Ridden (MC Club Biker Urban Alpha Male Erotic Romance) (4 page)

BOOK: Ridden (MC Club Biker Urban Alpha Male Erotic Romance)


The Date


In contrast to how eventful the first day of my week was, the rest of the week was positively boring.


I took the next day off work and my boss, who’s a fairly nice guy when I think about it, even paid me since I had seen a guy murdered outside and all that.


Pretty decent of him, if you ask me.


I went and bought some new clothes for my date with Officer McGinn, though I was no longer nearly as excited about it was had been earlier. I didn’t want McGinn. I wanted Slade. And I couldn’t shake the suspicion that this was just a way to find out more about Slade… Regardless, I would go out to dinner, let McGinn buy me a nice meal, and maybe I would even go home with him. But I wouldn’t betray Slade. I had already decided that.


At seven on Friday evening, I saw a motorcycle roll up. It wasn’t a Harley like Slade’s. It was a sporty little Japanese bike, a Suzuki I think. It was definitely cute and it looked fast, but not nearly as powerful as Slade’s machine.


McGinn pulled off his helmet and waved up to me. I blushed and waved back. He was wearing a fashionable suit, something a little casual but still nice, with a cute woolen tie and gorgeous tan shoes that set off the whole ensemble. I wore a nice black dress—a new piece I had just bought for the date, and something which was now the most expensive piece of clothing I own.


Retail therapy, anyone?


I went down stairs and saw McGinn had a helmet for me too, but no sidecar. So he wanted me to ride with him?


He tossed me the helmet.


“There you go,” he called out. “Give her a try. See if she fits.”


It did. I gave him a thumbs up and got on the bike behind him. Immediately, it revved to life and I almost gasped. Damn, but I could get used to that between my legs. I wrapped my arms around McGinn, feeling his tight, firm abs through his suit, and off we went.




We went to a fancy restaurant on the other side of town. We had reservations and everything. I had never been to a restaurant that took reservations.


Over a lovely dinner, McGinn told me about himself: oldest of six kids, been working since he was thirteen, put himself through college at State, joined the force and hoped to make detective this year.


“I figure if I catch O’Connor, there’s no way they can’t make me detective,” he said with a grin.


“O’Connor?” I asked, confused. And then I realized who he meant. Slade.


“Yeah, the biker murderer? You can’t have forgotten already?”


“I guess I blocked out part of it,” I said with a sheepish grin.


I had to admit, I was having fun. I had never been wined and dined like this before and the way the candlelight glinted off the glasses at the table, and the way McGinn’s light blonde hair glowed in the low light of the restaurant… I felt like I was in a fairy tale. Sometimes, I would tune out, forgetting to pay attention to whatever McGinn was saying, feeling the entire time like some sort of princess.


He paid for dinner, even though I ate a ton and the food was better and more expensive than anything I had ever had before. We drove back to my place.


“Would you like to come up for a cup of coffee?” I asked as I got off. I had already made up my mind that I was going to ask him up. I felt like I was betraying Slade but he was gone. This is what he told me to do, after all.


“I’d love to,” McGinn said with a smile.


We never got around to that cup of coffee.




As soon as we got into my apartment, McGinn slammed me up against a wall, his mouth on mine. I couldn’t help but give in to the kiss, wrapping my arms and legs around him.


“I’m going to make you mine tonight,” McGinn growled in my ear. Those words sent shudders down my spine. Slade had already made me his, I wanted to tell him. But it was too late.


We tumbled into my room.


He all but tore off my dress. I realized as it fell to the ground that it had been torn in the process.


I wanted to cry but I was already being forced to my knees, a huge, veiny cock presented to me. I knew what to do.


I latched my lips around it, and began to suck hard. McGinn was rough but it wasn’t unpleasant.


I liked the way he pulled at my hair, the way he forced himself into my mouth. I loved to be dominated, I realized.


This wasn’t the slow, calculated domination that Slade exercised. Rather, this was fast.






McGinn fucked my mouth, using it like a toy. I felt like a slut and I loved it. I bobbed my head, looking up at him with smoldering eyes, feeling like a porn star the entire time.


I played with his balls, stroking them, teasing them, licking them, and even suckled one as though I were a babe sucking at a mother’s breast.


Then, I went back to servicing his shaft. He was almost as big as McGinn and, I knew from listening to my girlfriend’s complain about their boyfriends, they were both bigger than average.


