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Master Jake bent his head and took her left nipple into his mouth,
sucking and licking until her sex was clenching, and she began to writhe. Master
Dan tightened his grip. All the time, the pressure in her ass was increasing,
but as need overtook her, the discomfort was fading into the background.

‘Please,’ she said, not caring how desperate she sounded.

‘Please what?’ he said.

‘I don’t know, just make it better!’

Master Jake fitted the clear silicone over her breast, and
squeezed the handle. The suction was incredible. She let out a loud noise of
need, and he began to pump. Her nipple was drawn up inside the narrow tip, elongated
to the point that she stared at it in a combination of wonder and horror.

At the same time, he latched onto her right breast with his mouth.

‘Yes… please.’

He pulled away, and placed the other pump over her breast. He
paused for a moment, letting the tension build, and then pumped. Her nipple,
wet where he’d suckled her, was treated to the same forceful suction as its

He removed the pump, and one obscenely elongated nipple
disappeared between his lips, where he teased the tip with his tongue.

‘Oh, God! I’m going to…’

‘Go ahead, gorgeous. Let me see you come,’ said Master Jake. He
clamped his lips around her nipple and began to suck in earnest.

‘I can’t. I’ll…’ She strained against Master Dan as his arms
pinned her back against his hard, warm chest.

Her body was screaming for release, but if she did, she might lose
all control. She closed her eyes, and cried out her frustration.

‘It’s all right. Come for us, sweetheart,’ said Master Jake.

Stubbornly, she shook her head.

‘Hold her tight,’ Master Jake commanded. ‘I’ll make her come.’

‘No! Jake, don’t!’ she said, not caring that she’d forgotten to
call him Sir.

He snaked something down the front of her diaper. It was the black
wand, bent inward towards the tip. It slipped between her lips and pressed hard
against her clit. She tried to escape the powerful vibrations, but the Doms
held her perfectly immobile.

Pleasure overwhelmed her, and she claimed it, loving every moment,
including the sudden end to her discomfort, and the rush of heavy warmth that
filled the diaper.

When her orgasm was over, Master Dan eased her forwards, into
Master Jake’s strong embrace. He held her up on her knees while Master Dan took
care of the diaper and cleaned her up enough for Master Jake to get her into
the shower once again.

As the hot, soapy water removed all traces of their previous
activity, Master Jake pulled her in for another tight hug.

‘I want you to know how incredibly proud I am of you,’ he said.
‘You’re being so brave. To trust me, and Master Dan, like this…’ he shrugged,
and smiled. ‘Well, it’s truly an honor,’

‘I’m not submitting the way you want me to, though,’ she said.

He laughed. ‘You’re submitting exactly the way I want you to,’ he
said, ‘which is in the way that’s true to your nature. It’s what makes it fun,
and unpredictable, and special for us.’ He cocked an eyebrow. ‘And what about
my dominance? Now that you’ve experienced the reality, is it what you were
expecting? What you wanted?’

‘I wasn’t expecting you to go as far as you have. And I wasn’t
expecting to like it as much as I have.’

‘Physically, you’re definitely responding to this. But I want to
know what’s going on up here.’ He gave her temple a gentle tap.

She nodded. ‘I’m reeling. Not so much because of what you’ve done
to me, but because I’m trying to deal with the fact that I liked it, and I want
more, and I don’t know what that means, and what it means for us.’

He kissed her nose, and pulled her close. ‘We’ll figure it out
together, one step at a time. Okay?’

She nodded against his chest. ‘Sir,’ she began, slowly.

‘Mmm?’ he smiled.

‘Are you still planning to punish me?’

‘I am,’ he said. ‘But since you’ve been so good and brave in
telling me how you feel, I’m going to give you a choice. You can be spanked, or
you can be flogged.’

Her heart began to race. He was giving her an easy out with the
spanking, but she knew what she wanted. ‘Flogged. Hard.’

He tensed slightly in surprise, and pulled back to look her in the
face. ‘Flogged as hard as I decide you need to be, my love. But out of curiosity,
why do you want to be flogged hard?’

