Ridden (MC Club Biker Urban Alpha Male Erotic Romance) (3 page)

BOOK: Ridden (MC Club Biker Urban Alpha Male Erotic Romance)


I loved the shock of fear that ran through my veins as he dominated me. And I wanted more of it.


Deeper and deeper he plunged his cock into my virgin throat and then, finally, he let out a triumphant moan of ecstasy.


“Aw, fuck!” he groaned, and suddenly, his cock was twitching and spasming. Then came the flood: his sticky, hot seed filled my mouth. I closed my eyes as I struggled to swallow it all, gobbling it down as though I were drinking milk after a spicy meal. His cum was salty and bitter but not altogether unpleasant.


I wanted more and more of it and I wasn’t going to stop until I had milked his cock dry. I coddled and massaged his balls as he came, thinking that maybe, just maybe, I could coax one last drop of that delicious salty cum out of his cock.


But to no avail. His cock, now flaccid, popped out of my mouth, a trail of cum leading down my throat.


I looked up at him with big innocent eyes.


I could imagine what he saw: a pretty little girl, cum dribbling out of her mouth, her hair all messed up and her boobs red from some rough suckling and kissing.


I looked him in the eye, trying to read what was going on behind those intelligent, dark brown eyes.


What was he thinking? What did he want now? What was he… planning?


“Stand up,” he said suddenly, in a voice dripping with authority. I did so without question. He undid my belt and slid my jeans down over my shapely thighs, catching my panties with them. A blush rose on my face. No one had ever seen my pussy before… At least not since I was a little kid. I had definitely never shown it to any boys and not even more roommates had seen me this naked.


Now, he pushed me back on the bed and spread my legs wide. I felt so vulnerable, so exposed. I couldn’t believe I was allowing a man I had just met, a man who I had just watched kill someone… I can’t believe I was letting such a man touch me and see me totally naked, totally exposed.


Then I felt his lips on my belly, kissing down from my belly button toward my hot mound. But instead of diving right in, Slade kissed around my pussy, down to my inner thighs, licking and biting his way along my skin.


I whimpered softly as he nibbled at my sensitive flesh. I loved this. I loved every second of this exquisite torture. I couldn’t wait to see what else he had planned for me but I would have been satisfied just to feel his mouth teasing me in these sensitive, hidden places…


No, that was a lie. I never would have been satisfied with just that. I wanted more. Needed more. I wasn’t going to be satisfied until I felt Slade’s mouth on my wet hungry slit.


I wasn’t going to be satisfied until he took care of the hungry ache that lived and resonated deep within my body, deep within my core.


The ache that called for him to fill it…


His tongue finally danced along the crook of my thigh and then onto my slit. I gasped.


“First time for this?” Slade asked smugly.


“Um… Yeah… How did you know?” I asked hesitantly.


“Just a though,” he said with a smile. “A hunch, if you will.”


Then, he planted a big kiss directly on my clit and I shuddered in delight, my hips shaking. I tried to press my hips forward, trying to force his mouth onto my hotness, onto my wetness, but he took his time, kissing softly along my pussy, lapping teasingly at my hot center.


Every time I started to get too excited, he would back off and I would whimper, hungry for more and more…


“Please, Slade, please!” I all but cried. “I want it so bad!”


“What do you want, baby girl?” he cooed evilly, his tongue barely touching my clit. “What do you want?”


“Lick me! Please! Make me cum!” I screamed finally, glad my roommates weren’t home. As it was, I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone in the building heard me.


“That’s a good girl,” he growled and then his tongue descended on my clit, slathering me in delightful pleasure. I writhed beneath his touch, groaning and grunting as he licked me.


His ministrations were perfect—so precise, so well-timed, enough to bring me closer and closer with each passing second without pushing me overboard.


I felt like I would approach the limit of my orgasm infinitely, never finally going over the edge. I would inch my way closer and closer to the edge of the cliff of pleasure, sometimes able to peek over, but never, not once, did he allow me to fall over.


“Please, I want to cum,” I moaned, my hips bucking under his skilled and practiced tongue. “I want you to make me cum!”


“You want to cum, huh?”


“I do! I do!” I cried, my hips shaking, my body hungry to finally find its release.


“That’s my good girl. You beg beautifully.”


