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‘That wasn’t the punishment?’ she panted, a little resentfully.

He dropped a kiss on the top of her head. ‘Stay right there. Strip
from the waist down, so I can clean you up.’ He moved away, leaving her limp
and confused, with a deep, unsatisfied ache in her pelvis and a sticky mess
between her thighs, wondering what he was going to bring out to punish her

He reappeared a few minutes later, looking more composed. His
erection was gone, tucked back into his pants. He must have taken care of his
own need in the privacy of the bathroom. In his hand was a cool, damp
washcloth. He supported her with one hard forearm under her chest, and pressed
the soft cloth to her forehead, and then the back of her neck, with a
tenderness that surprised her. It did nothing to soothe her overactive
imagination, wondering about the punishment to come, but she loved the way he
was looking after her. She always thought she’d enjoy the aftercare part, and
she did.

‘Thank you, Sir,’ she said. ‘I thought you were going to punish

He pressed the cloth against her breastbone. ‘You’ve had enough
for one day. You’ve been very brave. I know you were scared when I bent you
over. You tightened right up when I slid into you, but you didn’t tell me to
stop, and you didn’t fight me while I took you.’

‘I didn’t know what to think, but in the end, I decided I liked

He sighed, and kissed her. ‘Thank you. It took guts to admit that.’
He helped her straighten up, and she walked gingerly around to sit on the towel
he’d thoughtfully put on the sofa. He draped a blanket round her shoulders, and
crouched in front of her.

He put a hand on each of her knees, and began pushing them apart.

She resisted. ‘What are you doing?’

He held up the washcloth. ‘Just this. Spread your legs, darlin’,
or I’ll spread ‘em for you.’

His expression made it clear that he was ready and willing to make
good on his words, so she allowed him to lift her legs, and bring them up to
rest on his shoulders. She slumped comfortably into the sofa cushions, and
watched as he gently cleaned her up. None of her other lovers had thought to do
this, and she probably wouldn’t have let them, anyway.

When he was done, he smiled up at her. ‘That wasn’t so bad, was

‘Just kind of embarrassing.’

He grinned. ‘Ah, well.’

She shook her head, and tugged him onto the sofa beside her,
draping the blanket over them both. ‘Thank you, Sir.’

The next few days dragged by, until finally, after work on Monday,
Jake pulled up outside the publishing house. She took a deep breath; this was
it. Part of her was fascinated to see what it would be like, and what
would be like in this place, while another part had been seriously contemplating
wimping out.

No. She had to try this. Had to find out if her interest in BDSM
was for real, or just a fantasy.

She hauled herself into Jake’s truck, and rolled the window all
the way down, to catch the sea air as they hit the coast road and headed for
the bluffs on the outskirts of the city. As storefronts gave way to hotels, to
seafront properties, and finally to open farmland on one side, and the sea on
the other, she began to relax.

‘Good day?’ he said.

‘Uh, yeah.’

‘How did the meeting go?’


‘Did you have a snack late afternoon, like I said?’


‘Did you see the purple unicorn in that field?’

After a second, his words registered. She smiled. ‘There was no
purple unicorn in that field. You know they only come to Southern California in
the wintertime.’

He grinned. ‘That’s better. Relax, sweetheart. Breathe. You’re
going to enjoy yourself, I promise.’

She nodded, and took the hand he offered, clasping it briefly,
before he had to change gear again.

After a while, a large, elegant white and gold sign surrounded by masses
of deep pink bougainvillea came into view up on the right. Jake slowed the
truck, and turned up a long, winding, immaculately landscaped driveway. The
building was hidden from view for the first few turns in the road. It was clear
that the grounds were designed for the purpose of protecting the privacy of the
hotel and its guests.

The came to a small, colonial-style brick hut with a tall, elegant
gate just beyond it. Jake waved a card in front of a discreet sensor, and the
gates slowly opened.

In the distance, a large white building with a wraparound porch reflected
the pinks and oranges of the setting sun.

The main entrance featured a grand portico with decorative trees
and shrubs tastefully decorated with fairy lights.

‘Pretty,’ she said, and Jake grunted in the affirmative.

‘My idea,’ he said, a moment later, with a tinge of pride.

She laughed. ‘Really?’

He grinned. ‘I also suggested they hang the lights in the pattern
of constellations of stars, but they said that was going too far.’

‘Yes, that’s what’s going too far,’ she smiled.

He laughed.

They parked in the staff car park around the side. When she didn’t
move to get out of the truck, Jake draped his arm across the back of her seat,
and gently massaged her neck. ‘Kinda worked up about this, aye, lassie?’ he
said, sympathetically.

