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Chapter 27






Weeks went by and I did not hear any news of Natanael. The second semester in college was about to start and somehow we would end up crossing each other’s path on the college campus.

I confess that sometimes I tried calling him, but I kept getting the message that his was a non-existent number. He had probably exchanged its chip.

But I needed to see him. Natan needed to forgive me. He needed to understand why I made that one serious mistake in my past.

I was suffering a lot with his absence. I considered him a living loss. He was someone I wanted to have but could not have, perhaps ever.

“Hello, I would like to talk to Natan,” I informed Natanael’s parents as I stood in their doorway. The one who opened the front door was his father, Jairo. He looked at my clothes and realized that I was dressed decently that day. I was in a pair of jeans and a short-sleeved blouse. That day was like a fresh start.

Mr. Jairo scratched his mustache and said as he stood in the open door, “My son is not here.”

In this moment, I frowned and tried to look into his house, imagining that his son might be hiding in there and did not want to see me.

“What time will he return?” I asked.

Jairo looked pleased and said, “He will not.”

He stared into my blue eyes.

“Natanael has traveled abroad. He will study agronomy in Europe.”

“Oh, no!” I muttered putting my hands to my lips.

Jairo pulled the door again and said something before closing it in my face.

Leave Natanael alone! I did not educate my son to be with a whore!”

The door slammed in my face. I lowered my head and thought that Natan’s parents were now aware that I had prostituted myself
Club of Virgins.

They would never forgive me for that.

I was labeled for making a mistake only once in my life.




Chapter 28






I looked up at the sign outside and saw:




Moments later, I went inside through the back door. I knew there was this secret door and I would not be searched by security guards from the nightclub.

In my old jeans, sneakers, black jacket with hood over my head, I could easily reach the club hallway.

Some women were in dark lingerie and colorful masks on their faces. I looked at another dressing room and saw a girl in white lingerie and a white mask on her face. She probably was another victim and would sell her virginity for a few thousand dollars as I had done one day.

Walking a little further, I came to the ballroom which was packed with well-dressed men. A song came on at that moment from
Elastic Heart.

Realizing that this was right time, I removed the hood from my head and looked around. The lights blinked quickly, everything changed color, and white smoke rose within the site. Looking around, I stuck my hand inside my black coat and pulled out an iron bar.

I turned and started breaking all the objects inside the club. Cups, bottles, tables and any breakable objects I could feel the wrath of the iron bar as I wielded it. The people inside were scared and some distanced themselves from me. I hit the iron bar on everything and screamed out as I did so.

“I'm returning to you all the damage you've done to me in my life! Cursed
Club of Virgins!”

Another blow and a shattered glass flew up.

Before long, two security guards from the club came around me. One of them hit me across my face and the other unexpectedly took the iron bar from my hand.

After an accumulation of white smoke, Isaac appeared before me with a cigarette in his hand. He was wearing a crispy clean white suit. Apparently he loved white suits.

“Have you gone crazy, you bitch? You are mad because my nephew traveled to Europe and kicked your dirty ass?”

“Shut up! Monster! You miserable, horrible excuse for a human being!”

I tried to advance on him, to hit him and punch him, but his security guards pulled my arms back and I was kept still.

“If you set foot in this club again, I will be obliged to send you to hell!” Isaac said.

He looked at his guards and ordered them, “Take her out of here! Take her before I administer justice with my own hands.”

The guards dragged me along the corridor. My coat fell off my body and fell to the floor of the club. My shirt was with one of its thin straps down. My nose was bleeding with the violence of the blow.

The two security guards came to the back door and threw me violently out of the club. I fell to my knees. It started raining. I stood there, crying, feeling like a loser. I had lost everything in my life. My mother, Natan’s love and my dignity.

Finally, my body softened and I turned on the ground, falling on my back. At that time the rain still fell mercilessly about my bloody face.

My red hair was loose, wet and stuck to the ground.

I closed my blue eyes and began to sob harder.

I remembered my mother and her last farewell in that clinic.

I remembered Natanael, every time he looked at me and smiled at me, kissed my lips with respect and love, love which he really felt for me.

Finally I remembered the last time I hugged him and said,
“Never doubt our love, even if a wave of disappointment tries to drown it inside you.”

My sobs rose and the rain did too almost as if it were trying to match my pain. I stretched my arms from side to side, looking like a dead corpse. That's how I felt in that moment, a body without its soul. Unwilling to open my eyes and face the wave of disappointment that devastated my life, I just lay there.

At first I thought the Club of Virgins would be the solution to my problems, but I was wrong. It had only contributed to their origins and it haunted me up to this day.

How could I face a prejudiced society after a mistake made in the past?

This error, I made for love, to try to save the life of the woman I loved most in my life ...

My mother.

If I'm wrong, you all cast the first stone...




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BOOK: Club of Virgins
7.94Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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