God, I loved the way he talked to me. I loved the domination, the way he played with me, as if he were a cat and I were a mouse, scampering back and forth, just waiting to be devoured…


And once again, his tongue whipped over my clit, rapid-fire. In moments, I went over the edge.


I felt like I was on fire, my body shaking and my skin was all electricity. I threaded my fingers through his hair and held his face to my pussy, screaming as I came.


He slurped up my juices as my pussy flooded, the smell of sex hanging thick and heavy over us.


He gave my hot, throbbing pussy one last kiss before getting on top of me. I wrapped my legs around him and I felt his hard tool pressing against my wet sex.


Then, he was sliding into me. I gasped. I wasn’t on protection. He wasn’t wearing a condom. But I didn’t care.


The feeling of his flesh on my flesh… It was all too much.


I clutched at him, all but screaming as his cock slid into my tightness, into my wet, virginal core. He spread me out. It felt like he was stretching me, ripping me apart.


I closed my eyes tight, letting out a whimper as my hips bucked involuntarily against his, rubbing my clit against his powerful abs. I groaned at the stimulation, my body burning with desire and passion.


“You… You’re inside me…” I whispered, almost incredulous at the fact that, just like that, in a single moment, I was no longer a virgin. I had a man inside me, a dangerous man, a man I had just met. This morning, I saw this man kill another and now, I had him deep inside of me.


My wet, tight walls clutched at his cock, holding him tight and massaging him as he buried himself in me to the hilt. It hurt only a little.


I was so wet, so slick by this point, my juices running down my legs, that the only pain came form my muscles being stretched uncomfortably in a new way by this huge unfamiliar invasion.


“That’s right,” Slade whispered, nibbling on my ear. I gasped again, as much from the sudden pressure of his teeth on my ear lobe as from the feeling of my pussy stretching to accommodate his massive girth. Slowly, he began to pull out, starting to slide himself out before slamming his cock back into me.


I squealed as I took his cock, accepting it into my hungry pussy. My body devoured his cock, squeezing it, sucking it down, wrapping him in my warm wetness. “I’m inside you. I’m making you mine.”


. I liked that idea. I liked the idea of being his, of belonging to this rough, mysterious man. He slammed himself into me again and again, each time pulling his cock almost all the way out, to the tip, before impaling me once again.


The feeling of his veined, throbbing cock forcing its way into my tightness, into my hungry wetness… I couldn’t stand it. It was too much. It made me feel like I was going to lose consciousness any second.


I ran my fingers through his hair, gripping him by the scalp and pressing my hips into him, so that he ground against my clit as he fucked me.


“Harder! Harder!” I moaned, reaching down to grab one of my own tits as he fucked me. I gripped my soft flesh tightly, squeezing and twisting my nipple, shrieking at the sudden and surprisingly unexpected pleasure and pain that erupted from  my own ministrations. “Fuck me harder, Slade!”


And he complied. He pounded me, slamming into me over and over, like a jackhammer, his cock taking me hard and fast, as if I were some piece of prey and he were a wolf devouring me with some existential hunger.


“God, you’re so fucking tight. You’ve got to be a virgin,” Slade growled in my ear.


I moaned and nodded, pressing my hips harder and harder into his body, my own body devouring his, consuming him just as the passion consumed me with each passing second as he pumped into me…


I felt myself getting close.


I couldn’t believe it.


I loved the way he fucked me. I loved the way he talked to me while he fucked me. I loved the way he talked to me even when he wasn’t fucking me, though I couldn’t really even think about that right now—the pleasure and the sensations in my body were way too much for me to think about anything but the fact of my being fucked, the cock that was buried deep inside of me, that throbbed… He seemed to expand inside of me, filling every tiny crevice, every nook and fold of my pussy.


And then, I was cumming. I shrieked and wrapped my legs around Slade’s powerful, sweaty torso, grunting as waves of delicious electricity ricocheted through my body.


My pussy literally throbbed, screaming around Slade’s cock as I came, my hole flooding, washing his cock with hot, sticky juices.


He covered my mouth with his to keep me from screaming too loudly and I dug my fingernails into his shoulders, moaning into that kiss and eliciting deliciously pained grunts which spilled into my mouth through the kiss.


My body ached from the pleasurable convulsions but still, he fucked me. Still, he pounded me. I could barely moved and so I lay there, accepting his cock, gasping with each thrust and wondering if it would be his last.


