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... did he just call me sweetheart?
Oh, these two were heading for an ass kicking all
right. She tried to snatch her hand back, but he wouldn’t release her. He just
began moving down the hall. She dug her heels in.

"Let. Me. Go."

She felt like a two year old being dragged along by
her parent, and it wasn't sitting well with her. He released her hand. Before
she could sigh in relief, the other man had his palm on her lower back guiding
her along. She wanted to tell him to remove it. But his touch was sending
tingles all over her skin, and she was suddenly breathless.

Before she knew it, she was being seated at a large
table with everyone else. The men took a seat on either side of her, each of
them claiming a hand like it was the most natural thing in the world for them
to be doing. She pulled them back and shook out the tingles their touches had
created. Before she could say anything to them, Eilagh's voice traveled across
the room from where she sat at the head of the table between the two red haired
men that had been watching her so intently earlier.

"What do you mean
? You look human."

"We are shifters, so we have two forms. We can be
either human or dragon."

Dimitri's response was so matter of fact, considering
he had to be talking crazy.

"But dragons aren't
real, and shifters are just a myth."

Becky so agreed with Eilagh on that one. She watched
as Dimitri smiled sweetly at her friend and palmed her cheek.

"We'll show you, to prove to you we’re speaking
the truth. But not until after you’ve all eaten."

Becky turned back to the man on her right, the older
looking man.

"What does he mean? What will
showing us

"I'm guessing he will ask one of us to shift to
dragon form to show you all. He'll probably get Max, his twin, to do it."

Becky sat there silently pondering the fact dragons
may be real, but her thoughts were cut short when she had a plate, piled high
with roast beef and all sorts of roasted vegetables—all looking exactly like
the vegetables back on Earth—was placed before her. It smelt heavenly so she
dove in. Once the bulk of her hunger was satisfied, she slowed her eating and
looked around the room. It dawned on her that she and her friends were the only
women. She turned again to the older man.

"Where are all the women?"

She watched his expression drop in sorrow.
"They’re all gone. The last visitors the Great Wind brought us, the liaths,
created a virus and released it. It was meant to kill all of us, leaving our
land free for them to inhabit. It backfired and only worked on our females,
young, and elderly. That was seven years ago. Dimitri has been working hard to
try to find a solution before we die out, but it would seem the Goddess beat
him to it."

"What do you mean—

The man on her other side cut Becky off before she
could ask any more about what he was talking about.

why don't you tell us something about yourself, sweetheart?"

One look
at the pain in the older man’s eyes and she let the previous topic drop—for
She turned on the younger one.

"You haven't even told me your names yet, and you
want me to give up information? I think you two
to spill some details before I tell you anything about me."

"You're right." The older one interrupted as
he grabbed up her hand. He pressed a kiss to her palm before he continued.
"My name is Drake, little one. I am a Dragon Warrior. I work with plans
and logistics. Basically, I help Dimitri keep everything running smoothly
around the castle, and when we have to go into battle, my work really picks

Before she could process the sudden sense of dread she
had that Drake had to fight in battles, a finger under her chin turned her face
to the other man. He ran his knuckles down her cheek before he leaned in and
kissed her neck, just below and behind her ear.

"I'm Drake's younger brother, Savren. I handle
the upkeep of the castle, repairs, extensions, that kind of thing.
What about you, sweetheart?"

When he finished speaking
slowly pulled back from her skin, allowing Becky to finally catch her breath.

I'm Becky, well Rebecca
is my full name,
but everyone just calls me Becky—not
." She sent
them both a glare. They both simply grinned, and Savren winked. They were saved
from any further grilling by Dimitri, whose deep voice demanded the attention
of everyone in the room.

"Now that you've all had your fill, allow us to
prove that both dragons and shifters are indeed very real. Max, my twin, will
shift to show you. Max? Would you be so kind?"

The man sitting on the other side of Eilagh stood and
moved to the front of the room. He turned so he was holding Eilagh's gaze, and
then the room was filled with a bright flash of light. Becky's hand flew up to
cover her eyes out of reflex. As she lowered it, she gasped in shock.

"Oh my—bloody hell, you really are dragons!"


Drake had watched Becky closely as Max flashed to his
dragon. Initially, she’d shielded her eyes from the brightness, but once she
lowered her hand and saw Max, she’d looked shocked. Drake wasn't sure if it was
a good or bad kind of shocked, but he didn't like the way her face had suddenly
paled. He reached for her, and she scooted back and stood up, knocking over her
chair with a loud bang in the process. Her wide-eyed stare had gone from Max to
him. The second he'd reached for her, her gaze flicked up over his shoulder,
and she lunged forward, calling out to her friend.

don't go closer! Please … come back."

Without leaving his seat, Drake caught her around the
waist to stop her from getting to her friend. As soon as his skin came in
contact with hers, he felt heat sizzle through his blood and harden his cock to
an almost painful level. He was just wondering what to do with his little live-wire
when Dimitri sent a telepathic group order to all of the dragons in the room.

Leave at
once, take the females. Do
come back
any time soon. We're going to be busy for some time. I hope.

Drake looked over his shoulder with a grin. Dimitri
was pressed up against Eilagh's back, whispering to her by the look of it. Max
was wrapping his wings around them to give them privacy. Without releasing his
hold on Becky, Drake stood from his chair. Savren was right there with him,
crowding Becky in so she pressed back against him. Just as Eilagh's first loud
moan permeated the air, he swooped down, and placing an arm behind Becky's
knees, lifted her into the cradle of his arms with ease. She predictably tensed
up on him.