‘I’ve read a lot about it, and I feel drawn me to it. I want to
know what it’s like.’

‘It can feel like many things, depending on how it’s done. But you
want it hard?’

‘Yes, Sir. I want it to hurt. A lot.’

He nodded. ‘Good enough. For now.’ He helped her out of the
shower, and dried her off. ‘Go and sit on the bed.’

Chapter 8


Master Jake put two floggers on the bed; each fearsome-looking in
its way. He picked up the one nearer to her, and offered it to her. ‘Go ahead;
take a good look at them. See how they feel.’

The handle of the lighter one was wooden, with some kind of
grippy-tape wrapped around it. It was lighter than she’d have thought, and the
long, thin leather falls were buttery soft as she let them run through her

‘The falls on this one are suede. They’re very soft, and can give
a pleasant sensation as they move over your skin, but they can also sting quite
a bit.’

She nodded, and picked up the other flogger. This one had a steel
handle. It was heavier, and carried far more promise of pain. She turned it
over in her hand, experimentally slapping the long, thick leather falls against
her thigh, wincing when she hit a bit too hard.

‘This one is what we call a ‘thuddy’ flogger,’ he said. ‘As you
can see, the falls are more substantial, and they’re stiffer. If you’re given a
serious flogging from one of these, chances are you’ll be marked for some days
to come. You’ll be badly bruised, and probably get some welts. If I were to use
too much force, it could break the skin, though it’s not specifically designed
to draw blood, and that’s certainly not my intention for us tonight.’

‘I want to know what it feels like to take a real flogging,’ she
said, determinedly. ‘I don’t want you to hold back.’

The Doms exchanged a look.

‘This is where you need to bear in mind that your Dom is a
sadist,’ said Master Dan. ‘He hasn’t really shown you what that means, yet, so
be careful what you ask for.’

‘It means I’m going to be very careful,’ said Master Jake. ‘We’ll
start off with the suede, and then you can decide if you’d like to try the
other one.’ He reached into a drawer, and took out a length of shimmering
orange silk. ‘I’m going to blindfold you for two reasons. One is so that you
can concentrate on how you’re feeling. The other is simply to protect your

‘Yes, Sir.’

His blue eyes twinkled. ‘I like it when you say
yes, Sir
without question.’

‘I’m into it, Sir,’ she smiled back.

He took a translucent blue egg from the cart and lubed it. ‘Master
Dan, would you present the sub in the insertion position.’

‘Flat on your back, Cady,’ said Master Dan.

He moved onto the bed with grace and purpose, and before she knew
it, her ass was propped up on his thighs, while her legs were draped over his
bent arms. She wiggled experimentally, to see if she could move. She couldn’t.

‘None of that,’ said Master Dan, sternly.

Master Jake’s fingers were at her entrance, spreading her open.
The slippery egg was pressed firmly against her, and she took a sharp breath as
her sex stretched wide to swallow it. His fingers followed it in, pushing it
deeper, heightening the delicious fullness. ‘How’s that?’

‘Wonderful, Sir. Full.’

Master Dan allowed her back down.

Master Jake held out his hands. She took them, and he pulled her
to her feet, then went to a narrow cupboard, where he and Master Dan hauled out
a huge, padded St Andrews Cross. ‘Know what this is?’ he said.

She nodded. ‘From books.’

He smiled, and pounded it with the side of his fist. ‘Nice solid
piece of kit, made by the best in the business.’ He extended his hand. ‘Come
check it out.’

Slowly, she walked towards the instrument of torture, the egg
inside her making walking a bit of a challenge. Master Jake and Master Dan
undid the shackles at each point. She felt the padded leather cuffs, nodded,
and let them go.

‘Ready?’ said Master Jake.

‘Ready,’ she said, hoarsely. She cleared her throat and tried
again. ‘Ready, Sir.’

He smiled, and held out his hand. She extended her arm, and he
cuffed her wrist. He stuck his finger inside the cuff, ensuring it wasn’t too
tight. ‘Let me know if you feel any numbness or extreme pain,’ he said, then
repeated the procedure with her other arm, and her ankles, so that finally she
was held immobile, her body forming an X shape.

