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I got the rest of the day off work… For obvious reasons. As I took the bus home, I found myself reflecting on the events of the day.


I was certainly excited for my date with McGinn but even more than that, I wondered where Slade was… What was he up to now? Had they caught him by now? I was positive they hadn’t. After all, I had given him plenty of time to get away and he even took off up the exit ramp, a fact which I neglected to tell the cops.


But… My god, was he an ass. I found myself blushing and trying to cover myself up on the bus, my bra practically exposed by the torn buttons on my shirt. This was one of my favorite Henleys, too!


When I got home, I found my apartment empty.


My roommates were both students at the local community college and balanced part-time jobs with school. They kept encouraging me to enroll in classes and I kept putting it off, saying I would do it next semester, and then the semester after that, and then the semester after that.


I set down my purse and went into my tiny bedroom. As I took off my shirt, I heard a click. The closet door opening. Another click. The door to my bedroom closing.


I spun around, already knowing who would be there. Slade.


“Don’t scream,” he warned. His switch blade was ready.


“What do you want?”


“I just wanted to make sure you didn’t tell the pigs anything that could get me in trouble.”


I shook my head. “No. Nothing. I didn’t even tell them which way you went.”


“Are you sure? Because they put out an all points bulletin for me an hour ago. How did they get my name? My real name?”


Tears came to my eyes.


“You paid with a credit card. They checked our sales records.”


Slade scowled, throwing his hands down.


“Fuck. I have to get out of the fucking state. I was really starting to like California.”


“I… I’m sorry. I know why that man had to die.”


Slade glanced at me.


“What do you know about him?”


“The cops said he was a child pornographer or something. Something bad. That they couldn’t pin anything on him. They didn’t seem particularly upset that you killed him.”


Slade sighed and sat down on the bed.


“That fucker made me sick the moment I saw him. Then we found out from his girlfriend that he was messing around with her daughter. Girl’s only nine years old. I enjoyed killing his sorry ass.”


He glanced up at me.


“Sorry. That’s probably more information than you needed. I’ll go now. Don’t mention this to the police. You understand.”


“No, wait…” I whispered, grabbing him by the sleeve of his jacket and pulling him close. “I… My uncle did something like that to me when I was little. Thank you. On behalf of the girl. Since she probably won’t get a chance to thank you.”


And then I gave him a hug. Slade wrapped his arms around me. I felt tears falling from my eyes as he stroked my hair.


“Do you have to go right away?”


“I do.”


I reached around and undid my bra, letting my breasts fall free. Slade’s hungry eyes feasted on my full bosom, each topped with a perfectly pink nipple, like a cherry on top of a sundae.


“Are you sure?”




He slid his hands around my waist and pulled me close, latching his hot, hungry lips onto mine. I melted into that kiss, licking and suckling his firm lips as our tongues dueled. His stubble scratched my face but I didn’t mind. I loved it and I wanted him.


“I’ve never done anything like this before,” I whispered as we broke apart.


“Sex?” he asked. “Or with someone you’ve just met?”


“Both,” I said, smiling, blushing. He grinned. I knew boys liked the idea of a virgin and I felt like Slade deserved it. He would never get recognized for what he had done, for what he had risked. I wanted to thank him…


He kissed my neck now.


I had always loved having my neck kissed.


In high school, I once made out with a nerdy boy at a school dance and even though he was fat and covered in acne, I sincerely considered taking him into the girl’s bathroom and letting him be my first, all because he had kissed my neck in a way that got me more excited than I had ever been in my life.


Slade’s lips moved slowly down my skin, making me whimper and sigh as he washed over my shoulders, over my soft, hot flesh, making me whimper with each movement of his lips. His lips came closer and closer to my breasts and as he moved, he nibbled and nipped at my skin, making me whimper, making me sigh and shake as he kissed me, as he licked my hot flesh.


I wanted this so badly. My nipples ached with hardness and I thrust my chest forward, almost involuntarily, trying to press his face toward my hot, sensitive nubs.


“Please,” I whimpered. “Please, Slade, I want you…”


“What do you want?” he asked with a wolfish grin, running a finger over my hard nipple, sending electric waves of pleasure and delight through my body. I shuddered as I felt his calloused fingers touch my soft, sensitive skin, teasing the tender flesh.


“I want you…” I whispered.


“But what do you want me to do?” Slade asked, still grinning. Bastard. He wanted to make me say it. I was going to die of embarrassment before this was over.


“I want you to… Use your mouth.”


“Your wish is my command,” Slade said with mock sincerity. I closed my eyes, almost too embarrassed to watch as I felt his hot, hungry lips sweep over my hard nipple.


I whined in delight, running my fingers through his hair. I was surprised by how soft it was. I pulled it out of the ponytail and ran my fingers through it, from his scalp to the tips, and then gripped his mane as he began to nibble my nipple, sharp teeth burrowing into my tender pink flesh.