"I can walk on my own, you know. And where are we
going? I'm not leaving Eilagh with that … that dragon."

Savren stepped closer to her other side and took her
face between his hands.

"She is in no danger from Max or Dimitri, no
matter what form they are in. She is their Desired. They would both rather die
than cause her pain. You can hear her moans. Does she sound in pain? As to
where we're taking you, sweetheart, Dimitri has ordered us all to leave the
room, so we're heading back to our chambers with you."

"What do you mean
their Desired

"She is the one female destined to complete them.
She is the missing piece of their hearts and souls. With her in their lives,
they are now complete. There is nothing a dragon warrior would not do for the
sake of his Desired."

Drake tried his hardest not to laugh as Becky turned
her face out of
hands and pushed against his
chest, trying to break free from his grip.

"I can still walk on my own two feet."

Their female was a tough, independent little thing.

"I'm sure you can, normally, but, little one, you
look a little pale, and I fear you would pass clean out, if I let you

Drake had to bite his tongue to stop his laugh this
time, as she glared at him so hard, that it was like she was trying to shoot
daggers at him with her eyes. She really didn't like being called little one.
She'd get used to it, because to him she was little and precious and, most of
all, desired.

He strode out of the room with her securely in his
arms and Savren walking beside him. As soon as they were in the hall, Becky
tensed up.

"What is it, little one?"

"Why are you two taking care of me?"

"Because, Becky, you are our Desired."

No way. I'm not that
girl. I don't need
some alpha male—or two—bossing me around. Uh-uh. Now put me down. I'll go stay
in the clinic."

Drake tightened his grip on Becky as she struggled in
his arms. They were nearly at their chambers. He quickly made his way in before
he gently placed her on their sofa.

"Becky, can't you feel it? The heat, the spark
every time we touch? That's the start of our bonding with each other.” He
reached toward her and took hold of her hand, weaving their fingers together so
she couldn't pull away. He watched her mouth part and her breathing pick up as
the heat spread up her arm—just as it was spreading up his. While she was
distracted, he began speaking to her again.

"Little one, you can take time to learn us. But
this is now your home. Each family of dragons has their own chambers in the
castle. You're welcome to explore. There are four bedrooms, an office, this
family room we're currently in and a kitchen. Each bedroom has its own

What Drake didn’t mention was the fifth bedroom, the
one with a locked door. While most of the dragons had neglected the master
bedroom of their chambers and other things that revolved around the female of
the family, he and Savren had kept theirs pristine and up to scratch. The toys
in that fifth bedroom had taken them both years to get just right. They knew
females would return at some point, and they'd wanted to be ready.

Drake slowly released her hand, and he watched as she
pulled it close in to her chest. She took a deep breath, before she expelled
the air in a rush. Before Drake could say more, Savren moved in closer to her,
kneeling in front of her.

"Everything will be all right, sweetheart. Just
give it some time. You're still looking a little pale. Perhaps a drink of water
would help?" Savren asked their little Desired.
dominant streak ran almost as wide as Drake's, but not quite. Drake would have
just gotten the water and demand she drink it. Then Becky would have, no doubt,
given him one of her delightful tongue lashings for his effort. So he let
Savren do the talking for now. She'd been through a lot in the last couple of
days, and he'd try to take it easy on her. He waited for her to respond to
Savren, and when she nodded slightly Drake headed to the kitchen to fetch the

As Drake turned the tap off, he heard the crash of the
front door being busted in. He dropped the glass, vaguely hearing it shatter on
the floor, and ran back to his brother and their Desired. He ran through the
doorway of the kitchen and ran straight into Huro—the leader of an uprising
against Dimitri who had flown off in search of females a few days ago.

"What the hell do you want, Huro?"

The bastard just grinned evilly at him. Then, quicker
than Drake could follow, he raised his hand and stabbed a needle into his neck.

"What the fuck?" Before he'd finished
speaking, he felt a tingle run through his limbs. He fell heavily against the
wall before landing in a heap on the floor, unable to move any of his muscles.
Huro walked into his vision.

"What I want is the female. And what I want, I
always get."

Drake watched helplessly as Huro strode away from him
toward the family room where sounds of fighting could be heard. Moments later,
he heard Savren curse and then a loud thud.
the bastards managed to drug him, too
Leaving their
precious Becky alone to defend herself against at least two dragons.
Fucking hell
he got his hands on Huro, he'd rip him limb from limb. Becky's voice rang out
loud and clear, bringing him back out of his thoughts.

"Don't you fucking dare touch me, you

Her words were followed by a loud crack and Huro's low
growl, which led Drake to believe his little
just landed a good one on Huro. His heart filled with pride for his
Desired, that
she wouldn't go quietly. He knew she couldn't
win against dragons, but he was damn proud of her for trying. He heard a few
more thumps and male groans before the hallway was filled with a green and
orange dragon followed by Huro with Becky draped over his shoulder. Tied and
gagged. He knew when she caught sight of him lying on the floor as he watched
her eyes fill with pain and she stretched her bound wrists out toward him.
Silently begging him to rescue her.
He'd had visions of how
beautiful Becky would look bound and begging—but not like this. Drake didn't
want her begging for her life, just for him and Savren to bestow pleasure on

BOOK: Binding Becky
12.69Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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