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Becky was out for blood. Her body shook as fury flowed
through her veins. How dare these bastards drug her men and kidnap her. Even
though she’d tried to deny it when Drake told her, she had felt the heat, and on
some basic level, she knew they were her men.

"Don't you fucking dare touch me, you

She stood back into a fighter's stance ready to take
them on. She sent a prayer of thanks for all the years her older brothers had
made her spar with them while they perfected their various martial arts phases.
The man laughed as he approached her. Once he was close enough, she threw out a
fast, sharp heel-punch, copping him right over his cheekbone. He growled low,
as he raised his hand to cover his injured cheek. She froze under his icy grey
gaze. He was furious, and Becky wasn't sure what he was going to do next.
Before she could get another shot in, she was grabbed from behind by the orange
and green dragon, which held her firmly while the man bound her wrists and
ankles. She went to verbally lash out at him, but he quickly gagged her so she
spat fire at him with her eyes. The dragon released his grip on her, and the
man came toward her, getting ready to sling her over his shoulder.

Even though she was now bound, gagged and about to be
slung over this mongrel's shoulder, she was not going to stop fighting. As he
put his shoulder into her stomach, she brought her bound hands down hard,
hitting his back solidly. He growled as he stood up with her. As soon as her
feet left the ground, she bent her legs up at the knee and brought her feet
down hard and fast, landing solidly against his thigh. He dropped to one knee
as his injured leg gave out. She fell to the ground landing on her back, so she
reared her legs up and kicked him in the ribs as hard as she could. He fell to
his side with a noise somewhere between a groan and a growl. She rolled to her
hands and knees and started to crawl toward the door. She didn't make it far
before the large dragon that had tackled and drugged Savren earlier blocked her
path. He puffed out some smoke into her face, and she tried to cough around the
gag as her eyes watered. While she was curled up trying to cough, she was
roughly slung over the man's shoulder and swiftly carried out of the chambers.
On her way out the door her vision cleared enough that she saw Drake sprawled
on the floor in the hallway, his eyes filled with fury and anguish as she
reached out for him with her bound hands.

It didn't take long for them to leave the confines of
the castle. Once outside, her eyes cleared of the smoke and her breathing
settled down.
Damn dragon and his shitty
Silently fuming, she looked around and saw another dragon, very
similar to the one who had blown smoke at her, and another man, who had Eilagh
draped over his shoulder. The two men both turned to face each other, and the
other one began laughing.

"You had some trouble, brother?" he said
through his laughter.

The bastard holding her responded, "You could say
that. This one has fight. She'll breed good strong warriors, I'm sure."

strong warriors
huh? Like this idiot would ever get close enough to her to
manage that. She’d rather die fighting than
with any of these bastards. She tried to get another kick in, but his arm
tightened around her legs holding her still before he slid her down his front
to stand before him. The dragon grabbed her in a firm grip from behind, as the
man dragged his knuckles down her face, causing bile to rise up her throat. He
stepped back, and with a bright blinding flash of light, he was a big black and
grey dragon. Before her brain could wrap around what had happened she was high
in the sky with only the dragon's arms around her, preventing her from
plummeting to the ground. Terrified, she looked around and caught Eilagh's
scared gaze. What the hell was going to happen to them now?

Becky successfully managed not to throw up the entire
flight. They landed smoothly in a stone courtyard of a castle that appeared to
be in ruins. She was looking over the ruins when she was released and two
bright flashes filled her vision, followed closely by her kidnapper's voice.

"Welcome, females, to your new home. I am Huro,
clan leader. This is my brother, Gyasi, and our cousins behind you, Johan and
Adio. What are your names?"

Becky rolled her eyes at him. She was gagged so even
if she'd wanted to answer, she couldn't. This bloke really wasn't the sharpest
pencil in the box.

"Take us back, you bastard! We do not belong to
you." Eilagh's voice was a low growl as she drew Huro's attention to her.

, that's where you’re
wrong, sweetheart. You are in our possession, so that means you and your friend
are all ours. What are your names? Or would you prefer we make new ones up for

Becky could only imagine what they'd call them if
given the chance.

and Becky."

Eilagh didn't sound happy about giving up the
information, but like her, probably had worked out their real names would be
better than any shit they'd come up with.

Through his laughter, Huro
said, "I can see you both have strong wills and plenty of fight in you.
You will breed fine warriors, but you both need to lose some of your fight
before we all mount you, I think.
Take them to the dungeon for now. Make sure they are
locked up securely. And no touching—not yet anyway."

It didn't take long for Johan and Adio—now in human
form—to get them both into the depths of the ruins. Trust the dungeons to be
the only part of this castle still in perfect condition. She watched as the men
copped a feel of Eilagh as they shoved her into a cell. With Becky being tied
up they managed to get a good grope in of her, too. They both roughly grabbed
her breasts, tweaking her nipples through her shirt. Becky twisted away from
them, and they chuckled, running their hands down her tummy and between her
thighs. Eventually, they got to her ankles, where they untied her. Very quickly
they released her wrists and undid her gag before thrusting her into a cell
next to Eilagh and locking the gate. With a sigh, she sat down and leaned
against the wall separating her from her friend.

"Becky? Are you all right?"

"Yeah, Eilagh, I'm
Pissed as all hell for them getting the jump on

"I bet. Looks like you
got at least a couple of shots in though."

