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She stopped in front of a bunch of leather and metal
chains that hung from the ceiling, so she pulled out one of the chains, trying
to work out what it could possibly be. Drake was quick to educate her.

"It's a sling. You will look exquisite in it.
Spread wide open for us."

Her breath shuddered out of her, and she clenched her
thighs together as the ache in her core intensified. If she kept this up, she
was going to combust before either of her men even touched her.

Once she got her arousal under some small level of
control, she continued walking. Her journey ended with a large cross that stood
perpendicular to the wall, where it joined the wall. She noticed it was on
hinges, so it could—possibly—
flat against the
wall. She reached out a hand and stroked the smooth timber. She jumped when
Drake's hands slid down her arms and he whispered in her ear.

"Do you like our cross, little one? Ours is extra
special. We made some modifications."

Becky could just imagine what those
would be. Drake trailed
his hands up her arms and down her back. She felt him loosen the laces of her
dress, and she did nothing to prevent the material from falling to the floor in
a pile, leaving her naked. Drake's hands landed on her shoulders, and he
pressed her forward. Her nipples tightened as they came into contact with the
cool timber of the cross. He reached up with one hand and took hold of her
forearm. He gently led it to where a leather cuff hung near the top of the

"I don't want to cause further injury to your
wrists, little one. I'll adjust the cuff to be as large as possible, and you
can slide your hand through and hold on. If you ever feel like things are too
much, you just slide your hands free and we'll stop. Okay?"

Becky nodded as she watched Drake adjusted the buckle
on the cuff, before he helped pull her hand through so she could comfortably
grip it. The soft supple leather felt nice against her skin. He repeated the
process with the other wrist before he moved onto her ankles. He cuffed one
loosely in a soft cuff, but when he got to her sprained ankle he moved things
around a little. She watched him pull a rope through a pulley from the ceiling
down to her knee level. A larger soft cuff hung from the end of the rope. He
firmly attached this one to her thigh, just above her knee so that her foot now
hung just above the ground.

"If your leg hurts, you tell me. Hopefully,
keeping your weight off it will ease any discomfort in your sprained

Once she was fully restrained he prowled back up her
body, and he paused at her neck and breathed in deeply. With a growl, he swiped
his tongue across the sensitive skin of the junction between her neck and
shoulder as he blanketed her back with his hard body. He caressed a hand around
her hip to her mound, where he cupped her and pressed one single, long, thick
finger into her wet core.

"You are very wet, little one. I do believe you
like our little playroom."

She shuddered as desire flowed through her body at his
husky words. With Drake's hard body pressed up against her, she desperately
wanted to touch him. Forgetting about the restraints, she began to pull at her
arms and legs, the soft leather cuffs against her skin reminding her if she
slipped free, it would all end. Drake stepped back from her with a sly chuckle
as he slapped her right ass cheek. She gasped as the sharp sudden pain of the
slap turned into a delicious ache. The sensation flowed through her body and
heated her up even more. She let her head fall forward as Drake delivered a
second slap to her left ass cheek, and the ache increased. Groaning, she
listened as it echoed around the room.

"Oh Becky, you're so into this, aren't you? We're
going to make you feel so good."

Becky's eyes had slid closed without her being aware.
A bright flash cutting across her eye lids brought her head up and her eyes
open. She gasped as she saw Savren standing right in front of her, still in all
his dragon glory, so she realized the flash must have been Drake. Confirming
her thoughts, she heard purring come from behind her, and she turned her head.
She could just see around the timber that Drake was moving up behind her, his deep
purple scales reflecting the candlelight. Her lips curled into a massive grin
as she remembered her conversation with Eilagh about dragons and their tongues.

She turned back to look at Savren. "I heard a
rumor about dragons."

head cocked to the side as he watched her.

"I was told your tongues vibrate, and that they
were very … um … enjoyable." She felt a blush rush over her cheeks as she
talked so candidly. She was never one for dirty talk before, but being
restrained like this made her brave.

That thought stopped her. It was only hours ago she had
been strung up against a wall with her feet and hands restrained. But this was
different, so very different. She trusted both Savren and Drake, and they had
given her an out. If she wanted them to stop, all she had to do was slip her
hands free from the loose cuffs. Not that she had any intention of stopping
either one of them.

Savren began purring loudly, the sound echoing around
the room, and he leaned his head forward and swiped his tongue between her
folds, holding it over her clit as he increased his purring and his vibrations.
Her back arched, and her head fell back at the sudden overwhelming sensations
traveling through her body. She whimpered when she felt Drake's tongue run up
her ribs, tickling her, until he reached her breast. He
the side of her breast, and she stretched her arms, trying to separate her
breasts from the cross so Drake could reach her aching nipples.

A moment later, both dragons pulled back from her. She
leaned heavily against the cross, letting her restraints carry her weight. This
was ridiculous. They'd barely touched her, and she was on overload. Suddenly,
she fell forward into the air—she gripped her hands tighter around the cuffs to
hold herself upright. Savren had hinged the cross away from her body. She was
now standing in the middle of the room naked with her arms and legs spread
wide. Her whole body was open and exposed to them. She was entirely at their
mercy—as that thought raced through her mind she felt another rush of heat
leave her body. She groaned as her core pulsed and ached with need and desire.

