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She squealed in shock as she was suddenly lifted from
lap and deposited onto Drake's. His mouth was on
hers before her mind could catch up with what had happened. His hands wandered
all over her body, finishing on her breasts, where he cheekily tweaked her
nipples—just like she'd done to Savren.

"I like this reaction to waking up wet, much
better than the last time we tried this."

Becky frowned as she tried to remember what Drake was
carrying on about. She shook her head when she remembered.

"This is different. I didn't even know either of
you last time, and you'd stripped me without permission. Any woman would have
been cranky."

Drake barked out a laugh. "I guess so. Now that
you're awake, and decidedly
, how about we
move this party to the bed?"

Becky felt her eyes go wide. "You're ready for
more already? Every man I've ever been with has told me they need at least
twenty-four hours between rounds to recover."

Drake thrust his hips up, and she felt his very hard,
very large cock nudge against her ass.
"Oh, my."

"Yes, little one, I am more than ready for
another round. Savren and I are going to keep at you all night long—until you
beg us to stop."

Drake stood with her securely in his arms and stepped
from the tub. He slid her down his wet body until she stood before him. Savren
stepped up behind her, and she felt surrounded by their warmth and security.
Using a towel each, they had her dry in no time. Both men spoiled her fun by
stepping back to dry
, not letting her help
them. She crossed her arms and pouted. She was pretty sure the glint in her
eyes gave away her true feelings as both men chuckled.

Once they were all dry, Drake put his shoulder into
her tummy and slung her over his shoulder. She squealed in surprise as he
tossed her on the bed,
laughed as she bounced.
Moments later, her laughter died as Drake covered her with his hot, hard body,
pressing her into the soft mattress. He kissed her with such ferocity her toes
curled. Totally lost to his kiss, she barely registered when Drake rolled their
bodies to the side. The sudden warmth at her now exposed back sent her mind

When she felt
on her hip and his lips pressing kisses against her shoulder and up her neck,
she just about burst into flames.
hand moved
down her leg, and he pulled it so her thigh rested over his, leaving her pussy
wide open. His fingers slid between her thighs, and after flicking her clit a
couple of times, he plunged two fingers deep inside her. She gasped and tried
to break the kiss with Drake, but he only gave her a second to breathe before
he was on her mouth again, devouring her, burning her up as Savren
finger-fucked her into oblivion. Drake's hand left her face and trailed down to
her breast. He pinched and tweaked her nipples until she was panting and
shuddering between them. Savren ran his thumb over her clit again, and she blew

As her breathing calmed and her heart rate settled
back down, she became aware that Savren was still playing in her pussy. She
tried to move her leg from over his hip to close her legs, to close him out.
She was very sensitive after her many climaxes and needed a minute to regroup.
But Drake grabbed hold of her thigh and held her open. "No, little one,
leave yourself open. You don't ever shut us out."

Drake held her gaze captive as he'd spoken, and she
got the distinct impression he was talking about more than just her body. She
shuddered under the weight of his stare and words. Then her eyes slid shut as
fingers—slick with her juices—moved back from her
pussy and began rubbing over her anus. Her whole body shook and her back arched
as Savren pressed one finger inside.

"Relax your muscles, sweetheart. Push back on

Without thought she did as Savren instructed her. His
finger easily slid in, since Drake had stretched her earlier. He pumped the
single digit in a few times before adding a second. She groaned when he began
to pump in and out of her again. She started to thrust back seeking more
sensation. Her eyes flew open as Drake tweaked her nipples and tugged on them.
Ribbons of pleasure-pain wrapped around and through her whole body, and her
mouth opened on a gasp as Drake lowered his mouth to further torment her
sensitive nipples. Savren removed his fingers, and she whimpered at the loss. A
moment later she felt the hard oil-slicked tip of his cock press against her
anus. Drake grabbed her face between his hands and kissed her hard before he
drew away from her.

"Keep your gaze on me, little one. I need to see
your eyes to tell if you're okay. We don't want to hurt you. You will tell us
if it's too much."

She smiled up at Drake as she nodded. Her dominant
dragon never asked, just made demands.

Her smile dropped when Savren pressed into her. Her
eyes widened, and she dug her fingers into Drake's shoulders as she tried to
cope with the stretching and burning sensations.

"Push back, little one, just like you did with
his fingers."

Becky wanted to push back like Drake said, but she
just couldn't move, her body frozen, still unable to cope. Even her breathing
halted. She looked to Drake, desperately seeking his help. He must have seen
her panic as he quickly lowered a hand to her clit and began rubbing it. The
familiar tingling sensation of him arousing her clit allowed her to focus on
that. Her body loosened up, and she gulped in a breath. Savren pulled from her
and began to caress her ass with his hands. Holding her cheeks apart, he poured
more oil over her. She heard flesh on flesh and assumed he was also adding more
oil to his cock. He lined his cock up with her anus again and pushed in. This time
she pushed back against him, and he slipped easily through the tight rings of
muscle. Drake moved his fingers from her clit and began pumping them into her
pussy while rubbing his thumb over her clit. As Savren set up a slow smooth
pace loving her ass, Becky was so overwhelmed with sensations her mind shut
down, and she just flowed with her men, totally trusting they'd take care of

Drake brought his fingers from her body up to his
mouth where he licked them clean with a groan. She whimpered as she watched him
enjoy her taste. He leaned in and kissed her, twirling his tongue with hers, giving
her a taste of herself. Without leaving her mouth, he thrust his cock deep
inside her pussy. She pulled back from his kiss to scream. She had never felt
so full—or so complete—in her life. They shuttled in and out of her in turns so
she always had one cock embedded in her body. She tried to move her hips with
her men, but Savren gripped her hips and held her still. Drake returned to her
mouth, and she speared her fingers into his hair and held him firmly to her.
When she needed more air than she could get through her nose, she pulled away
slightly from Drake's hot mouth. He nipped at her chin just as she felt Savren
sink his teeth into her shoulder.

