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“Say, what yer need tae say Katie. Then, I’m going tae call
yer a taxi tae take yer home.”

“I don’t have a home anymore. We moved in with my parents,” she

“Well, I’m glad there was somewhere fer yer tae go. Yer will
get through this
yer will find a new place tae

Katie laughed.

“You just really don’t get it, do you? I have no income. Not
much chance of getting another teaching job. I have nothing. I am a loser. I am
going to be living with my parents for the rest of my life,” she said, angrily.
She appeared to be desperately trying to hold back tears.

“Yer will be fine. Yer are strong. Is that what yer
needed tae
tell me?” he asked.

“No. I want us to get back together,” Katie pleaded.

Scott noticed she was still wearing her engagement ring.

“Katie, yer have nae idea how much I wanted tae spend the
rest of my life with yer. But, things have changed. And, yer know why.”

“I’m pregnant,” Katie announced. She looked down and put her
head in her hands.

Scott was shocked. He didn’t really believe her. He thought
it was just another way she was trying to manipulate him to get back together.
But, then again, it was possible. They did sleep together less than a month ago.
So what she said couldn’t be completely ignored.

“Katie, yer are a guid mother. I have seen what yer have
done fer yer girls. I know yer would nae ever drink if yer were pregnant. So,
please dinnae say things like this.”

“It’s true Scott. I just found out a few days ago. I don’t
know what to do,” she said, breaking down again.

“I dinnae know what tae say Katie. I just dinnae trust what
yer say tae me anymore. I’m sorry.”

“Come to the doctors with me if you don’t believe me. I need
you Scott. Do not leave me now, please.”

“We’ll talk aboot this tomorrow. Yer need tae sleep.”

“Can I stay here?”

Scott was torn. He didn’t really believe her. And he
definitely didn’t want to encourage her. But, if she was telling the truth, he
would want to be involved. Plus, he didn’t want her driving, or to put her in a
taxi. It was a journey of forty miles.

“I dinnae think it’s a guid idea. I will drive yer haem tae
yer parent’s house and yer can come back fer yer car tomorrow.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll drive myself,” she snapped at

“That’s up tae yer. But, as soon as yer start yer car, I’ll
call the police and tell them yer driving drunk.”

“You’re a bastard! Do you know that?”

“I’m nae going tae argue with yer, Katie. I’m driving yer
haem and that’s final.”

Scott took her hand and led her to his car.

It was cold outside and had started to snow. He didn’t
really want to be heading out on an eighty mile, round-trip after midnight. But,
he felt it was the right thing to do. He knew he’d never forgive himself if she
drove and got into an accident and hurt someone else or herself, especially, if
she really was pregnant. Scott helped her into the car. She stopped objecting
very quickly, she was tired. He got in the car, and had driven only a few
minutes when she fell asleep. When they arrived at her parent’s house, she was
still asleep. Scott tried to wake her gently, but she didn’t respond. He
doubted anyone would still be awake in the house, but he knocked on the front
door, anyway. After a few seconds, Katie’s mother came to the door. It was late
and she was wearing a dressing gown.

is Katie with you?” she
asked, frantically.

“Aye, she’s asleep in the car. She came tae my house drunk
and I would nae let her drive herself haem.”

“Oh thank goodness. I have been so worried. She went out
earlier and said she wouldn’t be gone long.”

They returned to Scott’s car and helped Katie out of the
passenger’s seat. She stirred, but still didn’t really wake up.

“Do yer want me tae carry her tae her room?” Scott asked.

“That would be great, Scott. Thank you.”

She opened the front door of the house and held it open while
he made his way up the driveway with Katie in his arms. Soon, Katie was safely in
bed, and Scott was on his way out of the house.

“What’s going on, Scott?
Why are you doing
this to her?”
Katie’s mother asked, just as he was about to open the
front door to leave.

“What has she told yer?”

“That you’ve left her, and she doesn’t know why. She was so distraught
when you were hurt. And I’ve never seen her as happy as she was when you came
home at Christmas. What has changed in just a few weeks?”

“It is up tae her tae tell yer. But she knows why. It’s nae
a trivial matter, it’s pretty serious. It really is honestly nae my place tae
talk tae yer aboot it.”

