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Hermes (Frozen Origin #2)

BOOK: Hermes (Frozen Origin #2)

Frozen Origin 2


By Crystal Dawn

Copyright 2014 by Crystal Dawn

This is a work of fiction and characters are entirely a product of the authors imagination. Any resemblance to a person living or dead is merely coincidental.

Cover by Crystal Dawn using
Istock images.

Dedicated to my mother who always believed in me.

Frozen Origin 1-Zeus

Origin is the best in the field of DNA research and they have finely tuned their craft. The
y started out with a line of supermen pulling all the best traits from the millions of human DNA samples they had available to them. These supermen were the smartest, fastest, strongest, and most adaptable the human race had to offer, but Origin wasn’t satisfied. When they expanded their facility in Antarctica, they discovered something that made the next level reachable. These were the gods, so far beyond the abilities of man that even with some of their gifts still undiscovered, they put the supermen to shame.

Origin managed to get by with enslaving the products of their research for years until they rented the talents of those products to terrorists that used them against the US and their allies. A team was sent to free them and they were allowed to be an independent entity, free to rule themselves. They had much to overcome and Origin wasn’t ready to give them up yet.


“I need you to go to Washington to represent us in negotiations for outdated military equipment. What no one else knows is that they are also going to discuss the first mission they would like us to do for them and what they are willing to give us in return.” Zeus said hoping to reinforce the importance of the mission.

“Why me?” Hermes said, happy to do whatever he was asked to do but curious since he didn’t think he would be the best qualified for such a mission.

“It’s because you are so pretty. You won’t make them want to pee themselves like I might
when they see me.” Hades voice was deep as he teased Hermes.

Hermes growled. “I’m not pretty. I can’t help it if your
face looks the same as your ass. Well, except that your ass is hairier.”

“At least I’m grown enough to have some hair, pretty boy.” Hades retorted with a snort.

“Boys, boys stop your bickering. We all need to act like grownups here.” Zeus said as he smiled indulgently. Hermes thought he secretly enjoyed the teasing between the other gods although he never took sides and only rarely participated. “You will go in the morning, good luck, brother.”

The next morning the helicopter took him away to Washington D.C. and all the confusion staying among humans led to. He was there not even two days before he was taken and caged like a wild animal. Even Origin had put most of them in rooms leaving cages for those they felt transgressed against them. He thought of Hades who had been pulled from such a cage half crazed from torture, hunger and thirst. Now he was suffering a similar fate for he knew if it was not for the girl, he would be near death from lack of food.




She stood in the shadows at the far side of the barn watching him. It was almost like he knew she was there even though he never turned her way. That was what was so odd, that he never did turn her way. If she was locked up in a cage, she would look everywhere to see where she was, if there was anyone she could contact, or if there was any possible way to escape. But he looked everywhere but where she was. He was tall and broad shouldered even though his build was lean like a long distance runner. He stood in the light coming in through the window giving her an excellent view of his muscular body and his clean shaven face.

She could even see the hint of a tattoo on his back though she couldn’t make it out from where she stood. Her half brother, Keven, had really done it this time. Kidnapping wasn’t something she had ever thought he would do. He was graduating from petty theft and she was ready to cut him loose this time. She had
Fabian, her twelve year old brother to think about. There were nine years between them but not because of lack of trying. Her parents had wanted more children but had given up by the time Fabian came.

She would have to leave soon
and Keven would be on his own. If she left, she would shut off the utilities and have the house locked up. He would be forced to leave and she and Fabian would be free. If he ever found them, she was sure he would kill them both. Keven had made a believer out of her the last time he had beaten her within an inch of her life. Keven was her dad’s first child, the result of a short painful affair that had ended badly. Eight months after he had closed the door on the crazy bitch, she had knocked on it again.

She had dropped off the little bundle of joy saying she had suffered for nine months, it was his turn to take care of his bastard. With a start like that in life, no wonder Keven was such a mess. Keven’s mo
ther hadn’t just let things alone either. She had returned regularly to instill bitterness and hate in her son and to ask for money from his father. Keven was everything that crazy old bitch would want in a son.

Her mom had been the only love and wife of her father, Herman Douglas, a wealthy businessman who was an avid collector of exotic animals. The barn
that currently housed the attractive young man, had been full of lions, tigers, bears, oh my and a host of other beautiful but dangerous creatures when her father was alive. It was part of her father’s estate, the same estate that was currently being rundown by her older brother to the point she had ceased any attempt at making repairs. She left quietly hoping the guy would escape or someone would save him. She would help him, but she had her little brother to think of.

Her dad had been both smart and stupid. He had left everything to her planning on her taking care of both her brothers but he hadn’t realized how violent and crazy Keven truly was.
In the three years since her father had died, she had been stuck trying to do as she knew he had wanted. Keven had gotten worse day by day, bringing more violent and crazier friends here to stay. She had taken to wearing baggy clothes and looking as plain as possible so she wouldn’t get their attention. She had also taken self defense classes and learned to shoot a gun because no matter how unappealing she made herself look, some of them only cared if she was female and breathing, while some didn’t seem to care about the breathing part.

She cooked a meal for
Fabian and as soon as she was done she made sure he ate before Keven or one of his buddies took it away from him. She couldn’t keep enough food for the scores of ‘buddies’ Keven had that passed through here and she made sure alcohol wasn’t available for any of them. The last time one of Keven’s buddies had found the case of beer Keven had talked her into getting for him was still fresh in her mind. He had drunk what was left of the case which was most of it since she had just bought it. He was in the kitchen looking for food and not finding anything that didn’t require cooking. She didn’t keep snacks or convenience foods or Keven’s friends would eat it all. She had walked in while he searched throwing things on the floor as he discovered they needed to be cooked.

