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“They saw what Michael
did to you before he got in the car. They told me he slashed his throat and
pointed at you. I’m not letting someone like that be around them.”

“I understand and I
agree with yer. It did nae bother me. But, I could nae believe he did it in
front of his own girls. We will talk with someone, dinnae worry.”

“That’s just the
type of person he is! I’ve been telling you this all along,” she said, and
started to cry.

“It will be fine,
Katie. We’ll get it all sorted oot,” he said, hugging her.

“I have had just enough
of it all! I need a break from all the drama,” she replied, trying to hold back
the tears.

“It will be fine. Trust
me baby.”


Later that afternoon,
they drove to her parent’s home for dinner. They all enjoyed the evening playing
games and just being together. They arrived back home around 10:00 p.m., the
girls were sleepy and went straight to bed. Scott and Katie stayed up for a
while and talked about what they should do about the visitation issue. She
continued to receive lewd and threatening text messages from Michael throughout
the evening and Scott told her to save the messages, so she would have evidence
to take to the police. She agreed in principle, although she feared getting the
police involved would just evoke more drama and trouble.


The following
morning, Scott was out front. He decided to go out and shovel the driveway.
Overnight, a snowstorm graced the yard with about six inches of the white stuff.
Katie did not want Scott to shovel, as he was still weak, but he insisted. He
was feeling better and stronger every day and liked to feel helpful. As he was
almost finished, a car drove up the street and stopped at the end of the
driveway. It was Michael. He got out of the car and walked towards Scott. He
slowed his aggressive stride the closer he drew to Scott, he realized how big a
man he truly was. He hadn’t looked that big yesterday from a distance. Michael
glared at him from almost ten feet away.

You’re the guy who
broke up my family,” he said, aggressively.

“I did nae break up
any family. She’d left yer afore she met me,” Scott replied, he did not want
any trouble. There was no way he could get back into the house without going
past him. He would try and talk his way out of it and hope Michael would see some
sense and leave.

“That’s bullshit!
You were seeing her before I left. Do you feel proud of yourself that you’ve
ruined those little girls’ lives?”

“That’s nae true. I
have nae ruined anyone’s life.”

“I ought to beat the
crap out of you right now.”

“That’s probably nae
a guid idea.”

“Why shouldn’t I?
After what you did.”

“I guess it’s up tae
yer. I’m just saying it’s nae a guid idea. Besides, I have nae done anything.”

“You do know she has
been sleeping with me while she’s been seeing you, don’t you?”

“I dinnae believe
that fer a minute.”

“Yeah, she has!
Even a couple of times just a few weeks before Christmas.
f…..g whore.”

“Watch yer mouth. I
think it’s best if yer leave now,” Scott was starting to get angry. As of now,
he still remained calm. He really wanted to avoid any conflict.

“Me and you are
going to do this right now,” said Michael. He raised his fists and started
bouncing up and down.

Michael must have thought
he looked like an expert fighter, as he limbered up, throwing warm-up punches. Scott
thought he looked ridiculous. He knew he had no idea what he was doing, and was
not alarmed at all by his actions. He just wanted to avoid any conflict, mainly
because he didn’t want to risk the girls witnessing anything like that.

“Trust me. It will
be much better if yer just leave now,” Scott said, still trying to diffuse the

“What’s the matter,
are you scared?”

But, yer wee girls are in that house. What
if they look oot and see yer in the street? Yer must care how they will feel if
they see their Dad fighting?”

“Don’t talk to me
about my kids, let’s go now. Ha, of course you shouldn’t be scared, you’ve got
a shovel in your hand, but that’s not going to help you,” he said, as he walked
slowly towards Scott.

“This is yer last
chance tae leave,” Scott stated calmly. He tossed the shovel to the ground
behind him.

you and your whore!” he yelled, as he continued
to move forward and aggressively swung a few punches at Scott.


Scott easily avoided
his attempts. Enough was enough. He threw one accurate, hard counter-punch
right into Michael’s solar plexus. He crumpled, into a heap in the snow. He
gasped and struggled for breath.

“I told yer tae
leave. But, yer would nae listen,” Scott said, as he knelt towards Michael.

Katie had come
outside, she witnessed Michael’s attack. Scott had only defended himself.
Michael attempted to speak, but was yet unable to.

“Katie, go back
inside, I’m coming,” Scott called to her, as he knelt down to Michael again.

“Yer can lay there
fer a minute until yer get breath back, then leave and dinnae bother us again
or next time I will nae hit yer just once,” he said to him, before he stood up
and walked back inside the house.

“What happened?”
Katie asked frantically, as Scott came inside.

“He turned up when I
was shoveling and started tae get aggressive, he said some nasty things then
tried tae attack me. I did nae start anything, I just tried tae get him tae

“I know I saw him
attack you, what did he say?”

“He’s an idiot, he
said I broke up his family and I ruined the girls’ lives. Where are they? Did
they see anything?”

“No, I don’t think
so. They are upstairs. I’m not even sure if they’re still awake.”

“That’s guid, I did
nae want that tae happen,” Scott said, as he looked out of the window and saw
Michael getting back into his car.

“I know you didn’t.”

“He’s leaving now. I
just hope he goes away and we dinnae see him again.”

“Me too, but I doubt
it. What did you do to him anyway? You only hit him once.”