“She is so depressed. Can you please give me some idea of
what has happened?”

“Did she tell yer aboot her job?”

“No. What about it?”

“She needs yer support. She is having a hard time at the moment.
She lost her job, and obviously yer know aboot her house. Plus, with our
splitting up, I just dinnae think she’s herself at the moment. She’s making
some pretty bad decisions. I’m just glad yer able tae put a roof over her head
until she gets back on track. I do still care aboot her, and the girls.”

“I hope you two manage to work things out. You are such a
cute couple.”

“Did she say anything tae yer aboot being pregnant?” Scott
asked, hoping to get some information.

“No, she hasn’t mentioned anything to me. Is that what all
this is about?”

That is nae why we split up.
But, she did say tonight she is pregnant. I’m nae sure what tae believe
anymore. This is nae easy fer either of us.”

“I don’t know what to say, Scott. I’ll talk with her in the

“Okay, I should go. I’m tired. Her car is at my house
in Ashville. It is parked in the street. I presume
she’ll ask yer tae drive her
there tomorrow tae
get it.”

“Okay Scott, thanks.”

,” he said, as he turned
to leave.

“Good night Scott. Thanks for bringing Katie home.”

As Scott drove home, lots of thoughts were racing through
his head. If she was telling the truth about the baby, should he get back
together with her? Would that be the right thing to do? He was unsure. He knew
he needed to find out the truth, and it was something he needed to do as
quickly as possible. He could not let this drag on. He arrived home without
incident and went straight to bed. Although, he did not get much sleep after
the night he endured.


week later, on the following Friday evening, Scott had not heard anything at
all from Katie. He had expected a few voicemails or texts, or maybe even a call
from her Mom but there had been nothing. Her car disappeared the following day
but Scott hadn’t seen her take it. If she did try to knock on the door of the
house when she collected it then he hadn’t heard her. He was in the dark about
her condition and it was hard to concentrate. He wanted to call her to try and
find out the truth but had decided against it.


There were many positive things beginning to happen in
Scott’s life. He was now officially a home-owner! All the details were finally
completed earlier in the week. This home was now officially 100% his. He heard
back from Chris, and he was to fly over for a visit. He planned to stay with
Scott for a week and would leave on February 15th, the day after Scott’s
birthday. Having a birthday on Valentine’s Day always caused Scott to be teased
quite a lot during his military days. He really looked forward to seeing Chris
again and knew they would be able to go out to celebrate his birthday together.
They both experienced hard times recently, so the night out would do them both good.


Scott’s physical health was greatly improved. Most of the
injuries he sustained in Baghdad were healed. He still suffered from bad
headaches though, but was told they were to be expected for a long time. He booked
an appointment to see a neurological specialist in Columbus in early March, to
get checked out. He hoped he would get the all clear, then.

Scott needed to find a job. As of yet, he hadn’t any luck in
that department. There wasn’t much need for someone with his particular skills,
in Ohio. The house purchase had cost him a little more than he expected. Plus,
he hadn’t collected quite as much money from the Baghdad job as he first anticipated.
A good portion of the money was deducted for his brief hospital stay in Kuwait.
He also paid off Katie’s ring, as well. That was something he never expected her
to return to him, not that he really wanted it back. It didn’t take long for
the money to disappear. He still had enough saved to keep him going for a little
while. But, he needed a job fairly soon. He needed money for his upcoming
hospital appointment too. That was something he was not accustomed to. Back home,
in Scotland, all his medical care was free. Not here, in his new home.


Scott was relaxed in front of the television with a beer. He
hoped that this Friday evening would be less eventful than last week’s. He flicked
through the channels and tried to find something good to watch when his phone
rang. He grabbed it, half expecting it to be Katie. But, his phone said the
call was from an unavailable number.

“Hello?” said Scott. As he wondered who was calling him.

“Hi Scott.
It’s Britney. How are
you feeling, now?”

“I’m nae too bad. How are yer?”

“That’s good. I’m fine. How’s Katie?” Britney replied,

Scott didn’t want to go
into details. He didn’t want to say anything to her about him splitting up with
Katie, just in case she got any ideas. He didn’t want any more drama in his
life at the moment. He knew he needed some peace and quiet. And, some time to
recover properly.