She didn’t berate him the way her tongue itched too since she knew these guys were dangerous. She started to back out of the kitchen hoping he hadn’t seen her there but luck wasn’t with her. His eyes shot up to where she stood. “Oh, it’s you.” He said and she could see the moment he remembered she was female
because a shifty look came over his face. “Hey, Sweetheart. Why don’t you come over here?” He said slurring the words to where they all ran together.

She was poised to turn and run but he was fast even sloppy ass drunk. He caught her wrists pulling her up against his body. She felt sick, struck with terror as the smell of stale beer and sweat filled her nose. He tried to kiss her but she moved her face so he moved his head down to her bust trying to bite her breasts either as a punishment or because it turned
the sick bastard on. He was distracted so she jerked her wrists down hard, stomped on his bare foot, then drove her knee into his belly. As she ran away, she heard him hit the floor with a scream. She was so tired of this life but she had to stick it out until the time was right for Fabian.

She walked to the office her dad
had used when he was alive. She checked on the screens that still monitored the barn where the man was kept. Yup, he was still there and looking closely at him she saw he was drop dead fuck me gorgeous. The tattoo on his back was wings, there was something on his neck too but it just looked like scrollwork or something. He had jet black hair and the camera must be messed up because his eyes looked purple, glowed, and they were also staring straight into the camera. She went back to the kitchen to fix him a sandwich so he wouldn’t starve. She would do that for anyone, but she had to admit she wanted a closer look at him.

She fixed a couple ham and cheese sandwiches thinking most people liked that and brought him a soda. She wasn’t sure if Keven had fed him or not, but she wasn’t willing to chance it. She slipped inside the barn and quietly walked toward the cage he was in
, looking around to be sure no one else was there. She stopped just out of his reach waiting until he acknowledged her.

“Who are you and what do you want?” He asked as he turned his glowing purple eyes on her. Look
ed like the camera was working fine after all.

put the bag with the drink and the sandwiches on the floor by his feet then got back away from him quickly so he couldn’t grab her. She had learned to be careful through many painful lessons that she couldn’t forget if she tried. She watched as he leaned down picking up the bag and looked through it. He took out a sandwich and sniffed it. That made her want to laugh because it looked funny. He shook the can of soda and looked at it like he’d never seen one before. The guy was odd, but up close he was beautiful. She felt funny when she looked at him, achy and her heart raced.

“Is this food?” He ask
ed her and she nodded. He took a bite then another before long both sandwiches were gone. He picked up the can of pop and opened it. She thought it might spew but only a little ran out of the top. He took a sip and made the funniest face. “What is this stuff? It tickles my tongue and burns my throat a little.” She just looked at him with the one eye that wasn’t covered with her hair. She’d learned a long time ago talking got you into trouble. “Thanks for the food. I was getting pretty hungry.”

That answered the question of whether Keven had fed him. No, hell no
, he hadn’t bothered to take care of his guest. If he died, Keven would wonder why, never realizing people had to eat and drink. The hose in the corner would provide him with all the clean water he needed, but food had to be brought to him at least a couple times a day. She would take care of him because he was too beautiful to let die. She motioned at him and he seemed to realize she wanted his trash now that he was through. He put the can back in the bag and set it on the floor. She grabbed it and sped out of there and back to the house so no one would know she had ever been there.

Even after she was in the house, her heart hammered in her chest like it wanted out. It could have been fear of being caught or it could have been the excitement of being near such a delicious looking man.
Oh, no. Bad girl. Don’t you even think about him that way.
Her thoughts were just crazy since he was stuck in a cage and she was in a prison made of family responsibilities and the deep rooted fear she had of Keven. If nothing changed, they would both die. Keven would kill him or send him to someone that would, while she died a slow death until Keven or one of his buddies killed her in a rage.
Don’t think about it. Feeling sorry for yourself will get you nowhere.

She pulled back her shoulders, held up her head, and went to her father’s office to work on the escape she had planned for over a year now. If they were caught, he would kill
Fabian too, that was why she hadn’t tried yet. She saw Keven and one of his friends near the cage the poor prisoner was in. She turned up the sound shocked by what she heard.

Keven said, “We need to auction him off soon. Maybe we can interest some ladies, I hear his kind are real studs.”

“You know no one will pay as much as Origin will. They have money to burn.” His buddy insisted.

This one isn’t Zeus, they want him the most. This is just Hermes a secondary god so maybe the other bidders can run up the price. We get enough dough and I’ll give you my sister, kill that little brat, and blow this joint.” Keven explained with a sinister laugh.

She examined the man with him realizing he had been the drunk who tried to rape her. It was clear he hadn’t forgotten and was only avoiding the place because he was afraid she’d hurt him or he was so angry he might kill her which would piss off Keven.
She didn’t know who the prisoner’s people were but she couldn’t let him be sold to the highest bidder. It was time for her and Fabian to escape and she would take him with her before the auction started and it was too late. Cherish knew it was time to act now or all would be lost. She went back to the house headed up the stairs and found Fabian.

She told him what was going on and
that they would take their father’s old SUV. It was still in good shape since it was nearly new three years ago when he had died. Keven couldn’t drive since he had too many DUIs. His license had been pulled and if caught driving he would face jail time. The only thing really wrong with it was the large dent in the door where Keven had kicked it once when she had refused to allow a buddy to drive it. It was one of the rare times she had stood up to Keven and he hadn’t taken it well but at least he had kicked the SUV and not her. She explained everything to Fabian who was still a child but had been forced to mature too quickly. He would help when they were ready to go which wouldn’t be soon enough for her. Now they would wait until Keven took one of his mysterious trips where he was gone for days and came back with  a bunch of money.

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