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Emily is again before Larsson TIGER's green eyes.

She discovers his true personality.

But it's too late for her to tell her heart that this man should not steal her heart.

Somehow, he still dominates her.

Now what is at stake is her




You know when you are destined to pay for the errors of others.

That is exactly what happened in my life.

Perhaps if I had not paid a debt that I didn't owe, , everything would have been different in my life. I would be 'a normal person' with a clean and light past which I would not need to hide from anyone.


Chapter 1



"I know the right weapons to tame you."

~Larsson TIGER



 His driver opens the door of his black Opal and Larsson gets out of the car, dressed in his dark clothes, his black overcoat and no undershirt.

He looks up at the mansion where Lady Constancia resides.

It's nine o'clock at night and in a parking lot next to this mansion, there are many expensive cars parked.

Larsson inhales his last cigarette and throws the butt  away.

The young man passes his hand over his long, dark hair and then he walks toward the main entrance of the mansion.

Entering into the residence, he is escorted by two bodyguards. Both of them are dressed in black. Larsson walks between these two men, but he is ahead. He keeps his head up as he feels like the owner of the piece or the Almighty.

They step into a nightclub, crowded with well-dressed men. Most of them are dressed in business attire.

The hall has a dark ceiling and there are thousands of small lamps dimly lighting the place. The ceiling looks more like a starry night sky.

At the far end there is a bar with dark walls and there are multiple types of drinks on shelves on a wall behind the bar.

There are men sitting on seats in front of the bar counter. There are prostitutes dressed in luxurious clothes alongside these men.

On the other side there are several tables and chairs in black and several of them are occupied by male clients. A set of lights in white, blue, purple, green and red colors illuminates the environment.

On the dark walls are several pictures of

Larsson TIGER passes by two women dressed in provocative clothing and they embrace him, full of charms. He reaches out and presses the buttocks of one of them and keeps walking forward, with a piquant smile on his lips.

Towards the end of the great hall of the nightclub, he finally comes across a woman dressed in a tight dress, in a golden hue. There is a huge slit on the side of her dress which goes down to the length of her ankles. His eyes go down to the the woman’s thigh which is totally exposed by the opening of her long dress. Her sandals are a glossy golden color too.

On her right arm is a snake-shaped bracelet. His face twists to one side as he observes her and he realizes that she remembers him -
the Queen of Egypt.

Larsson TIGER looks up at her and sees her face. Her makeup is extremely extravagant and this makes her almost unrecognizable to him. Her lips are adorned with a blood red lipstick. The mole below her nose is accentuated with eyeliner. Her honey-colored eyes are very expressive with black outlines on the ends.

Larsson stops walking and watches the young man coming towards him and his bodyguards stop walking behind him, in a curtain effect. They protect his back.

I hasten my steps and go toward Larsson TIGER.

I move towards him with despair, defending my cause. My hands touch Larsson's chest, while I assault him, scratching him with my own nails.

"You wretch!" I shout at him and everyone inside the nightclub stares at us.

However, Larsson stands still and looks down at his left breast and observes the scratches that I caused on his skin through my wild nails. He raises his head and looks at my face while I'm being held by his two bodyguards.

His green eyes confront mine and his lips express pleasure as he says staring at me,  “This is exciting!”

His irony makes me angrier. I try to attack him again.

"Ordinary! Monster! Fuck you!" I begin to sob. "I trusted you!"

Larsson keeps his gaze on me and he is paralyzed. I have the audacity to attack him and insult him verbally in front of everyone. That makes him imagine that I am a

That excites him even more.

He lowers his eyes and looks down at the floor, holding an amused smile on his lips, while my tears have no effect over him. However, I keep insulting him verbally, since I am in the power of his bodyguards and I think that my screams and insults are my only weapons of defense at that moment.

He raises his head and stares back at me as I am kicking at them, trying to get out of their arms.

"Throw her into the swimming pool! That should cool her down!" Larsson TIGER orders his bodyguards.