Finally, he groaned.


Finally, his cock throbbed and twitched inside of me—I felt it—and finally, it began to pump, filling my hungry pussy with his seed.


It was… Amazing. The feeling of his hot cum flooding my tightness, filling me up, spraying my insides. His cum stuck to the walls of my pussy, making me gasp, making me groan, and I could only clench and unclench my cunt, massaging his dick and milk his cock as he shot his load into me. All the while, he groaned, gripping me tight and driving his length deeper and deeper into me. I gasped again and again as he powered his seed into me and, then, just like that, it was over.


He pulled out of me with a loud pop and lay down next to me on my bed. My heaving breasts matched the cadence of his rising and falling chest.




“That was your first time, wasn’t it?” Slade said softly after a minute.


“It was. I… I tried to tell you while you were in my mouth… It was my first blow job too… It was my first anything…”


“How old are you? You aren’t like, fourteen, are you?”


I laughed softly, running my fingers over his abs.


“No, no, no… I’m nineteen, don’t worry. How old are you?” My eyes searched his for some clue. His eyes, his face—they could be anywhere from twenty-five to I don’t know what.


“Twenty-nine,” he answered, as if distracted.


“How did you get these scars?” I asked, tracing my fingers over the tiny circular scars along his chest.


I already know, of course—they had to be bullets.


“A shoot out. A couple years ago. I took a shotgun blast to the chest.”


“And you survived?”


“Turns out, it’s real hard to kill me,” Slade said with a grin. “Check this one out…”


He turned over, lying half on his stomach, half on his side. There was a deep, ugly stab over his lower back.


“Right in the kidney. Didn’t even faze me. I threw the bastard through a window, took his bike, and pawned it the next day on my way to the hospital.”


My mouth dropped open.


“You’re kidding.”


“Nah,” Slade said, still smiling, shaking his head. “I just can’t be killed. That’s the only conclusion I can come to.”


I laughed softly and snuggled my face into his chest, inhaling his scent… His strong manly scent, something like… I couldn’t place it. A combination of sweat, whiskey, and tobacco maybe?


We lay there for maybe twenty minutes, just breathing, not talking, not looking at one another, as if the silence spoke volumes. Finally, Slade stood and began to dress.


“Where will you go now?” I asked, pulling the blanket from my bed around me, to cover my nakedness.


“I don’t know,” he said with a shrug. “North, maybe. To Oregon. I know a guy who deals up in Portland. I think I could hide out there pretty easily for a few months.”


“Will you come back?”








I looked down, disappointed. As he tightened the belt on his pants, Slade lifted my chin up with two fingers, looking me in the eye.


“Buck up, kid. I’m not the kind of guy you want. A nice girl like you needs a nice guy.”


“I’ve never had much luck with nice guys. Everyone thought my uncle was a nice guy too.”


Slade glanced back at me, a sad look on his face. Then, hardness replaced the sadness. His lip curled.


“What was your uncle’s name?”


“He’s dead. Don’t worry.”


“Good. Because if he weren’t already…”


Slade shrugged. I could only imagine what he would do to him. It made me tremble; it made me scared, but all in a good way. All in a way that made me melt inside and want to wrap myself around him and keep him from going.


“Can’t I make you something to eat before you go?”


Whatever he had been expecting, it wasn’t this.


“I’m okay—“


But his stomach growled, cutting him off. I grinned.


“You might be okay but I don’t think this guy is—“ I said, poking his belly. Still naked, I led him into the kitchen and sat him down at the table. I got out some pasta and some sauce. I browned some ground beef in a skillet, tossed some spices on it, and mixed it in with the pasta and sauce once everything was cooked.


Finally, I finished it off with some cheap dried parmesan cheese. It wasn’t exactly a gourmet meal but it would be filling.


Slade set upon it with a voracious, single-minded hunger. I had meant the meal to be for both of us but he had clearly misunderstood because as soon as I put the bowl in front of him, he dug in, gobbling it up as if he hadn’t eaten for days.