She jumped when the soft velvety feel of Drake's
pulsating tongue ran up the inside of her leg, until he reached her pussy. He
pressed into her slick entrance just as Savren came forward. She watched
helplessly as
tongue came out from between
his scaly lips and headed straight for her clit. She jolted like she'd been
electrocuted when his tongue pressed against her tight bundle of nerves while
Drake continued to slide his tongue in and out of her at a slow as molasses
rate. She tried to buck her hips as she whimpered.

Her mind couldn't keep up with the intense sensations
flowing through her body. She tightened her hands around her cuffs once again
as her leg gave out. She came hard enough that she saw fireworks and her ears rang
from her screams that echoed around the room. She'd barely returned to earth
when she felt Drake's tongue retreat from her pussy and a bright flash filled
her vision.

She heard a bottle opening moments before Drake ran a
palm down her spine. His hand slid between the cheeks of her ass, and an oil
slicked fingertip teased her untried hole, seeking entry. Becky shivered as
Drake’s slick finger slipped inside her Savren slid his tongue from over her
clit down to her entrance. He managed to rub against her clit while he took
over from Drake, sliding in and out of her soaking wet pussy. She shuddered at
the spine tingling vibrations they were causing.

A moan escaped her lips as Drake gently teased her
untried hole. When he began working a second finger inside, she trembled on the
edge of another orgasm. The burning sensation mixed with vibrating pleasure
awoke new nerves she didn't know existed. She heard Savren purr louder as his
tongue’s vibrations increased within her, and she screamed, falling deep into
the biggest orgasm she'd ever experienced.

She bucked against her restraints at the sudden hollow
coldness she felt when Drake pulled his fingers from her body and
removed his tongue and stepped away from her. Within
a blink, a bright flash illuminated the room, but before her eyes could adjust,
she found herself sandwiched between two hard bodies. Four human hands caressed
her flesh as hot mouths showered her with reverent kisses. Their hands slid up
her arms, loosening her tight grip on the cuffs and sliding her wrists free.

The men gently lowered her arms, rubbing her muscles,
as if they knew they would be sore after being held up for so long. She melted
body as Drake kneeled to release her
legs. As soon as she was free, Savren picked her up and moved in the direction
of the bed. But the mattress wasn't the destination he was aiming for.


Drake had never felt so complete. Their little Desired
well loved and rumpled as he and Savren
strapped her into the sling. He would never forget how she'd lifted her ass
into his palm as he spanked her, or the sheen of sweat that spread over her
skin as she came for them. Once she was all strapped in, he and Savren ran a
finger inside each of the thigh cuffs, loosening the ankle and wrist cuffs
again so Becky could slide free if she wanted to. The leather strips behind her
shoulders and lower back would make sure she was secure and safe.

"So, little one, were the rumors true?"


He chuckled as Becky struggled to form words.

"Brother, isn't she the sexiest female you've
ever seen?"

"Yeah, definitely the hottest female I've ever
seen, and so responsive to our every touch."

Drake watched her tuck her chin in toward her collar
bone as she lowered her lashes at

"You have no need to be embarrassed, little one. We
are simply admiring our Desired."

Drake moved to stand between her spread legs and
trailed his fingers lightly up her inner thighs to her wet curls. He ran his
thumb over her hard little clit until she jerked in the sling, letting her head
fall back. While continuing his torment, he lined his cock up with her entrance
and thrust inside with one smooth deep glide. He groaned as her walls parted
around him, allowing him entry into the heaven that was her body. Once fully
seated, he held her hips so she couldn't buck against him. He closed his eyes,
allowing himself a few moments to simply enjoy the feel of his
pussy wrapped around his cock. Her whimper
brought him back to the moment, and he began to move as he looked her over.

Savren had moved to Becky’s head and had his fingers
wrapped in her hair as he guided her mouth over his erection. Watching Becky
take his brother in and out of her sexy little mouth had his cock twitching
inside of her. As her walls begin to ripple around him, he looked down to where
they were joined and couldn't look away. The sight enthralled him. He'd never
felt so complete, so blissfully happy than at this moment. His brother's voice
brought his attention away from what he was doing, onto what Becky was doing
with her lush little mouth.

"I'm going to come, sweetheart. Swallow me down."

He watched
shake with his orgasm, and Becky's throat move as she swallowed his brother's
seed. At the sight, Drake quickened his thrusts as he felt the tingling
sensation run down his spine and tighten his balls. When he felt Becky's walls contract
around him with her own orgasm, he couldn't help but follow her into bliss. He
slumped forward over her as his body shuddered and his heart rate began to slow
to normal.

Get off
her, Drake. She's passed out. Come
help me move
her over to the bed.

Drake stood and looked down at Becky. Savren was
cradling her head in his hands so she wouldn't hurt her neck. Her eyes were
closed, and her mouth was turned up into the most sublime little grin. He
slowly pulled back, leaving the warm cavern of her body. The cold air of the
room over his wet, sensitive cock ripped a gasp from his throat. After a
moment, he moved away and allowed Savren to cradle her in his arms as he
unclipped all the cuffs that had held her securely in the sling.

take her back to the master bedroom. I think she's had enough of the playroom
for one night.

Why don't
we jump in the tub? I'm sure she'll be feeling sore when she wakes up and will
benefit from a warm soak.

idea, I'll go get it set up.



Becky woke up to the feel of strong warm arms around
her and water softly lapping at her skin. Her cheek rested against a firm
muscular chest. She couldn't resist nuzzling the smooth silky skin as she
trailed her hand over the glorious muscles beneath her head. When she reached a
nipple, she gave it a quick flick and smiled when she heard a low gasp,
followed by a growl.

BOOK: Binding Becky
8.45Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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