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“You must be Scott,” he said, with a smile on his face

“Hi Jim, yer house is amazing,” Scott replied.

“Thanks,” he smiled, “Do you play tennis?”

“That’s one of the few sports I have nae ever really played
Jim, but I see yer do.”

“Yeah, we’ve got a court around the other side of the house.
I’ve just been practicing my serve. Linda doesn’t play anymore, but I like to
play against the kids when they come to visit,” he said, smiling.

“It’s a great house, and what a view!” Scott said, still
taking it all in.

“Let me show you around inside. You can then leave your
things in the guest room.”

Jim showed Scott around the house and introduced him to his
wife. Scott found them both to be very down-to-earth, genuine people who liked
to have fun. They encouraged Scott to rest for a while after his flight and
told him they would arrange lunch whenever he felt hungry. Scott told them he
was always hungry and would be happy to eat whenever they did.


Later that afternoon they all relaxed by the pool and got to
know each other a little better. Jim was very insistent on getting to know
Scott first, before they talked about business. He was adamant that they all
have this afternoon of fun around the pool, and arranged to talk with Scott
later in the evening about his security dilemma.


Scott soon found out that Jim and Linda owned a number of
businesses. He suspected that they were multi-millionaires, if not billionaires.
But, he decided not to ask. He learned that the couple met in College in the late
70’s, and been together ever since.

They started their first business, together, which was a
small restaurant, shortly after they earned their degrees. Their business
gradually progressed from there. It turned out that they now owned several
restaurants, as well as, two casinos in Las Vegas, and a chain of women’s
designer stores which sold clothing, shoes, accessories, fragrances and
jewelry. They were exceptional business people. They made their own fortune,
nothing was given to them. Scott learned they tried to stay out of limelight,
hardly anyone, apart from family and close friends knew of their success. Scott
admired and respected them for that.

Jim and Linda seemed to be so genuine and laid back. He
found them very easy to get along with and talk to, they were very friendly.
They were very physically fit too, they looked good. They both were in their
, and Scott could tell they worked out regularly. Jim
was about 6’ tall and was slim, his silver hair was slicked back and he was
clean shaven. He appeared very healthy, and was quite tanned. Linda was also
tanned; she was about 5’5”, long, dark wavy hair, dark
eyes and a pretty smile. She flirted with Scott about his accent, but it was
all in fun. She was wearing a short skirt and bikini top all afternoon in front
of Scott that showed off her great, curvy figure. It was hard for Scott not to
notice. Linda flirted all day with him, right in front of her husband, nothing
was secretive. This made Scott realize they were both very comfortable with
each other and trusted one another. It was obvious they shared a great
relationship. Scott felt at ease with the two of them, it was all just good-natured
fun. He liked them and he hoped he was going to be able to help them with their
security issue.


Later that evening, after they all enjoyed supper, Jim
invited Scott to sit down with him in the main living room. It was a huge room
with white walls and black marble flooring, which included a loft and an open-curved
staircase. There was also a magnificent brick fireplace which looked stunning. Large
picture-windows, pretty much covered the entire South-side of the house and the
ocean-views were amazing as the sun started to drop in the sky. Soon, Linda
joined them. She was drinking a Screwdriver (Vodka and Orange Juice) and
brought one for Jim too. She asked if Scott wanted one, but he declined and
opted for water.

“So Jim, I’m sure yer have nae invited me all the way oot here
tae swim in yer pool and eat all of yer food. So, what can I help yer with?”
Scott asked. He was having a great time, but was anxious about what they wanted.
He hoped he would be able to help.

“Well, first of all we heard what you did for Britney. We’ve
known her since she was born. And we know a little about your background from
her and Bill. You were in the S.A.S., correct?”

“Aye, that’s reet.” Scott nodded.

“I have security people at all of my businesses and I could
have contacted a specialist company. But, Scott, when it comes to my kids I’m
very protective. I like to do business with someone I can sit down with
personally, someone who I can look directly in the eye. With you also being
personally recommended by someone very close to me, I hope you understand why I
specifically contacted you.”

