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Scotty, none of THAT!”

Scott wanted to say something, but again no words came out.

She then moved to his rear end, and removed the towel. She
grabbed his backside firmly, one cheek in each
and rubbed them very thoroughly, she really kneaded deep into those big
muscles. Scott squirmed a little and rolled onto his side. He was getting even more
excited and it was getting uncomfortable as he lay on his stomach.

She must have noticed his discomfort.

“Okay Scotty, roll over on your side and pull your knees up
a bit. I’m going to get my thermometer.” He heard her heels click as she walked
away. Soon, she returned and stood behind him, so he couldn’t see her.
Everything paused.

Scott thought
where’s she going to
put that thermometer? Scott started to worry. After a few more seconds she
walked around the other side of the bed and placed it in his mouth, under his

“Just hold that there, please!” she stated, sternly.

Scott was still confused and felt very vulnerable. But, he
wasn’t doing anything to make this stop. She bent over and lowered her face
towards his.

“Please, don’t even try to talk, while I’m taking your

After a few seconds
she removed the thermometer from his mouth and looked at it.

“Your temperature is a little high, but you’ll be fine,” she
said, as she turned and walked towards the door. She closed the door and seemed
to have locked it. The room was now strangely dark, but Scott could still see
her. She returned to the side of the bed and put her hand on Scott’s shoulder,
pushed him over so he was now on his back, naked. Her hands started to glide
over his shins, knees, and up to his thighs. He never objected or tried to stop
her. She grabbed him firmly between his legs and started to stroke. Scott
groaned and tried to sit up. It was the first time he had made any noise, but
there were still no words coming from his mouth.

“Lie down Scotty. I’m not finished yet,” she whispered
softly, as she continued to stroke him.

“I hope you don’t mind,
but the bed is kind of tall. I need to climb up to really get your chest and
abs massaged effectively.”

She never waited for him to answer. She released her grip on
him, and picked up the small bottle of oil again. She climbed up onto the bed
and straddled him. Her dress was practically hiked up to her waist with her
legs being spread so wide. Scott was excited and tried to sit up. He wanted to
touch her.

“Scotty, PLEASE, I’m a trained nurse,” she teased, as she
started to rub oil on his chest, abs and arms.

Scott could see she looked hungrily at his body, while she
rubbed the oil on him. He felt as she rubbed herself against him. He couldn’t
help himself. He sat up and grabbed her by the hips. She lightly slapped his
face and in the process spilled oil on her dress.

“Scotty! Look what you've done!” she said, as she climbed
off of him and walked to the other side of the room. Scott could see her out of
the corner of his eye. She was taking her dress off. And, she wasn’t wearing
any underwear. Now, she was only dressed in just a bustier, stockings and heels.
He was very turned on now.

She noticed that he looked at her and smiled and returned to
the bottom of the bed. She climbed back onto the mattress and slowly crawled up
the length of his body. As she moved, she licked and bit his legs. She moved
higher until her mouth was right by his midsection. Her breasts practically fell
out of the bustier.

Scott was very aroused.

“Can I help you with that erection, Scotty?” she said, as
she licked her lips.

Scott nodded. She smiled.

“You can help me too,” she whispered, as she continued to
crawl up his body. She didn’t stop until her knees were on either side of his
head on his pillow. She moved herself directly above Scott.

“Now, you know what to do,” she ordered him.

Scott obeyed. He grabbed her and pulled her down to him.
This was the first time she hadn’t stopped him when he touched her, he thought.
He continued to tease her enthusiastically as she rhythmically moved herself above
him. After a few minutes, she moaned and pulled away. She completely turned
around and slid down onto his chest. As she sat on top of him, she faced his
feet, his arms trapped by her strong legs. She again stroked him, first slowly
and gently, then faster, as she gripped him even harder.

“Have you started feeling better now, Scotty?” she asked, as
she continued to hold him down and pleasure him.

