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“So, what do you think Scott?” Jim asked, inquisitively.

“Sochi is a southern city. I think it’s actually on the
Black Sea coast. It’s near Chechnya, Georgia and the Ukraine. It’s kind of
where Europe, Asia and the Middle East all come together.

“Not anywhere near Moscow then?” Jim asked.

“Nae, aboot seven or eight hundred miles away, I would

“Chechnya, I don’t like the sound of it. I’m sure I’ve heard
a lot in the news about wars there!” Linda added, sounding concerned.

“Aye, there have been troubles in the region. And, I have
been aroond that area myself a few years ago. But, I have nae been tae the
actual city of Sochi, so I need tae check it oot.”

“So, what’s going on? Have you run out of energy old man?”
Tiffany joked, as she came over to see what the little meeting was about. Jim
smiled at her, but didn’t say anything.”

“Scott’s just checking out the area in Russia, where your
brother wants to visit,” Linda said.

“Aye, actually I’m going tae go inside and make some phone calls.
Can I use yer computer?” Scott asked.

“Sure, I’ll get it for you,” Linda replied.

Jim and Tiffany went back to their game. Linda went back
into the house with Scott and gave him her laptop computer.

“Scott, feel free to use the home phone too,” she said, as
she walked back towards the door to go outside. Scott walked upstairs to his
room, sat on the bed and started to do some research on the computer. There
were a few people he wanted to speak to as well, to get some information. It
was time to earn his money.


A few hours passed with Scott hard-at-work. He called many people
for advice and found out a lot of information from the internet. When he had
done all he could with the laptop and a few calls, he went back downstairs. Jim
was sitting in the living room watching TV, while Linda and Tiffany lounged by
the pool reading.


“Hey Jim, I have some information fer yer now. I’m still
waiting fer a couple of people tae call me back, but I’ll tell yer what I know
so far,” Scott said, as he approached Jim and sat down next to him.

“Okay Scott, what have you found out?” he said, taking a
deep breath.

As Scott started talking, Linda came in from outside and
joined them on the couch. Tiffany remained outside in the sun, with her book.

“Reet, I have got mixed reports aboot the area. Tae be
honest, it does nae seem tae be the most dangerous place he could go tae. But,
on the other hand, it’s still in a country where corruption is rife. There are
reports of gang activity in the region, human trafficking, drugs, etc. The
local police force is average, although there are rumors of corruption. On the
plus side, the casino is legal. Yer have tae have a license tae open one there
and tae get the license yer have tae have a clean criminal record. I have
someone doing a background check tae find oot who registered the paperwork fer
the casino. And, I also have someone checking oot the Pavlyuchenko name in the

“What do you think Scott? I’m not sure what to think,” Jim
said, somewhat confused.

“I do not like it at all! I’d rather he didn’t go over there.
Why can’t he just invest in one of our casinos?” Linda added.

“I’ve already offered him that. Many times! He is young and stubborn.
He wants to do his own thing,” Jim stated.

“Look, I am nae trying tae upset either of yer. It’s quite
possible he could go over there, spend a few days and come back withoot any
problems. It could all be perfectly safe and legitimate. As soon as I hear back
from the last couple of people I contacted, I will give yer both my honest
Just as I promised yer.”

“Thanks Scott. I know you understand why we’re worried.”

“Aye Jim, I do.”

“Do you think you’ll hear back from anybody today?” Linda

“I’m nae sure. But, it is possible. There’s a guid chance
I’ll hear something afore I leave tomorrow. And, if I dinnae hear anything by
then, I’ll call yer when I do.”

“Okay, thanks.” Linda said. She still appeared distressed
with what she had heard.

“I think we should all go out to dinner tonight. There’s a
great local place we like to go to. They have great steaks and live music
Sunday evenings, too. Plus, we own it! Are you hungry, Scott?” Jim asked.

Sounds guid
tae me.”
Scott replied. He was usually hungry. But, since he skipped
lunch today, he was starving.