She smiled. ‘Don’t try to seduce me with your Scottish wiles.’

‘Ah, but they work so well,’ he said, and then became serious.
‘There’s nothing to be scared of, love.’

‘I know.’

He gave her a look.

‘At the end of the day, what we’re talking about is just sex,’ she
said, though she knew this wasn’t really true.

‘At the end of the day, what we’re talking about is release,’ he
said. ‘That can come through pleasure or pain, or both. It can be yours, or
mine, or both. And it can be physical or emotional, or both. And it can be a
different combination of those things, on different days.’

‘Sounds complicated.’

‘Yes,’ he said. ‘And no.’

She scanned the huge, white spa hotel. No one would ever guess
what went on inside.

‘Hey.’ His voiced took on a deeper, more commanding tone. He took
her chin firmly between his fingers, and turned her to face him. ‘Are you
planning on holding out on me, Cady?’

‘No, Sir.’

He continued to look at her, though was obviously pleased that
she’d fallen straight into the correct form of address.

‘I don’t know what I’m going to do, Sir. Apart from the other day,
I’ve never done these things before.’

He smiled. ‘That’s the right answer. The honest one. Now tell me;
are you genuinely frightened?


‘Then let me prove to you that your fears are ungrounded. I’m not
saying that some of it won’t be difficult, or that you won’t feel
self-conscious at first. Almost everybody does, and that goes for subs and Doms
alike. But you’ll get past that, and I think you’ll like what you find on the
other side.’

He held out his hand. She took a deep breath, and took it. ‘I’m
ready. Sir.’

He smiled. ‘I know you are. Let’s go.’

Chapter 5


He’d taken her in through the front entrance, and checked them both
in at the reception desk. Finally, the pierced, middle-aged woman behind the
counter gave her a smile and a thin red wristband.

‘This is to let everyone know you’re a newbie, and off-limits to
everyone but your Dom, and whomever he chooses to scene with you.’ She gave
Cady a friendly smile. ‘Have fun.’

‘Thanks,’ Cady said, quietly, so as not to attract the attention
of any Doms who might be lurking around, looking for an innocent to pounce on.

‘Thanks, Marta,’ said Jake. ‘We’re in luck; it’s not too busy, so
we get room 324 tonight.’

‘Is that a good room?’ said Cady.

He grinned. ‘Oh, aye.’ He punched the elevator call button
cheerfully. When the door opened, he waved her in ahead of him. ‘After you, my

The elevator doors opened on a long, plush corridor. What struck
her first was the silence. ‘It’s so quiet,’ she said.

‘All the rooms are soundproofed, for privacy.’

‘No one can hear you scream?’ she quipped.

‘Exactly! Unless you call for a dungeon monitor, in which case
they’ll use a master key to unlock to door and make sure you’re all right.’

key?’ she prodded.

He sighed in amused exasperation, and gave her a friendly elbow.
‘So hilarious.’

They arrived at their room, and Jake tapped in a code. The door
opened with a satisfying ka-chunk, and he ushered her in ahead of him.

‘Afraid I’ll make a run for it?’ she said.

He grinned. ‘No, I am not. And from now until we leave the
building, I am your Dom. You’ll address me as ‘Sir’ or ‘Master Jake’. Is that

‘Yes, Sir.’

‘Your pleasure is important to me, but sometimes I’ll put my own
desires before yours. I expect communication from you, and that means telling
me either in words or sounds, how what we’re doing is affecting you.’

She was a little taken aback by this new tone of his, but tried to
roll with it. ‘Thank you, Sir. I’ll let you know.’

‘Good. Would you like something to drink? Water? Juice? Tea?’

‘No, thanks,’ she said, taking in the opulent suite. There was a
sitting area with a fireplace, and a couple of doors off of the main space. One
of them was open, giving a clear view into the bedroom.

Master Jake smiled, and pushed the door all the way open. ‘Take a

The bed was huge, and perfectly made.

‘Just like a regular five star hotel bed,’ said Master Jake.
‘Until you look a little closer.’ He lifted the bedclothes, revealing the
hydraulics beneath that could raise or lower the mattress, and the abundance of
restraints that were neatly tidied away. ‘The undersheet sheet is rubber, so
you can make as much mess as you need to.’

‘Wow,’ was all she could think of to say.  

He grinned. ‘Quite.’ He opened a door leading off the bedroom.
‘Here’s the bathroom.’

The bathroom was also huge, and bright, and equipped with a whole
lot of hardware that you didn’t usually find in a hotel. She backed out into the
bedroom, and pulled the door to.