Scott was feeling better! He enjoyed himself immensely. But,
was done being submissive. He struggled and freed his arms, one at-a-time. He
lifted her off him. She gasped as they both stood up. He stood behind her, he
towered over her. His arms gripped her strongly as he pulled her body close to
his. He grabbed her breasts and freed them from the bustier. He kissed the side
of her neck. She was quiet, she moaned and breathed deeply. Scott ran his one
hand through her long, dark hair. He played with it while he continued to tease
her breasts with the other.

Scott bent her over the bed. Her hands reached forward and
she lifted her knees up onto the mattress. Scott was standing; he was extremely
aroused and soon found his way inside her. He firmly gripped her by the hips. He
alternated his hold on her, as he massaged her back, and teased her breasts, all
while he continued to thrust deep within her.

It wasn’t long before they both moaned with pleasure. And soon
Scott found himself lying on the bed. His arms wrapped around her from behind.
He ran his hands through her hair and stroked her cheek as he gently turned her
towards him. He wanted a better look at her face, he was right beside her, and
yet, he still couldn’t make out any of her features clearly. Scott tried to
talk again, but she put her finger to his lips and motioned for him to be quiet.
She turned her head away, pulled his arms around her again and backed into him.
Scott was quite sleepy and was completely unaware of what time it was. Soon he
was fast asleep.


It was just after 7:00 a.m., bright light filled the room
and Scott’s eyes slowly started to open. He awoke with a headache. Being in a
different place confused him momentarily. He was alone in the bed, and wore
only his boxers. He realized quickly that he dreamed about the nurse. He smiled,
thinking he probably shouldn’t drink that much before going to bed. He looked
around the room and he could see it wasn’t quite the same as the room in his
dream. As he got out of bed, he smiled and thought to himself, it was a good

Scott really needed a glass of water or something, his head
was pounding. He wasn’t sure if Jim and Linda would be awake yet. But he
seriously doubted very much that they would be. He knew they were drinking far more
than he was and they were still up and going strong when he turned in for the
evening. He completely expected to be the first one up. He pulled on his jeans
and a shirt and made his way quietly out of his room and down the stairs.

As he was about to enter the kitchen he heard a noise that
sounded like a cupboard closing. He wasn’t the first one up. As he entered the
kitchen he saw a woman standing there with her back to him, she was making a
pot of coffee. He could only see the top half of her, as the kitchen counters blocked
his view. She had long straight dark hair and was wearing a white top, Scott
wasn’t sure if it was a shirt or a dress. He thought for a split second about
his dream and smiled. Scott knew it wasn’t Linda in the kitchen and thought
that the Robinson’s may have a maid or something as he walked slowly towards

“Guid morning,” he said softly, trying not to startle her.

“Oh hello, who are you?” she replied, nervously as she
turned around.

“Och, I’m sorry Miss. I did nae mean tae frighten yer. My
name is Scott, I’m a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Robinson,” Scott stated. He soon
realized who she was when he saw her face. She looked a lot like Linda. It
wasn’t long before Scott’s thoughts were confirmed.

“It’s okay. I’m Tiffany. This is my Mom and Dad’s house. I’m
making coffee, would you like a cup?”

“Aye, that would be great. Thanks.”

As Scott got closer, he noticed Tiffany’s stunning blue
eyes. She wasn’t wearing a lot of make-up and looked naturally pretty. He
realized it was indeed a white shirt she was wearing. He could now see her bottom
half, and noticed she wore a pair of denim shorts and flip flops. Scott moved
towards her and sat down on one of the breakfast bar stools.

“So, I guess yer must have had an early start this morning.”

“Yes, I love seeing the sunrise. It’s a great drive up the
coast. And, especially really early when there are not many other cars around.
Cream and sugar?”

“Aye, both please.”

She handed him a mug of coffee and sat down on the stool
next to him.

“So, how do you know my parent’s?”

“Yer Dad called me a few days ago, asked me tae come oot
here and
him some security advice.”

