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Chapter 3



"I thought he was an
angel in black clothes,
but in fact, he is the
demon in person,"



"Emily, people commented about your audacity last night! You attacked Larsson TIGER in front everyone!" Natasha says. She is my roommate. Natasha became a prostitute in Larsson TIGER's nightclub little more than two years ago.

She is an artificial blond. Her body is robust and she is extremely tall. I'm sitting on my single bed, next to a white wall, and Natasha's bed is just beside mine. We're still dressed in our pajamas and we are totally unkempt.

"Why did you abuse him that way?" she insists looking at me and shrugs her shoulders. "After all, he is

I rest my arms on my knees and touch my chin with my right arm.

"He deceived me."

“Deceived you? How so?" Her face wrinkles.

"I thought he was an
angel in black clothes,
but in fact, he is the
demon in person,"
I say revolted.

I explain everything to Natasha, from the beginning, from when Larsson Tiger found me on the roadside until the day he brought me to his house of prostitution.

Natasha rises from her bed and begins to comb her hair with a red brush. “Larsson TIGER is a good boss. All girls work here of their own free will, including me."

"I never thought I would end up at a place like this and much less being an amusement for those hordes of sordid men."

"And what will you do now?  Will you stay here whoring?”

"I do not know ..."

"How don't you know? You just said you abhor that kind of life. I do this work because I want to - it brings in some good money. But you do not seem to have that kind of ambition. So this is not an appropriate place for you."

I remain silent, listening intently to the things Natasha tells me.

"You can run away from here, I suppose…. " she says.

I look up at the ceiling. I am reluctant to speak but I say, "I cannot run away from this place, even if it is
for me."

Natasha turns her head and walks toward me. She stops walking and looks at my face. "Why can’t you leave this place?" She asks.

"Because something is keeping me here.”

I look down at the ground after that. Natasha shakes her head indignantly and questions, "Are you in love with Larsson TIGER?"

I stand, looking down at my feet. "I do not know ..."

"How don't you know?"

"I do not know if this is passion, but I cannot leave this place because I fear I will never see him again." I finally confess and Natasha sits down next to me.

"I do not want to discourage you, but if you really feel something for Larsson TIGER, try to forget him! He is not the right man for you. In fact, he is not a right man for any woman in this world."

She stands and walks to the bathroom saying, "Larsson TIGER only thinks about
tigers, money



Chapter 4


"I have an unforgettable destiny for this girl's virginity."

~Larsson TIGER



Constancia walks toward Larsson TIGER's table. He is seated in his black armchair. There is a lit cigarette in his ashtray and his fingers glide slowly over a porcelain miniature in the shape of a tiger, but his thoughts seem far, far away from the room.

"Mr. Larsson," she says and stops walking in front of his table.

Larsson raises his head and looks up at her face with his green eyes. Her red blouse matches her lips, he thinks.

"Tell me, Constancia!"

He removes his fingers from the statue and reclines his back on his seat. His face becomes even more serious.

"There is something you need to know."

Larsson slopes his elbow on the armrest and puts his forefinger between his lips. "Go on!"

"Emily is still
a virgin.
" Constancia informs him, impressed.

Larsson's eyes widen as he rises from his armchair. Then he walks from one side to the other, with his head bowed. He looks thoughtful. His servant watches him in silence.

After a few minutes, Larsson stops walking and sits in his chair again, looking at the face of his faithful secretary. He then informs her, "I have an unforgettable destiny for this girl's virginity."

He holds his cigarette and takes it to his lips, brings it up and releases smoke through his nose.

"And this will happen tomorrow night!"

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BOOK: Club of Virgins
4.18Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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