to take over the job of holding it, but he wouldn’t let
her. He gave her a few sips, and then took it away again.

Master Dan moved down to the end of the bed. He unbuckled the
ankle cuffs and rubbed his thumbs back and forth over the pink marks beneath.

She prodded her right ankle with her left foot. ‘Not too much,
Sir. Thank you.’

He smiled. ‘Good. It’s not uncommon for people to panic the first
time they’re restrained. They fight and pull at the cuffs until their skin is
raw. It’s a natural response, especially when you’re feeling vulnerable to
start with, but you coped extremely well. These marks’ll disappear in a day or

The praise warmed her. ‘I trust you, Sirs,’ she said.

Master Dan’s smile grew into a beam. He tweaked her toes. ‘Thank
you, Cady,’ he said, sincerely. ‘That means a lot.’

Master Jake, similarly beaming, leaned down to kiss her. When they
finally came up for air, he rested his forehead against hers. ‘Roll over,
gorgeous,’ he whispered.

She did. The men took control of her legs, spreading her to their

‘Don’t move, sweetheart. I’ll withdraw the anal probe now,’ said
Master Dan.

There was a tugging sensation, and it left her empty far too
quickly. Unaccountably, she felt like crying.

Jake rubbed her back. ‘S’okay, sweetheart. Your body and mind are
a bit overloaded. It’ll get easier. Do you want to take a break?’

She shook her head. ‘No, I’m happy. A little overwhelmed, but

He tilted her head back, and gave her a searching look. Finally,
he kissed her sweetly. ‘Mission accomplished.’ He held out his hand for the
thermometer that had just been inside her, and squinted at it. ‘One hundred
point one,’ he said, pressing his palm to her forehead.

‘Unsurprisingly, her muscular contractions were strongest from the
time you became involved,’ said Master Dan. He pulled a wet wipe from the
bedside table, and handed it off to his friend.

Master Jake parted her buttocks. She squirmed as she was exposed,
and the wet wipe pressed against, and slightly into her anus, before a final
pass as it was removed and tossed in a bin.

‘I think Cady would benefit from an enema,’ said Master Jake.

Chapter 7


Her breath caught in her chest. This was on the list of things
she’d like to try, but now, lying helpless in front of two Doms, she was having
second and third thoughts.

‘I agree,’ said Master Dan. ‘What do you think, little sub?’

She swallowed. ‘I’m not sure.’

Master Jake smiled. ‘S’okay, darlin’. I’ve made the decision for you.’

Master Dan patted her ass. ‘Lift your hips.’

She obeyed, and the dildo slid out equally slowly, and far more
noisily, than the thermometer probe. She groaned as it came out, leaving her
feeling wide open. She looked over at Master Jake. His penis hung in the now-limp
rubber jockstrap, the tip bulging with the evidence of his pleasure.
Impulsively, she reached out and grasped it for comfort. His hand closed over

‘Do you like it?’ he said. ‘

‘Yes. It’s so…’ She shook her head, searching for the word.
‘Honest. You took your pleasure exactly how you wanted to, and you’re not
ashamed of it, or trying to hide any part of it.’

He nodded. ‘Exactly. That’s what it’s all about. I’m so glad you
see that. But,’ a flicker of concern crossed his face. ‘How do you feel about
that? About what I did, and about what you’re doing with us?’

She shook her head. ‘I’m stunned. At you, and me, and Master Dan,
and what we’re doing here. It’s not something I ever thought I’d actually do.
But now that I’m here… so far…’ She grinned. ‘Loving it. You’re right. It’s a
kind of freedom I’ve never felt before.’

He bent down and kissed her, and his loving expression was almost
her undoing. Her throat tightened.

Mercifully, he didn’t comment on her condition, but instead gestured
down at his jockstrap. ‘Remove it for me.’

She sat up and took the scissors he offered. She snipped through
the thin strips of rubber at his hips, and gently peeled the latex from his
balls, but not before taking the opportunity to cup and squeeze him in his
confinement, making him hiss and growl. When his penis was uncovered, she stared
at it, gathering her nerve.

‘Ask for what you want, sweetheart,’ he said.

She looked up at him. ‘May I suck you, Sir?’

His already-hardening cock twitched in response, and they grinned
at one another.

He traced her jaw with his forefinger. ‘You certainly may. Good
manners are rewarded.’

She leaned forward and braced her hands on his hips. His growing
erection bobbed invitingly.

‘Take your time, love,’ said Master Jake. ‘You don’t have to take
it all.’ His voice warmed. ‘Yet.’