Of course, every boy I’ve ever known has had a huge appetite, so maybe that’s just how all boys are…


“Damn, that was incredible. You’re a great cook,” Slade said with a sigh five minutes later as he sat back, having devoured two huge portions of pasta. I could only giggle. I really wasn’t that great a cook—if he thought I were that good, it really must have been a long time since he had had a home-cooked meal…


He patted his swollen belly and I could only grin as I reached out and undid his belt again. I unzipped his pants and pulled out his flaccid cock. Well, if I weren’t going to get any of the meal I had made, I would need to eat something, I decided…


I got down on my knees and ran my tongue along his cock, swirling it around his hot chafed flesh, tasting the musky sourness of my juices still on his dick.


Slade groaned with delight and ran his fingers through my hair, pressing his hips forward as his cock grew. Damn, but it was huge already.


Part of me still couldn’t believe that I had managed to fit that whole thing inside of my pussy, let alone my mouth.


Now, I ran my tongue along his hardening, throbbing shaft. Grunts spilled out of his mouth as I ran my tongue up to the tip of his cock and suckled hard, swirling my tongue all around his thick, red knob of flesh.


“You just keep getting better and better at this. You’re really a natural” he said with a grunt, his cock twitching.


Once he was fully hard, I let him over to the couch in the living room. I made him lie down and I mounted him, slowly lowering myself onto his hot, hard length. I threw my head back and gasped as I felt my weight take me all the way down onto his cock, his huge girth digging deep into me.


“Oh, god…” I murmured in delight, gripping my tits and twisting my nipples with hunger as I began to grind my pussy against him. I didn’t even bounce at first—all I did was grind against his tight, firm abs and crotch, feeling the pressure in my clit build.


It grew faster and faster and my breath spilled out of my mouth faster and faster as I gasped, whimpering with each movement.


“You’re still tight as hell,” grunted Slade from beneath me. He gripped my ass tight, massaging my butt cheeks and sliding his fingers in between my crack. He pressed one finger into my back hole and I gasped, eyes widening. I had never had anything back there but…


Boy, did it feel good! I rocked back and forth, allowing his finger to penetrate me and making me ride his cock more and more, whimpering and shaking as the hungry pleasure built in my pussy.


Finally, I began to ride. I began to bounce. I pressed myself all the way off of him before dropping down, letting his length dig deep into me, pressing in deeper and deeper. I felt so full, so satisfied with him inside of me.


Words fail me as I try to explain it. I felt like he fit perfectly inside of me. Just big enough to stretch me and make me whimper but not so big that it hurt.


I could only gasp and moan as I rode him, my hips tightening, clenching and unclenching around his finger and around his cock.


Faster and faster I rode, bouncing and driving my clit against his crotch. He grunted with each of my descents, his cock rubbing deliciously against the walls of my cunt as I came down on him. I felt him start to tighten and twitch, right at the same moment that I myself began to cum. I threw my head back once again and screamed as orgasm wracked my body, my hips shaking, my boobs shaking, my pussy convulsing and spasming.


For his part, I felt his cock exploding inside of me, shooting stream after stream of hot seed deep into my womb.


I didn’t even care if I got pregnant from this. That would be a bridge I would cross when I came to it. For the moment, nothing seemed more important than having him inside of me, or, if I couldn’t, than having a piece of him inside of me, to keep.


Finally, we finished our orgasms. I lay against him, pressed my face into his neck. We enjoyed the after glow for several minutes, kissing lazily and letting our breath return to normal.


“I should go,” Slade said finally.


“I know.”


“You can’t come with me.”


“Are you sure? I could cook for you. I could do this with you every day. We could have a life together.”


“You saw the scars, Hope,” Slade said sadly. “This isn’t a life. This isn’t a life for you.”


I climbed off him as he stood and dressed once more. I watched him, feeling the tears behind my eyes. I wouldn’t cry just yet, I promised myself. I would wait till he was gone.


“Find yourself a nice boy. A college boy, maybe. Someone with a future.”


“You have a future. You’re going to Portland.”


“That’s not a future, Hope. What I have is a past. You want a boy with a future. There’s a distance.”


He leaned down and kissed me once more. I melted into that kiss. It was the kind of kiss that leaves you wanting another and another. The kind of kiss that you don’t want to believe is the last.


“I’ll never forget you, darling.”


“Please don’t,” was all I could manage to say before he left and the tears started to flow.


From my window, I watched Slade mount his bike.


He looked like a knight—a warrior from medieval sagas, clad in black leather armor and atop a steel, fuel injected steed. He looked back to me to wave but I had already retreated from the window.


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