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Taken By Lies




Rylie has felt unwanted and unloved her entire life. Her step-dad has a control on her life to the point of dooming her friendships and relationships if he pleases. She met her Best friend Skylar through her sister Sadie. The three of them are inseparable. The friendship leads Riley into a crush on Skylar's brother Kid. He's a male whore and loves to clown around. He has the tendency to make her tongue tied when he's around. She knows it will never go beyond her crush, Kid is pursued and wanted by every woman who meets him. She will have to live with this crush.



Kid has noticed Riley but doesn't want a woman of his own. He leaves her alone knowing she is a relationship type woman. He will be her friend and try not to let her down. He is protective of his family and his club. The Rage Ryderz MC has been in his blood since birth. His father is one of the founders along with his best friend Ryder's dad. He would lay his life down for any of them.


This story isn't a perfect love story. It is about the journey of three MC members and the journey they are forced to travel while keeping their women alive and safe. Rylie and Sadie's life turns everyone's world upside down when secrets are revealed. Right when you think a happily ever after is on its way, there is always someone there to throw more hidden secrets in your path.


Can the Rage Ryderz keep their women safe or will their enemies succeed in the end. This will be part of a series, the secrets never die just because the book ends. This book will carry into book two where more answers are revealed and the Rage Ryderz learn what war really means.





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Copyright Year(s) 2015

Copyright Holder(s) Liberty Park




There are scenes that may be a trigger for those who have been abused or mistreated. Please only purchase this book if you can handle emotional, physical and verbal abuse. There is explicit sexual context in this book, please do not purchase if you are under the age of 18, it is not appropriate for anyone under this legal age required.







Notes to Readers



It's important I let my readers know there are scenes in this book that may offend and triggers those who have been in any type of abusive relationship. Scenes that take place in this book consist of emotional, verbal and physical abuse. I would like to warn you that these scenes are somewhat graphical. Please send the book back immediately if you fear one of these could cause a trigger or hurt you in any way.


If you are or know anyone who is in an abusive relationship please call:

1-800-799-7233 | 1-800-787-3224 (TTY), it is never too late to ask for help.


Also keep in mind while reading book you will notice Southern Slang is used a lot...

Example:   hangin', loving', feelins’.  

These are not errors, it’s my characters southern charming slang.

Character and Book Info.



There characters and stories told in this book are not completed. In book two I will fill in the blanks that will keep you guessing of what happened. Secrets cannot all be revealed in book one. There are too many characters and emotions to be told in just one book. This will be a series where secrets and lies will be revealed. Every time someone believes they have uncovered a secret there is another one that comes into play. At the end of this book, you will be left with unanswered questions. I will work as fast and diligently as I can to get the next story to you within as short as amount of time.


I wanted to make readers aware that I have done all of my own editing...I am human and you may acquire a few mistakes...I worked hard to make those mistakes as minimal as possible. Thank you for your understanding and patience as I learn editing programs and make my way through the publishing world.



Keep in mind this series will keep you guessing and will not be solved in any one book. Story lines that you feel are missing will take place and blanks will be filled in. It just might not be what you think......Happy Reading!


Please keep in mind the Rage Ryderz are not a 1% club. This is about their MC finding their way.


Author Information


Please enjoy reading and as always you know where to find me.


[email protected]

Liberty Parker is a Pen name for a blogger and reviewer turned Author. She has a wonderful husband who has supported her through her dreams and been by her side every step of the way. Three boys who range in age from 17-21 who are her heart and soul. Family is very important to her including her in-laws who live with her and support her through this journey. Her husband is very supportive in every step of this journey for her. Her hope is to be able to reach out to those who love a good intense read as she does. Her books are not appropriate for those under the age of 18 and as a mother she is very strict on the age limit. With love in her heart and her stories at her keyboard, she will share the lives of those beloved characters with you.










Twenty years ago......I met the love of my life and married her. We had a beautiful daughter named Taylor and I’m a former Marine. I was our government's go-to guy when our country needed something done. I was the one who went beyond the laws of man. That bein' said you shouldn’t be surprised that after leavin' the Marines I joined an MC. The Rage Ryderz MC was formed between three friends who grew up on the streets together. When I met them, I was in awe of the aspect of gettin’ to live how I know and still have freedom.


I asked permission from our Prez and VP to keep my Ol’ lady a secret. My fear of past operations and MC culture would somehow get its hands on my family. They agreed to my terms and I only let them know what I was willing to share. Most of our runs were easy, we made sure classic parts made their destination, our VP's Garage. He repaired and restored classic cars and bikes. The parts weren't cheap or easy to get your hands on. We always went with transport or did the job ourselves.


One night I was asked to take on a run with parts costing over one million dollars. I was given a heads up this runs would take place in the next two days. I needed the money for my baby girl so I accepted the job. Taylor wanted a playhouse in the backyard and she was gonna get it. Spoiling my girls was my biggest joy.


