Ridden (MC Club Biker Urban Alpha Male Erotic Romance) (5 page)

BOOK: Ridden (MC Club Biker Urban Alpha Male Erotic Romance)


“Oh, god, cum in me! Please!” I cried out, pressing my ass further against him, trying to take more and more of him inside of me.


I wanted more and more of it and I squeezing my muscles around him, pumping his thick cock as he finished inside of me.


Finally, he pulled out of me. He collapsed on the bed next to me and in seconds, he was asleep. I sighed and curled up next to him, cum dribbling out of my pussy and ass. I felt punished and used but also somehow content.


No, that was a lie. I would never be content until I had Slade back.





I awoke in an empty bed the next morning. I was still naked. McGinn was nowhere to be seen. His clothes weren’t even on the floor. On shaky feet, I got up and peek out into the living room, where I heard a voice. It was McGinn, on his phone.


“Yeah, I think I can definitely peg her on Aiding and Abetting. That’ll make her tell us something. I mean, either that or she’ll go to jail for a long, long time. Tell the DA to be a real hard ass on her. I just spent the night with her and let me tell you… If you play rough with her, she’ll crumble real fast.”


He was talking about me. I began to cry. I was going to jail. I didn’t know anything about Slade, about where he had gone besides the fact that he had gone north.


There was no way I could talk my way out of this.


McGinn entered my room, saw me crying, and must have immediately put it together. He knew that I knew.


“Listen,” he said coldly. “Don’t make this worse for yourself. If you tell me where O’Connor is, we can just forget this whole thing ever happened.”


“I trusted you!” I screamed. “I let you into my house! I let you into my bed!”


“Not my problem,” McGinn growled. He crossed the room and pushed me down on the bed, getting on top of me. “And now I’m in your bed again. What are you going to do about it?”


I spat in his face. He slapped me. Hard.


I cried out, sobbing. “Help! Help! Rachel! Sarah!”


Those were my roommates but they were both at work already. Since they’re students, they work on Saturday mornings.


“No one can help you, girlie,” McGinn growled. “And if you’re not going to tell me where Slade is, I can’t make any promises.”


And he slapped me again. And then, his hands made their way down to my tits.


“You sure were a nice fuck,” he grunted, squeezing my soft flesh. His hands felt repulsive now, where once they had been delicious and electric. “I wouldn’t mind have a nothing roll in the hay with you before I go. Why don’t you spread those pretty little legs?”


“No!” I screamed, trying to kick him away but my legs ended up in his arms and he forced them apart.


It was just then that we heard the door to my apartment crash off its hinges. My eyes widened. So did McGinn’s.


He leapt off of me, drew his pistol, and dashed into the living room. I followed, hoping against hope that what I thought had happened had in fact happened.


And it had.


For, there in the living room, a baseball bat in one hand and a teddy bear impaled with a handgun in the other, stood Slade.


“Get the fuck out of here, pig,” he growled.


McGinn raised his gun and fired. I screamed but Slade simple turned to the side, taking the bullet in the shoulder. When he turned back, his face was blank and unimpressed.


“Is that all you’ve got, asshole?” he grunted and raised the teddy bear. The force of the gun blast sent McGinn flying, crashing into my couch. I couldn’t bear to look at him.


“Get you things. Be ready to go in five minutes,” Slade said to me as he pried the teddy bear off the pistol.





I was ready to go in four minutes.


When I was dressed and packed, I found Slade wrapping a piece of cloth around his arm.


“Do you need to go to the hospital?”


“I know a guy who’ll patch me up for free and won’t tell the cops,” Slade replied. “We’ll drive north, towards Portland. He’s on the way.”


Without another word, I followed him downstairs. He didn’t wear a helmet when he rode. I was okay with that. I held onto him from behind as the chopper roared to life between my bruised, tired legs. Off we took soaring onto the highway.


“Why did you come back for me?” I called to him over the roar of traffic and wind.


“I couldn’t stop thinking about you. It was stupid of me.”


“It wasn’t stupid. I’m glad you came back.”


“Did that guy hurt you?”


“No… Not really. He used me to try and get to you. But I’m okay.”


“I’m sorry,” Slade called. “That’s what I tried to warn you about. You can’t get involved with me or else you’ll end up in trouble.”


“I think I’m already in trouble,” I whispered back, holding him tight as I pressed my face into the back of his warm jacket.


We didn’t say anything else as we rode, charging on down the highway and burning rubber the whole way.


