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“Mom, Dad, this is Peta, my girlfriend.” I said to them as soon as we stopped in the middle of the living room. 

My father was sitting on a brown leather armchair and my mother was standing beside the white sofa. My mother looked at Peta’s red dress and then at her red lips. My mother tried to smile at her, but it was a stiff smile. I looked at my father and he did not get up from the armchair. He looked away, avoiding looking at Peta. I was sure he thought it was an affront the way she was dressed.

“Mom, Dad, this is Peta, my girlfriend,” I said for the second time.

Peta's eyes met mine. Peta realized she was not welcome in my home.

“How are you?” My mother tried to say and looked at Peta's face.

“I'm fine, thank you.”

There was some polite small talk between my mother and Peta but again it was stiff, forced. The mood was tense.



After dinner I took Peta home in my father's car and soon after I returned to my home. My father demanded that I bring his car before midnight.

When I got to the living room, I realized they were still awake, both sitting on the sofa, watching TV.

Realizing I had returned, my mother turned off the TV.

“Why are you two still awake?” I asked.

They were used to going bed before 11:00 pm.

“We need to talk to you,” my father said, scratching his gray mustache.

My mother looked at me but for the moment said nothing. She waited for my father to continue.

“Natanael, I talked to your mother during your absence these last few hours.” He paused. “We love you, my son and only want what’s good for you.”

I began to get angry. My hand touched my nape and began to rub it like I always did when I was stressed.

“I’d like you to be more objective!” I said firmly.

My mother said immediately, “Son, that girl is not for you! My God! What do you see in that girl?”

“I'm not listening to this,” I muttered lowering my head.

My father stood up and pointed his forefinger at me.

“You will finish with this ridiculous girl! Where is your mind bringing that girl here with those extravagant clothes? She looks like a hooker! Don’t you see that?”

“And that tattoo on her back? What a horrible thing! This world is lost!” My mother cried then placed her hands over her mouth.

I raised my head and looked at them. My eyes were crystalline with angry tears.

“I will not do what you want! Enough! I'm sick of it! Enough of this oppression! I cannot stand it!” I screamed and kicked the brown leather armchair. It fell with its leg upside down.

“Damn it!”

I turned my back to them and walked to my bedroom. I slammed the door behind me. I was sure I had shocked my parents with my behavior but I had to start making my own decisions.

My parents remained standing in the living room, completely shocked and disappointed with my conduct. I had never spoken that way with them.

“That girl is the devil in the life of my son!” My mother said sobbing. “He has never spoken that way to us.”

My father put his hand on his waist and looked up at the living room ceiling. He seemed quite concerned about my terrible behavior and the direction of my future relationship with Peta.

Then my father, with wet eyes, said, “Let him fall in love! He is challenging us. Soon he will see the weight of all this in his life.”



Chapter 21





“We’ve arrived!”

I turned off the car and opened the door. Peta remained sitting on the seat beside the driver’s seat. Her eyes wandered around the farm and all its surroundings. She realized that the place was huge and she had never seen so much green in her life. At least that’s what she told me later.

“You like to ride?” I asked her when she finally got out of the car.

“I’ve never been riding on horseback. To be honest I've never been on a farm before.”

I smiled at her.

“You do not know what you're missing! I love this place!” I opened my arms. “It's where I want to live for the rest of my life.”

I looked at her again. “And I would love it if you would love this place for the rest of your life too ...” I put the black hat on my head and completed the sentence. “...In case you ever officially become my wife.”

She frowned. The sun's rays were touching her white and sensitive skin. I held her hand and we started to walk towards the outside of the farm.

Arriving at the farmhouse we went into the living room. I saw my grandfather sitting in the rocking chair. He was smoking a pipe. When he saw me he exclaimed happily, “How are you, my Natanael? You’ve abandoned me in the last few weeks!”

“I'm sorry Grandpa, but I'm so busy with college work. We are approaching the end of the semester and things are really speeding up!”

“Who is she?” Grandpa questioned, looking at Peta standing next to me.

I was holding her hand. Peta was dressed in a slim handle white blouse, jeans and brown boots.

“This is my girlfriend, Grandpa.” I smiled. “She is called Petalouda. But she prefers to be called Peta.”