He rammed as much of his tool as he could down my throat. It was a good thing I was ready to take it; otherwise, I’m sure I would’ve started crying.


I sucked hard, bobbing my head obediently as he pulled my hair and whispered filthy things in my ear.


“I know you’ve been seeing O’Connor,” he growled.


I pretended that I hadn’t heard.


“And I know that he was here right after the murder.”


Still, I gave no response.


“I can make it worth your while if you tell me where he is,” he murmured softly and then, he began to cum, his hot seed flooding my mouth. He came so much that it dribbled down my lips and onto my exposed tits.


He forced my face down onto his cock, driving as much of it into my poor abused throat as he could. Finally, gasping, he let me pull off his cock, tears in my eyes.


“I don’t know where he is!” I said finally. “I really don’t!”


“On your hands and knees,” McGinn ordered. A thrill of excitement went through my body. I was scared but I wanted to see where this went. I obeyed him and he slid down my thong, revealing my full, curvy ass in all its glory.


He spread my ass cheeks wide and I found myself blushing as he admired by backside: my wet pussy, my tight puckered asshole, and the juices running down my thighs, an indicator of my incredible excitement at being taken so roughly…


Without further ado, McGinn buried his face in my pussy. I gasped, feeling his hot tongue force its way into my snatch.


He licked hard and fast, slathering my pussy with his saliva from my clit up to my asshole.


I whimpered and moaned as he licked me, my hips shaking.


“Fuck, that’s good…”


“Makes you want to tell me where Slade is, doesn’t it?” McGinn growled. He sank his teeth into my thigh and I yelped, electrically pleasant jolts of pain shooting through my body.


“I really don’t know where he is!” I cried as he slid a finger into my ass. I blushed hard. Slade was the only other person to touch me there.


In fact, he was the only other person to do any of this to me.


McGinn continued to shower attention on my clit as he lapped at my pussy, teasing my whole slit and simultaneously driving his finger in and out of my ass.


It hurt a little bit but I found myself enjoying it more and more, pressing my hips back, trying to take more of his finger inside of my tight hole…


I was getting close and my hips were shaking, tightening around McGinn’s head. He gripped my tits hard, the rough touch only making me want it more, only bringing me closer to coming. It was really when he gripped my nipples, tugging and twisting them hard, that I let out a shriek and began to cum.


The orgasm was hard but different from how it had been with Slade. This one was more urgent, almost painful, as if it had been building up and now, finally, everything was flooding out, waves of relief washing over me.


I all but collapsed as I came down from my orgasm high. But the state trooper wasn’t done with me.


He spread my ass cheeks wide and I felt his cock pressing against my warm, wet sex. I knew what was coming and I braced myself. He forced his long tool deep inside of me, causing me to cry out in sudden ecstasy.


It didn’t feel quite as novel as when it had been with Slade but I still loved it. I especially loved having McGinn behind me.


I felt like a bitch, being taken by a dog, felt like an animal fucking in the forest instead of a human girl.


“Hard, harder, harder…” I whimpered. McGinn slapped my ass hard. I yelped, tears springing to my eyes.


“Where. Is. O’Connor?” he growled, pulling my hair hard as he pounded me from behind. Was this his idea of an interrogation? I honestly didn’t mind if it were…


“I don’t know!” I cried, pushing my hips back into him. I wanted more. I wanted him to ask me more, to demand more of me, to make me serve him as he pounded me. I groaned as he gripped my hair, forcing my head back and riding me hard.


I felt like I was the motorcycle and McGinn were the rider, and I was bound to go wherever he wanted me to, do whatever he wanted me to…


He grabbed my tits hard and I shrieked, my nipples already sore as he twisted and teased them.


“Tell me, damn it!”


“I don’t know!” I said through tears. Even though the pain was mounting, I wanted more. I wanted this punishment. It dulled the ache of missing Slade.


All the while, McGinn slammed into my pussy.


From being a tight virginal treasure chest, locked and stored away, only a week ago, it was now becoming pretty experienced.


As it was, I was getting better and better at taking a hard cock, at accepting it into my tight warmth like a good girl.


As McGinn fucked me, I tried to imagine Slade taking me like this. I would like that. I think he would be good at it, taking me from behind.