It was near dark when we came to a Black Widows club house, somewhere near Oakland, as far as I could tell.


Inside, we found an old burnt out hippie—Doc Chang, they called him, as it turned out he had graduated from Harvard Medical School and been a successful doctor practicing in San Francisco before he sold everything and took to a simpler and more drug-filled life.


“Man, I wish you wouldn’t get your ass shot up like this,” Doc Chang muttered as he worked on Slade. I watched as Slade stoically accepted treatment, saying nothing.


“Who’s this hot little number?”


“That’s my old lady,” Slade muttered.


His old lady? What did that mean?


“Where’s her colors? She doesn’t look like an IG.”


“She doesn’t have them yet. I gotta’ rustle some up for her.”


“We might have some stuff she could wear laying around. You’ll want to get her a jacket, though.”


So that was it. I was in.




After the impromptu surgery, Slade drank half a pint of whiskey and Doc Chang gave us a small room to ourselves.


We undressed and fell into bed. I licked and sucked his cock before he could even say anything, getting him nice and hard.


I slobbered all over his cock, getting it wet, totally covered with spit.


I loved the way his cock throbbed ever so deliciously in my hungry mouth. I bobbed my head, gasping and struggling to breathe through my nose as I pleasured him.


I was hungry and desperate for him but I knew I didn’t just want him in my mouth… Oh no. I had other plans for him.


“Do you want me all over again?” I asked, my voice breathy and husky with hungry passion.


“Yes… Of course I do…” he said, his hips bucking involuntarily, pressing his cock deeper into my mouth. I pulled up my shirt and my bra with it, revealing my generous breasts and pressing his slick cock between them, jacking him off.


“Can’t you tell I do?” he asked with a grin as his cock disappeared into the meat of my chest.


“I don’t know…” I said with a wink. “It’s hard to know…”


I kissed and licked and nibbled at his cock, letting my spit drip all over it. I had a nasty, truly nasty, idea in store and I wanted his cock wet and ready…


“Do you trust me?” I asked him with a grin. He nodded dumbly. I gave his cock one more kiss, sliding my hot tongue all over his fleshy rod.


“You’ll like this…” I whispered finally, leaning back from his body.


Then, I straddled him and spread my cheeks, lowering my asshole down onto him. I gasped a bit as I felt the tip of his cock press against my tender ass hole.


To be honest, I was a bit afraid but I knew I needed to do this.


I knew I needed to give Slade my ass for me to feel better about everything that had happened…


In fact, I wanted to give him everything. I didn’t want there to be a single aspect of my life, of my world, that he didn’t know about.


It was going to be like this forever—or until we died. Whichever came first. I imagined us living forever, ripping through cities down long, winding, endless highways splattered with blood and oil…


“What are you doing?” he asked in surprise as he felt his cock disappear into my tight ass. I threw my head back, closing my eyes in pleasure and pain, whimpering like a whore.


“Erasing some bad memories,” I answered and then gasped as he slid all the way in, my spit having greased the way.


I rode him hard, bouncing up and down on his thick shaft, savoring every second of the way my biker’s cock invaded my asshole, spreading me apart, tearing me apart in the most delicious way. I


groaned, gripping my breasts as I rode his cock, whimpering like a little girl losing her virginity for the first time. His cock managed to spread me open, to rip me apart, and each thrust, each descent onto his fleshy rod was like losing my purity all over again. Each thrust was a brand new experience, a new world of pleasure and pain.


He held me by the hips, guiding me up and down and fingering my hungry cunt and rubbing my clit as I rode him. He dug his fingers deep into my pinkness, exploring my wet, needy, hungry depths as he fucked me. I felt his cock twitch with delicious pleasure, feeling it move in my ass, feeling it move inside of me, inside of my guts, reminding me once again of how filthy, how transgressive this act was…


And that only made me want to give it to him all the more.


“Fuck me… Fuck me…” I whimpered, digging my own fingers into my pussy, my digits colliding with his as they worked to bring me to orgasm.


Meanwhile, my other hand worked tirelessly to flick and tease my breasts, each motion, each action getting me hotter and wetter and more ready for his final blast of hot, sticky biker cum…


“God, you’re so fucking tight…” Slade murmured, his hips bucking under me. Each buck of his hips drove me wild.


Each buck of his hips brought his cock deeper into my ass and one millisecond closer to orgasm—to the precious, blinding hot white blast of passion and pleasure that would reduce me to a pathetic, sloppy mess of spent passion and pleasure…


Harder and harder, I rode him with more and more intensity. My moans rose out of my throat with increasing intensity, louder and louder.