“Great, I’ll go and tell Tiffany. She’ll want to get
changed,” Linda said, as she walked out to the deck to tell her the daughter
about their dinner plans.


An hour later they were nearly ready to go. Jim walked in
and was wearing light colored trousers, an orange shirt and a beige sport coat.
When Scott saw him in his jacket he asked if there was a dress code where they
were going. Since, all he brought with him were jeans and a couple shirts. He luckily
had packed a shiny brown, button-up shirt. He figured it was better than
wearing just a t-shirt. But, he still felt underdressed. Jim assured him that
he looked fine. After all, he owned the place. Scott felt even more
underdressed when the women appeared. Linda entered the room first. She looked
radiant. She wore a medium length white, summer dress, with various colored
flowers and patterns all over it. Scott imagined it was some kind of designer
dress, but certainly had no idea what the designer’s name was. She also wore
white, high-heeled shoes. Tiffany walked in wearing what Scott thought was
probably a designer dress as well. Although, hers was assorted shades of blue
and black and a little shorter than her Mom’s. She was wearing black, high-heels,
and carried a purse. Scott thought she looked beautiful. Her eyes were very
striking and a few times through the day, Scott enjoyed seeing her smile. She
had a pretty smile. Jim drove all of them to the restaurant in his Mercedes luxury-sedan.
It was only a five minute drive. And before long, they started to eat.


They all seemed to enjoy the evening. They spent a couple of
hours at the restaurant; they talked, laughed, and all thoroughly enjoyed their
food. They wrapped up their evening fairly early, since Tiffany still needed to
drive back home later that night. By 9:00 p.m., they were back at the house.
Jim and Linda settled down on the couch watching TV, each with a glass of vodka,
while Scott joined Tiffany, who was sitting out on the deck.

“So what time do yer have tae leave tonight?” Scott asked,
as he sat down next to her.

“I usually start back at about ten,” she replied.

“So, do yer
tae see yer
parents every Sunday?”

“Yes, every Sunday.
And, sometimes during
the week.
Where do you live, Scott?” she asked, as she moved the strand
of hair that had dropped down near her eye.

“In Ohio.”

“Wow, so how did my Dad hear about you?”

“I was a bodyguard in Iraq fer his friend’s Daughter. Yer Dad
got my number from him and asked me tae come and
him some security advice.”

“Oh, of course, you’re talking about Bill. I remember my Mom
talking about it last year.”

“Aye, Bill Parnell. I was looking after his daughter.”

“I still can’t believe Britney wanted to go over there!”

“Nor me. I dinnae really get it. But, it was none of my
business. I was just doing a job. So, do yer know Britney well?”

“We used to play together a lot when we were kids. Our
parents were really close and we’re about the same age. I haven’t had much
contact with her since.
We kind of drifted apart and lost
touch with each other.
I know we were at UCLA at the same time, I saw
her around campus a couple of times and we said ‘hi’. But, that’s about it.”

“Och, okay.”

“I heard you say something to Dad earlier about you getting
injured in Iraq, what happened?”

“Aye, I got blown up by a car-bomb. I was in a coma fer a
few weeks and broke a few bones. But, I’m getting better. I was lucky.”

“Oh wow. I’m glad you got back home safely. I am so sorry, I
am glad that you’re getting better.”

When I got haem, I found oot
my fiancé had been sleeping with her ex-husband while I was in a coma. So, that
kind of put a damper on things.”

“That’s awful. I know how you feel though. Just after
Christmas I found out my fiancé had been sleeping with one of my friends. It had
been going on for over a year. Needless to say, we’re not engaged anymore and
she’s no longer a friend.”

“I’m sorry tae hear that. We have nae had much luck
recently, have we?” Scott said, smiling at her. He could tell it was still a
very sore subject and she was hurting.

“No, I guess not,” she replied.

After a brief pause, Tiffany stood up.

“Well, I think I’m going to head back home. I’m just going
inside to say goodbye to my folks,” she said, as she stood up and walked into
the house.