“Aye, I understand. So, what exactly do yer need?”

“Scott, I have two daughters and a son. I refuse to just
give them anything. I want them to work for their success, just like Linda and I
did. I made a deal with all of them that if they completed and earned College
degrees, I would give them each $250,000 to help them start their own
businesses and get a start in life.”

Scott nodded, unsure where this was going.

Jim continued, “Anyway my two daughters completed their
degrees and are both successfully running businesses. They are both safe and
healthy. The problem is my son, he’s our youngest. He’s about to graduate from
USC. It is what he wants to do with his money that is worrying both Linda and I.”

“Okay, what is it?” asked Scott.

“He has a friend at College who is from Russia. Andrei I
think his name is.”

“Jimmy, his name is Alexei, but carry on,” Linda corrected

“Whatever his name is, that’s not important. Anyway, he’s
been talking to our son Kyle about investing in his family’s business. They’re
opening a new casino in some Russian city and they’ve been filling Kyle’s head
with talk of doubling or even tripling his investment within a few months. Now
they want him to go over to Russia sometime this summer to meet the family and
look at the casino.”

“So, what do yer know aboot the family, and what city are we
talking aboot?” asked Scott.

“We don’t know much about the family, but Alexei came and
stayed here with Kyle last year and he seemed like a nice enough kid, but I
don’t know. Something just doesn’t seem right about this. Do you remember the
name of the city, Linda?”

“I don’t, I know it wasn’t anywhere I have ever heard of
before. I will call Kyle later tonight or tomorrow and ask him again.”

“Well, if yer can find oot the name of city, and the family’s
last name, I can do some research. Also, do yer know if this Casino is built
yet, does it have a name?” Scott asked, confidently. He could tell they were
both very worried and wanted to reassure them he would help.

“We’ll call him and get all the details you need. Although
it’s a Saturday night, so we’ve got more chance of reaching him in the
morning.” Jim said.

“Have yer talked tae Kyle aboot yer worries?” Scott asked,
looking at Linda.

“We’ve tried,” she responded.

“Scott, he’s twenty-two, he thinks he’s invincible and that he
knows everything. He is a good kid. He is just stubborn and wants to do his own
thing. Linda and I travelled all over the world after we left college, but it’s
a different world now. You have to be so careful. But, I don’t need to tell you

“Aye, unfortunately yer reet, Jim.
Look dinnae worry fer now. Yer two find oot all the information yer can aboot
the family and the casino and I will find oot what I can. I promise yer I will give
yer my honest opinion aboot whether it’s a safe place tae go after I know all
the facts. And if I dinnae believe it’s a place he should be travelling too. Then,
I will talk tae yer son if yer like. It may get through tae him more if it
comes from someone else.”

“Thanks Scott, have you ever had any experience or dealings in
Russia?” asked Jim.

“Aye, a wee bit, but Russia is a huge place. Let’s just wait
and see what area we’re talking aboot first.”

“Can I get you a real drink now Scott?” Linda said, as she
got up and walked towards Scott.

“Aye, I’ll have a small one of what yer two are having. Thanks.”

She smiled at Scott, and then turned to her husband.

“Do you want another one too, Jimmy?” she smiled, she
already knew the answer before she asked.


