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‘You were one of my more challenging clients,’ Dan smiled. ‘Cady,
what you’ll notice about Jake is that when you’re at The Hideaway, he’ll behave
somewhat differently to how he does outside. He’ll be more stern and demanding,
and he probably won’t smile as much. He’ll be that way because he enjoys taking
on that persona. And if he plays his part right, it’ll be easier for you to
play yours.’

‘He’ll be intimidating, but in a super sexy way,’ said Sam.

Dan smiled wryly. ‘In a nutshell.’

‘I know how hard it is to imagine yourself doing these things,’
said Sam. ‘But when you’re there, in the moment, and he’s made you feel desired
and safe, and you’re all turned on and ready to go, it’s not such a big leap to
go from doing one thing, to doing another.’

‘I hope so,’ said Cady.

 ‘And everything is completely confidential,’ said Sam. ‘Nobody
who’s involved in your scene will discuss it with anyone else, or even with
you, unless you raise it first.’

She nodded. ‘I’d hope not. Can I ask you something else?’

‘Sure,’ said Sam.

‘I was wondering why you don’t refer to Dan as ‘Sir’, or ‘Master’,’
said Cady.

‘It’s just not the way we do it,’ said Sam. ‘In the bedroom, or at
The Hideaway, or anywhere where we’re doing a scene or being intimate, I do
call him those things. But outside of that, I use his name. Obviously, other
Doms and subs do things differently, but this is what works for us.’

They chatted on through the delicious taco and salad lunch Dan
prepared, and on through the afternoon. When Cady called Jake to pick her up,
somehow they found themselves talking on with their hosts through a dazzling
sunset, and far into the evening.

Chapter 4


It had taken an eternity for her bloodwork to come through from
the doctor, and in the meantime Cady had kept her nerve by reading smutty
novels, but not bringing herself any release. By the following Thursday, her
libido was on a hair trigger.

After she’d mentioned The Hideaway for the umpteenth time that
evening, Jake put his wine glass down on the end table, and rubbed the back of
her neck. ‘I’m not pressuring you, sweetie. If you don’t want to do this, don’t
feel that you have to. I’m very happy with us as we are.’

‘But you’d like to do more,’ she said.

‘I would, but only if you would.’

‘I want to.’ She took The Hideaway’s checklist out of her pocket.

He smiled, and sat up straighter. ‘All right, let’s see it.’

She summoned her courage, and pressed it into his hands. But
didn’t let go.

He pried her fingers open. ‘C’mon, now. Don’t make me spank you.’
He winked at her. ‘Unless that’s what you want.’

He scanned the list. Like Dan, his eyebrows rose, and he grinned. ‘Okay,
so that
what you want. And quite a few other things besides.’

‘Maybe not all at once,’ she qualified.

‘Maybe not,’ he agreed, affably. ‘Do you think you could submit to
me, Cady?’

‘Yes, Sir.’

He smiled, and laced their fingers together. ‘I love how willing
you are to refer to me that way. And I appreciate how brave and honest you’ve
been on this form. I know it’s not always easy. Give me a few days, and I’ll
get everything ready for you.’

‘Thanks, Jake.’

He wrapped his arms around her. ‘Thank
, sweetheart.
I’ll do my best to reward your trust in me.’

‘I know you will.’ She paused, summoning her nerve. ‘And Jake?’

‘Mmm hmm.’

‘Don’t be too nice.’

He laughed. ‘Meaning what, exactly?’

‘Well… In the books, the Doms are always stern and tough, and I
don’t want you to be afraid to be that way with me. I think I’d like it, or at
least, I want to try it and see. So long as you aren’t a jerk about it. Because
then I’ll kick you in the nuts, checklist or no checklist.’

He laughed again. ‘Understood. However,’ he added, standing up, ‘kicking
me will be a challenge when you’re restrained and penetrated, while a slick
anal probe measures your responses, so you won’t be able to hide how turned on
you are.’

She let out a small noise. ‘When did you say you’d be ready to do

He laughed. ‘Let’s say Monday night. It’ll be quiet at The
Hideaway then, and I’ll have had a chance to order in a few things we’ll need.’

She moaned. ‘That’s so far away.’

‘Suffering, are we?’

‘Yes. I’ve been reading a lot.’

‘But not masturbating?’

She flushed. ‘No. Well, only once, last week.’

‘After I instructed you not to?’