Ashton called me to let me know my Momma was trying to get ahold of me. I gave her a call from the clubhouse and she wanted me to bring the girls for a visit that weekend. I hated denying her, I had already accepted the runs and told her about it. My brother Justin was in the background promisin' her he would bring her out in a few weeks. My brother and I don't see eye, to eye, but he is good to Mom.


I left the next mornin' for my runs and that was the last time I saw my wife and daughter. I came home from my runs to an empty house and proof someone had been there. Ashton left me a note that sent my life into a twenty-year search and depression wantin' my family.





No, no, no fuck no! I can’t afford to be late I need this job! How could this happen today of all days? "Get a Ford," my Step-dad Alexander said. "If I’m paying for it, you’re not getting some foreign piece of shit," he said. At least a foreign piece of shit would have started in the cold, instead of this temperamental piece of trash he picked up from his co-workers Kid. No, I’m not good enough to get anything new after graduating with honors from Texas UT of Arlington, which was the only school Alexander would allow me to attend. I had to get what he thought I was worthy of, which was usually someone's hand me downs.

My Mom got pregnant with me when she was right outta high school; she was in a party phase. She also won't tell me who my dad is. She says they're both better off without each other. Says he was young and reckless, and she didn't want that for me and says he would have resented us, and that she didn't want that for him either. Yay, me! So, instead, I get a step-dad who thinks I’m a walking, talking reason that life can ruin the best of people. I have already graduated with a degree in web design and accounting. I just graduated college three weeks ago, and Mom insisted my sister Sadie and I have some fun.


We just got back from a two-week shopping spree in California. (Alexander thinks we were there so Sadie could meet with a Doctor for some two-week program for her degree.) Nowhere fancy or expensive, we mostly stayed on the beach and soaked in the sun. It was just her and me so we just sat back and relaxed. No Mom and no him. She is 20 and is going to be a junior in college this year, she officially gets to start her internship with Skylar. And put a computer in front of me, and I can do anything. A computer gives me a world I can escape inside of, and I don’t have to think of what is going on around me. Sadie is going to be a physical therapist. She was on her way to a scholarship for track when she and her dad got into a heated battle. He informed her that if she took her scholarship she would no longer get any help from him and would be completely without family. I think Sadie would have been all right without him. She would have never been happy without Mom or me by her side.


When she fell and hurt herself, she met her new BFF Skylar Rage, who happens to be my age and three years older than Sadie. It was Sadie's senior year in High School, doing her internship at the physical therapy department at “Where We Make You Better” clinic. Where Mom took Sadie for physical therapy to strengthen her tendon she tore in her ankle. They became fast friends; then we all started hanging out and we met her family and the MC her dad is the Prez. We have all been friends now for about a year and a half going on two years.


And now that I’ve graduated, Skylar is setting me up for this amazing job, and I’m running late! All because of this piece of shit that will not start! I’m going to interviewing at Allen's Web Design that’s run by her Dad's MC brother Bomber. Skylar is awesome and with getting to know most of the guys I know this MC family is nothing like what you read about in the papers. When I met them, I realized they are just a big lovable family. I’m going to have to call Bomber and see if I can reschedule; this is so not going to look good. I hope he knows by now I do not take advantage of my friendship with their family.


I call Bomber, who says club business has come up and was going to call and see if he could reschedule for later this afternoon. Finally something is going my way. He is going to call his MC brother Ryder, who works at their auto repair shop and see if he or one of his other Brothers could come take a look at my car. This is great!! Less I have to worry, I hope it doesn’t cost too much. My step-monster, I mean my step-dad will only let me stay another month or so. I don’t know why he is so anxious to get rid of me, but I’m more than happy to leave. He keeps trying to have me meet his friend’s son. No thank you! I just want out of his house. I have to save and keep as much of my savings as possible. Sadie is mad at her dad because she wanted to move out with me. He said that was not happening. He will not allow it, she needs to finish school like I have and then they would talk about it. I really believe he just doesn't want her to leave with me.


Ryder and his MC Brother Kid showed up, and I think I froze on the spot. I have had a crush on Kid since the day Skylar introduced me to her brother. I have never been able to be around him and not have a fuzzy mind. Kid was asking me questions, and all I could do was shake my head. What a loser I can portray for someone with such a high GPA. I wonder if they were making jokes in their heads about me being a loser or just an idiot! Ryder has hair that is as black as the night sky with eyes the color green like that of moss. The most beautiful green I have ever seen! Kid has dark brown hair that is almost dark enough to be on the black side. His eyes are the most beautiful shade of hazel, they have the lightest brown layer around the outside circumference that hypnotize you.


After being friends with most of the MC men for the last year, I still never get used to how amazingly gorgeous they are. Even with all the flirting most of them have done I still wonder if I will ever find a man as gorgeous as they are for myself. I stand at 5’9-5’10 depending on what shoes I wear. I have long platinum blond hair that nearly touches my ass. I have Silver-grey eyes that stand out making my face just average looking. My body must be good to the male population since I get a lot of stares and whistles. (Especially when I’m at the gym working out) Finally, my brain and mouth reconnect, and I explained that my car refused to start. (Hallelujah, I can speak!) They looked at it and discovered it was not just the battery, but it needed new plugs and wires as well.