Tentatively, she took the plump head into her mouth, and gave a
reflexive suck. He had a salty, sweetish taste that wasn’t unpleasant. She
pulled back for a moment, letting him slip out of her mouth. He took his cock
in one hand, and put the other on the back of her head. He didn’t force her
back on, but neither did he allow her to shy away.

‘Open your mouth, Cady. I want to hear you suckling me.’

Her sex clenched. She leaned forwards, and took him in again. This
time she poked her tongue into his slit, and was rewarded with a little spurt
of fluid. She pulled back, and swallowed, then latched back on.

He hissed, and stroked her hair. ‘Oh, yeah. That’s the way.’

Encouraged, she began exploring the textures of his cock with her
lips and tongue.

Master Dan crouched beside her so that his head was on a level
with hers. He cupped her breast and brushed his thumb back and forth across her
nipple. She moaned.

‘Kiss his balls,’ said Master Dan, quietly.

She did as she was told, the soft reddish-brown hairs tickling her
nose as she pressed her lips to the soft, warm skin.

‘Now lick them,’ said Master Dan.

She did, taking her time, running her tongue along the warm
contours, enjoying the way he shuddered and breathed more deeply.

Master Dan’s hand moved across her chest to play with her other
nipple. ‘Good girl. Now bring them into your mouth as far as you can, and keep
them there until I give you permission to release them.’

She opened wide and drew him in, taking immense satisfaction in
Master Jake’s groan of pleasure and frustration. Her lips closed around his
tight sacs, and she ran her finger down the cleft of his buttocks. Emboldened,
she began to spread him open, but Master Dan grasped her hand and replaced it
at her side.

‘No,’ he said, firmly. ‘Not there. Not yet.’

Both she and Master Jake gave a little groan at that.

Master Dan laughed. ‘Nicely done. Let him go, now. We don’t want
him coming off too soon, do we?’

She pulled back, licking her lips. Master Jake’s cock bobbed
eagerly just inches from her face, but his hands were gentle on her head.

He stroked her hair. ‘We haven’t done oral before. What made you
decide to do it now?’

She smiled. ‘It was right there, and I wanted to see what it would
be like to have you in my mouth. That’s what tonight’s all about. A free pass
to try new things, right?’

He massaged the back of her neck. ‘That’s right.’

She looked up to meet his gaze. ‘Did you like it?’

He grinned, and crouched down, pulling her in for a kiss. ‘I liked
it very much. But how about you?’

Her face grew hot. ‘I liked it too.’

His grin grew wider. ‘Good. Now, don’t think I’ve forgotten where
we were going when you took us on that little detour.’

She shivered, and he ran a comforting hand up and down her arm. ‘Are
you cold? Or nervous?’

‘The second one, a little,’ she admitted.

‘It won’t be too uncomfortable,’ said Master Dan, his broad,
strong back to them as he opened a box and took out a plastic package. ‘Actually,
it should feel pretty nice.’ He picked up a large jug of water.

‘Lie down on your back,’ said Master Jake.

She did.

He picked up a flat white bundle. ‘Lift your hips.’


His expression grew stern. ‘Because I instructed you to do something
you’ve agreed to doing. Don’t be frightened; just do as I say.’

Master Dan had turned to watch, and she’d no doubt he’d provide
whatever muscle Master Jake asked of him. She lifted her hips.

Master Jake quickly unfolded the white package. It was a diaper.
He put it under her bottom.

‘Okay. Back down.’

It crinkled as she settled herself on top of it. The men pulled
her legs apart and brought the diaper up between them.

‘No,’ she said, quietly.

‘Turn onto your left side,’ said Master Jake, his voice soothing,
cajoling. He put a hand on her shoulder, but wasn’t forcing her. Not yet.

‘Good girl,’ he said. ‘Pull your right leg up a little.’

He helped her into position. ‘Comfortable?’ he said, with the
barest trace of amusement in his voice.

She couldn’t deny that she was, at least physically. ‘Yes, Sir.’

Master Dan approached her from the front with a large red bulb
syringe in his hand. The long, black nozzle glistened with lubricant. Her sex
contracted in anticipation and dread.

‘All right, sweetheart,’ he said. ‘This was on your list as
something you’d like to try. We’re not going to give you a full enema right
now, so think of this more as an experiment, to see how obedient you can be.’

Master Jake crouched beside the bed, and brushed stray locks of
hair from her eyes. ‘I’m going to administer a few doses of warm water. You’re
going to hold onto the water until I give you permission to release it into the

Something in her immediately rebelled at this, and she pushed
herself upright. ‘No, Jake. No. Not that.’

‘Sir,’ he prompted.

‘Sir. This is a step too far. I’m not doing it.’