He hesitated a moment. ‘Would you like a taste of submission right

Her heart began to pound. She’d never dreamed of hearing those
words. ‘Yes, please. Sir.’

He pressed his hand over her heart, and smiled. Then he took her
wrist, and pressed her hand to his chest, where she could feel his heart
hammering away too.

He smiled. ‘You’re not alone, Cady. I’m right here in it with you.
I’ll keep you safe, sweetheart. Nothing will happen that you don’t permit.’

She nodded, fighting down the lump in her throat. ‘I need this,
Sir. I think I’ve needed it for a long time.’

He pulled her into a hug, his strong, warm embrace easing the
tension in her body. ‘All right, then. It’ll be my privilege to give you what
you need.’

‘You’re going to punish me.’

She felt him grin against her hair.

‘Are you asking me, or telling me?’

She would play this as straight as she could, however weird it
felt at first. Fortunately, she’d read a hell of a lot, and thought she knew
the right answer here. ‘Whatever you decide, Sir.’

He stepped back a little. ‘Your Dom gave you a specific
instruction, which you ignored. But it’s your first transgression, and we
haven’t really got going yet. Therefore, I’m prepared to go easy on you.’

‘I…’ she had to stop and clear her throat. ‘I don’t want you to go
easy on me, Sir.’

He gave her a long, searching look before his demeanor changed.
‘All right.’ His posture became straighter, and his voice roughened and
hardened. ‘In that case, on your feet, sweetheart.’

Her heart beating a little faster, she obeyed. He disappeared down
the hallway, into the bathroom, and she heard him open the cabinet. He returned
with a small bag, and her vibrator. He’d seen it before, but she still blushed.

He held up the incriminating toy. ‘This is what you used?’

She nodded.

He pulled up a straight-backed chair, sat down, spread his legs,
and placed his big, strong hands on her hips. ‘Stand between my knees.’

She shuffled forward, and he hooked his fingers through her belt
loops, ensuring a backward step was not an option.

‘First, you need a safe word. We don’t do anything without that,
and you mustn’t be afraid to use it if you have even the tiniest feeling that
something is too much, either physically or emotionally.’


‘Red’ it is. That’s what we use at The Hideaway, too. Open your

Slowly, she did.

‘Let me see your breasts.’

Her sex began to respond to his tone, tingling as she did as he
commanded. When she pulled her bra cups aside, he looked from one to the other,
and then smiled up at her. ‘So beautiful.’

She wasn’t good at taking these kinds of compliments, and never
knew how to respond. His warm fingers brushed down her chest.

‘The answer you’re looking for,’ he said, ‘is ‘Thank you, Sir’.’

‘Thank you, Sir,’ she said.

He smiled. ‘I want you to take your left breast in your hand, and
offer me your nipple.’

She was breathing a little more deeply. She did as asked, moaning
as he latched on, and began to suckle. She cradled his head in her hands,
urging him on with soft noises. He took her breast in both hands, pulling at it
as though he was milking her. It verged on uncomfortable, but the insistence
with which he forced her to nurse him brought a warm gush between her legs, and
she moaned.

‘That’s right,’ he murmured.

His fingers in her belt loops held her steady as he suckled,
licked, kissed, and nipped his way around, before doing the same on the other

When at last he pulled back, both of them were a little dazed, and
the cool air on her wet nipples kept them pebbled, tempting him back for
another suck.

‘Remove your shirt and bra,’ he said.

She did, dropping them on the table.

‘Now take your trousers down to your knees.’

‘Just the trousers, Sir?’

He nodded. ‘Leave the panties.’

She did as he said.

‘Good girl,’ he said, picking up her vibrator. ‘Now, put your hand
inside your panties, slip your middle finger all the way inside yourself, then
draw it out and show me.’

She hesitated slightly.

‘Is there a problem?’ he said.

‘No,’ she said, steeling herself to do this with him sitting
there, fully clothed, scrutinizing her every move. ‘It’s just…’ She felt
herself blushing furiously.

‘When you’re ready,’ he said, not unkindly. ‘It takes time and
training to get into a submissive frame of mind. Just do your best.’

She pushed her hand in, and down. It was an awkward maneuver to
perform while standing, but his hand on her upper arm held her steady as she
sought and found her opening. She pushed in, and relaxed, having completed her
task. ‘There.’

‘All the way in?’ he said.


‘Sure? Do I need to check for myself?’