‘Believe it or not, you’re safer when you’re restrained,’ said
Master Dan. ‘Some areas of the body are safe to flog, and others aren’t. We
can’t have you moving around too much, in case the blow falls somewhere it

‘Should I be reassured by that, Sir?’ she said.

Master Dan laughed. ‘Don’t worry, little one. Master Jake has an
excellent eye, and I’m right here too.’

Master Jake moved to stand in front of her. He kissed her softy,
and smiled reassuringly. ‘Now the blindfold.’

She held her head up obediently as he tied the smooth silk in
place, trying not to panic as her sight was taken away.

‘Comfortable?’ he said.

‘Interesting question, Sir.’

He huffed an amused noise. ‘Understood. But I’m referring
specifically to the tightness of the blindfold.’

‘It’s fine, Sir.’ She felt him step away.

‘Then we’ll begin. I’ll start very light; there won’t be so much
as a sting until you tell me you’re ready.’

She swallowed. ‘Okay.’

‘Here we go.’

The next few minutes were almost relaxing. The falls swished over
her back and buttocks in soft, rhythmic movements. After a while, though, she
became restless, shifting and pulling at the cuffs on her wrists as her muscles
began to protest the unnatural position.

‘How are you doing?’ said Master Jake.

‘Ready for more, Sir,’ she said, cringing, every muscle in her
back knotted.

‘Hey, now. Take it easy. I’m not going to suddenly land a hard
blow,’ he said.

She nodded. The next blow was harder than the ones before, but
still no more than an occasional zinging pain across her back or bottom. She found
her mind straying forward to the next stage, the vicious-looking flogger with
the steel handle and thick tails.

Suddenly, she became aware that the blows had stopped falling.

‘What are you thinking about, Cady?’ said Master Jake.

‘When it gets harder, Sir.’

‘Is that because you’re afraid, or because you want to go onto

‘Can we just get to it, Sir? Before I lose my nerve?’ She pulled
again at the restraints, and felt someone’s hands at her wrists and ankles,
checking them.

‘We can, but only if you’re really sure it’s what you want.
Remember what I said; I’ll never hurt you unless you ask me to.’

‘I want you to.’

There was a slight pause. ‘All right,’ he said. ‘I’m switching
floggers. It’s gonna be harder now, and it’s going to hurt. Not too much at
first. At first it’ll be more of a thumping kind of feeling, but then it’ll get
sharper. I’ll gradually increase the force of the blows until you feel you’ve
reached a level of pain that satisfies you. Do you understand?’

‘Yes, Sir.’ Her heart was slamming against the padded frame.

‘When you reach a level that feels right for you, say ‘good’, and
I’ll keep the force of the blows steady at that level, and maybe push you just
a tiny bit beyond that. If at any time the pain becomes too much, say ‘red’,
and I’ll stop instantly. There are no prizes for taking a beating beyond your
pain threshold, so don’t do it. Understood?’

‘Yes, Sir.’

He made her repeat it back.

‘It’s all about health and safety with you guys, isn’t it?’ she

They laughed, and she relaxed a little.

‘Brave girl,’ said Master Dan.

‘Okay, sweetheart, here we go,’ said Master Jake. ‘Remember,
you’re in control.’

She nodded, and braced herself.

This flogger felt different from the first blow. Where the other
one had stung, this one bit, and then became a more solid thing that knocked
the breath out of her. The blows came at rhythmic intervals, following a
pattern that covered the back of her body from shoulder blades to just below
her buttocks, avoiding certain areas. She learned to anticipate, and in that
split second before the blow fell, she was able to prepare herself.

It was true, what people said, and it wasn’t anything that she
could articulate. It was a cleansing, once you stopped fighting the pain and
paid attention to what it had to teach you.