He smoked his pipe and mumbled then looking over at Peta.

“She’s a very beautiful girl!” he said then stared back at me. “Finally you’ve found a girlfriend!”             


I blushed. Peta looked at me and smiled. She seemed to enjoy my grandfather and especially the comment of Mr. Serafim, stating that his grandson had got his first girlfriend. Peta was honored.

“My name is Serafim,” my grandfather said to her. “I'm the owner of all this land around the farm! I have two sons and none of them are interested in living here. But thank God, I have my grandson, Natanael. He will be my successor on this farm. He is studying agronomy and will administer this farm alone, because one day, all this here will be his.”

 That day, I took Peta to show her around the whole farm. She walked among the giant orange trees.

After that she saw the plantation of maize and cassava. Peta looked happy. She was getting to know a new world completely full of greenery and peace, knowing a bit more about my little world.

“Mount up!” I ordered her.

Peta could hardly hold the horse saddle before her.

“Get up, Peta! Do not be afraid!” I insisted.

Soon she had managed to get on the horse's back. Then I got up and sat behind her. I fixed the black hat on my head and Peta also adjusted her black hat on her head. I held the bridles and the horse started walking.

Peta seemed startled by the swift movements of the animal, her fingers tightly held my forearms. She was afraid of falling down. I smiled at her back. I thought it was funny to see her in a panic.

“Slow down!” she screamed. “I am afraid!”

Her loose red hair flew back and some ringlets caressed my face. I felt like hugging her tightly. In a short time, Peta felt my left hand slide around her belly. I moved my face to her right shoulder and whispered softly into her ear, “I love you, my little redhead!”

She soon responded with irony. “But I do not love you, you executioner! You are being like an executioner to me! Do you want to kill me with fear? See? My heart is jumping out of my mouth now!”

I smiled a lop-sided smile.

Peta made me so happy. I had begun to imagine living on that farm forever beside her and my grandfather. I'd always had an affinity with my grandfather, Serafim, much more than with my own parents. He always understood me. My grandfather very rarely disagreed with my ideas and my choices.

My grandfather was like my mirror.


Chapter 22






“What’s up?” Peta asked, opening the door where she was staying on the farm. It was already after eleven at night and my grandfather was asleep. He always slept early and woke at daybreak.

“What's this in your hand?” Peta asked, seeing a blanket wrapped under my right arm.

“Come with me!” I muttered and pulled her by the hand.

We walked through the dark rooms of the farmhouse, went down the outside stairs and headed towards the orange plantations. We stopped in the middle of an open area surrounded by the trees which were full of the fruit. Peta gazed up at the sky and saw the full moon and the stars. The darkness surrounded us. Some insects sang nearby.

I opened the checkered blanket and laid it out on the grass among the orange trees. Within moments, it was completely open. Peta looked at me, giving a last pull on its border and then she sat down on it. I also did the same and sat down next to her.

Inside the blanket I had wrapped a bottle of champagne that I had found hidden in the collection of my grandfather's drinks. I didn’t think he would notice it was missing since he had so many.

“Enough waiting!” I said.

I put the bottle of champagne to my lips and pulled its cork with my teeth. The liquid flowed onto my lips, chin and neck. I turned the green bottle to my lips and drank the sparkling drink. I lifted the bottle to the side and Peta held it, her eyes were locked on mine. She gave me a mischievous smile and drank from the champagne bottle as well.

Impatiently, I took the bottle from her hand and placed it on the blanket beside us. It fell and began to pour the rest of champagne over the rough fabric.

But my attention was on my girlfriend. I was completely fascinated with Peta, with her red hair thrown over her shoulders. Her eyes were a beautiful blue and her lips had a natural pinkish tone. Her cotton fabric nightgown gently showed the perfect contours of her body and her delightfully round breasts.

My palm touched one side of her face and I began to caress her. She closed her eyes to better feel the touch of my rough hand.

Slowly, I approached my face to hers and started to kiss her chin, her throat and finally her warm lips. Motivated, Peta climbed on my legs and sat on my thighs. I stopped kissing her and looked into her face. Her eyes were narrow and burning with so much desire for me.