The two men drag me by my arms and take me out of the hall. They walk, continuing to drag me, to the garden of the mansion and then they throw me into a round swimming pool. I go to the bottom and lift my neck above water. I am terrified.




Constancia opens a dark door and leads me into an office with dank lighting. She motions for me to sit on a black chair in front of a dark table. There is an armchair across the table. This seat is facing the dark wall of the office.

On the wall there is a picture of a tiger, painted in oil.

Constancia walks to the office door and leaves the place, closing the door again. At that instant, the armchair moves in a circle and stops in front of the table. Larsson TIGER is sitting on it, holding a lit cigarette between his lips.

I stare at him and my hate for him is obvious. How I wish to get him out of my life.

"You're calmer?" He asks me, removing his cigarette from his lips.

He looks up at my hair soaked with water from the swimming pool and my dress is even more glued and heavy on my delicate skin.

After Larsson's bodyguards took me to the swimming pool they took me to Constancia, at the request of Larsson TIGER.

"I hate you!" I confess, hitting my tongue against my teeth.

He smiles ironically at me. "So quickly?" He stares at me with his green eyes. "It is not
you have shown to me these last few days."

"I did not really know the monster you are!" I rise from my chair. I lean on the table, hold an ashtray and throw the cigarette ashes into his face. Larsson closes his eyes, trying to protect them from the ashes.


Opening them once again, he stares at me triumphantly and says, "Your hostile behavior just makes me more excited."

His tongue touches the roof of his mouth while he stares at me. Another wave of anger invades my thoughts. I hold a small sculpture of a tiger on the table and throw it against the wall. The same sculpture explodes into small pieces against the wall and falls to the ground.

Larsson TIGER rises from his armchair and walks over to me, holds me forcefully by my hair and lifts me up from the chair. "Now you've gone too far!"

"I will not do what you want me to do! I'd rather die!" I say with my elevated voice.

His hands hold my hair strongly and bring my face toward his chin. "I do not want anything from you! But my customers do!"

He throws me brutally against the wall. "They pay well for the service!"

I'm still leaning against the wall. I am frightened by the idea of going to bed with those repulsive men and then I start sobbing desperately.

"Stop crying!" Larsson orders angrily. "Prostitutes do not cry! Prostitutes provide pleasure to men!"

"Damn you!" I run to him and try to attack him again, but he's faster than me.

He holds me by my arms forcefully, immobilizes me and pushes me against his desk. I'm in his arms like a hunted animal, imprisoned in a trap placed by an extremely dangerous hunter. His green eyes seek my honey colored eyes.  I become silent and my eyes carefully and shamefully observe the perfect contours of his sinful lips

His face is so close to mine and I am almost convinced that he will try to tame me with a stolen kiss. His right hand slides over my skin through the crack in my dress and goes up to the height of my thighs. His fingers squeeze my groin.

I try to get out of his arms, murmuring in increasing desperation.

He smiles with his closed mouth at me and quietly says next to my ear, “I know the right weapons to tame you."

He removes his hand from under my dress and frees me. However, I remain breathless, trying to move away.

He walks around his table and sits back in his black leather armchair.

"Now go to your room, change your clothes and go rest!" He leans his elbows on his table. "Have good dreams!"

I turn back and look at him sitting in his black leather armchair. "Fuck you!"

I walk out of his office and leave the door open in spite. Larsson TIGER puts his feet on his table and laughs at me. He thinks my rebellious behavior is fun and exciting for him.


Chapter 2



"Okay! Give me the girl and I'll see what I can do with her."

~Larsson TIGER


 Evening of July 9, 2013

A few days earlier...


 Cesar gets out of his car, which is in a parking lot. He seems to be waiting impatiently for someone as he leans against his car and looks up at the starry sky.

He also seems quite afflicted and sorry at something.

His head turns to his right when he hears the sound of footsteps coming slowly toward him.

"Fuck brother! You finally came after all!"

Cesar exclaims looking at a guy in black shoes, dark jeans and a black overcoat that goes down to his knees. He is shirtless and his chest carries a gold chain with the face of a tiger. In his right hand is an imported lit cigarette.