“Well, I don’t want to bother you Scott. But, my Dad wanted
to talk to you. He’s here now. Is it okay if I put him on?”

“Your Dad wants tae talk tae me? I’m nae sure why, but sure,
okay.” Scott was a little confused. He waited, while he assumed Britney passed
the phone to her Father.

“Good evening, Scott,” he said warmly.

“Hello Mr. Parnell. What can I do fer yer?” Scott answered,

“Please Scott, call me Bill. How are you feeling?

“Okay, nae problem. I’m nae too bad Bill, considering what

“That’s good. Yes, we heard all about your terrible
injuries. It’s very scary to think about, especially for me, knowing that it
could have been my daughter.”

“Aye, well that sort of thing can happen in a place like
that. I’m still in one piece. It could have been a lot worse.”

“It certainly could have. I just wanted to speak to you and
personally say thank you for keeping Britney safe. She has told her Mother and
many things about what happened over there and we both
feel like we owe you a lot of thanks.”

“Yer welcome. I’m glad she got oot of there safely. And,
Bill, please make sure she does nae do anything like that again. It is nae
worth it.”

“You’re right, it’s not worth it. If I have anything to do
with it she won’t be doing anything like that again. Listen Scott, I don’t want
to keep you as I know you must need your rest. But please, if you ever need
anything, please get in touch with me.”

“Okay, thanks. I will do.”

“Excellent, have a good weekend Scott. Look after yourself.
I’ll put Britney back on.”

“Thanks, Bill. Bye.”

Scott waited, as Britney came back to the phone.

“Hey Scott, my Dad has been asking to talk to you for quite a
while. I hope you didn’t mind.”

“I did nae mind at all. He seems very nice.”

“He’s pretty cool, for an old guy,” she laughed.

“Aye, he said to contact him if I need anything. Can yer ask
him if he knows of any guid bodyguard jobs in Columbus? Preferably ones, where
I will nae get shot at.”

“I’ll see what I can do. I don’t think he has many contacts
in Columbus,” Britney replied, jokingly.

“Och well, it was worth a try. I have tae go now Britney. It
was guid tae talk tae yer.”

“Okay Scott. Nice talking with you
and thank you for talking with my Dad. Take care.”


Scott returned to watching his television. Although Britney
wasn’t his favorite person, she seemed to have gotten over her obsession with
him. Scott tried to put it down to the extreme circumstances which they had found
themselves in. Maybe that was why she had acted the way she did. It was nice to
have talked to her Dad though, he thought, and
his appreciation for having protected his daughter.


Scott was tired. He hadn’t slept well all week so he went to
bed early. If Katie tried to mess with him by saying she was pregnant, it worked.
The “not-knowing” the truth played heavily on his mind. If he was honest, he
always wanted to be a father. But, the timing was never right. For whatever
reason, it never happened.


It was now Scott’s birthday, Chris had been there for nearly
a week and the two men were having a good time catching up. Scott showed him
around the area and they had ventured up to Cleveland for an NBA game. Both
were big sports fans, and although Soccer was their main sport, they loved to
watch almost any sporting event. The guy’s had reminisced a lot over the last
few days about their past adventures. This put many smiles on their faces. They
planned to head out to a local bar, about half a mile from Scott’s house and
then catch a taxi into Columbus later in the evening. Since the bar was quite
close, they decided to walk. It was cold, but with no snow in a couple of weeks,
it was quite dry. It didn’t take long to reach the small Sports Bar and they
went inside. It was early, so the place was fairly quiet. Scott had dropped in a
few times before, so the regulars knew him. They sat down at the bar and
watched the various screens as they ordered a couple of beers. The barmaid who
served them was Sam. She was a pretty, busty blonde, who was very pleasant when
he came in. She always seemed to be there anytime he visited the establishment and
they chatted many times. She was married, with three young kids. Her husband
was out of work, so she worked a lot of hours to help support her family. Scott
always gave her a good tip. They got along quite well.

BOOK: KILTED DESIRE 2 - Russian Roulette
5.62Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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