Ridden (MC Club Biker Urban Alpha Male Erotic Romance) (6 page)

BOOK: Ridden (MC Club Biker Urban Alpha Male Erotic Romance)


“Slow down,” I whispered, my voice still thick with pleasure and exhausted from our love-making. “I don’t know if I can… you know. Do it so fast.”


“I understand,” he said with his ever-present grin, the very grin that made me want to slap him. He rolled over on top of me and I couldn’t help but return his grin—oh, fuck, how I loved the feeling of his strong, powerful body on top of me, pushing down into me, holding me down, even…


He began to lick and nip my inner thighs. I writhed in delight, pressing my hips forward and my eyes widened, whimpering all the time. I loved the teasing, the anticipation of what he might do with his mouth, even more than what he actually ended up doing with it.


Now, that’s not to denigrate his abilities in any way—any girl will tell you, I think, that the anticipation makes you tremble even more than the pleasure itself. The anticipation is pleasure. All anticipation is pleasure.


And my body, my hips, my thighs, his tongue and teeth—it was all anticipation here and now.


“Please…” I whined again, pathetically, aroused, my ever-present and unending plea. Why did I always say please? Why didn’t I just demand what I wanted?


“Lick me.” There. There it was.


I felt his tongue, ever so slightly, dance along the crease between my pussy and my thigh, working its way along the sensitive flesh of the joint. But no, that wasn’t what I wanted…


“Not there…” I said, hungry and husky and needy.


“Do you think you deserve it somewhere else?” he asked, chuckling. Bastard.


“Fuck you. Of course I do… I just rode your cock and let you cum in my ass. If I want you to eat me all night long, you will.”


He burst out laughing and he didn’t stop for quite some time.


“You’ve got this biker thing down,” he said, finally quieting and going to the task before him: namely, me. He ran his tongue from the bottom of my pussy slowly, so agonizingly slowly, up to my clit, running along my slit and teasing me, making me endure the agony of pleasure.


I found myself squeezing my eyes shut, again just trying to stay conscious. God, but I was SENSITIVE after our previous love making… I didn’t know if I would be able to endure his delicious, ultimately pleasurable assault on my slit.


But somehow I did. Gripping his hair, digging my fingers into his scalp and driving my nails into his flesh, damn his wounds, damning whatever discomfort he might feel—that all helped me to endure.


He started ever so skillfully by slurping around the hood of my clit, teasing it and making it swollen—as if it could even get more swollen, as if it could ever throb harder than it was now! God, but I wanted him more and more with each passing moment.


And then, before I knew what was happening, his tongue was assaulting my clit head on, slithering over my hard little nub of pleasure—hard, of course, because my blood was so hot for him and had so soaked my entire body that my clit couldn’t help but pulse in time with my ever-quickening heart beat.


The first second his tongue slid over my little clitty was enough for me to scream all over again, my voice rising up to the heavens. I moaned pathetically and hungrily, my body trembling and twitching as he devoured me, wrapping his lips around my pink-red little nub and suckling hard, his tongue lashing at my flesh. God, but I wanted more of this… Ever so much more.


“Please… Please… Oh, oh, oh, oh god!” I squealed, gripping his hair hard, all but ripping his locks out of his scalp as he finished me off. I could feel my orgasm, yet another one, this one less powerful but somehow deeper than the others, rising like a wave just beyond the horizon, a tsunami threatening to overtake me, to drown me in pleasure.


“Faster…F aster… Just a little bit more, baby, please…” I moaned, thrashing from side to side. My butt, still leaking his hot, thick cum, clenched and I could feel his seed clinging to my tight hole, aching and burning from the pounding it had just endured. My muscles were all so sore. I felt like I had just survived a fight, like I had just gone three or four rounds with the heavyweight champion of the world—and now, I had to pick myself up and do it all over again…


And then, I felt it. My orgasm rose up and over me somehow unexpectedly, even though I had felt it coming. Somehow, I had forgotten about it, become lost in the pleasure and then there it was. I saw stars. I shook and screamed, pressing his face in between my hips as I felt my body become enraptured by the flames of our passion.


Finally, after several moments—for all I know, it could’ve been hours but honestly, I couldn’t tell you exactly—I came down from my orgasm, and found myself stroking his hair gently as my breathing, ever so slowly, returned to normal.


“That… That was amazing…” I murmured softly. He heaved himself up to lie next to me, and once again, I became cognizant of the pain he must be in. I made a move to help him but he batted my hands away.


“No, I’m fine,” he grunted, glaring at me suddenly. I felt hurt.


“You should let me help you. It was because of me…” I began but he shushed me with a quick, rough kiss.


“Don’t think about it that way. I won’t always have you with me anyway. I can’t rely on you. I can’t rely on anyone.”


Now, it was my turn to glare at him. How quickly my feelings could change from love and passion to hurt and anger! After everything we had been through… He was really going to insist that he couldn’t rely on me?


