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He pulled me
toward him, causing me to lean forward to rest my head on his stomach.

"Can you
smell me?"

A tremor ran
down my spine as I took in his spicy scent. "Yes, Master."

Correcting my
posture, he said, "I want you to lick me."

I wet my lips,
corrected my stance. Leaned forward, I traced the vein on the underside of his
cock with my tongue. His erection twitched when I circled the head. I did it
again. God, I wanted to taste him.
To take him in my mouth.
To please him.

My mouth
watered. I swallowed, licking up and down his length. A moan escaped my lips
when he pulled at one of my nipples, twisting it until it
hurt. It had been so long since I'd tasted him.
Since I'd been on my knees?
Possibly months.
couldn't be sure.

Every moment
spent apart was an eternity for the both of us.
Now that we were together, the longer he made me wait, the more
every lick, every stroke of my tongue became.

His hand
lowered onto my head, combing through my hair to the nape of my neck, to the
loose hair he found there. After months of the band being on tour and me
allowing my hair to grow out,
had a week to
visit before he'd be off again.

And after stroking
my now shoulder length hair, he wrapped the strands around a fist and pulled on
it, jerking my head back.

I cried out
in surprise.


He released
me, and I leaned forward. Eager to please, I took in as much as I could,
my mouth as I pressed my tongue against the
underside of his cock.

He groaned
and dug his fingers in to my hair. He pressed down against my scalp, and I
quickened my pace, only going up as far as he would allow.

After some
time, he pulled my hair back.
took in a breath when I corrected my posture. "Can you sit back?"

I tried
sitting back on my calves, but the muscles protested.
tight, Master."

your hands and knees then."

I did as he
asked, repositioning my knees to widen my stance. The heels of my hands dug in to
the ground as he stepped away. He returned moments later, draping a very light
flogger with rubber tails across my ass. He brushed it over my hips, along my
sides. I shuddered, moaning when the tails fell between my legs.

I rocked my
hips back, groaning when the tails disappeared. They came down on one of my
hips. My body jumped even though the pain wasn't there. The tails came down
again on the other hip, on my shoulders.

"Can you
take more than this?"

I bowed my
head between my shoulders. "Yes, Master."

girl. We'll start slow."

rustled behind me. A drawer opened.
slipped by. My breath caught. Leather tails hit against my ass, barely there,
but still present. They came down again.
One hip, then the
Harder on my shoulder.
Harder still on my back.

His rhythm
picked up.
One hip.
One shoulder.
Back. Tails stinging clean flesh.
Air against my
Tails stinging at my shoulder blades.
Whoosh. Smack.
My mind tried to pull away, but the sting grounded
me, kept me alert.

The rhythm
changed. The tails gently glided down my back.
Over my hips.
Against my sides.
The tails stopped. My skin kept



"Are you

Master." I didn't move, licking at my lips. "But I don't want to get
up yet."

He made a
sound of approval. "Good girl. Wait right there."

There were footsteps
to my right.
Down the hall.
Into his
Something opened and closed. There was a faint
and then a
Ice cubes clinking in a bowl. I chewed at the inside of my
cheek as my heart pounded in my chest.

The footsteps
To my right.
Behind me.
Then suddenly there was freezing ice against burning skin, ice cubes on my
hips. Cold droplets of water dripped down my legs. Then there was ice against
my ass.
Against my shoulders.
The stings from the
flogger burned all over again. Even though the ice cube lifted from my body, my
mind insisted it was still there until it fell onto another piece of skin. The
cold train stopped. The ice cube lifted away, but it was still there.

I felt the
sensation of ice on my sides. I sucked in a breath, shuddered. A moan escaped
my lips. I tried to pull away. A hand held me in place. My submission kept me

The ice
pulled away. Something clinked in the bowl. Cold fingers brushed against my
clit. My muscles tensed.


I sucked in a
Released it.
Inhaled again.
The tension passed, and he moved again.

"Get on
your back." I rolled over onto my back with his help, wincing at the
stinging along my tender flesh. "Finger yourself."

Waiting for
the room to stop spinning, my hand slowly inched toward my clit, drawing tight
circles around it. Fingers pinched at my nipples.
Pulled them.
I gasped for air. I froze,
kept perfectly still.


I did as he
asked, biting my lip when the first clamp went on my breast. I breathed again,
focusing on the pain against my back and my clamped nipple. I exhaled when the
second clamp was put in to place.

didn't ask you to stop." His words came out in a growl, and I quickened my

He pulled at
the chain between my breasts, and as the first tremor of an orgasm ran through
me, the pain faded away. Heat radiated from my clit, building with every
stroke. I furrowed my brow and held the orgasm at bay as the chain was pulled
again, harder than before.


My hand fell
to my side, and I moaned as he removed the clamps.

Gentle hands
rubbed at my breasts. "Play with yourself again and fondle your breasts,
but not too hard."

Again, my
fingers trailed down to my clit. I whimpered when something wet covered my
fingertips. I squeezed my right breast with my free hand, arching my back when
something cold pressed against my ass. I held my breath.

stop," he ordered, pressing the butt plug against my warmed skin. "Not
until I tell you to."

I thrust my
hips against him.
Against the fingers on my clit.
My fingers.
Against the butt plug,
releasing a sigh when the first bit of it slipped inside.
I groaned,
quickening my pace. The plug slipped in a little further. Out. In. Out. I
thrust in time with his efforts.
Brushing my clit.
Thrusting back at him.
Pushing the plug
deeper inside of me.

A tremor rippled
against my spine. My breath caught. I was going to lose my fucking mind.

your hand."

I rested my
hand on my stomach. Then I moved it onto the floor, fingers clawing at the
ground beneath me, feeling the way he thrust the plug in an out.

Blood pounded
in my ears. Something inside me begged to feel his lips on mine.
To taste him.
To be flogged. To be fucked.

Oh, my God.
I felt his tongue on my
clit. I shuddered. I arched my back. The plug went deeper.
and out.
In the whole way.
the way out.
I turned my head from one side to the other, curled my toes,
and tensed my muscles. A moan pushed past my lips, so loud I was afraid the
neighbors would hear only to remember there were none. Heat brushed my cheeks.
My head spun.

I shivered.
My body jerked. He traced circles around my clit with his tongue, held me
steady with his hands. I couldn't breathe.
Couldn't think.
Couldn't speak.
I was right there.
on the fucking edge.
He hadn't given me permission. But the way he moved
his tongue. Just. Like. That.
And the plug.
Oh, God, I
was so close.

My breath caught.

His lips
didn't move away from my clit. He'd said something in the realm of 'yes' the
vibrations on my clit sending me into orbit. I let go. And everything fell
away. There was no stinging. No fire on my back. No pain.
pure bliss.

My body twitched
suddenly. He kept on going. Pushing me as far as I could go before tumbling
back to the ground.

My body
shook. My eyes watered. I whimpered when he took me in his arms.

girl. That's a very good girl." He kissed the side of my neck.
Stroked my hair.
Held me close.

My body
jerked again.


I shook my
head, burying it against his chest.

okay. You can cry."

And for the
second time that night, I let myself go. Tears slid down my cheeks. I wasn’t sad.
Nor upset. I was sated, thrown into oblivion. Nothing else existed but his touch,
his words in my ear, and the thrumming of my heart.

Not the band.
Not the tour. Not the time we spent apart.
His arms around me.
His control over my submission.


The End




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BOOK: Finding Orion
3.61Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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