‘Why not?’

She blinked. ‘Why not? Because I can’t do that in front of you! It
was bad enough earlier, on the table. What if…’ her face was burning.

‘Say it,’ said Master Jake.

‘What if more than water comes out this time?’

He smiled, and brushed a tendril of hair from her eyes. ‘Then it
does. It’s no problem, sweetheart. There’s no right or wrong here, only what
you do or don’t enjoy.’

She began to push herself upright, but they overpowered her
immediately. Her sex contracted in excitement. Damn her treacherous body.

‘Lots of people have done this with Master Jake, sweetie. You’re
far from the first,’ said Master Dan. ‘I’d like you to try it. And I’d like him
to restrain you throughout the procedure.’

Master Jake’s demeanor was loving but intimidating as hell, now.
He rubbed her back. ‘Darlin’, this is going to happen unless you safeword.’

The men gave her a few seconds to speak, and when she didn’t,
Master Jake’s strong hands guided her back down, into her former position. He lay
across her back, his right arm over hers, pinning it to the mattress.

‘The doctor’s going to administer your enema now,’ said Master
Jake. ‘Just try to relax. It’ll make it all much easier.’

Cool air hit bare skin as Master Dan pulled the back of her diaper

She hoped they couldn’t see between her legs, to the rush of
wetness that escaped her at his words; she didn’t want to give them the

She flinched as Master Dan parted her cheeks and touched the slim,
wet nozzle to her anus.

‘No,’ she moaned, wanting this very badly. Almost as much as she
feared it. She squirmed. Master Jake tightened his hold, and she couldn’t move

‘Safeword if you need to,’ said Master Jake.

A fingertip nudged into her vagina. ‘She’s very wet,’ said Master
Dan, clearly reassuring his friend.

Master Jake stroked her hair with his free hand, and kissed her
ear. ‘Shh. It’s all right.’

His words lulled her, and the moment she relaxed, the nozzle was
carefully, but insistently, inserted. A few seconds later she felt the fat
rubber bulb pressing against her buttocks.

‘That’s it; nice and easy,’ said Master Dan, quietly. ‘How does
that feel?’

‘I don’t know,’ she said, rebelliously.

‘Then you need to focus,’ he said, implacably. ‘Squeeze down, see
if you can feel it.’ He withdrew the nozzle slightly, and slipped it back in,

She shook her head.

The air grew heavier.

‘I can take this out, and insert an eighteen inch enema tube that
I guarantee you’ll have no problem feeling,’ said Master Dan. ‘Would you like me
to do that?’

‘No,’ she said, quickly.

‘No, what?’ he said, sharply.

‘No, Sir.’

‘Then tell us how it feels. I’ll be withdrawing and reinserting
the nozzle a few times to refill it.’ As good as his word, he withdrew it,
refilled it, and slipped it back in, even deeper. Then he squeezed the bulb,
and a warm gush of water pulsed into her rectum. It was undeniably, shockingly
erotic and invasive, and her inner muscled clamped down on nothing, her hips
thrusting, making her diaper rustle.

She moaned.

Master Dan laughed softly. ‘Go ahead and tell me you didn’t feel
that, either.’

She shook her head, beaten. ‘I thought I was going to come.’

‘From the feeling of the water, or from the restraint, or from the
fact that we’re forcing you to submit?’

‘All of it, Sir.’

‘Good girl,’ he said, sounding satisfied.

She lay still, loving the feel of Master Jake’s big, strong body
on top of her, and the way every ounce of the men’s attention was focused on
her well-being and pleasure. She wanted and needed to be restrained and tended
to, and that was exactly what they were doing. They seemed in no rush to
complete the procedure.

Master Dan was touching her, talking to her, telling her what he
was doing as he slid the nozzle in and out, but he hadn’t actually made her
take very much water. It was more about the experience; she understood that.

At last, he withdrew the nozzle for the final time, and set it on
the cart. ‘Jake, sit her up, but keep her restrained.’

Master Jake slid his arms under hers from behind, putting her in
an unbreakable armlock. Master Dan fastened the tabs on her diaper.

‘Switch places,’ said Master Jake.

Immediately, Master Dan moved behind her and took over the job of
holding her immobile. The movement made her more aware of what was becoming an
uncomfortable fullness.

‘I have to go to the bathroom,’ she said.

Master Jake slipped a hand into the waistband of her diaper, and
gently palpated her abdomen.

That made it worse.

‘Please let me go,’ she said, squirming in Master Dan’s grip.

‘We will, very soon,’ Master Jake promised. He reached into a
drawer on the cart, and pulled out what she recognized as a breast pump. Then
he took out another.

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