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Later that evening, Scott received the other calls he patiently
waited on. He amassed all the information he needed and reported back to Jim
and Linda. All the “
” he received about the
casino indicated that it was legitimate. They needed not be worried in that
regard. All that he discovered about the Pavlyuchenko family was positive too.
They seemed to be clean and genuine, which was very good news. However
did advise the
Robinson’s that due to the instability in the area, it would be wise that Kyle
have someone go with him for security reasons. Scott thought Tom Schultz would
be an excellent person to ‘look after’ Kyle on his trip. So, he passed on some
information about Tom to them.


Scott had spoken with Tom the previous day (Sunday), while he
was still at Jim’s house. He remembered; back in Baghdad; Tom told him about a
number of good contacts in Russia, as well as other places around the globe. When
Scott spoke the prior day with him, it turned out that Tom’s contacts were
mostly in the Moscow area. Unfortunately, he was not able to help much. But, the
two men enjoyed catching up and chatted for a while. Scott learned that Tom was
very disillusioned with life and very unhappy with PCPS, back in Iraq. He
believed that he personally might be interested in the security position for
the Robinson’s. Even, if it was only a short-term opportunity.


Scott called Jim later in the week. He wanted to run the
possibility of having Tom contact him directly about the possible opportunity of
securing Tom for the position. Jim seemed very pleased and agreed that Scott could
give Tom his home number.

Scott followed through with pretty much everything he personally
could, for the Robinson’s. He even called in a few favors and found out a lot
of additional information. Also, he knew he had placed them in touch with a
very experienced as well as knowledgeable security guy. Scott hoped Tom would
look after Kyle on his trip to Russia. Scott was feeling quite happy and
content with what he had quickly pulled together. That Friday morning, he promptly
received Jim’s check in the mail for the full $3000, which he quickly deposited
into his bank account. That would help for a wee bit he thought.


It was mid-Saturday afternoon, after Scott’s return from California.
He worked his four nights and had just started to enjoy the weekend off. He was
kicked back and resting at home. He caught up on a few household chores when
his phone rang, it was Tom.

“Hey Tom.
How are yer?”

“Hi, Scott!
I’m good. I just spoke with
Jim Robinson. He seems like a genuine guy. What do you know about him?”

“I only met him last week fer the first time. He’s a guid
friend of Britney’s Dad. They seem tae be a very nice family, very genuine. And
they are extremely worried aboot their son heading tae Russia.”

“Yeah, you said that the other day when we talked. They
certainly made a good impression on you. Listen, I can’t talk for long, but
he’s offered me a lot of money to watch his son on this trip. It will be pretty
expensive, is he good for the payment?”

“Tom, the guy is very wealthy. If he offered yer a figure,
he’ll pay yer. He paid me three grand just fer going tae talk tae him. I did
nae really
much when I was there apart from hang
oot with him and his family.”

“Yeah, he asked me to go out there now, to meet with him,
too. I said I couldn’t make it out there for a few weeks. So, we’re going to
have to arrange something. He said his son comes home from college soon. He doesn’t
want me to be at his house when Kyle comes home, just in case he realizes what
we’re doing. So, I’m going to meet Jim somewhere else.”

I think they did say Kyle was
coming haem from college soon.”

“Okay Scott, thanks. I just wanted to check. The money
seemed too good to be true for a week’s work. But, if you say this guy is legit
and good for it, then that’s good enough for me.”

“Aye, I trust him. Bye Tom.”



Later that evening
Scott was bored and didn’t have anything to do. There wasn’t anything on TV
that he wanted to watch and he felt a little lonely. So, he decided to head out
to the local Sports Bar. As usual, when he went there, he walked. It was a
pleasant evening and the stroll took him about fifteen minutes. He didn’t go all
that often, maybe once a month. But, when he was there he always seemed to run
into the same people. As Scott walked in, he said ‘hi’ to a few of the regulars.
He didn’t know their names, but they always seemed friendly enough. Sam was
there too, Scott sat on a stool at the bar and looked up at the various
screens. It was that time of year when Basketball, Hockey and Baseball were all
on, so it was very hard to decide which screen to watch.