He was so strong, so manly, but also kind of animalistic and bestial. I could only imagine that he would like me to let him fuck me from behind. Maybe he would even want to do it in my ass? If it were Slade, I might be okay with that…


I felt McGinn’s balls tighten. He was getting close. I knew from the way he twitched as he fucked me, from the way he groaned, from the way he murmured softly, hissing his questions about Slade. I groaned, feeling my own orgasm rising.


His cock was rubbing deliciously against my G-Spot (I only knew where that was because I’m a religious reader of Cosmo and other girlie magazines) and each thrust was like exquisite agony.


I wanted to cum so badly, and so badly did I want to take McGinn’s cum inside of me.


But, even more than that, I wanted it to be Slade behind, Slade taking me, Slade’s cum I was about to suck down. But there was no way around it.


I felt it, finally: McGinn’s cock pumping and spasming. Stream after stream of his hot cum filled my pussy, seeping deep into the cracks and creases which had not too long ago held Slade’s cock, Slade’s cum.


I moaned, gripping my tits, tears coming from my eyes. It wasn’t that it hurt… It’s that my heart wasn’t in it. I wanted Slade back.


But I came and I hated myself for cumming on his cock and loving it. I moaned and squeezed my full, swollen tits as my pussy flooded McGinn’s thick cock with cum. I whined and whimpered, shaking as the waves of my orgasm crashed against the beach of my mind.


The pleasure was good, but the feelings that came with it weren’t. I felt as though I were cheating on Slade, even though I knew that was impossible. Slade was gone and I should really focus on developing new relationships. I knew that was true but I just couldn’t shake the feeling.


McGinn collapsed against me, grunting and sighing as his cock slid out of me.


“So, you really don’t know where Slade is?”


I shook my head.


McGinn scowled and grabbed me by the hair.


“Then clean up the cock, you dumb slut.”


Dumb slut? That wasn’t very nice. Nonetheless, I obeyed, licking and slurping at his cock sucking my cum off him. He grunted and his cock spasmed, writhing and growing under my tongue.


“Now, bend over.”


I obeyed against as he spread my ass cheeks. He spat in my ass hole. My eyes widened.


“W-what are you doing?”


“If you aren’t going to tell me where O’Connor is, you’re going to have to be punished.”


I was scared as I felt the tip of his cock press against my asshole. I whimpered as it began to disappear into my tight hole.


“Please, wait, I really don’t know anything! I really don’t! I’ve never had anything back there!”


But really, I wanted it. Not because I wanted McGinn to take my anal virginity but because I felt like I needed to be punished for betraying Slade.


As McGinn forced his swollen dick into my ass, I let out whimper after yelp after cry, feeling my tight, sensitive whole forced apart—practically ripped apart by his huge cock. I began to cry but I wanted more.


I found myself pressing my hips back, trying to take more of him deeper and deeper inside of my virgin hole.


“Fuck me,” I gasped. “I need to be punished. Fuck me.”


I wished it were Slade fucking my ass. I wished he were the one to be punishing me. Alas, it wasn’t true.


When I glanced behind me, I saw McGinn’s handsome face, disfigured by a cruel grin as he drove his cock into me. Each thrust elicited a hot cry from my lips.


“That’s right, baby,” he grunted. “You like it in the ass, don’t you? You’re going to go looking around for someone to pound your ass from now on, I bet. You’re just a worthless piece of roadside trash.”


I whimpered but I couldn’t disagree with him. After all, in the course of a week, I had fucked two men I had met by the side of the road…


As McGinn rode my ass, I rubbed my pussy and the combination of him in my tight back hole and my own fingers dancing over my clit was bringing me close to orgasm faster than anything ever had before.


To my surprise, I found myself cumming in seconds, screaming around his cock as my muscles tensed and untensed, contracting and relaxing around his swollen tool, clenching it tight as he pumped it deeper and deeper into me. It hurt but it was the best kind of hurt. A hurt I could see myself getting addicted to.


And then I came again. And again. And again. I couldn’t keep track of how many times I had cum.


My pussy was sore and throbbing, almost as much as my ass as Officer McGinn slammed me over and over again. I could only wince and take it, loving and hating each second of it, and hating myself for allowing this to happen.


Finally, I felt his cock tense up.


“Fuck! Oh fuck!” McGinn roared and I felt his seed flood my tight chamber, filling me up. I whimpered and cried out, panting and gasping as his hot seed filled all the tightness of my ass.

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