She didn’t know how much time had passed since he’d begun, or how
long she’d hovered in that place between pleasure and pain, before she
stuttered out her safeword. Before she could even take another breath, their
hands were on her, sure and gentle. Master Dan held her steady while Master
Jake unbuckled the cuffs and slowly brought her arms down, rubbing the pain
from her shoulders as best he could. She was surprised at how unsteady she felt,
and was overwhelmingly, giddily pleased with herself. She’d actually gone
through with this, and had enjoyed it far more than she’d expected.

The blindfold was removed, revealing Master Jake. He held her
while her pupils and pulse were checked.

‘Mmm hmm,’ said Master Dan, smiling at her. ‘Still with us.’

‘M’ok,’ she said, trying, unsuccessfully, to shake off Master
Jake’s supportive grip.

‘We know you are, little one,’ said Master Dan. ‘You’ve done very
well, so don’t ruin it by being uncooperative now.’

‘We’re going to bring you over to the bed and take care of you
now,’ said Master Jake. ‘That way you won’t be too uncomfortable later, when
you come down from this.’

‘M’fine,’ she protested. In fact, she felt incredible. ‘I feel
great.’ Though underneath that soaring feeling was the throbbing, burning pain in
her back and ass that proved she’d made it through a serious beating, and was
going to feel it for some time.

‘I’m glad, sweetheart,’ said Master Jake. ‘But I want you lying
down on your front.’

‘Will you be fucking me now, Sir?’

He looked thoughtful, and ran a finger down her back, making her
hiss. ‘You’re hurting.’

That wasn’t a ‘no’. ‘Please.’ She reached out, grabbed his wrist,
and shoved his hand between her legs so that he could feel how wet she was.

There was silence, and she froze, realizing what an incredible
mistake she’d made.

She met Master Jake’s level gaze, and removed his hand from her.

‘I’m so sorry, Sir. That was unforgivable.’

His gaze was hard, but gradually softened until the familiar twinkle
appeared. ‘I’ll decide what’s unforgivable,’ he said. ‘You’ve been through a
lot tonight, and you recognized that you’d done wrong, and gave me a sincere apology.
So,’ he kissed her, ‘you’re forgiven.’

‘You’re more than ready, yourself,’ said Master Dan, and she knew
he wasn’t addressing her.

Master Jake ruffled her hair, so that it stuck up in the way she
knew amused him. ‘I’m going to fuck your beautiful bottom. And Master Dan is
going to hold you still for me.’

Suddenly she felt tearful, and tried to put a lid on it, but
without success. ‘Thank you, Sir.’

He smiled, and wiped her tears with his thumbs. ‘You’re welcome,
sweetheart. Now tell me the truth; are you too overloaded for another round of
sex right now?’

‘No, Sir,’ she said, quickly. There would be plenty of time to
process this later; she wasn’t about to turn down the offer of something she’d
wanted for so long.

Master Jake watched her carefully for a moment, and nodded.
‘Good,’ he growled softly. ‘Because I want that ass, and if I have to shackle
you to the bed and have five Doms come in here to hold you down while I take
it, that’s what I’ll do.’

Oh, God. A rush of moisture escaped her entrance at his words. It
wasn’t impossible that that could happen; after all, Sam had told her that
she’d been restrained by four Doms, so five of them getting in on the act
wasn’t too much of a stretch. She doubted Master Jake would make good on the
threat; at least, not this time, but just the fact that he’d said it was
enough, and also dispelled any lingering fear that he might not want to do this
as much as she did.

In a blissful haze, she watched Master Dan stack several pillows,
and kneel on the bed beside them. He smiled, and reached out a hand. ‘Come on,
sweetheart. Let’s have you lying with your hips across these.’

He helped her into position, and Master Jake spread her legs wide
open. He parted her labia, and she felt him fiddling, attaching something to
her clit.

‘Make sure that stays on, yeah?’ he said.

‘Yep,’ said Master Dan.

Master Jake planted a soft kiss either side of her lower back.


‘Good, because you’re taking it, either way.’

She made a small noise. Now that she’d experienced his ‘Dom’
voice, there’d be no going back after tonight. Two long, thick fingers slid into
her anus, gently massaging and exploring the last area of her body that he
hadn’t claimed.

‘How’s that?’ said Master Jake.

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