“Hi Scott.
What can I get you

“Hey Sam.
I’ll just have a bottle
of my usual. Thanks.”

“We haven’t seen you in here for a few weeks. What have you
been up to?” she asked, as she handed him his beer.

“Nae much really.
I found a job and
work four nights a week. Plus, I was oot in California last weekend.”

“Ooh nice! Did you have fun?”

“Aye, I did actually. It was supposed tae be fer business,
but I really enjoyed it.”

She smiled at him, and moved to the other side of the bar. There
were a number of people who waited to be served. Scott sat for a couple of
hours and watched the games, drank a few beers and enjoyed occasionally chatting
with Sam. Then, his phone rang, it was Katie. ‘What does she want?’ he thought.
He wanted to let it go to voicemail. But, decided to answer it.


“Scott, answer your door. I’ve been knocking for ten
minutes. I need to talk to you, now,” she said angrily.

“I’m nae haem. What do yer want?”

“You know what I want. Where are you?”

“I’m at the Sports Bar in town. Katie, I have nae idea what
yer want!”

“Are you coming here or shall I come there?”

“I’m nae coming haem yet. Just leave me alone, please,” he
answered her, and hung up his phone. ‘What the fook was all that aboot,’ he

About five minutes later, a very angry Katie burst into the
bar. It was not overly busy, so she easily spotted Scott and briskly made her
way towards him.

“I want it back, Scott!” she said, as she got in his face.

“I dinnae know what yer talking aboot!”

“Yes, you do! My engagement ring! It was stolen. I know it
was you.”

“Katie, I never once asked yer tae give me yer ring back. Plus,
I dinnae even know where yer live now.”

Katie was angry, she was very loud and the people in the bar
started to stare. Sam walked over to the two of them.

“Is there a problem here, Scott?”

“Mind your own business, bitch,” Katie snapped.

“Hey, cut it oot.” Scott responded, immediately coming to
Sam’s defense.

“Get out now or I’ll call the cops,” Sam said calmly to

“I’m sorry, Sam. I’ll take care of it,” Scott said, as he
got up and gestured for Katie to follow him. He walked out of the main door,
onto the steps that led to the establishment.

“I have nae stolen anything Katie. Why are yer looking tae
start trouble? What’s going on?”

“It was taken from my Mom’s house, who else would have taken
it?” she said, aggressively, as she pointed her finger near his face.

“I like yer Mom and Dad. Why would I break in tae their
house? Yer are nae making any sense, Katie.”

“We know it was you. You could have easily gotten in there,
with your skills.”

“Just go haem, Katie. I have nae done anything,” he said, as
he turned and started to walk away from her.

“We’ll see about that,” she said, as she walked back to the
parking lot. She climbed in to the passenger’s seat of a black SUV. There was a
man seated in the driver’s seat. But, Scott could not see him well enough to have
recognized who it was. He quietly stepped back inside the bar.

“I’m sorry Sam,” he said again, as he sat back down at the

“Scott, you didn’t do anything! And, I would presume that
was the ex!” she stated, as she shook her head.

“Aye, I think she’s gone crazy. She accused me of stealing
her engagement ring.”

“I wouldn’t worry about it Scott. You could tell from
looking at her eyes that she was high.”

“Aye, I would nae be surprised.”

“Plus, I thought you told me she was pretty!” she said, smiling
at him.

“She is. Well, actually, I suppose I should say, she used
tae be!”

“It doesn’t count when 95% of your prettiness can be wiped
off with a Kleenex,” Sam said, and winked at Scott as she smiled.

“Aye, she was wearing a lot of make-up.”


Scott tried to forget about the incident, and enjoyed the
rest of his night out. He continued watching the games. Later, just after 11:00
p.m., he decided to leave. As he walked across the parking lot he saw a black
SUV. It sped across from the other side of the lot and came to a sliding halt
near him. Both doors opened. Katie and a man got out and approached Scott.
Katie looked to be upset and seemed to be trying to persuade the man to get back
into the car. By now, there were a few people from the bar who stepped outside.
They had heard the SUV race across the parking lot, and its brakes squeal as it

“Please Keith, let’s go home,” Katie pleaded, and held onto
the man’s arm trying to hold him back. He was a big heavy man, just under six
feet tall and probably close to 300 pounds. Although most of the weight was being
carried around his mid-section, Scott could see how he might have intimidated some
people. He wore big black work boots, dark jeans, a black leather jacket, which
was open and a dark baseball cap. Scott watched him carefully as he
aggressively approached.