A few minutes later, she came back outside.

“It was a pleasure to meet you, Scott. I do hope you’ll be
able to help out my parent’s, with my brothers little overseas adventure.
Personally, sometimes I think they worry too much. But, they mean well. Good night,”
she said, as she reached out her hand for Scott to shake it.

“Bye Tiffany. It was guid tae meet yer too. Have a safe
drive haem,” he replied, as he gently shook her hand.

Soon, she was gone. Scott sat for a moment and then went
back inside the house. After a brief chat with his hosts, he retired to his
room for an early night.


Scott was up early the next morning. His plane departed from
LAX at 11:00 a.m. He was well aware he would need to leave the house a few
hours before that to make his flight. Jim and Linda were also up early. They joined
Scott on the couch in the living room to have their morning coffee. There was
only a brief time before Scott needed to leave. Jim again arranged for his driver
to take Scott back to the airport. He was parked and waited for him in the
driveway. Jim turned to Scott.

“Scott, Linda and I were talking last night. We know we’re
not going to be able to stop Kyle from going on this trip. Even if you advise
against it, it seems that his mind is pretty much made up. And to a certain
extent, we have to learn to let him live his own life, and make his own
mistakes. We just want to make sure he’s safe. What do you think about having
someone go with him for protection?”

“Aye, that would probably be a guid idea. Do yer think Kyle
would agree tae that?”

“I’m not sure, we could ask. If he didn’t agree, how difficult
would it be to send someone with him anyway? And not let him know about it.”

“Hypothetically speaking, if it was me, I would nae have a
problem watching him from a distance and he would nae know I was there.”

“Will you go with him, Scott?” Linda asked, bluntly.

“Scott, it would make us feel a lot better if we knew you
were going to be there. And you have experience doing this kind of thing. We’ll
pay whatever it takes,” Jim added.

“I do need the money. But, I have tae be honest with yer
both. I’m nae ready physically tae be doing a job like that. It’s only been six
months since I was in a coma with a traumatic brain injury, as well as other
injuries. I get tired after teaching my classes’ fer just a few hoors now.
Plus, the trip oot here wore me oot. If I was doing this job fer yer, I would
have tae be on guard all the time. And, I would have tae react immediately if
anything happened tae him. I’m sorry I just dinnae think I could do the job
At least, nae at the moment.”

“Okay Scott. Thanks for being honest,” Jim responded.

“I could probably find someone who would do it though, if
yer are really interested.”

“Yes, please. Oh Scott, that would be great,” Linda said,
with a sigh.

“Yeah, Linda and I would really appreciate it. Do you have
anyone in mind?”

There are a couple of people
I could ask. Both men are excellent. I’ll need tae explain tae them exactly
what they’re getting in tae though. So please, talk tae Kyle first. Find oot if
he will be okay aboot having a guard accompany him tae Russia. Otherwise, they
are going tae have tae shadow him. Either way is fine, it’s just best if they
know from the start the situation and what they’re getting in tae.”

“Okay Scott, we’ll do that. Linda and I will call him right

“I’d better get going. I dinnae want tae miss my plane.
Thank yer both fer yer hospitality. I will call yer as soon as I hear back from
my contacts. And one way or another we’ll get this issue taken care of fer

Scott got up from the couch and grabbed his backpack. He
shook Jim’s hand and went to shake Linda’s, but she hugged him instead. They
both thanked him and said their farewells. Soon, Scott was on his way again.
Back to his normal life, back to reality.

Chapter 8

Scott arrived back home safely. He slowly got used to being
back in his humble surroundings again. Monday evening, he received a call from
Jim. He told Scott, Kyle stated emphatically, that he would not have a security
guard accompany him on his trip. Kyle said that the trip was in early August,
and he would not have need for a guard. Scott fully expected to hear, just what
was said. He figured when he was Kyle’s age, he wouldn’t have wanted a
babysitter to go with him to another country.

BOOK: KILTED DESIRE 2 - Russian Roulette
9.47Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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