I threw my head back, feeling like a porn star—the best feeling, as far as I was concerned. I needed this. I needed to feel what would happen when he finally finished inside of me, when his body, craving my own, craving my pleasure, craving my pain, eager to sow his seed deep inside my wet, pink, sopping and throbbing insides, exploded, finally…


“Please…” I begged, not really sure what I was asking for.


“Please what?” he asked with a devilish grin, flicking my clit with just the right pressure that I couldn’t take it.


I wanted to slap him, the pleasure and pain mixing in my ass and my pussy and my aching, throbbing nipples was almost too much to bear.


“Fuck… Fuck you…” I barely managed to moan out.


“What? What do you want me to do to you?” he asked, his grin, that shit-eating grin, that gorgeous shit-eating grin of his, seared into my mind, into my very psyche.


“Fuck my ass!” I all but screamed. I didn’t care who heard me.


I didn’t care who knew.


I wanted the whole world to know—to know my passion, to have the searing record of my pleasure and pain inscribed on the ears and hearts of all those within hearing distance.


“That’s it,” he whimpered, and I realized that he was enjoying this almost as much, maybe even more, than I was.


We were united in this intensity, in this profound, unadulterated pleasure… And it was driving me wilder and wilder with each passing moment.


I hoped he would cum soon. I didn’t know how much more I could take… The sex was so agonizing and the pain, as much as I loved it, seemed to be getting overwhelming…


My moans became more agonized and as they did, I hoped it would never end. I had never known I could feel like this—that I could hope that something, something like sex, like getting fucked in the ass so strongly and powerfully by my lover, could simultaneously be so delicious that I never wanted it to end and so painful that I couldn’t wait for it to finish…


All I knew was that I loved it, and that I would be doing this every single night, as long as my body would let me.


I wanted nothing else in the world except to ride him into oblivion, into that pleasurable orgasmic oblivion of two souls joining their bodies and their souls…


I leaned down to kiss him and to kiss him hard, just the way I liked to be kissed and the way I liked to kiss—the way all girls need to be kissed sometimes, especially during times of the most passionate of lovemaking.


He responded in kind, his teeth and lips dueling with mine as we dug into each other, my hips bouncing impossibly faster, my muscles screaming at me, begging me to stop, while my heart and my brain urged my body onwards…


It wasn’t long before I was cumming, once and then again.


I had never experienced something quite like this—multiple orgasms, one after another, like shots fired from a revolver and striking the pleasure centers of my brain head on. I squealed and thrashed around his cock, my vision blurring.


“Oh, god, oh my god!” I found myself screaming. He ended up grabbing me hard, slapping his hand over my mouth to shut me up but I just fought his hand off, releasing another throaty moan as my pleasure overtook me.


Finally, he came too and he had no strength left to try and control me, his cock spasming inside my ass, flooding my tight channel with his cum.


“Fuck, that’s good!” he groaned, his hips bucking wildly, like a motorcycle on a rainy highway. I loved the feeling of his powerful body writhing in pleasure beneath me… It felt like I was riding some sort of wild stallion. It felt so primal and real and it made me want more of it. I felt like I could get addicted to this feeling.


And besides that, it just felt so right to be taking his cum in my ass.


Each spurt—and there were many—invaded my tight hole and seemed to sear my flesh as he finished. I groaned and gripped my own body, my breasts and my pussy, slapping and teasing and toying myself as we came together, my tight back hole spasming and massaging his cock as we finished. God, but it was amazing—a moment of true coming-together of our bodies. His flesh seemed to meld into me, his seed providing the glue. I threw back my head and let out a contented sigh before hopping off him and plopping down in the bed next to him.


“So, I’m a Black Widow now, huh?” I asked, stroking his chest.


“That’s right. I’ve got a bandana for you. We’ll get you a jacket and then a patch and then you’ll ride with me, up to Portland.”


“What does an old lady do?”


Slade grinned at me. “Whatever I damned well want you to.”


I smiled back. “I think I can do that.” I leaned in for a kiss, a soul searing kiss that made me want to be close to him, that made me never want to be away from him. We kissed and his lips traced their way over my cheeks and my neck and down to my breasts, suckling my nipples. I sighed and stroked his head as he suckled my nipples, whimpering as he began to finger me again. I shuddered as his fingers worked my clit. I was still way too sensitive.

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