God, I was wet. I felt the area between my legs growing wet and sticky and warm. I could only rub my thighs together, feeling myself grow juicier and juicier by the second.


“Please, Slade…” I whimpered. “More… I need more… More of you.”


“Really?” he whispered. “Is that what you want? I didn’t know.”


I batted playfully at him as he continued to suckle my nipple.


“Don’t be mean to me,” I whimpered, his hot tongue lashing my nub. He switched to my other breast, continuing to stroke and play with my other boob while he suckled my other nipple, unleashing the same delicious, wet, hot tongue and lips on this sensitive, needy spot.


“More, more, more…” I whined, feeling like a child. This was my initiation to the world of sex and I was having the time of my life. I slid my fingers beneath his tattered shirt and ran my hands along his belly and chest.


I was right. He did have the physique of a model. Beneath his shirt, I found a built sex of wash-board abs, the kind that felt like you could grate cheese on. As I grazed my fingers upwards, I felt his firm, broad chest, twitching slightly under my fingers as I tickled his nipples.


A few times, I encountered rough spots in his skin that seemed to be scars. I didn’t want to break the moment by asking him then but I made a mental note to ask later how he had gotten them. If anything, it just turned me on more, knowing that I was about to have a real man—a man who had fought, who had been beaten and scarred and still survived.


That thought alone made me even wetter, made my core even hotter and made me want him inside of me even more.


I began to undo his pants, taking off his belt first and tossing it across the room. Then, down came his zipper, and I slid his jeans down. I reached into his boxers and pulled out his cock—an enormous, veiny, throbbing tool.


He gasped softly as my fingers came in contact with his sensitive flesh and I began to stroke him, rubbing my warm palm against his hot cock as he continued to suckle my nipples.


I wanted this cock inside of me.


He seemed too big, though—far too big for my tight little slit. Sure, I had masturbated before, but the biggest thing I had ever had in there was a banana once… And even that was a pretty tight squeeze.


This cock, on the other hand… This was enormous, far thicker than the banana. I was positive it would rip me apart, but part of me was looking forward to that.


Part of me wanted him on top of me, pounding me, pumping me, ripping me apart. Part of me—and it was a part that grew bigger with each passing second—wanted him to tame me hard, to make me his.


I wanted to be stretched out around that huge cock, sighing and gasping as he forced me to take it over and over again. And I wanted to feel what would happen when he finished inside of me, filling me up with that hotness, that stickiness…


I got down on my hands and knees. I knew from my girlfriends that boys liked this, even though I had never given a blowjob before. I began to lick slowly from the base of his shaft up to the tip of his cock.


He gasped in delight, grunting as I kissed along his shaft, planting hot, suckling kisses along his flesh, tugging at the skin of his shaft with my lips and my teeth as I went along my way.


Finally, I got to his thick, meaty cock head and I wrapped my lips around that, sucking hard and then using my teeth, grazing his hungry flesh with my equally hungry teeth.


“Ahh… Too much teeth…” he whimpered. I glanced up at him coyly.


“What’s wrong, big bad biker man? Can’t take a little teeth from a cute little virgin by the side of the road?”


“Apparently not,” Slade muttered. I felt him run a hand through my hair and grasp me firmly. He pressed his cock into my mouth and I obeyed him, allowing him to slide his length down my throat. I took him as deep as I could, letting him go further and further into my throat…


I knew this was called deepthroating and I remembered my girlfriends discussing techniques for doing it comfortably.


Myself, on the other hand, I found that I didn’t have much of a gag reflex (I had always known this… I was able to take all sorts of disgusting medicine without any problems as a kid!) and so I was able to slide his cock deeper and deeper, further down into my throat. My mouth suckled and massaged his hungry, horny shaft as it disappeared into my face.


Finally, I had my nose buried in his pubic hair and his long cock buried to the hilt in my throat. I could barely breathe but somehow, I had kept conscious.


Now, I began to bob my head, sliding off his cock a little bit before slamming it back into my throat, letting his huge meat invade my hungry mouth.


“Oh, fuck, that’s good… You’re pretty experienced, huh?” Slade moaned.


I shook my head, trying to indicate that this was my first blowjob but I don’t think he understood. Oh well. I would explain that later on, maybe when I was admiring his scars.


I continued to work his cock with my mouth, bobbing my head enthusiastically, savoring the sensation of his flesh invading my hungry throat. I wanted him so badly at that very moment, I would have let him do anything to me… Anything his biker heart desired. I hungered for his flesh, for his blood, for anything that was him. This was my first time experiencing adult passion… and I liked it.


Faster and faster, I worked my mouth. Before long, Slade couldn’t control himself. He grasped me by the hair and began to force his hips into my mouth, plowing my lips as though he were fucking my face.


I loved this.


I loved the control he exerted over me.

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