"What have you done this time, Cesar?" He asks him. "You sounded so tense on the telephone!"

Cesar nervously smiles at him.

"Have you killed someone?" The guy in black insists.

"That is just it," Cesar mutters and thinks of my uncle.

Both are quiet for a few seconds.

"Larsson, you must help me,” Cesar begins saying.

“Do you need my help?" Larsson takes the tip of his cigarette to his lips and inhales it unhurriedly.

"Yes, I do…well, I went to collect a debt from a motherfucker and he had no money, so I turned my eye on his niece and brought her with me to repay his debt."

Larsson releases smoke through his nose and mouth. He shakes his head and looks around.

"And what do I have to do with that?" He dryly asks his companion.

"Larsson, that girl is of no use to me. But she will be useful to you." Cesar tries to explain to him.

"Why for me?" Larsson questions still doubtful.

"Yes, for your business." Cesar's eyes shine already thinking about the money. "She is a pretty girl."

Larsson brings his cigarette to his mouth and releases smoke up above his head. "My business is legalized. I do not want trouble with girls rolled by debts."

"Larsson TIGER, listen to me," Cesar approaches him and touches his companion's shoulders. "We have been friends for so long ..."

"I know," Larsson says automatically.

"So, reflect with me… you get the girl, make money with her and you pay me only
five thousand dollars
as soon as she has reached this value in her, er….programs."

"Five-thousand dollars?" Larsson's eyes open wide.

"That was what her uncle owed me."

Larsson looks up at the starry sky and thinks about it for a moment and then he looks at Cesar's face and murmurs, "I do not know ..."

"Larsson, I swear you will not regret doing business with me." He tries to persuade his friend with optimism. "She is a girl of good quality! Everyone will want that girl! I know it!"

Larsson leans his face to the side and asks him,


"Larsson TIGER, I am your friend. I would never be dishonest with you." He looks at his friend with frankness.

Larsson looks around and looks at his friend again. "Okay!” He agrees. "But first I'll evaluate the girl. If she is not to my liking I give her back to you without apology."

Cesar smiles from end to end and knocks lightly on his friend's shoulder.

"I always knew you would not disappoint, my friend."

"Where's the girl?" Larsson questions curiously.

"She is locked in the bathroom of my area of leisure."

Larsson brings his last cigarette and throws the cigarette butt on the ground. He extinguishes his cigarette’s blaze with the worn sole of his black shoe.

"Locked in a bathroom?" Larsson mumbles. "That does not smell good to me."

"She's still not used to her new life." Cesar blushes.

Larsson leans his two arms on the rear windshield of Cesar's car and shakes his head. "I fear chaos might ensue on my side, you know. I keep everything under control. My things are legalized."

"But you know, the great authorities in this region, they are your customers." Cesar persists making a good argument.

Larsson removes his hands from the vehicle, turns to face his friend, stares at him and affirms, "I do not like to owe favors to anyone, much less to
great authorities.

Cesar raises his hands on his own head and says desperately, "Larsson, think again! That girl can be a gold mine for you!"

"I only work with girls who act willingly."

"You'll know how to persuade her." He winks at his friend. "You're good at that!"

Larsson looks up at the sky again, sighs and thinks for a few seconds. "Okay! Give me the girl and I'll see what I can do with her."

Cesar sighs, relieved. "Thank God!"

"I hope she is as good as you say!" Larsson mutters, looks around and keeps talking. "You hand me the girl on the road."

"On the road?" Cesar asks surprised.

Larsson looks at his friend with an air of intelligence. "Don't you want me to convince her to work for me?"


"So, first I need to gain her trust."

"You are brilliant, my friend!"

"Abandon her in the middle of the road, and then I will come along with my car and save her like a
guardian angel.

Larsson just starts smiling at his own astuteness.

"Larsson, you should be a politician!"

Larsson shakes his head. "No! I could not bear to wear a suit and tie and also face a bunch of annoying people around me twenty-four hours!"

Cesar laughs at his friend.

BOOK: Club of Virgins
5.15Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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