“Aye, I did nae want
tae hit him at all. But, he was attacking me, so I defended myself. And, once
is all yer need tae hit somebody, if yer do it properly.”

“I see that. I hope
he doesn’t go to the police and start any trouble.”

He does nae have any
witnesses and will nae have any marks on his body. That’s why I did nae hit him
in the face. I really wanted tae though, after what he said.”

“Okay, what do you
mean? About you ruining the girl’s lives and breaking up his family?”

that and something else too.”


“I’d rather nae talk
aboot it. It’s over now.”

“Tell me, I want to
know what he said,” she replied angrily.

“Okay! He said yer
were still sleeping with him.
Even just a few weeks afore
Christmas yer slept with him.
And he called yer a whore.”

“That’s nice,” she

“Well, are yer going
tae deny it?” Scott demanded. He was angry now that she made him repeat what
Michael said, because he truly did not want to. He waited for her to say it did
not happen. But, she remained silent.

“Katie, tell me it
did nae happen,” he pleaded. He was starting to worry.

She looked down at
the floor. She refused to make eye contact with him and started to cry.

“Oh, yer have tae be
kidding me,” Scott said, as the realization of what had happened started to
sink in.


He could not face
this happening again! He did not want to know anything, so he walked away, out
the front door and down the street. He needed a walk to clear his head. It was
freezing outside and it started to snow again. He did not care. He just needed
to walk and to think for a while.

Scott returned two
hours later; he was tired, cold and very perplexed. Katie had taken the girls
to her parent’s and waited for him to return. She knew he would be back sooner
or later and she had some explaining to do. As he walked in shivering, Katie
was sitting on the couch, and asked him to join her so they could talk.

“So are yer going
tae say anything tae me now? Or, are yer just going tae let me think the

“This is very
difficult for me Scott! I wanted to tell you and I would have. I was just
waiting for the right time.”

Scott knew he was
not going to like what he was about to hear. He tried his best to stay calm and
rational. But, he was angry and confused.

“First of all, I
love you Scott. More than I have ever loved anyone in my life. You have to
believe that?”

“Did yer sleep with
him or nae?” he stated bluntly.

“Please, let me
explain Scott.”

“Go ahead, I’m

“He wouldn’t sign
the divorce papers. He was going to drag everything out as long as he could. It
could have taken years and I just wanted to be free to marry you. He offered to
sign the papers if I slept with him once. It was a mistake. I’m so sorry, but
can you please try and understand why it happened.”

“So he was telling
the truth. Yer really did it, while I was in Iraq.”

“It didn’t mean
anything to me Scott, and it was over in a few minutes. It wasn’t like what you
and I have.”

“It does nae matter
And what aboot just afore Christmas, was he telling
the truth aboot that too?”

“I’m not going to
lie to you. I made a mistake. You were in a coma and it looked like you weren’t
going to make it. He was not paying child support and I needed money for bills.
I’m not your wife, Scott. If anything happened to you I wouldn’t get anything.
I was extremely depressed because it looked like you weren’t going to wake up. I
was weak and desperate. He offered me money to sleep with him and I foolishly
agreed. I am so sorry,” she said, breaking down into tears, her head in her

believe this, after everything I did fer us. This is
how yer repay me!”

Scott was
heartbroken. This time, the pain inside was much worse than when his wife left
him in the hospital years before. That was bad, but this was devastating. He
never thought Katie could do this to him after everything they went through,
and the things they said to each other. She had not done it because she wanted
someone else. She’d done it to get something, he was not sure if that made it
worse or not. Then, the realization hit him that she slept with someone for
money. She was a whore! The girl of his dreams! The one who he thought he would
spend the rest of his life with, maybe have children with, was a whore.

“I am so sorry
Scott, please forgive me. I will do anything to make it up to you,” she said,
interrupting his thoughts.

“I need some time.
I’m going tae lay
fer a while,” he replied.

“Okay, I understand.
When you are ready to talk I’m here. The girls and I go back to school tomorrow.
Please, Scott, try and understand how much pressure I was under and how
depressed I was. I thought you were going to die! I was really messed up. You
can’t fully understand that unless you’ve been in that situation,” she pleaded.

“I’m going tae
doon,” he said again, and walked up the stairs.


Later that night
after the girls were in bed, Katie tried to talk to Scott again as he sat
quietly on the couch.

“Can we talk now,

“I’m nae sure
there’s anything tae say, Katie.”

“Scott, I am so
sorry. I will do anything you want, just name it.”

“Katie yer dinnae
understand. I dinnae want yer tae do anything. I just
believe what’s happened. Yer knew what happened tae me a few years ago. All I
needed was honesty and loyalty.”

“I’m sorry Scott, I
really am. I’m not making excuses for myself, really I’m not. You have to try
and understand the situation I was in. I wasn’t myself. My whole life was torn
apart, and people were telling me to accept the fact that you were gone.”

“I know what yer
mean aboot yer life being torn apart. That’s how I feel now.”

“Let’s go to bed. We
can talk for a while.”

“I dinnae really
feel like talking. Sorry.”

“Okay, I’m not going
to push you. Please, Scott, understand how much I love you and how much you
mean to me. I can’t live without you.”



Scott did not get up
in the morning, with Katie. She got up and made breakfast for the girls, before
they left to catch their bus. She went back in the bedroom to talk with Scott
before leaving.

BOOK: KILTED DESIRE 2 - Russian Roulette
5.12Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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