As he moved closer, Scott could see how wrinkled his face
was, he looked old. ‘What on earth was she doing getting herself involved with
an unpleasant, overweight, old man like this’ he thought. Katie still held on
to him and was hysterical. He shrugged her off and she fell backwards to the

“Where’s her ring?” he questioned Scott aggressively, as he
moved closer.

“Are yer really nae going tae check that yer girlfriend is
okay? Being as though yer just pushed her
tae the

He glanced quickly behind him, as Katie slowly rose to her
feet. She appeared to be okay.

“She is fine, and it’s none of your damn business anyway.
Just give me the ring and we’ll leave.”

Just as he finished talking, a few of the regulars from the
bar came over.

“Are you okay, Scott? Do you need any help, my friend?” one
of them asked.

“Nae, I’m guid thanks. Yer go and enjoy yer evening. This
guy is just leaving.”

“I’m not going anywhere until I get her ring. You’ve got one
minute to hand it over or I’m going to take it,” Keith said angrily, as he
moved even closer to Scott.

The guys from the bar walked away a little, but didn’t go
back inside. They didn’t really know much about Scott’s background, as he
tended not to mention too much about his past to many people.

“Has Katie nae told yer anything aboot me?
at all? Look, I dinnae want any trouble. This is just
a misunderstanding. I have nae got her ring,” Scott said calmly.

“Last chance, give it to me.”

“Keith! Please, let’s go. We will work it out tomorrow,”
screamed Katie.

“We will work it out, right now,” grunted Keith, as he lunged
towards Scott throwing a wild right hook.

With lightning speed, Scott dodged the punch. He grabbed the
big man’s arm and twisted it behind his back. Within a split second, he was
face down on the ground. Scott knelt down, with his knee on the Keith’s back,
as he kept the arm-hold firmly in place.

The bar regulars gasped. Keith cried out in pain for Scott
to release him.

“I told yer I did nae want any trouble. I dinnae have her
ring, and I dinnae want it back. If I let yer go, will yer get back in yer car
and leave?”

“Yes. Just let me go,” he pleaded. He started out so angry and
aggressive, but not anymore.

Scott released his grip and backed off. He walked towards
the guys from the bar.

“I should sue you, you bastard,” Keith said, as he slowly stood
up from the ground. Katie tried to help him, but he pushed her away, again.

“I have a lot witnesses here that will state yer attacked
me, I did nae even strike yer. I just defended myself,” Scott replied.

“This isn’t over,” he said, as he spat in Scott’s direction.

Scott ignored him and talked with the guys from the bar.
They were full of questions and would have asked many more, but Scott was tired.
All he wanted was just to go home. He noticed Keith and Katie climbed back in the
SUV and it sped away into the dark.

Scott realized this wasn’t to be the end of this. All he wanted
was a quiet, peaceful life. But it seemed, whatever he did, some kind of
trouble always found him. A few minutes after the SUV left, Scott started his
walk home.


There was no more drama that evening. Scott arrived home
safely and went directly to bed.


The following morning, he called Katie’s parent’s house to
find out what was going on. He spoke with her Mom briefly. She explained that
Katie told her that her ring was missing, but nothing else was taken. They
never even realized that anyone had broken in and there was certainly no evidence
of a burglary. Scott explained what had happened the previous evening. He told
her that it appeared that Katie was on drugs. He encouraged her Mom to do
anything she could to get Katie away from Keith. He had tried, but there was
nothing else he could do. He thought about calling the police and telling them
what occurred last night, but decided against it. He was aware that there was
really little, if anything, they could do. He just hoped it was over.

BOOK: KILTED DESIRE 2 - Russian Roulette
13.21Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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