There was no doubt that she wanted to be mine that night.

I had within me the certainty that this was the right time for this. She would not give me her first time, but I would give mine exclusively to her, because Peta was the woman of my life.

Her fingers reached the light fabric of her clear nightgown and pulled it up, sliding it easily over her head. She was now only in her white panties. Her breasts were bare and I shuddered. My fingers touched them with tenderness, as I observed with perfection their light contours.

She held her hair on top, proving to be ready to satiate me, being abandoned to me the way I wanted. I moved my head forward and back as my tongue touched the rosy tip of her right nipple. Peta groaned, full of excitement.

Hungry, I closed my eyes and started to suck it with an almost uncontrolled hunger. She clung to me and began to whisper into my ear, “I want to be yours, completely yours this night.”

Peta pulled the gray shirt off my body in a hurry. Gently she laid me on the blanket. Her eyes were locked on mine. Her lips touched my chest and began to kiss it softly, intensely, desperately.

I closed my eyes and wriggled slightly when the tip of her tongue circled my nipple and she sucked it with desire.

I moaned with my eyes still closed.

Her hands moved down lower. She opened my pants, put her delicate hand inside my underwear and started stroking my erect penis. I was in heaven. I was full of desire for her.

“Relax!” Her voice whispered to me.

Another moan slipped out of my mouth when her moist lips licked the head of my penis. It felt incredible. I then felt Peta rubbing her private parts on my legs. Coming and going slowly. I did not know where to start exploring so much emotion in one night.

I opened my eyes and took aim the full moon. Peta’s hands slowly removed her panties from her own body. She slid up my body and gently sat on top of my penis. I felt that I was penetrating her slowly.

She began to gently rock up and down moving her hips.

She moaned, placing her hands on my chest and after that biting my shoulder, shaking her hair over me.

Her movements began to increase and every time I was going deeper into her. She wanted more, much more.

“Go! Go deeper!” Peta whispered. “It is yummy! Do not stop it!”

I whispered too. “Shake your hips more! Shake your hips!”

My husky voice mixed with my groans made her even more excited. Peta continued to move up and down. Her breasts shook almost on my face. I tried to touch them with my tongue. She moaned loudly. I grabbed her rear, squeezing it with euphoria. She felt my strong slap on her bum.

“It is so incredible like this,” Peta whispered and smiled. Our sweat mixed, making our skin even more slippery. Another loud moan escaped from my lips. Peta also moaned simultaneously with me. I had come into her.

Subsequently she rested her shaky and sweaty body over mine. We lay like that for a few moments trying to catch our breath. Then she looked into my eyes.

“I love you ...” Her head lay on my chest. “You were amazing!  I wouldn’t have been able to tell that this was your first time!”



Chapter 23



One week later






“Natanael, I want to have a serious talk with you.”

I was quite surprised and looked at my father’s face. He, my mother and I were having dinner. The table was full of foods. My father always sat at the head of the table and my mother usually sat in a chair next to mine.

“Tell me,” I said, sticking a fork in my piece of roast beef. My eyes were busy with my plate of food.

“I’ve decided that you will study agronomy in Europe in the next semester. I think it will be very good for you and for your grandfather. He will be very happy to hear that!”

I raised my head and looked towards my father. I shook my head and said to him, “I will not! I will not!”

I quickly lost my appetite as I heard his words. I looked over the table which was full of food but I had no interest in tasting each appetizing dish there.

“It will be for your own good, my son. Think about it.”

My mother spoke. Her hand touched my right arm gently. “I already said I will not!” My voice changed. “I won’t go to study abroad and leave Peta here! She needs me and I also need her!”

Before long I threw the fork on my plate. My parents were shocked with the loud noise that followed my little outburst.

I rose from my chair and left the dining room but before doing so I turned.

“You are just doing this to try to separate me from Peta! This is a dirty game! You know that?”

I turned my back to them and walked back to my bedroom. I locked my door behind me. I leaned my forehead against the wood of the door and slammed it against the door several times. I was feeling really desperate.

My parents needed to understand that I loved Peta. I had chosen her to be my girlfriend and who knows, maybe the mother of my children in the future.


BOOK: Club of Virgins
9.72Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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