Her climax came out of nowhere—it had been building up
steadily, but the second Savren bit her, it steamrolled through her. She
clenched down hard as they both thrust into her at once. They held still within
her as her inner muscles rippled. Then, as soon as she relaxed enough for them
to move, they did.
Thrusting, at the same time, in and out of
her body.
A ribbon of pain laced her pleasure as they continued to love
her body. The sensation heightened her arousal to a fever pitch. With her body
shooting for the stars, she screamed until her voice was hoarse. As she
returned to her body, she heard two roars and felt the hot wash of semen coat
her insides. Both men pressed into her, holding her firmly, securely, between
them. With a contented grin on her face, she fell asleep while they were still
buried deep within her body.


wake up. You have to see this.

Savren snuggled into Becky's back before responding to
his brother.

I'm sleeping.

Oh trust
this is worth waking up for.

Savren opened an eye and glared at his brother for
waking him up. As he shifted, Becky rolled onto her back and nuzzled her face
into his chest before settling back to sleep. Damn she was beautiful, all sex
rumpled and natural.

Not her
face, brother.
Though it is a beautiful one.

With a quiet sigh he trailed his gaze down her body. Her
dark nipples were beaded in the cool morning air and looked so tempting that he
licked his lips and began to lean in.

Oh, for
fuck’s sake! Here! Look!

Drake grabbed his head and held it over her tummy. He
instantly froze, and his eyes widened. He looked up to Drake with his mouth
gapping open.

Is that—can
it be—she's pregnant?

that's what it is. We can't tell her. It's not meant to happen unless we're
bonded. The Goddess is giving us
a hurry
up. We have
to bond with her before she sees it and asks what it is.

Let's wake her up and ask her to bond with us. We can have the ceremony
this afternoon.

Why ask?
We'll just tell her.

Are you
kidding? Dimitri told us what Eilagh did when they
her, and you know what Becky did when we
stripped her without permission. She'll kick your ass and walk out

especially while she's got pregnancy
hormones running around her system. I swear, some days you just forget to

Drake looked rather sheepish, and Savren felt a little
guilty for ripping into him. But seriously, they'd only just won their Desired,
and he wasn't going to lose her because his brother was going all dominant
on Becky.

Savren ran his thumb over Becky's cheek while Drake
trailed his fingers up and down her arm.

time to wake up."

As she stirred and stretched, Savren bent down to suck
one of her nipples into his mouth. They were so mouthwateringly beautiful he
couldn't resist when she'd arched her back. He glanced to his side as he heard
her gasp and saw Drake giving her other nipple similar treatment. She ran a
hand through each of the men’s hair and held them to her. He felt her wriggling
so he ran a hand down between her thighs to her already soaked pussy. He
plunged two fingers into her wet heat and began to finger-fuck her.

Get your
hand on her clit, Drake. She's close already.

He didn't need to ask Drake twice. He moved his hand
down her body, and he felt her whole body shudder as he began playing. Moments
later her body rippled around his fingers before clenching down on them—hard
enough he struggled to move them. Her back arched, and she screamed as she

Savren removed his fingers, and Drake took over,
making sure he caught as much of her cream in his hand as he could. Savren
licked his own fingers clean as he watched Drake coat his cock in her natural

over, brother.

Savren moved over her body and entered her pussy on
one strong hard thrust. His breath caught as she clenched down on his cock. He
kissed his way up her neck to her mouth.

"Morning, sweetheart," he mumbled against
her lips between kisses. He thrust into her a few more times before he rolled
them over so she was straddling him. She slid down further on his cock, taking
him all the way in until he felt the head of his cock touch her cervix.

He groaned.

She whimpered.

Savren gripped her hips as Drake gently but firmly
pressed her down over him. She came to him willingly, sweetly. She laid the
sweetest kiss he'd ever received over his heart before she looked up at him,
and he bent his neck to take possession of her mouth. She groaned into his
mouth and dug her nails into his shoulders moments before he felt her pussy
tighten as Drake entered her ass.

"Damn, that feels so good. She's so tight with
you in her ass, Drake."

"I know. Her ass is just as tight. She feels so
good. I’m never going to get enough of loving our Desired."

For the rest of eternity we'll be making love to our Desired, and it
still doesn't feel like it's going to be long enough."

Savren watched as Becky's eyes glossed over with
unshed tears. He frowned. Why was she crying? Did they say something wrong, or
was it just her heightened hormones? Either way, he knew how to fix it. He
moved one hand between them to her clit and strummed it in time with his
thrusts. Her body began to shake, and she bowed up, pressing her head into
Drake's neck. Drake reached around and tweaked both her nipples before pulling
them away from her body. Damn, that looked hot, watching his brother manipulate
her body. Savren felt tingles shoot down his spine, and he upped his attention
on her clit. He would
go over
before her. Drake pulled on her nipples again, and she screamed loud enough to
create an echo as she came, clenching him hard enough that he followed her
over, shooting his seed deep inside her fertile womb. He watched as Drake
palmed both of Becky's breasts and pulled her back into him as he roared his
own release.

BOOK: Binding Becky
4.3Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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