Look Scott, I’m so sorry. My parents have recently developed a really bad habit
of trying to set me up with guys because they think I should be married at my
age. They know I come here on Sunday’s which is probably why they asked you to
stay. The truth is
I went through a bad break-up with
my fiancé a few months ago. I am just really not ready for anything like that,

Scott was caught a little off guard.

, I’m sorry tae hear aboot
yer break-up. I just split up with my fiancée too. But, tae be honest. Yer Dad
did nae even tell me he had a daughter, when we spoke on the phone. I did nae
know yer even existed until they told me last night. I’m actually here because
they wanted some advice aboot a foreign trip that yer brother may be making.”

“Whew…oh, okay then. Sorry for the wrong conclusion,” she
said feeling a little embarrassed.

“So, what’s Kyle up to? Still the Russian casino, I
presume?” she asked, relieved to be able to change the subject.

“Aye, yer Mom and Dad are going tae find oot some more
information from him today. Then I can see what I can find oot.”

“So, what exactly do you do, Scott?”

“I’m a former Special Forces soldier, and have done considerable
private security and bodyguard work. I also teach martial arts and self-defense
classes at the moment.
How aboot yer?”

“Wow, that’s pretty cool. I own a designer boutique down in
Santa Monica. Well, it was my Mom and Dad’s store, but I bought it from them
after I finished college.”

They continued to talk for a few minutes as they sipped
their coffee. When Tiffany finished hers she walked over to the sink and washed
out her cup. Then, she turned to Scott.

“Hey, I’m going down for a walk on the beach. It’s really beautiful
down there. Would you like to join me?”

“I’d love tae. But, I am sure yer Mom and Dad will be up
soon and we have work tae do. Thank yer fer asking though.”

“Okay. I’ll see you later,” she replied, as she headed
towards the door.

He watched her as she left the house. It was hard not to
look. She was extremely pretty with a great figure.


Scott sat in the kitchen and quietly waited for Jim and
Linda to wake up. He poured himself a second cup of coffee, which was unusual
for him. His head slowly started to feel a little better. He walked back into
the main living room and looked out of the window. The view was amazing. But
this time, he noticed something he hadn’t seen the previous day. There was a
bright yellow Porsche 911 convertible in the driveway; he figured that it must
be Tiffany’s car.

He always liked Porsches, but had never been able to afford
one. He smiled as he looked around. This was a completely different world to
what he was used to.

Chapter 7

Later that morning, Scott joined Jim and Linda as they sat
in the sun by the swimming pool. Linda tried to call Kyle earlier, but as of
yet, she had been unable to get a hold of him. She left him a message and asked
him to call her back, that it was urgent. Tiffany returned from her walk on the
beach, and was persuaded by her Father to partake in a game of tennis, which
she reluctantly agreed to. It was a hot day in Southern California, but it
didn’t feel too bad since there was a gentle ocean breeze. It didn’t take long
until Scott could feel his skin as it slowly started to burn. He sat with Linda
in the shade and he watched the Father-Daughter tennis match unfold. Not long
after they started to play, Linda’s cell phone rang, it was Kyle. She went
inside the house to take the call. About fifteen minutes later she returned and
handed a piece of paper to Scott.

“Here you go, Scott. I think I got everything you asked for.
But, I did tell him to make sure he kept his phone turned on in case we needed
to get any more information from him.”

Scott looked at the note.
The Pavlyuchenko
Casino, in Sochi.

“Och Sochi, That’s way
tae the
South of Russia.
Is that the family

“Yes. Kyle said the casino’s name was the same as Alexei’s
last name. It’s still under construction. Apparently, it is almost completed
though, and should be opening soon.”

Jim looked over and saw Linda hand Scott a note, and walked over
to them.

“Did you hear from Kyle?” he asked his wife.

“Yes, I’ve just given the details to Scott.”

BOOK: KILTED DESIRE 2 - Russian Roulette
8.93Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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