When he saw her eyeing the large wardrobe and dresser, he opened
them, and smiled at her expression. ‘Breathe. We won’t be using everything in
here. At least, not tonight.’

‘That’s a relief.’ She followed him back out to the sitting area.

‘Trust plays a huge part in how much you’ll be able to enjoy this,’
he said. ‘So I want you to know that if I tell you that I’m going to do
something, I’ll do it, and that means following through on pleasure or pain. And
in return, I expect you to speak up if we’re doing something that’s beyond your
ability to cope with right now. This is very important, because if I don’t hear
that safeword, I’ll assume you want to keep going. I’ll always tell you the
truth, and I expect you to do the same. Are we agreed?’

‘Yes, Sir.’

‘We’re going to work on a traffic light system. If you say ‘red’,
we stop immediately. If you say ‘yellow’, we pause and discuss how you’re
feeling, and whether you want to continue. If you say ‘green’, you’re giving us
permission to go ahead with what we’re doing. Clear?’

‘Yes, Sir.

Don’t be afraid to use it. The only time I’ll be angry with you is
if you don’t use your safeword when you need to.’

‘Got it, Sir.’

He gave her a hard stare. ‘Do you?’

‘Yes.’ As new and unsettling as this was, his authoritative tone
was making her wet.

He smiled. ‘Very well then.’ He opened yet another door, and
wheeled out a strange-looking thing. It was padded, and had straps. He patted
it. ‘Want to take a guess at what this is?’

Well, it looked like you’d effectively be resting across the
central support, while the runners lower down would take your elbows and knees.
‘A spanking bench?’ she said.

‘That’s right.’

‘Why is there a hole in the top?’

He smiled. ‘It’s to fit a dildo, to penetrate you while you were
spanked. In fact,’ he said, thoughtfully, that’s not such a bad idea.’ He slid
open a cupboard built into the base of the thing, and took out a long, blue
dildo, which he extracted from its packaging, and wiped it with a cleansing
cloth. He waggled it. ‘See how it jiggles? Go ahead and feel it.’ He held it
out to her. ‘It’s designed to be extra soft and pliant. The extra length is to
compensate for the fact that you’re leaning forward.’

‘I don’t want that, Sir.’

‘I didn’t ask you if you wanted it, love.’

Right. He was the Dom, so he won. ‘Will I be expected to come,

‘You will not be permitted to come. If you do, you’ll receive more
spanks. My hope is that the insertion of the dildo will bring you a little
comfort while you take your punishment, but that’s all.’

‘Right. Because I’m so good at that not-coming thing.’ She felt
cold. She’d been afraid that she wouldn’t be able to take him seriously, that
she’d want to laugh, and he’d get upset. But she didn’t. Everything about this
felt different to what had previously passed between them.

He put a hand on each of her shoulders. ‘You said you didn’t want
me to go easy on you.’

‘No, Sir.’

‘Then we’re going to do this,’ he said, matter-of-factly. ‘This is
your punishment for the other day, when you came without permission. I said
you’d be punished, and that’s what’s going to happen.’

Right now, this wasn’t funny at all. A shudder of anticipation ran
through her. He knew she wanted this.

He never once broke eye contact. ‘And with your consent, I’m going
to invite Master Dan to come in here. He’ll conduct your examination, and then
he’ll assist me in any way I ask him to.’ He studied her for a moment. ‘Do I
have your permission to do that?’

She blinked. She
consented to voyeurism on her checklist,
and to the inclusion of other Doms in a scene, at her own Dom’s discretion. ‘He’s
going to see me naked?’ That was a stupid question.

‘Yes, he’ll be with us all evening. For the last time; do you want
to change your mind on that one?’

‘No, it’s just kind of… in at the deep end.’

He smiled. ‘I know. But I think you want this, and Master Dan’s
the, well, master, when it comes to medical scenes.’

‘All right.’ She couldn’t believe she was saying this.

‘Master Dan’ll touch you,’ said Master Jake. ‘It may be for a
medical purpose or for your pleasure, but he’ll be putting his hands on you,
and doing some things that are invasive. What he won’t do is penetrate you with
his penis, or ask you to do anything sexual to him. That’s just for you and me.
But in the course of things, it’s almost inevitable that he’ll become erect,
and you might see him ejaculate. How do you feel about that?’

‘Um. Head spinning.’

He smiled. ‘That’s not a ‘no’. So, one more time. He’ll watch.
He’ll touch you, but he won’t have sex with you. He might have a sexual
response to what happens tonight, but he won’t ask you to make him come. That’s
for Sam to do.’