My Mom pulled up about that time and came over to find out what was going on. "Riley sweetie what is going on with your car?"

"Oh, hey Mom it wouldn’t start this morning so I called my hopefully new boss Bomber and let him know. And he sent some of his Brothers over to look at it. They say it is the battery and the plugs and wires. Mom this is Ryder and Kid. I don’t know if you remember meeting them, Ryder is Skylar’s boyfriend, oh, I mean Ol’ man and Kid is her brother. They are in the Rage Ryderz MC with Bomber. You know the same one Skylar's dad is President." I answered my Mom. Hoping whatever cocktail Alexander had been feeding her this time wasn’t in her system since he wasn’t home to administer it to her.


It took a few minutes for it to click into place for her then you could almost see the light bulb click on over her head. She nodded her head yes held out her hand and shook their hands. Then without saying a word, she pulled out her wallet and handed over her credit card, I started to protest, but she puts her index finger to my lips and shook her head. It isn’t very often my Mom will do something for me that Alexander wouldn’t approve. Let’s face it anything for me is a no go. It looks like Mom is in a mood that she is willing to do it and probably hoping Alexander doesn’t notice the statement.


Ok then. I handed the card to the Brothers and asked them if they thought they could get the parts to fix my car. They, of course, assured me they could, but, of course, it would be later on that afternoon because they had some club business to attend to. Wow, I forget how busy that club could be at times. I thanked them and told them I would see them later. I handed them my mother’s credit card, which of course they declined and said that they had spares at the shop, and since I was practically family, it was on them. Is this actually happening? I feel like Alice in Wonderland and have just fallen the rabbit’s hole because things like this do not happen to me. I have to say since meeting Skylar these kinds of things have been happening more often than not.


Around three hours later, I get a call from Bomber telling me Ryder is coming to pick up my car. He asked if I would catch a ride with Ryder for my interview. Of course, after what they are have done for me I agreed. I had spent those 3 hours working out. I had to hop into the shower really fast and take a record breaking fast shower. I haven't taken one so quickly; my hair is so long that I have to wash it more than once and let the conditioner sit for a while. I wasn’t sure I had enough time before Ryder arrived.


I was lucky I had just walked down the stairs when Ryder pulled in to pick me up. My hair was still damp, but it looked good with some waves to it. I’m thankful that I do not have curly hair when wet. This time he was alone, I’m not going to lie I was a little sad that I was not going to be able to look into Kid's incredible hazel eyes again. He had mesmerized me many times with those vibrant eyes of his. As we pulled up to the garage, I noticed there were lines of motorcycles lined up in front, not surprising since we're close to the clubhouse. I also saw Skylar's Navy Blue Chevy Tahoe sitting to the side. Thank god she's here.


As I walked through the front doors, I heard what sounded like horseplay going on. It sounded like Skylar was teasing Kid about something, I just couldn’t hear what. I kept walking and stopped in my tracks, dumbfounded. I noticed immediately that Skylar was chasing Kid around the office. As he held her purse above his head, he was teasing her. "What's the matter sis, too slow to catch me? Or are you too short to reach it?"


I could not help it I started laughing so hard I had to bend over gasping for air with tears rolling down my cheeks. Those two were worse than any siblings I have ever been around. Skylar stopped long enough to ask "whose side are you on anyways?" So, I told her "always the side that's winning." Then I gave her my award winning smile.


She did not care for that too much. Kid, of course, smirked at my answer. "Jeez, Riley Thanks a lot, next time you need help, let see if I help a girl out!" Sky scolded me. “Calm down Skylar, Riley is not your rescues team.” You have been around me your entire life you can do it all on your own with no one's help, and you know it." Kid laughed as he was talking with Sky." Damn straight I can Kid and payback is a bitch! Trust me you moron I will pay you back you loser." Sky yelled at Kid. I’m sure you will you little monster." Kid, still laughing as he said to Sky.


"So, Riley after your interview what do you think we go pick up Sadie and go out to eat and then go and hit that new club that opened up on Main Street?" Sky asked me. "You mean Vogue. I've heard that place is wild, Skylar. You think I can keep up with you and Sadie?" I asked playing with her. "Ha, you’re joking, right? I have seen you tear up a dance floor remember. I don’t think we can keep up with you.” Sky said as she looked over at me as if I needed a psyche evaluation.


"Riley, let’s go in the back office and have this interview." Bomber said behind me from out of nowhere, making me jump." Oh hell, Bomber where did you come from like that? Uh, sorry sometimes my mouth runs away from me. (Probably is not the best thing to say before an interview, it is just he came out of nowhere?) How did you do that so quietly?" I gasped out trying to catch my breath. “Well, it is called walking up the walkway and through the doors." Bomber said joking with me. "I know that, but you were so quiet," I said in bewilderment. "I know I had to learn how to make sure I could be somewhere undetected. Now, are you ready for your interview?" Bomber was ready to get this interview started. I could tell by the look on his face.

BOOK: Taken by Lies: Rage Ryderz MC
6.29Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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