‘No, Sir. I mean, yes, Sir, I’m sure.’

He smiled, and kissed her shoulder. ‘Now show me your finger.’

She gave him a look, but said nothing as she complied.

He took her hand in his, put her arousal-coated finger in his
mouth, and sucked it. She watched, forgetting to breathe.

He released her hand. ‘Delicious,’ he said, picking up her
vibrator and holding it in front of her. ‘Now. Put this inside you.’

She shook her head, as yet unsure where her defiance had come
from, or why. ‘No, I…’

He stood up, grasped her firmly above the elbow, and steered her over
to stand behind the sofa. ‘You can lean on here if it’s easier. You have ten
seconds to get it in.’

Still, she hesitated. He moved behind her, and shunted her feet
apart. His hand was gentle but firm as he pressed her down over the back of the
sofa. ‘This will make it easier.’

Oh God, she was so turned on.

He pulled her panties aside. ‘Last chance to safeword.’

He waited a moment, and when she didn’t speak, he spread her open
with deft fingers.

‘Don’t move. Don’t try to fight it.’

The blunt, rubbery head of her vibrator pressed against her. It
was a lot to take even when she was on her back and relaxed. He pushed more
strongly, and she grunted as the latex shaft slid in a few inches.

‘All right?’ he said.

‘It’s big,’ she managed.

‘That it is.’ He pushed the vibrator again, and his words had
obviously made her body more receptive, because the thick pink shaft stretched
her wide, and the ears were reaching her clit. He pulled her panties up so that
they held the toy inside her, and perched on the back of the sofa. He kept one
hand on her back in a silent reminder to remain in place.

‘You know the old saying, ‘Let the punishment fit the crime’?’ he

She swallowed. ‘Yes.’

‘Yes, what?’

‘Yes, Sir.’

‘That’s better. Your wrongdoing is that you masturbated when I
told you not to. You had an unauthorized orgasm, or,’ he paused, ‘was it more
than one?’

‘Two. Sir.’

‘Two. Well, your punishment is to have that big old vibe in you
for five minutes.’

‘Not sure that’s such a terrible punishment, Sir.’

He smiled, and reached between her legs to press the power button.
‘We’ll see how you feel in a couple of minutes, sweeting. And by the way; you
are not permitted to come.’

It was no time at all before her head was foggy, dizzy, her body
screaming for release as her vagina spasmed around her treacherous vibe, with
whom she’d spent so many happy hours, her body and mind were now conditioned to
respond to it. So much for being best friends. Sweat beaded on her face. All
she could do was rest her forearms on the sofa back and let out a long, loud groan
as she tried without success to clamp down on her spiralling orgasm. Finally
she gave in and humped the toy shamelessly, but couldn’t quite make it happen.

She reached down to manipulate the vibrator, but he gripped her
wrist and planted her hand back on the sofa.

‘Two minutes to go.’

Finally, she had an orgasm barely worthy of the name. She slumped
over the sofa.

There was silence.

He pulled her panties aside and carefully extracted the toy. He
set it on the end table, and she saw that his jeans were open, his latex-covered
erection jutting out, leaving no doubt as to his intentions.

She began to straighten up, but his hand came down on the back of
her neck, pinning her in place like an animal.

‘This is going to be rougher than you’ve ever had it from me. Do
you want to safeword?’ he said, pressing himself against the back of her
thighs. His voice was tight, but in control.

‘No,’ she whispered.

He shoved into her in one sharp thrust. She cried out with the
shock of it, and before she could take a breath, he’d withdrawn almost
completely, and slammed in again without consideration for her pleasure or
comfort. It wasn’t making love the way she’d always known it. For the first
time in her life, she was simply being

Bent over and forced to take it. She’d always wondered what that
felt like, and now she knew. It was incredible, with a side order of
infuriating, and a touch of frightening.

Before she could sort out whether she was furious or turned on, her
body responded with the beginnings of another powerful orgasm. He jerked
himself out just before she came, and she made a loud noise of frustration,
which he ignored.

She could see he hadn’t come either; his cock was massively
engorged, and shining with her juices. ‘But, you didn’t…’

‘If I went on any longer, you’d have come,’ he said, stripping off
the condom. ‘If you were my sub, I’d have you suck me off now.’ Off her look of
alarm, he said, ‘but I’m not going to ask you to do that. I’m still going to
punish you, though.’

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