She nodded, her gaze fixed on the ceiling, trying to picture
Master Dan touching her, and whether she was okay with it. Well, there was no
way to try this without going through with it, so that’s what she would do.

‘Do you want to revise any of this, before we get started?’ he
said. ‘You can. No one will think less of you. It’s not for everyone. But I
think you’re curious, and you might surprise yourself.’

‘Well, yeah, but… Master Dan?’ she flushed, picturing him in his
kitchen, making salsa, exchanging banter with Sam.

He and I often work together. But,’ he smiled, and kissed her
nose. ‘When he told me you’d shown him your checklist and talked with him and
Sam about what you wanted from tonight, we thought you might be more
comfortable if the second Dom was someone you’d already met. But it’s entirely
up to you, sweetheart. He’s a pro, and he understands that you’re a beginner.
His feelings won’t be hurt if you change your mind.’

She considered again the prospect of someone watching her at her
most vulnerable. ‘He won’t be mean to me, will he?’

‘No, sweetheart. Master Dan is anything but mean. He’ll do his
best to put you at ease.’

She took a deep breath. ‘Okay, then.’

He watched her carefully for a moment, and then nodded. ‘Okay
then,’ he echoed. He kissed her again, and changed his tone. ‘But first, your

She eyed him suspiciously.

He cocked an eyebrow, and his eyes twinkled. ‘Go into the
bathroom. Take everything off, and put on the paper gown that’s on the counter.
Tie it in the back.’

‘No one’s inflicted physical pain on me since my brother punched
me for the last time when I was about eleven,’ she babbled.

‘Why was that the last time?’

She smiled. ‘I punched back.’

He nodded, amused. ‘I promise this will be very different, and
there will be no hitting back on your part. Just the right amount of fear can
enhance your pleasure. But if you truly need me to stop, you’ll safeword, and
I’ll stop immediately. And now, stop procrastinating and get in the bathroom.’

 It didn’t take nearly long enough for her to remove her clothes
and put on the flimsy paper gown. She left her clothes on the counter by the
sink, and went back into the sitting room. He’d attached the dildo to the
bench, where it stood proudly erect.

He was standing there, waiting. His eyes roamed her from top to
bottom, and he beamed. ‘You look fantastic.’

‘I feel ridiculous.’

He crossed his arms over his broad chest. ‘Sir.’

‘I feel ridiculous, Sir.’

‘You’ll get over it. Come with me.’ He held out his hand, just has
he had in the truck. She took it, and allowed him to lead her over to the bench.
‘Step up onto the runners, and position yourself over the dildo.’

After a moment’s hesitation, she complied. His hands were between
her legs, coating the thick, rubbery column with lubricant. ‘Lower yourself
down, nice and slow. Take your time, but the end, I want your ass sitting on
the bench.’

She steadied herself with a hand on his shoulder, one hand holding
her gown out of the way, gradually bending her knees until she could feel the
slick, rubbery tip against her entrance. She spread herself, and the head slipped
in. Her breath hitched.

‘Good girl,’ he murmured. ‘Keep going. Take it all in. Enjoy the

She obeyed, and concentrated on trying to enjoy the sensation of
the slippery toy as it filled her. Finally, she reached the bench, the entire
length of the dildo inside her. She clenched down on it a few times, experimentally.

‘How’s that?’ he said.

‘Nice.’ In fact, it was a lot more comfortable that she’d
expected. ‘Embarrassing.’

‘Funny how those two can go together, isn’t it?’ he said.

‘Yes, Sir,’ she managed.

‘Now lean forward so your chest is resting on the bench, and your arms
are braced on the runners.’

She did. The dildo pulled out a little as she moved, but was still
a thick, invasive presence lodged deep in her body. He pulled up her paper
gown, exposing her ass and everything else to his view.

‘If you can be a good little sub and not move, I won’t restrain
you on this occasion,’ he said. ‘I think with the spanking and the dildo,
enough is enough.’

‘Thank you, Sir.’

‘Been a while since you’ve been spanked, huh?’ he said, moving
into position at her hip.

She tried not to panic. ‘About thirty-seven years.’

He laughed. ‘Way too long, then.’

She gave a start as his hand touched her right butt cheek.

‘Easy,’ he said, gently, rubbing her bottom. ‘I’m going to spank
you fifteen times on each cheek. The blows will start off light, and gradually
build to become much stronger. If you need me to stop, you’ll safeword.’ His
hand remained on her ass. ‘Ready?’

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