Becky smiled. Fuck
gotten some good shots in. Huro would be thinking about her every time he moved
for quite a while, she was guessing.

"Hell yeah, his face is
hurt for a while I reckon, and those ribs of
his will hurt for even longer. How about you? You okay?"

"Yeah, they totally
caught us by surprise. They drugged Dimitri and Max and dragged me out of

Becky felt her lips quirk up into a smile.

"Umm yeah, I
noticed you're in a bathrobe,
. What did they

"Dimitri and I were in the bath. Ah, um, we

Becky chuckled at the embarrassment that came through
Eilagh's tone. "Those men are something else, aren't they?"

"That they are. It's
been crazy since the Great Wind brought us here, but I was happy with Dimitri
and Max. Being with them, just having them close, I felt more whole than I ever
have before. It's so strange … and hard to put into words."

"Yeah, I know what you
mean. They wear you down fast. I don't want one alpha male, let alone two to
deal with—but like you say. It just feels right when they're close."

"What are your men called?"

"Savren and Drake,
Drake's older by a year or so."

Damn, she really did miss them. She'd even allow Drake
to call her
little one
or Savren to
her without cussing at them
for it.

"Have you seen them in dragon form yet?"

Becky wiped her tears away and steeled herself before
she responded. "Not yet. Why?"

"Well, umm … oh damn, this is

Becky rolled her eyes at her friend. She loved Eilagh
like a sister, but the girl could be a prude.

"Just spit it out, girl.
We all heard you moaning after lunch before the men rushed us all out of there
like their tails were on fire."

"The dragons, their tongues, um … their tongues
vibrate." Eilagh spoke so fast, Becky nearly missed that last word. It
took a minute for the words to sink in.
Vibrating tongues … long,
velvety soft vibrating tongues.
With a loud
laugh, she said, "Hot damn, girl!
Can't wait to try that
No wonder you were moaning."

"Yeah well, we
get out of here first. I only want two dragons to be touching and licking me,
and neither of them

that the
hear you.
Just not sure how the hell we're going to get out
of this mess yet."

Becky rested her head back against the cold stone wall
and let her mind wander. She closed her eyes, and instantly she pictured her
two men.
Her men.
Funny, she never thought she'd marry
or settle down with one man, but now she had two men, and the idea of settling
down with them calmed her, made her feel complete in a way she never had



Savren clenched and unclenched his fists as he
silently fumed. The drug he'd been given was still affecting his body so he
couldn't pace like he wanted to. He'd been forced to lie helplessly watching as
those bastards took his Desired away from him. Fuck, she'd put up a good fight.
Better than any female he'd ever seen, and before the plague, there had been a
handful of females who had trained as warriors. His Becky would have beaten
them all hands down. Even tied up his little hellcat had gotten in some wicked hits
to Huro.
Until she'd been smoked into submission.
a growl he tilted his head until his neck cracked.

"Calm yourself, little brother. The maps will be
here soon, and we can formulate a plan. We will get her back."

Looking into his older brother's eyes he saw
determination and fury. He nodded. "I know. It's just … I hate being
helpless, being forced to watch her fight unable to help…"

"From what I could hear, she got a number of hits
in on Huro."

Savren grinned. "She's a hell of a fighter,
Drake. She showed no fear, and I bet she cracked at least one of his

Drake smiled. "I bet she did. There's a lot of
power and fight in her."

A younger warrior that Drake had sent off to collect
maps and plans came running into the Gathering Hall, stopping all conversation.

"Here are the old maps. They should give us an
idea of where they’re hiding out."

"Okay, everyone grab a map and start searching. I
want a list of possible places these bastards could be using. I don't think I
need to tell you to hurry." Dimitri's voice was strong and sure but filled
with emotion. His Desired, Eilagh, had also been taken.

Soon it was found that a nearby castle that lay in
ruins would be the most likely place. Drake quickly located old floor plans of
the castle, and Savren examined them to see the best course of entry and where
the females would most likely be.

"I'm guessing they would keep Becky and Eilagh in
the dungeon to begin with. They have to know we'll be coming for them. Even
with the castle in ruins, these lower levels below the ground will be intact,
I'm guessing. We should start the search there."

There were lots of murmurs of agreement before Drake
cut in. "We need to leave enough behind to protect the remaining females.
If they lose the two they have, they will quite likely
gunning for the others. We can't all go. I suggest we take eight warriors. That
way, if they separate the females, we’ll have four warriors to take on each

"As always, Drake, your plan is sound and will
deliver us the best results.
, Max, Drake, and
Savren will go. I need four more." Dimitri was in full clan leader mode

Savren watched as four of the younger warriors, who
hadn't bonded with any of the females, stepped forward. With a nod from
Dimitri, they headed out of the castle to the courtyard where they could shift
and take off.

As they all came in to land at the castle ruins, Max
stumbled and landed in a heap.
Looked funny as hell, but no
one laughed.
Dimitri's voice rang out in their minds.

Max can
hear Eilagh's screams, so follow him.
As silently as

They all followed Max into the castle, heading toward
the dungeons. They approached a doorway that glowed with candlelight. When they
heard men’s voices come from the room, Dimitri and Max rushed forward and
disappeared through the doorway. As the sounds of fighting floated out to them
Dimitri ordered them to continue on to find Becky. Drake took control, leading
him and two of the younger
into the ruins in the direction
of the dungeons.

BOOK: Binding Becky
4.64Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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