The evening continued with lots of food, drinks and conversation,
about their respective pasts. Scott told them about some of his military
background. Well, the parts he was allowed to talk about. And also about his
time in Baghdad with Britney. They seemed to think Britney was a sweet little
angel, so he never elaborated on why he knew that she wasn’t quite so innocent.
Scott learned that as well as Kyle, the Robinson’s had two daughters. Katy was twenty-six
and Tiffany who was twenty-nine. Scott cringed when he heard name Katy, and explained
that he’d just broken up with a ‘Katie’, although when he found it was spelled
differently, it didn’t quite seem so bad. Jim and Linda’s daughter Katy was
married to a Real Estate Executive called Josh and they lived in San Francisco.
Their other daughter Tiffany lived in Santa Monica. They expected her to visit
sometime the following day, so they told Scott he may get to meet her. It was a
very interesting evening and Scott hadn’t consumed this much alcohol for a
while. So, at about 11:30 p.m., when he admitted that he needed sleep. His
hosts were still going strong with the Vodka, so they agreed to continue their
chat in the morning. Scott made his way up to the stunning guest room; it was
very classy and had an en-suite bathroom. As Scott lay down on his bed, his
head was spinning, he knew he really shouldn’t have drank that much but he
enjoyed his hosts and was having such a good time, he never really realized how
strong the drinks were. Within a few minutes, he was sound asleep.



Chapter 6

The room was quiet and dark. Scott was very comfortable lying
in his bed, and there was an abundance of white, fluffy pillows. Unexpectedly,
he heard the door to his room creak as if it slowly opened. He turned towards
it and saw the unmistakable outline of a shapely woman wearing a dress, as she
walked into his room. The light from outside the door lit up the room enough
for him to make out her shape and see that she was wearing high heels, which clicked
on the hard wood floor. She carried a small tray. He could not make out her
face though, what was happening? He thought.

“Hello Scotty. I’m your nurse and I’ll be taking care of you
today. Is there anything I can get for you now, before I take your temperature?”
she asked, as she stepped towards the table on the opposite side of the room to
the bed.

Scott’s head was spinning. He didn’t feel well and couldn’t speak.

“No? Oh, you don’t look well,” she added.

He watched as she placed the tray on the table and walked crisply,
hips swaying, towards him. She bent over, her hand reached for Scott’s forehead,
cool, smooth fingers, soft palms. Her white dress buttoned down the front, the
top two were open. He enjoyed a full view of her cleavage. He still couldn’t
make out her face though. He was confused.

“Scotty, you are feverish! Don't worry. We'll get you right-as-rain,
soon. I have just the cure for you.”

She turned and walked across the room to the tray, giving
him a nice view of her rear as she walked away. Within moments, she was back
with the bottle of massage oil, and placed it on the bedside table.

“Now, let's just get you undressed and out of these blankets.
I'll give you a nice rubdown with this aromatherapy massage oil!”

She briskly leaned
over him so that he could see her skirt hike
garters peeked out from below the hem of her dress, pale thighs, rounded and
firm. She pulled his blanket and sheet off and he was left completely exposed
on the bed. She paused, her mouth agape for a moment. She looked at him in just
his boxers, and stared at his abs and chest. She then smiled, mischievously.

“Scotty, I’m going to
give you a massage now. Just roll over on your belly, and we'll take the rest
of your clothes off so we don’t get them all oily.”

Who is this and where am I? Scott thought. And why the hell
does she keep me calling me Scotty? Although, he wanted to find out what was
going on, he didn’t feel well and still couldn’t get any words to come out.

She told him again to turn over onto his tummy. He didn’t
know why but he was doing exactly what she asked. She laid a towel over his
rear end. He then felt her hands on his body as she slid off his boxers. She
walked around to the top of the bed so Scott could see her, and stood there.
She smiled at him as she poured oil into her palms. He still could not see her
face properly. But, could make out her smile, and that she winked at him. Then,
she started to massage his back and shoulders, with the oil. It smelled sharp,
antiseptic and cool. It warmed his skin and he started to relax. Scott noticed
how close she was. He felt her breasts as they brushed his arm occasionally, as
she bent over him. Then she moved her fingers down to his legs and massaged
each one. Each hand rubbed deep into his muscles, getting his blood flowing. He
if moved his hand a couple of inches, he
could just touch one of those garters on her thigh. He started to get very
aroused, and decided to just do it. So, he reached over with his fingers and
grabbed the garter, and snapped it. She paused a moment, then lightly slapped
his hand.

BOOK: KILTED DESIRE 2 - Russian Roulette
3.52Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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