“What the hell do you mean?” I growled, glowering angrily at him, my eyes all but flaming. “After… After everything that’s happened!”


His face softened.


“It’s just… It’s a hard life. It’s a hard life I’ve chosen.”


“And it’s a life I’ve chosen too.”


Our gazes met and he nodded slowly, as if to show his acceptance: his acceptance and affirmation as my place as his equal—not just in the gang but in his life.


He caught my lips in a kiss again and once more, we found ourselves rolling in the passionate waves of the bed. Somewhere along the way, my legs were spread and wrapped around his hips, with his hardness, ever ready to do its job, finding its way inside my tight, sore depths. How he could have this much stamina, I had no idea… but after all, this was the kind of man I had wanted, wasn’t it?


“Please… Please… Give it to me once more… Make me yours… All over again…” I moaned, writhing beneath him as he pumped me, sliding his long, thick tool almost all the way out of me before pounding it back into me, fucking me just like a toy, using my body, both for his pleasure and his love. It was so sensual and it drove me wild, the way he slid himself in and out of me…


“Please!” I groaned. “Faster! Faster!”


And with a grunt, a heavy, animalistic grunt, like that of a jackal attacking its prey—and suddenly, I remembered what he had originally reminded me of, when I first met him—what felt like years ago, maybe even a lifetime ago—he picked up his speed, pumping his cock harder and harder and faster and faster into my tight, aching pussy. God, but I loved it… Loved every second of it.


“Fuck!” he groaned, announcing his orgasm by throwing his head back. I sighed with delight as held him tight, letting his seed fill me. I thought with dreamy pleasure about the possibility of his seed taking root in my womb, of it growing, and of us being a family…


But that was all in the future. We were exhausted. He groaned and slid his sloppy, wet cock out of my spent pussy. I whimpered, the ache in my hole reminding me of all of our passionate, searing loving…


Finally, we curled up together, his strong arms wrapped around me. We fell asleep to the roar of motorcycles outside, heralding our new life together.



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The Beast Who Loved Me


He sighed, and placed his face in his hand before focusing on me. It was just then that I realized he was totally naked. I glanced down. And my god, he was packing.


“I was born in 1827. My family, we were settlers who arrived in this area from Boston. I was attacked by wolves when I was nineteen and my father took me to the old Lakota medicine man who lived on the outskirts of town. The only way he could save me was to turn me into what had attacked me… But I was an outcast once my family saw what I had become. And so, I’ve lived in the forests and the fields here ever since.”


“Bandit… How am I supposed to believe that?” I asked, my head feeling dizzy from the revelation.


“Maureen, how can you not believe that? You just saw me transform.”


“So, you’ve been… A person… This entire time? You slept in my bed. You watched me change. You’ve watched me grow up.”


He nodded. “That’s right. But the truth is, Maureen… I’ve loved you ever since I saw you in this very field, in this very spot, on that night all those years ago.”


My heart just about stopped. I looked around. Yes, he was right—it was this very spot!


“Bandit… No… It can’t be…”


“But Maureen, it is. It was this spot. And you’ve been all I could think about ever since.”


I couldn’t believe it. I just couldn’t. How could this be my dog, my wolfdog Bandit? Tears started to drip out of my eyes. Bandit wrapped his strong arms around me.


“Maureen, Maureen, Maureen… I know… I’m sorry. I didn’t know how I could tell you. I wanted to be near you. To protect you. That’s why I said nothing.”


“But… You could have let me know… Once I was old enough to understand.”


Bandit shook his head.


“It’s not that simple. I… Maureen, I don’t age. I look the same as I did when I almost died and when my father took me to the Lakota medicine man. Do you know how difficult it is to build a relationship when you live forever, when you never age? I couldn’t take it, Maureen. I couldn’t deal with seeing you grow old and die without me.”


“Bandit, what do you want me to say? What do you want me to do?”


He shrugged and gave me a smile, a simmering, shimmering smile that sent shivers through my body.


“Let me come with you to college,” he whispered. “I can’t stand it any more. I need to be with you. I’ll come with you to college. I’ll live around the campus, outside, running free, and I’ll come and share your bed whenever you’ll have me.”


Share my bed. What did that mean? Bandit had always shared my bed… Most mornings, he’d come in around five or so, curl up next to me with his head on my chest, snoring softly, and when I finally awoke, I’d have to ease my way out from under his snout so I didn’t wake him.


Or did he mean… Like
? Like what I was going to do with Tom, at least until our evening got derailed…


“This is too much, Bandit… I can’t… I can’t…”


And with that, I dashed off, tears dripping out of my eyes as I charged through the corn rows. As I came to the bar, I took pause. I dried my eyes and did what I could to pretty myself up. I didn’t know what was going on. I was a mess.


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Ridden (MC Club Biker Urban Alpha Male Erotic Romance)


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